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  1. Here's the final post for a while. Some larger views of the Lille Landsby module.
  2. Here's the industrial Structures! I like this one, but I think it either needs to be deeper or wider. I'm rather proud of the skylights. This chemical facility is a reworked building from my old layout. I really like the way it looks and it's something you rarely see on LEGO layouts. I've got some industrial supports coming in this year's LUGBULK and I'm considering massively expanding this one. Tomorrow I'll put up the overall layout shots and then Lille Landsby might be done for a while.
  3. Thanks Junior! Here's today's pics. Updates for the Shark Bar and Boutique and a proper base for the office building. The Boutique got just a bit of window dressing (will probably add a few more colored microfigs later) a slightly updated parapet and some old-school Paradisia signage. The Shark Bar was expanded back to 16x16 and got tables inside and out and a small patio. Not sure why the bar is a bit askew here. On the layout it lays flush with the edge of the tiling and the fence. All together. The office building looks much better on a nice tiled base I think. You can see one of the first cars I built here also. I've kept it, but alongside the others it looks more like an SUV now. If you look closely in the foreground you'll see that the trees are mounted on pieces of baseplate, not plates. I have tons of small green baseplates so I cut some of the 16x8 stud plates in half to use them where I need grass. This saves my small stock of green plates for future landscaping. As most of you know a baseplate on top of studs is exactly the same height as a plate built on top of a studded surface so it works out well. It also makes it easier to pack the sections and add additional landscaping or models later. That's all for today. We're getting near the end. Just a couple of industrial structures left...
  4. Here's the Bus and some cars I made for the layout. Truck sized vehicles are naturally suited for 4 wide in this scale. Cars are a bit trickier. The cars I've made are fine for now, but I don't think they're quite perfect yet. Perhaps I need to tweak the height and maybe try for 3 wide.
  5. Here's the Train Station. This was very much a simple shortening of my earlier station with a bit of redetailing with brick profile bricks, but I think it looks quite good. Even better actually, in this scale than in it's original size. Coming up tomorrow a closer look at Minifig scale cars.
  6. Today I've got a pair of garages to show. The little houses I first built for this project seemed a bit plain on their own. However I think adding some detached garages and just a touch of landscaping really brought a sense of realism to them. First a cinderblock or brick style garage. A And something more like a siding-clad structure on top of a cinderblock foundation. I was already well acquainted with the brick'd surface, but now I'm really liking the reverse side of the brick profile bricks. The scale isn't perfect of course, but It's a great option for representing garage doors and vinyl siding. The microfigs in the picture are standing on top of 1x1 plates which are paired with right angle tiles. I picked up a batch of the tiles in the last lugbulk on a whim, but almost every one of the figs on the layout are standing on a combination of 1x1 plate and right angle tiles. Coming up next. The Train station!
  7. So I finished the layout in time for the show this weekend and it also gave me a chance to photograph everything else. Still, I'm going to drag this out and post a something from the town every day or two and the whole layout when That's done. Today I've got a water tower and a truck. The tower was on the top of one of my previous minifig scale urban buildings, but for microfig scale it stands alone with a modified railing and a new pipe going to the ground. I'm not totally satisfied with the panel truck. It probably needs some kind of logo or detail on the side, but it does have a pleasantly "vintage" LEGO look to it. I came up with a design for a microfig LEGO car (coming later this week) that looks pretty good, but the metrics of LEGO mean that trucks are MUCH easier to build in microfig scale than cars.
  8. Thanks! No pics yet, but I've been working feverishly to be ready for the show setup this Friday. -Finished expanding the Shark Grill to 16x16 footprint and added a patio dining area. -I also added some flavor to the shop. -Based up the office building -Built an industrial building -Shrunk and re-detailed my train station -Built a pile of streetlights. I'll try and snap a few pics today and get another building posted today or tomorrow.
  9. Sorry for the delay, I've been madly building in preparation for this weekend's show. Here's today's addition. A grain elevator. It's a bit more colorful than the all-grey units usually seen in the countryside, but I like bold contrasts. I had do disassemble the top of my lovely lighthouse, but such is the price of MOC'ing.... It breaks down nicely to fit into the small boxes (around 11x11x5.2 inches interior) that I have purchased for storage and transport of this layout.
  10. Eilif

    Lego Modular Floors / Baseplates

    I happened to have alot of 10x6 when I made my town, which was almost entirely built around 16x16 modular sections. http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=43402 When used at right angles to each other they make a nice 16x16 square with a 4x4 hole in the middle. The hole can accommodate a stairway, or be easily plugged with a 4x4 plate. I didn't do any planning and only rarely use any kind of reference pic beyond a bit of inspiration.
  11. Eilif

    Royal Yacht Britannia

    Excellent work. I love the variety of lifeboats and tenders you included.
  12. Here's today's building, an office block. Honestly I'm not as happy with this one as the others. The detailing is just ok and it's awfully square. However, it will probably be in the last row at the rear of the module, so it' doesn't matter as much. A nice driveway and some landscaping should help.
  13. Thanks! It can be a challenge in that many of the pieces regularly used in town-style buildings will have to be creatively substituted or brick-built. As for roads, I'm using rows of the basic road plates, set 16 studs apart (I have a couple of plates cut in half). This results in rather wide sidewalks that are 7 studs deep, but it looks pretty good and I'll be doing some landscaping on the sidewalks (greenery, benches, etc..). I've built all the road sections and basic sidewalks already. I'll post up another building later today. A place of cubicle employment...
  14. Here's today's building. This is the "Double Shark Bar" from my "Brickington" layout taken apart and rebuilt in microfig scale. Maybe it should now be called the "Single-Shark Bar"? This one will definitely be expanded to at least 16 deep, but other than that it just needs a bit of patio detail.
  15. Another small building today. This is another of the small houses that I did when I was first experimenting with microfig scale. I think it's rather cute. The front. Side. I like the idea of a roof that is symetrical even if it isn't centered over the building. Another nice patio/deck on the back.