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  1. CSX9992

    LEGO 10294 Titanic Discussion

    Has there any news on it besides what’s been mentioned here?
  2. Will it work with only one hub?
  3. Is everything in right port 1st hub is red yellow and green use ports A B and D A is red B is yellow D is green that is how I read the instructions but I haven’t powered up yet
  4. Thank you I’m not worried about calibration at the moment it would be disappointing to spend that much only to have a bad motor
  5. I know I’m a dummy but is it possible to test the motors before building would not be cool to have a bad motor after you build it 42100
  6. Got it! Now where is the pdf lol
  7. How about using round 1x1 I have those in bulk for the bwe? Simulated gravel and it won’t damage the shovel
  8. Try deleting and redownloading app?