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    Historican Settlements - HSS

    HISTORICAN SETTLEMENTS Historica is home to many towns, villages, hamlets, and even a few Cities. The Royal Cartographer's Guild of Albion and the Avalonia's foreign affairs minister wish to officially recognize the many settlements of Historica. As a prerequisite to official recognition and inclusion in the "Royal Registry of Historica's Locations of Note" and "Avalonian Sites and Monuments: a comprehensive guide" each settlement must prove that they contain the minimum facilities to provide for their residents. To establish your settlement, you must post MOCs from the following categories. These MOCs CAN be already completed, but they MUST not already be referenced to a different location. (if you try to alter a description of an existing MOC to fit this challenge, you will not be allowed to enter ANY settlements, so do not edit topics you already posted. you can add a post later on in your topic, but if I see that the topic was already posted before Feb 14th, but edited after Feb 13th, it will not be allowed as part of this challenge.) There are a couple of building types that can be counted for multiple types (a Fishery for example can be counted as a nautical AND agricultural). Here are the categories: REQ - Agriculture - Grains & Produce: Farm*, Mill, Granary, Orchard Agriculture - Livestock: Farm*, Cattle/Horse Ranch, Swineherd, Sheepfold, Fishery Nautical: Harbor, Shipwright, Quay, Fishery*, Ferryman REQ - Military: Keep, Barracks, Gatehouse, Tower, Castle, Fort Religious: Chapel, Monastery, Temple, Shrine Medical: Apothecary, Herbalist, Infirmary, Physician Hospitality: Food & Beverage: Bakery, Butcher, Winery, Brewery, Tavern REQ - Hospitality - Lodging: Inn, Stables, Coach House REQ - Laborers: Lumber Mill, Mine, Stone Cutter, Mason REQ - Craftsmen - General Goods: Cooper, Wainwright, Tannery, Dyer, Glass Blower Craftsmen/Merchant - Arms & Armor: Blacksmith, Bowyer, Fletcher, Armorer Craftsmen/Merchant - Clothing: Cobbler, Seamstress, Furrier, Woolen Mill Craftsmen/Merchant - Specialty: Candle Maker, Wood Carver, Bookbinder, Jeweler, Potter Services: Herald, Cartographer, Money Lender, Scribe, Courier, Shipping House Scholars: Observatory, Alchemist, Philosopher, Astrologer Entertainers: Minstrel, Fortune Teller, Performing Troupe, Theatre Administrative (Town or City only): Town Hall, Chancery, Forum, Courthouse Now, the examples provided are not the only things you can build in a category, they are just options. Also, the build must be substantial - showing an interior of one room, or throwing a bunch of bricks up on a plate will not be acceptable entries. Hamlet - There are 5 categories that are required for a Hamlet (the minimum recognized settlement) - Agricultural (either one), Military, Hospitality (either one), Laborer, and Craftsmen. Village - For a Village, you must meet the Hamlet requirements plus meet a total of 8 of the 16 categories. Town - For a Town, you must meet the Hamlet requirement, plus a minimum of 2 Craftsmen buildings, both Agricultural categories, and both Hospitality categories, plus meet a total of 10 of the 16 categories. City - For a City, you must meet the requirements for a Town, plus one administrative building, plus meet a total of 14 of the 16 categories. Port - For a Port, you must meet the Village requirements, including one Nautical building. For this task, there is no time limit, and again, is open to all Historicans. I will be starting a separate thread for this once I get home tonight where you can post a link to your topics. Each person should have only one reply in this topic, where they will post all of their entries. You can have more than one settlement recognized if you wish. You should only have one post per Settlement. Feel free to ask questions, but I will delete them once they have been answered, and compile the answers in the thread below. Do not post for a settlement unless you have a build to post. I will delete any topics that do not contain a link to an existing MOC (no MOCs in progress allowed either) Let me know if you have any questions. Some further ideas for the categories are in this list curated by @Grover. But again, even this extensive list is not exhaustive; if you think your build qualifies for a category, put it there. Creativity is always encouraged! Agriculture Grains and Produce Farm Garden Mill Granary Marketplace Vineyard Orchard Livestock Farm Cattle/Horse ranch Dairy Swineherd Sheepfold Marketplace Kennel Beekeeper Fishery Nautical Harbor Shipwright Quay Fishery Ferryman Port Dock Lighthouse Military Keep Barracks Gatehouse Tower Castle Fortified Bridge Wall Beacon Cavalry Stables Ballista Tower Fort Religious Chapel Church Monastery Tomb Cemetery Temple Mosque Shrine Medical Apothecary Herbalist Infirmary/Hospital Mortician/Necromancer Torture Chamber Barber/Physician Hospitality Food & Beverage Bakery Butcher Winery Kitchens Brewery Café/Street Food Tavern Lodging Inn Stables Coach house Celebrations Wedding Festival Laborers Lumber Mill Grain Mill Mine Stone Cutter Wood Cutter Mason/Adobe Maker Stable Hand Cleaning Workers Field Hands Foresters Carter Diggers Quarry Craftsmen/Merchants General goods Cooper Wainwright Tannery Carpenter Dyer Marketplace Fishing Rod Merchant Glassblower Arms & Armor Blacksmith Bowyer Fletcher Siege workshop Armorer Clothing Cobbler Seamstress Textiles Furrier Woolen Mill Specialty Candlemaker Wood carver Stone Carver/Sculptor Goldsmith Bookbinder Florist Jeweler Horse Tamer Merchant's Hall/Guild Coal Merchant Magic/Potion Vendor Tinker Potter Services Herald Cartographer Money lender General Store Scribe Courier Trading Post Shipping house/Warehouse Scholars Observatory Alchemist Philosopher Library University/Academy Astrologer Entertainment Minstrel Fortune Teller Street Musicians Performing Troupe Brothel Sports Arena Theatre Administrative (Town or City only) Town Hall Chancery Forum Council Building Administrative Building Meeting Hall Customs House Palace Embassy Courthouse
