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  1. KevinyWu

    Outskirts of Petraea

    Thank you, zoth Yeah, I tried to pack in as much as I could! Don't worry, I will release him
  2. KevinyWu


    Thank you!
  3. KevinyWu

    Outskirts of Petraea

    Thanks! and yeah, its 32x32.
  4. KevinyWu

    Outskirts of Petraea

    The outskirts of the Kaliphlin capitol are as busy as ever, with bustling markets selling everything from fresh produce to weapons. Merchants and travelers constantly come in and out of the guarded gate, hoping to make a small fortune from the traffic of trade. Here is the outside view Close ups of the market stalls And the interior of the building This was built for the Middle Eastern Setting category of the Summer Joust. This is my first creation in the middle eastern style, so I'd like to thank all the Kaliphlin builders for inspiration! More pictures are available in my Flickr Album
  5. KevinyWu


    A farmer hollers out as he searches desperately for his escaped pig. The pig, meanwhile, watches with amusement from behind a tree. This was my entry to the vignette category of the Summer Joust! I haven't seen many trees made with the new leaf pieces, and after finding them at my local Pick-A-Brick, I was inspired to design one. More pictures are available in my Flickr Album
  6. I love this MOC! I liked the transition from pebbles on the path outside the wall to many stones on the path inside the wall.
  7. KevinyWu

    Visiting Sorgheim

    Cool to finally see this together. Love it!
  8. KevinyWu

    AoM Storehouse Phase 2: Sorgheim Stores

    I like how the cross section gives a view of the two layers of the building: the stone and the wooden supports
  9. I think the wall technique and snow landscaping is great! The olive green grass fits right in. As said before, the wall looks very uniform, maybe some tiles in dark bluish gray would help?
  10. KevinyWu

    Into the unknown

    The balance of the types of vegetation is really good, I'm definitely going to take some notes on this!
  11. KevinyWu

    Avalonian Windmill

    Very cool creation, and a fantastic addition to Avalonia! Love the landscaping, animals, and dark blue roof. The windmill fans themselves look small compared to the windmill tower, though, but I guess that's because the other building is in the way.
  12. KevinyWu

    Fortress of St. Jocosa

    Thanks, I think I've learned a lot since last year just by looking at everyone's MOCs. As for the tower, I actually envisioned it to be a small room, maybe an attic. I really wanted to fit the lion heads somewhere (I got them from a bunch of old Knight's Kingdom sets at a thrift store and have never used them before), and I just thought it would look more balanced to put them where they are instead of on the tower. Being featured on the Brothers Brick has been a dream of mine, so thanks for that! Glad to hear you like it!
  13. KevinyWu

    Fortress of St. Jocosa

    That is indeed a dragons den! Or maybe some other creature's nest, who knows? It kinda does resemble some classic castles! Maybe its because of the raised baseplates in some of those sets? All credit for the cross design goes to Simon NH on flickr, he used it on a church he did a while ago. I just stole it directly!
  14. KevinyWu

    Fortress of St. Jocosa

    Thanks HQ! I have to agree with everything you had to say about the church, especially the height. I wanted it to be the tallest structure in the castle, but that just made it disproportionately tall . Thank you! Yep, 9 rooms in total! They all have a 2x4 hole so that a ladder can pass all the way through the tower to allow minifigures to go through, so it waas hard to fit any amount of detail in them. I was quite proud of how the path turned out, thanks. Now that you mention it, the steeple does look weird from an angle where you can see two adjacent windows with different arch heights... Thanks, I wanted the tan and dark red to break up the continuous light bluish gray (with the help of olive green).
  15. KevinyWu

    Avalonian Cottage

    Yeah, that color works really well for roof. I have a total of twelve pieces of that color.