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  1. [Safe Haven Cat. C]: The Spirit of Eryos

    Thanks, this really means a lot! I started building the ship as a stand-alone thing, but decided to add the base just to have some story with the monkeys. But I still want it to remain mostly a stand-alone piece, as I will probably destroy the base and reuse it for another creation very soon, but I want to keep the ship itself for a little longer. But yeah, I agree that in the water a lower base would look wayyy better. I'm glad you like my other builds as well! The main reason that I don't do battles is because I don't have enough minifigs! My spring break just started today, so hopefully I might have a new GoH creation done this week?
  2. Shinmizu Village

    The overall build is one of the most aesthetically pleasing ones I've ever seen! I really like the tree design, and the techniques on the white house (the roof, SNOT walls, offset door, sideways window) are great! I also like the winding staircase that is nicely incorporated into the rockwork.
  3. AoM: Mill Phase 3: Firoir Watermill

    The ice looks so realistic, really good MOC
  4. Congrats to evryone thay won! And thanks again for hosting, Ecclesiastes!
  5. Can we still expect results today? Or maybe on the weekend? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the update!
  7. Mini Tower of Orthanc

    I agree with you, i thought the eagle sorta looked like a rat. And I was pleasantly suprised when I got positive comments about the Ent as well! And yes, you are correct about the bottom.
  8. Mini Tower of Orthanc

    Thanks Andy Thanks, I thought the Treebeard wasn't great, so I'm glad you like it! Yeah I was quite happy when made those steps! Thanks Gunman
  9. Mini Tower of Orthanc

    I built this for Brickset's 60 Years of the LEGO Brick competition. It is a miniature version of my favorite LEGO set, the 10237 Tower of Orthanc. Replicating it on a small scale was really hard, since the original set was so many small details. I included Treebeard and the Great Eagle as well.
  10. In all seriousness, can we please have an update? I'm not trying to rush the judging itself, but I think everyone wants to know what is going on right now. I get that these challenges are free and I'm very thankful that they are held, but I think what everyone is trying to imply in the above posts without being rude is that they want an update. Of course, the main purpose of the challenge is to encourage building and to have fun, but results are also a part of a challenge that cannot be forgotten (or else it wouldn't be a challenge!) Please don't take this post as ungrateful. I'm not mad or even annoyed, and I don't think anyone is; we are just curious. The judging can take as long as it needs, as I know free time is limited for everyone (Just hopefully not 4 years like the Sultan's Gate Challenge ). I also do believe those old challenges should be finished!
  11. I really enjoyed building for this challenge although I could only get one entry done! I loved seeing everyone else's entries, and I'm excited to se the results! By the way, what was the pumkinpie challenge? I searched "pumpkinpie" and couldn't find anything.
  12. Unintentional Exploring

    Very nice trees! The arches are also great!
  13. Not looking forward to packing my MOCs on a plane... are you going to bring some of your BoBS MOCs? Is there a different thread to talk about conventions, by the way?
  14. Awesome! I haven't signed up for Brickworld yet, but I will soon enough. Hopefully I can see you guys! Have you been to Brickworld before? It will be my first convention.
  15. As a student, I don't have that much time to build at all. I had to stay up super late to get by Challenge V entry in, because my high school is notorious in this area for giving tons of homework. I also have to fund my own hobby, and for that I work as a lifeguard. But I can only work about 4 hours a week with the time restrictions. That being said, I probably won't have anything new until the summer, after Brickworld Chicago, where I plan on displaying my current builds! But I look forward to seeing all the great creations everyone else will come up with!