  2. Welcome to Varlyrio Welcome to Varlyrio – The Guild of Merchants, Marauders and Mariners. If you are looking for political intrigue, desolate wastes or savage seas, look no further! Varlyrio is an island Guild located off the west coat of Avalonia, and is diverse culturally as well as geographically. The Guild colors are Gold and White, but Dark red, White and Black are the favored colors for buildings along the eastern coast. Incorporating these colors as appropriate into your builds will help show you Guild affiliation. Read on below for a much more detailed description of the Island Guild of secrets and intrigue. Section I: Guilds of Historica Background The bard’s song tells a tale of a world long forgotten. Race against race, clan against clan; shields clashed with swords, long ago when Men of the Lion fought Men of the Falcon, and human armies succumbed to Orcs and undead. Each group clashed with its neighbor for power, unleashing upon the world a great scourge. The arcadian land was thrown into chaos. When all seemed lost, a council of wise men and sages was summoned. From all the lands they came to convene in the old world’s greatest city: the fortress of Cedrica. To settle the grievances and end a millennium of bloodshed, the sages declined all the treaties of old and joined the clans into one mighty Kingdom: Historica. They founded the Four Great Guilds – each one a realm in itself – Mitgardia in the North, Nocturnus in the East, Kaliphlin in the South, and Avalonia in the West, so that trade routes would spring up and clans would meet in the markets and not in the theatre of war. The wise men chose a family of great honor, to uphold the truce and to keep the four guilds from dispute, and descendants of that mighty kin ruled the central lands of Historica for decades. But darkness and chaos had only been thwarted, not conquered. Magic was unleashed upon the land, magic that fell into the hands of Victor Revolword. Only in union did the Guilds find strength to defeat him and destroy the Elemental Helm that gave him power. Yet the struggle was not over, for out of the chaos magic had bred there arose a new threat: The Black Spire. Ravage the Terrible, of whom no man ever spoke save with bated breath and behind closed doors, ruled the darklands of Nocturnus with a rod of iron and resistance glowed only in scattered embers. Meanwhile Drow invaded Avalonia, Algus from the north swept into Mitgardia, and the resurrection of the ancient Desert King threw Kaliphlin into confusion. Slowly, the heroes of the Guilds realized the truth: the fire that fueled the powers of destruction and chaos throughout the land burnt deep in the heart of Nocturnus. There Ravaage sought for the ultimate power, the Necromancer’s Helm. Only by once again uniting, this time against Ravaage, could Historica be saved from ashes and the rule of the undead. But who would unite the Guilds? The King had been slain by Revolword, his son murdered by Ravaage; no other family could command the respect of all the Guilds or ignite their loyalty and patriotism. Yet a rumor arose, a rumor of hope. An heir had appeared, under whose banner all who desired peace could unite. Heroes of Historica, rise up and fight the invader who brings discord to your realm! And rise the heroes did. Throughout the land, in every corner, evil and chaos were subdued. Rivals pledged allegiance to the new, unknown King, and sallied forth to battle Ravaage together. Old jealousies were forgotten. Each man felt that it was the dawning of a new day for Historica. By trickery, the mages of Historica defeated Ravaage and destroyed him, sealing the chamber of the Necromancer’s Helm forever. Leaderless, Ravaage’s army has crumbled, his plans and power vanished. Disorder remains, but the worst seems to be over. All eyes turn toward the throne of Cedrica, where the new monarch, Queen Ylspeth, reigns and rebuilds. Much needs to be resolved, many questions remain to be answered, but at last, Historica breaths free. Guildsmen! This is the world you inhabit, this is the place where you will make your fortune, build a mighty empire, and battle for the glory and honor of the banner… Section II: Guild Background and Theme Varlyrio: The Island Guild of Secrets and Intrigue With contrasting expanses of great wealth with great hardship, Varlyrio is home to fertile lands, towering mountains, and dry wastelands, surrounded by the great oceans. The island is inhabited by numerous races and even more cultures. With the wind in your sails, Varlyrio is about 2 weeks sail west from the port of Barqa and even closer to the southern reaches of Avalonia. Varlyrio is known for its Master merchants, expert sailors, and convoluted politics, all driven largely by money and power. Varlyrio is ruled by powerful families, who fight for lucrative positions as trade ministers. The Ministers use their power and influence to further their own houses, and vie for the coveted position as the Varlyrio’s Minister of Trade, the Rego of the Guild. Not all of Varlyrio is easily accessible. Heavy easterly currents prevent all but the most experienced captains from accessing the western shores by sea, and for those that dare, they must also face the extensive pirates that roam the seas around the island. Only eastern Varlyrio can be reasonably accessed by sea. By land the island is just as hard to cross. A high range of mountains separates the fertile east from the wastelands to the west. The inhabitants of Eastern Varlyrio are similarly isolated, rugged and formidable. Standard Gold and White History Long ago, about the time that the sages of Historica were joining together in council at Cedrica - a time when myths still shrouds the history of the realm - the ancient family of Cioto claim to have been the rulers of Varlyrio, pointing proudly to the legendary Aureo de Cioto as the founder of the guild. However, the first written records still in existence date from the reign of Blasio Amancio, a master shipbuilder and a wise and sturdy leader, who brought peace and prosperity to his island kingdom and founded the city of Illaryian. When the king died from a jousting wound, however, his oldest son was still a babe, and the family of Chiaro, the merchants and builders of the guild, took charge of the island for three