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  1. Steinn Fortress

    I love how the path at the front lines up exactly with the wedge plate!
  2. I love that beard
  3. [MOC] Riddles in the Dark...

    Awesome creation, the rocks look very natural!
  4. crown kingdom version 2.0

    It looks great so far! I like how you made the river. My only suggestion is to build larger trees if you have the parts. The official LEGO trees are a bit small in my opinion.
  5. Amon Hen

    I love all the trees! I just read the tutorial for them too.
  6. [MOC] The New Shogunate

    Wow. Love the snakes on the sword pattern too.
  7. Snake Woman is genuinely scary... Great figures, I like the use of the beard on the Kappa pirate.
  8. Tíre Village

    The curved dock section is ingenious.
  9. Tíre Gatehouse

    Now this is the perfect amount of texturing in my opinion.
  10. Waldred the War Master

    I don't know how you made so many layers of the tower slanted in different directions but it looks amazing.
  11. The Western Wall of Lleidr

    I love the use of that musket! It really makes the pole seem bent and in poor condition.
  12. Hi, I'm Kevin

    I lived in Waterloo and then moved to Cambridge. Both are near Toronto.
  13. Hi, I'm Kevin

    So I've been actively browsing Eurobricks for about 6 months now, and I'm finally going to post something! For a brief introduction: I'm Chinese and currently living in the United States, but I spent most of my life so far in Canada. I'm about to be a junior in high school. Now, about LEGO: I started building since I was 3 years old, and have been collecting since, using those pieces to build my own creations. My favorite theme is castle, but I build in all sorts of themes since I didn't really have enough of the right colors (until now). Obviously, my parents didn't allow me to buy every set, but I managed to amass a small-ish collection of 22,000 bricks (according to Then I discovered Bricklink, and doubled my collection last month! I am currently working on my first big MOC, and I am excited to share it!