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  1. Thanks! Joe's Last Supper scene was really unique and he pulled off the perspective really well. Thank you
  2. Thanks! Haha, we really missed a naming idea didn't we. If you look at any of my other MOCs, you'll know that I'm pro-yellow; this is the first time I made the dreaded switch to flesh. Thank you, I put a good deal of thought into both of those aspects to make it varied but still cohesive. Thank you!
  3. If not, thanks anyways!
  4. The one and only JANGBRiCKS!? Thank you for the compliment, and also for creating high quality content! Your channel is my go-to for reviews, and your city is awe-inspiring. Keep it up! Thanks a lot!
  5. Thanks! Yeah, I guess it's meant to be ivy
  6. For the Summer Joust team category this year, the challenge was "Just Another 'Normal' Day." My team decided to go with Leonardo da Vinci! The scenes we covered were inventing, sculpting, painting, and, of courses, sleep. All four of us built fully immersive scenes, with some fantastic editing from Jonah to finish them off. Here's my part. I did a street corner of a Tuscan-inspired village. Now, I understand the scene isn't historically accurate. Leonardo never really finished any of his sculptures (at least that we know of), but liberties were taken for the sake of the collab :) Here's an overview of the four parts: Check out all the other parts! I was honored to be able to work with Joe, Jon, and Jonah, three fantastic builders. Part I: Invention by Jon Part II: Sculpture by Kevin Part III: Fresco by Joe Part IV: Relaxation by Jonah
  7. KevinyWu

    CHALLENGE V: Category B: La Cospirazione: Part III

    Agree with everything said above. When you posted the first WIP in our group chat, I was blown away! I lifted a bunch of your techniques for my part, like the canal walls, the dock, and the plants. The sand green building is so epic, and the white and yellow buildings to the side and back really complete the scene
  8. This is one of the best all-lego scenes I've seen, and not just because of the excellent buildings and canal. The picture is shot from the perfect angle, and the minifigure placements and details are spot on! They really immerse you into the scene
  9. Thanks, the bridge was my favorite detail as well. Thanks!
  10. KevinyWu

    La Cospirazione (Story)

    Great to see it compiled together!
  11. Thank you, glad that you like the stained glass, since I wasn't sure it fit well myself I based the bridge off of this bridge in Venice, which is the 10th result on Google images when you search "venice bridge. Glad you like the Gondola, which I was quite proud of. And as for the assassin, I've always been scared of removing arms and legs off my minifigures, but I think it payed off this time. I'll probably do it more in future builds, since there are so many poses you can't get with typical configurations.
  12. La Cospirazione: Part II Alesio de Fiori was deep in thought as the little gondola floated calmly down the canal. Darkness was falling, and by the gleaming evening light he surveyed the beauty of Illaryian with a keen eye. Supano Amancio had been dealt with, but there was much left to arrange. Cadgie had gotten himself into another mess. The Rego, Luca di Carlo, had informed him that Staffan was sewing mischief in the North. But it was mischief in the palazzo that Alesio mostly feared. Was Luca to be trusted with the elimination of the most powerful and influential Varlyrian noble? The Rego had sworn that he would resolve it all today, and Alesio expected that Staffan Conzaga would never leave the palace again. But doubts troubled him. And then there was Capri, that troublesome little creature. More mischief was to be expected in the De Fiori castle than anywhere else while she was around. Something caught Alesio’s eye in the water. He swore something had moved, and he silently touched the shoulder of the gondolier. “Assassin?” he whispered, pointing to the shadow fliting across the water. “Ašišī!” cried the gondolier in a terrible fright. With one quick motion he dropped the oar and dived off into the water, rocking the gondola, so that as Alesio spun round he stumbled to one side. There on the bridge, under which they had just passed, crouched a dark, masked assassin with a dagger in his belt and another in his teeth. He had already leapt into the air, and Alesio just had a moment to grasp the oar when the assassin landed beside him, dashing the dagger into his side: but for the sway of the rocking boat it would have gone to his heart. Alesio struck the man who with his other hand sought his second dagger. There was a fierce struggle, until Alesio managed with a quick move to draw his knife and bury it deep into the man’s breast. “Who sent you?” Alesio furiously seized his coat with his free hand. “It is the Cioto, signore!” gasped the man. “The Cioto?” Alesio grit his teeth and closed his eyes. Everything was spinning! He dropped the man who tumbled into the blue canal waters, and grasped the prow of the gondola. “The Cioto?” he repeated faintly. So then! There was more mischief afoot than he had expected! “Intrigante!” He sighed as another thought came to him. “Which Cioto?” .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.
  13. KevinyWu

    A Day at the Old Mill

    You're right, it does look like a bit of a right angle...Thanks for the helpful feedback!
  14. KevinyWu

    A Day at the Old Mill

    Thanks, I went through a couple blade iterations before I settled on this one. They are the first things you see on a windmill, so it was important to me to get them just right. Glad you get a happy vibe from this build! I wanted to create a setting that I'd just like to chill at. The tree is very parts intensive, but I luckily had a lot of the new grass 3 stem prices and a lot of the new leaves from PAB. I thought it was a good way to put both of them to use. And yeah, I do agree that the two direction waterfall looks a bit weird, but hey, it's fantasy, right??
  15. KevinyWu

    Dwelf Tales: Treasure Heist

    Awesome concept! I like the transition from dark to reddish brown, gives it a very earthy appearance.