generations. They were benevolent and kindly, inviting some enterprising foreigners like the Khoar's, master armor-makers and experts in dragon-leathers, to the guild, but disaster struck soon after the last Chiaro mounted the throne as the two islands of Varlyrio crashed into each other and, shortly afterwards, the young Rego mysteriously died. The powerful lord of Baiamonte, head of a family which had long been building its way up through the ranks of the soldiery, stepped up to fill the vacancy. Ruling the land with a rod of iron, the Baiamonte's did their best to keep the families of Varlyrio always separate and at variance with one another, but despite all their efforts, the Amancios's, Chiaros, and the rising family of de Fiori, sword-makers of the realm, continued to grow in power and influence. The marriage of the dashing Dialto de Fiori to Angela Chiaro, eldest daughter of the house, was about to unite the two families, when the young bride was assassinated on the eve of the wedding by Baiamonte's minions. He had succeeded at preventing a union which would have given another family the dominance of power in the guild, passing up both the Amancios and Baiamontes, but it would prove the last straw for the Varlyrian people. The Baiamonte's involvement in the mysterious disappearance of the young Rego of the house of Chiaro, which had allowed the Baiamonte's to come to power and had previously only been hinted at in whispers, became the open talk of the guild, and before long, the Baiamontes were hurled off their misused throne, and the Amancios, more powerful and influential than either the Chiaros or de Fioris on their own, rose once again to power, amid the joy of the populace. Under their rule, though sustained by cunning and ruthlessness, the guild has prospered once more, and has even opened up in its trade and interactions with the other guilds. Supano Amancio, now the third generation of his family to continuously hold the throne, boosted his own popularity with the people by marrying his long-time sweetheart Ercilia Cioto shortly after he became Rego, but knows that he still holds on to the throne by only a thread, and is willing to use any and every means to stay in power and fight back the rival families. Meanwhile the de Fiori's, Chiaro's, and disgraced but still powerful Baiamonte's continue to hold their place, although the Cioto's, Khoar's, and a number of other families have been rising silently but surely out of the shadows and look to join or surpass them as leading families of Varlyrio. Politics and Economy The Politics of Varlyrio play out almost entirely on the east side of the island, and are deeply intertwined with the trade and economy of the Guild. Eastern Varlyrio is the breadbasket of the Guild, producing virtually all of the food, livestock, and raw materials that fuel the Island’s production and trade. The Cities along the east coast developed through trade, and those families that had mastered these trades were able to assume control in these Cities. The Eastern Varlyrio families have successfully funneled the island’s trade through these Cities to benefit their coffers. As the trade Cities grew, the ruling families began to vie for control over the eastern coast as a whole. The complex trade taking place within the Guild required a massive bureaucracy to help administer contracts, manage warehousing and storage, coordinate shipments and enforce customs and regulation. Merchants would negotiate contracts to provide materials and goods to markets outside their City, and Families began to negotiate these contacts on the behalf of the bureaucracy. It was determined that the family that negotiated the most income for the Bureaucracy would be awarded the position of Minister for that trade. Once this precedent was established, Families quickly began to buy up trade futures, and then use them to boost their families negotiating power. Today, there are 11 trade ministers (Finance, War, Arms, Art, Domestic Goods, Agriculture, Herds and Stocks, Plantations, Commerce, Seas, and the Prime Minister of Trade) as well as the ministers of Dwarven and Goblin Affairs. The family that earns the most contracts in all trade is granted the position of Minister of Trade, and serve as the Rego for the Guild. The Minister of Trade, and the two next highest earning ministers are called the Artori. These three ministers rule the Guild, with the Rego having the strongest vote. Each year, all trade contracts are finalized during the Tradewinds Festival (The beginning of the Spring trading season) and the Minister positions are reassigned to trade families based off a combination of 1.) the total contract amounts negotiated for the upcoming trade season, and 2.) the total value of export duties earned over the past 5 years. Trade minister positions are highly lucrative, and families will do anything to retain these positions, sabotage other families, or gain new positions. Assassination, forgery, blackmail and bribery are commonplace in Varlyrian politics and trade, and a number of families are rumored to have arrangements with the Western Pirates to target the vessels of other families and other Guilds. Section III: The Regions of Varlyrio Map: East Coast The east coast of Varlyrio is the most beautiful part of the island with fertile deltas, sparkling rivers, sandy beaches and rising cities. This region has a very Mediterranean feel to it. The east coast is the heart of the Valyrian economy, trade and politics. The Bay of Illar is host to several prominent cities, including the capital city of Illaryian. The other major trade cities of Varlyrio extend north and south of the Bay, capitalizing on the Bay’s commerce. Each of the coastal cities started as isolated settlements, but over time have grown to the point that they stretch out like one great sprawling metropolis. Paved roads extend between the commercial districts of the coastal cities, and cities within the Bay of Ilar are crisscrossed with canals and channels. The bay is the safest access for ships to travel forth and back to Historica, and the main port lies in Illaryian. Varlyrian architecture focuses on grandeur and expense, and the