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  1. Safe Haven Cat A2 - Ardholen Athrad

    Wow that is huge! and very detailed as well! I really like the main bridge. But is there a reason why technic bricks are exposed on the rock wall?
  2. Safe Haven Cat A1 - Airalondë

    The tower design and the vegetation are awesome! Personally, though, I would've put the largest round tower forward a bit so it connects with the wall better, instead of having a gap.
  3. AoM Tower Phase 1: Watchers on the Trail

    I like how you connected the leaf pieces! I don't think I've seen that before.
  4. The Streets of Daydelon

    Seems like a cozy place to live in, even though it is very snowy! This is an all-around great build, and my favorite part is just how realistic the snowscaping is.
  5. Twilight Hovel

    Great build; the landscaping is on point. I especially like those boulders: simple, but looks amazing!
  6. Nordheim Watchtower

    That is very accurate to the original! I especially like the stonework on the base of the tower.
  7. Most of you have probably already seen these, but Henjin_Quilones informed me that it would be a good idea to post my Avalonia builds on the guild topic, as well as my sigfig introduction, so here they are: Sigfig introduction: Eryos Castle, the residency of my sigfig: Eryosmith Band: Journey to Eryos, intro to my second character:
  8. Zotharith: The outskirts

    This scene is very unique, with the raised buildings that fit in nicely with the swamp setting!
  9. Eryosmith Band

    I liked the idea of the band, although maybe it is not that well executed . My techniques here were pretty simplistic, so I wanted to at least make it look busy with the figures.
  10. Journey to Eyros

    Thanks, I will take note of that! For the base, I agree that it does look sort of strange, but I have used he same style on all my other builds, and wanted to keep it consistent. The "yellow" in the bamboo is actually lime green, but my photography skills are lacking and so it looks kinda bad . When building, I was debating whether to put the snake in or not, and finally decided "why not?" Looking back on it, it is out of place. A black snake would probably be better.
  11. Okay, I will do that! I don't know if this is a good place to ask, but how do you attach your own topics when replying in the guild topic? Thank you! Do you mean the &Quot;&quot thing? I will try to get rid of that next time. Glad that it tuned out that way, I based it roughly on a medieval cog ship, especially with the stern.
  12. Eryos Castle

    Thank you, that was what I was going for! I wanted the masonry and wall/building design to be more realistic, but the overall layout with the bridges to be more fantastical. Haha, thanks, this build is far from perfect, and I will definitely try to improve! For the pine tree, I personally saw the design on Ben Pitchford's massive Robin Hood layout, but I believe it has been around for much longer! I suppose it can be found with a quick google search, but the design is just a stack of Travis bricks with stacks of grass pieces attached on all four sides. Great point about the lighthouse that I probably should've considered while building! Hopefully the roof won't burn down, and I guess the person who adds wood just has to throw it in there .
  13. Eryos Castle

    Thanks for the criticism! I completely agree with you, and originally wanted to extend the walls to the edge of the baseplates, but ran out of bricks! So I modified the landscape a bit to make the walls sorta end at the sea. Thanks! Thank you!
  14. Eryosmith Band

    Yep, dark brown is probably my favorite color in LEGO! Sure, Avonhem Manor would be a really nice venue! It is actually supposed to be a bass, which I believe is about 6 feet tall without the end-pin. I also really wanted to use that harpoon piece, which made it even taller, but I decided to sacrifice some accuracy. So yeah, even as a bass it is a couple of studs too tall, but better than if it were meant to be a cello, I guess.
  15. Journey to Eyros

    Thanks! Thanks, and I will take note on what types of trees live where in future builds.