Cities are characterized by large pillars, high roman/Greek/Venetian architecture, and tiled roofs with elaborate domed towers. The Bay cities are built around the canals, with businesses and residences lining canal corridors, or opening directly onto the water. Trade and transport is performed primarily by boat, and the rich and affluent travel by gondola. The agricultural countryside is dotted with small farming communities who maintain the large grapes, olive and plum plantations, and lavender and wheat fields. On the somewhat yellowish grass, goats and sheep graze. Varlyrian horse are bred for speed and appearance and are highly prized by the wealthy elite. The surrounding towns are focused on processing and transport of the crops and livestock from the area to the coastal cities. East Varlyrian Cities East Varlyrian Countryside The High Ridge Mountains Known as the High Ridge Mountains by the Dwarves and the Coluna mountains by those to the East, Varlyrio is divided by this tall mountain range. Only one main road leads from the Eastern cities to the Wastelands and that is through a steep pass through the High Ridge Mountains. This mountain range is home to an ancient race of stout dwarves who have long mined and defended these mountains and the surrounding foothills. The dwarves have built fortress like cities within these mountains to serve as hub for trade and supply. These Dwarven strongholds can be accessed from the main road or from smaller roads the Dwarves have built out of Eastern Varlyrio to the north and south. The main pass is heavily guarded and toll payment is required to gain safe passage. The rains that help keep eastern Varlyrio fertile are caused by the High Ride Mountains, and the western side of the mountains are cold and dry, with only a few tops holding snow year-round. Little grows on the High Ridge, and the dwarves are dependent on traders and travelers for many of the fruits, vegetables and spices they use. Through the toll they collect on the main road, as well as their trade in ores and gems, the Dwarves have accrued vast wealth, and are more affluent than their other Historican cousins. Dwarven Fortress Cities Wastelands Stretching from the High Ridge Mountains to the western coast, the wastelands are hard, dry and forbidding. But this is no desert with sandy dunes, but instead stony hills, table mountains and broken hills govern the landscape. Little grows on the hardened soil of the Wastelands except scrub trees and bushes and sparse hardy grass. Water is the most valuable asset in the Wastelands. In the foothills and plains at the base of the mountains, the main denizens are orcs and minotaurs. The monsters fight for control of the lands and recognition in battle. Often living in tents and walled burrows they lead a nomadic life. The orcs grow berries and keep pigs for food. There are a precious few very deep wells provide the necessary water, but they are scarce, and are some of the greatest prizes for which the nomadic tribes battle. The dwarves have mountain outposts and patrols to guard their mines and lofty strongholds from the wasteland wanderers. Beyond the mountains, the wastelands inhabitants are hidden and largely isolated. There are no main roads or trade routes beyond the mountain foothills, except along the coasts, and the secrets of these wastes are known only to those that can survive there. The Coastlines are home to pirate ports, Tribes of Feline and Serpentine Races, and gritty bandit outposts. The Scarlet Marauders are the largest and most organized of the Pirate bands, and their scorpion sigil spells doom to those Historican Merchants that spy it on the high seas. They are rumored to have illicit agreements with some of the shadier Varlyrian families, but those rumors have never been substantiated. Gnome enclaves can be found dotted throughout the mountains and wastelands. The gnomes mine for ore, gems and other materials to help power their contraptions. Their advancements in technology are not always reliable, and many a gnome has tinkered a step too far, ending in an explosive last hurrah. The gnomes have been known to muster formidable defenses for their enclaves, ranging from golems to mechanical beasts to explosive traps (sometimes intentionally), and they are largely unmolested in their daily lives. Wasteland Strongholds Gnome Outpost The Sunken City Long ago, Varlyrio had been composed of two separate islands. The eastern island was drier, and the western island was wetter and fertile, with a large inland sea. When the two islands collided, the High Ridge mountains were formed at the impact, the basin of the great inland sea was split asunder in the massive earthquake that resulted, and the water from the sea was drained into a massive subterranean cavern. With the new mountain range, the western land became dry and arid, but the subterranean lake continued to be fed by underground river that drain the High Ridge mountains. The ancient peoples (Largely the Kolgari race of Elves) that had dwelt along the inland sea were forced to migrate underground and settled along the shores of the great lake that had formed. Strange flora and fauna grew up in the great cavern devoid of sunlight, and the Kolgari used their knowledge and magic to alter their terrestrial seeds and seedlings to adapt to the subterranean environment. After centuries of constant use of this powerful magic, the plants, animals and inhabitants no longer resemble what they once were. Beautiful alien cities exist amidst beautiful colored flora. Only a lucky few have been able to witness these exotic sights. Some of the Kolgari have migrated above ground, and their magic and healing abilities are highly sought after, though few know where these people are truly from. Sunken City Races Varlyrio has a wide variety of races and strangely enough, these races don’t usually live close to one another. Humans: in the cities in the eastern part of Varlyrio, amongst the pirate bands in western Varlyrio, some adventure over the whole island Dwarves: Mostly in the dwarven mountain dwellings and great halls underground, with a large population also in the eastern coastal cities. Gnomes: some in the cities, but mostly in the gnome towns in western wastelands, and a few in the High Ridge Mountains. Orcs/minotaurs: warriors who live in camps and nomadic bands in the eastern part of the wastelands. They are often employed as mercenaries by Varlyrian nobles and families. Goblins: Infest the wastelands, as with any sparsely populated area that they have access to. Lionells: catlike humans who split between the eastern cities, the western bandit and pirate outposts, and their ancestral bands in the wastelands. Kolgari; Subterranean Elves who live underground and hardly dare to resurface, some Kolgari tribe are prized as mercenaries and healers Typical Varlyrian Builds: Eastern coast Sunken City Tergiversa De Fiori Castle, mainhall Section IV: Current Guild Challenges After completing challenge 1 parts A and C, and at least your home scenery for challenge 2, Your family will be eligible for a royal minister position, based on the trade they are engaged in, as determined by the Lords of Varlyrio. The minister positions are awarded to the master of that trade, so the more your builds incorporate the parts of your trade (from raw materials to processing to shipping and sales) the better your chances will be for gaining your minister position. Participating in overall challenges and later Varlyrian challenges will grant your family other benefits, which will be determined. Varlyrio is the home to tumultuous political intrigue, and chaotic trade wars, and this will be incorporated through future mini-challenges. Guild Challenge 1 - Family affairs · You need to complete all 4 categories below to complete this challenge. 1A. Who’s in charge Present your main character or the person in charge of your family (if it is not your character) and include their backstory. Suggested: 8x8 Vignette 1B. Family and known associates A family contains of more than one person, so present each notable member with a short backstory. Suggested: 8x8 Vignette 1C. Line of business You didn’t get famous by sitting doing nothing. Display your business or main trade. Suggested: 24x24 or larger build. 1D. Everyone needs a home With all the fame and fortune comes a nice residence. Display your primary residence. Suggested 16x16 building with additional base, suitable for the area you live in. Guild Challenge 2 - Varlyrio Scenery · All builds should be a minimum size of 16x16 · The home area of your character should include your sigfig · You need to complete at least 3 of the categories below to complete this challenge. 2A. East Coast Cities Build a part of a typical Varlyrian city block or building 2B. Eastern Lands Build a part of the agricultural heartland of Eastern Varlyrio. This could be a farm, a homestead, or part of a small village or town 2C. High Ridge Mountains Build a dwarven mine, a minotaur lair, or some other mountainous scene. 2D. Wastelands Build a typical dwelling, watchtower or structure of the savages that live in these areas. 2E. Sunken City Build a scenery of the alien world that the denizens of the Sunken City inhabit. 2F. Western Coasts Build a pirate outpost, a marauder stronghold, or some other forsaken coastal stretch. Section V: Member and Family Overview Guild Leader: @Rogue Angel, Lieutenant, @Garmadon Rego: Supano Amancio (The Amancio family had early success in the ship-building trade, and they have been able to ride this success to semi-permanent status as one of the three Artori, and Rego for the last few generations. Guild Lieutenant: @Garmadon Artori Family: Bjarke De Fiori (The De Fiori's are experienced sword-makers and the masters of that trade in Varlyrio. At least once within inches of ruling the guild - about six inches of a cold steel from it - the De Fiori's still hold their place among the top three, and might just be glancing surreptitiously once again at the throne...) Guild Lieutenant: @Narbilu Atori Family: Bran of Khoar (The Khoar family have mastered a mystical skill in finding, skinning and working the strangest hides into supreme armor). The Khoar armors are found all over Historica and their legends, which has helped raise them to the status of one of the three Artori. Major credit to Narbilu for work on the backstory of Varlyrio. Link to the Varlyrian Family Intrigue Thread Current Guild Members Supano Amancio, @Rogue Angel Bjarke De Fiori, @Garmadon Bran of Khaor, @narbilu Luca di Carlo, @ZlatanXVIGustaf Fel D'Gatto, @mccoyed Vismund de Rabianací, @x105Black Meiyo, @Basiliscus Raxus Orsen Wayth, @Andrew Spader Arama Di Athena De Cioto, @W Navarre Ilazio Moccenigo, @TalusMoonbreaker
  3. Disappointing! Minor changes to the Black Falcon Torso, and a limited use - wing's spread falcon. Nice for a falconer fig, but of no use in quantity. Orc updates look comical, just like the fig - not interested. I will stick with the classic version. Koala is nice, but limited to Australian/Zoo builds. The paperboy is the 2nd most interesting fig, and the French Lady is cool, but extremely limited use as well. This is the least exciting non-licensed CMF series in a LONG time. (Since series 18, although 19 was almost as bad).
  4. I really hope it is NOT Black Falcon. We already have had plenty of access to the updated figs. Black Knights are the last classic 80s faction that have not been updated. (Plus all the yellow castle factions have new shields now too.) Edit: I love Black Falcons, but they have already had all the updating they need.
  5. I don't see anywhere Itaria states the 1st minifig is a classic space fig. I think this is just wishful thinking ( but not by me - classic space figs are a waste ,of a CMF spot IMO).
  6. HiMy guesses: 1: Princess? (or maybe Witch) 2: An opposite sex version of an existing CMF? 3: Medieval Chinese Warrior? Not up-to-date on Chinese knock-offs. 4: Clock figure? 5: Mannequin? Mongol or Ottoman? (Just wishlist now) 6: Elven Warrior, Fairy Princess or Blue Queen? 7. Orc 8: Soccer Player or ref? 9: Animal Figure - Hippo? Hawk? 10: Terracotta Warrior? 11: New bird mold? (To mouch to hope for a wolf) 12: Updated Black Monarch/Dragon Master or Elven Warrior? Edit: just read posts today - I was considering saying fox, but fawn would be great too!
  7. Rogue Angel

    GoH Book III

    Book III will be starting on August 19th. Queen Ylspeth has taken the throne, reestablishing the royal line, as well as stability in Historica. (courtesy of Henjin Quilones, winner of Challenge V from Book II) Guild Allegiance With the transition from Book II to Book III, all existing Historica members have the option to switch guilds, or remain with their existing guilds. Please declare your allegiance by posting a picture of your sigfig in this thread below. If you are keeping your current guild and character, you can the keep your current sigfig makeup, but you are encouraged to update your sigfig in the time that has passed in Historica by providing a new picture of your character. There is the possibility that one of the Guilds may be retired if there is not enough interest. If this happens, any existing members of that Guild would have the option to remain in and build within that Guild, but a retired Guild will not be able to accrue points with Challenges or Free-builds. (Please don't ask for clarification on this, because we don't know if it will happen yet.) Allegiances must be posted by AUGUST 1ST for the official Guild count. As always, members that have not pledged their allegiance by this point will be able to declare after the 1st, but members will not be able to switch Guilds once their allegiance has been posted in this thread. Historica Lore I doubt anyone has noticed this, but the lore of historica is slightly daunting to review. Members are invited to provide a brief synopsis of the history of the Guilds that covers the basics of Historica prior to Book I, The period covered by Book I and the period covered by Book II. You do not need to cover specific Guild history, only the history of Historica as a whole. Feel free to post your synopsis in any format that you would like (paragraphs, bullet points, etc.) but the one rule is this: You must be able to read the synopsis in 3 minutes or less. (Don't ask for specifics on this about reading speed or word counts - use your best judgement). The member that posts the best synopsis (as judged by the collective consciousness of the Nocturnus Pie population) will be granted the title of Historica Lore-Master. Historica Reborn There has been a very large gap between Book II and Book III. Kids, work, real life have gotten in the way, but we are ready to move forward in the vein of Book I. We have incorporated some willing guild members to support the Guilds Leaders in running Book III. These guild members have shown dedication to Historica over the past few years, and will be key to the success of Book III. The chapters of Book III will be occurring every 4 months (August, December, April) and a month and a half will be provided to complete each challenge. We will also be revitalizing some of the non-challenge events like the Age of Mitgardia, Albion-esque City building and the HSS. Avalonia will be purged of all territories, and will revert to the placement of Cities, similar to Kaliphlin, so you won't have to worry about encroaching on what members have historically done. Many devoted members have continued to post and contribute during the "dark ages" of Historica, and thanks to them, we are able to move back in to the full swing of things. We want to make the Guilds a fun place to post fantasy builds, flesh out your worlds and ideas, and make friends that share your interest in building castle and fantasy with Lego.
  8. Rogue Angel

    GOH Anniversary, 1st count down challenges.

    It's great to see all this activity, and one of the original founders @Si-MOCs as well!! I was able to build my tower, but not really photograph it well (pardon the horrible lighting). I revisited my original tower entry 10 years ago.
  9. Seeing them in person, I am much more impressed than I expected. I agree with @Itaria No ShintakuShintaku that the Viking is phenomenal since the helmet and beard are separate. Great new shield, torso is excellent, and I love seeing the longspear in another fig. This is a $5.00 fig to me. I hope he has a good, versatile head. I am very happy with the Raven shield and the yellow torso/legs (bright light orange?) On the Knight. The female swashbucklers hat/hair will be very useful for pirates and 1700's English/British/French, which is great! The pinata boy's sombrero has far more utility for Western builds than the previous 3 versions, so that's an excellent piece too! Turtle looks great - limited build incorporation potential, but will work well for ocean/sea builds. Some of the other figures look better than I expected: bunny girl, drone guy (that will be a useful piece), space fan looks great with all the details. I am a fan of the llama as well. The viking's fantastic separate helmet and entire ensemble, along with the Knight's heraldry and garb really make the series for me.
  10. The CMF Series used to open huge doors to building new eras or archetypes (Zombies, Spartans, Romans, Egyptians, Elves, Dwarves, Valkyries, Caveman, Gnome, Hazmat, Aztecs, Conquistador, Galaxy Squad, Amazon, Native American, American Revolution, Hun, Space Miner, Goblin, Mariachi/Mexican, Middle Eastern, Golden-age Spaceman, Gladiators) through series 17 in May of 2017. Since then, we have had one normal series out of 8 releases, (with just the Monkeyking and Blacktron update). And now this series has nothing new (other than maybe the power ranger). I do like the variety of the new city characters that are released with each CMF, as well as the new sports teams you can create to populate a stadium, but those just slightly enhance my City builds. The historic/space/fantasy figs that are army-builders open the door to build in new eras or with new fantastical races or beings and essentially grant NEW THEMES! The costume characters are likewise one-offs that have very little impact to my builds, even if they are really well done or hilarious. To me, It's all about the impact figures will have on opening up new avenues to build in. I want to be able to build in different time periods, different cultures, different Themes, which the CMF line used to facilitate. That"s why I put so much weight on each normal CMF series release.
  11. At $5 a piece, I expect a new mold for every figure. Especially for non-licensed. 150% price increase since Series 1 is ridiculous, regardless of inflation or a couple new molds. The series is lackluster, due to it's complete lack of adding variety to the Lego world. The unique niche city characters are just fine (pinata, hip hop, rocket, pajamas, drone), the llama is extremely topical right now with Fortnite being so popular, and the peapod is fine. The sea turtle is better than another cat or dog. The female swashbuckler is overdue, but is not an army builder. The Knight is the only potential army builder unless the Viking turns out to have separate helmet/beard. No new historical eras at all (I don't count 80s), no new city professions represented, no exciting new molds. Only one army builder. And $5 a piece (I assume) And now we wait another year ?️
  12. Helmet and beard molded together - noooooooooooo! Takes two great pieces and turns them into one extremely limited use piece. Curses!!!! So the Knight heraldry is falcon, not raven,? I was looking forward to a raven.
  13. @Itaria No ShintakuShintaku is it the Viking or Knight that you are so interested in (top 20 minifig)?
  14. What.....a disappointment! (And a HUGE waste of what will probably be the only normal CMF series this year ?) The Knight seems mildly interesting, but nothing new in the historic sense at ALL. Is it the Viking you are so interested in Itaria?
  15. 1 - Sombrero boy. 2 - gymnast? Acrobat? 3 - Ice cream cone, pie or cookie girl 4 - Space mech 5 - Female swashbuckler (I really thought there were more pirate figs in the CMF line) 6 - Castle builder guy/kid 7 - Wolf or squirrel girl (please!!!!) 8 - rehash Viking Warrior 9 - your hoard fig? Terra Cotta warrior? 10 - New Egyptian figure? 11 - female hockey or baseball player? 12 - female diver w turtle? 13 - another robin hood or leprechaun? 14 - male Opera singer? Guitar player? 15 - female mechanic? 16 - clown?
  16. Rogue Angel

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    Anime is a Japanese style of animation that has nothing to do with the subject matter. Ninago is animated Lego. Just because there are ninjas, that doesn't make it anime in any way.
  17. Rogue Angel

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    The figures are the draw for me as a historic builder. If the minifigures are futuristic in any way, the theme is a bust for me. Ninjago has mixed in some useful generic minifig parts on occasion, but it was no castle/Lotr/Potc. Two minifigures shift the potential from 80-90% of the figures being useful to 10-20%, if I am lucky. They could do a wierd mix of futuristic and historic, but as soon as you add electronics, jeans, sneakers, modern details to the torsos and special parts, it becomes useless for historic building. Ninjago is animated. Anime is something completely different.
  18. Rogue Angel

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    The knock-off brands sets are just an idea of what we might see for this theme. I don't know why so many people would assume there are going to be vehicles in this line? I keep reading comparisons on this thread to Nexo and Chima, but there is nothing in the lore of this story to make me expect anything futuristic or technology based. Ninjago has turned Nexo (and useless) this year, but that doesn't mean this theme will be. This looks to be a mythological/fantasy theme with some animal-humanoids which sounds great to me. I could be wrong, but I think maybe the big vehicle/futuristic ships is more aimed at American kids?
  19. Rogue Angel

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    I cannot WAIT for this series if this is indeed correct. If I can't have new Castle, I will definitely take a historic/mythological theme instead.
  20. Rogue Angel

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    Being a well established classic story, it sounds like this would be like most of the Disney fairy tale movies, which you wouldn't call copying. This is also a current production line for this company, and these easily could have been released in response to the Series 19 Monkey King CMF, depending on when they were first release.
  21. Rogue Angel

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    Some sets based off the "Journey to the West" from a Lego-clone company of the general type of sets we might expect to see (If it is Monkey Kid). The main character looks amazingly like the Monkey King from Series 19. I had not realized that the Monkey King CMF was so closely based on this story.
  22. Rogue Angel

    Prelude: What Lies Beneath

    Prelude: What Lies Beneath A Prelude to Challenge IV Deep beneath the broken wastelands of Western Varlyrio lie the subterranean caverns where the Kogari dwell. When the Kolgari immigrated underground during the Great Cataclysm, they lost the sun as a source of nourishment for their trees and plants. The Kolgari were able to use their ancient sorcery to summon up a new source of magic to sustain life. Some Kogari say the magic draws from the areas around to collect in orbs of bright concentrated magic. Others say that portals have been opened to another realm that exudes light and magic. Whatever the method, the magic has fostered life in the caverns, but it has also altered the plant life in many ways. The most striking change has been the bright hues of pink and purple foliage. Dalnas Moonflame is the MaidenLord of the Andassi Shrine, which sits near the Mashana Rift. She is flanked by two Blade Mages as she surveys her domain. Her thoughts return to the high priestess as she starts her journey back to the Temple of the First Ring. Dalnas' former service as Queen Lord of the Kolgari meant her wisdom and counsel were highly sought after, and the High Priestess had sought her advice. Their conversation was troubling. High Priestess: The Rego is as cunning and manipulative as ever. He has been pacing the blame for the assassinations of the Guild Ministers at our feet, and the Queen is falling for these lies. Dalnas: Or worse yet, she is knowingly playing along with the deception? High Priestess: The Amancios are covertly supplying the rebelling lords throughout the Guilds with mercenaries and gold to fuel the fires. We must decide whether we are willing to actively show our support for the alliance with the Guilds. Dalnas: In this case, indecision or delay will be the same as supporting the rebels. You are correct - the choice must be made. Dalnas thoughts return to the present. Through our seclusion, we have been insulated from the effects of the past year, but we cannot sit by in feigned ignorance. We must break our isolation and risk our very way of life to help those that cannot protect themselves. Click here for full-rez pictures and below to see the build lit at night.
  23. Rogue Angel

    Book III Challenge IV: A Stop on the Road

    Good to see Challenge entries showing up. A lot of detail in this build, and I always like seeing the Laketown shield being used. Nice work!
  24. Rogue Angel

    [MOC] The Spirit of the Standing Stone

    The deer is a great new fantasy piece, but very hard to use. This is a perfect way to use it! As others have said, great color, great ground/vegetation/tree work and story. In think the yellow flowers work great with the olive green! You've done a great job with this compact build.
  25. Excellent groundwork, good tower technique, good story, I really like the tents/huts and the use of color. My only suggestion would be to add a few tred leaves in a 2nd color to at least one of the pairs of trees to make them look more organic (lavender with purple or green of bright green with dk green). Beautiful!