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  1. Vostroyan

    [MOC] ALIENS Xenomorph Queen

    Cheers! Appreciate it.
  2. Vostroyan

    [MOC] ALIENS Xenomorph Queen

    Thanks very much!
  3. Vostroyan

    [MOC] ALIENS Xenomorph Queen

    Howdy! Like Ripley's Power Loader, this build was based around the desire to use a certain part, specifically the white epaulettes used for the Queen's teeth. Since they have zero clutch, some unorthodox connections were employed inside the head to keep them in place. I'm pleased with how it turned out! Instructions are on Rebrickable if anyone is interested. Thanks for looking!
  4. Vostroyan

    [MOC] ALIENS Power Loader

    Please do. And thank you!
  5. Vostroyan

    [MOC] ALIENS Power Loader

    Howdy! As soon as I stumbled across the flexible stretcher piece in yellow, I knew exactly what I wanted to make with it, and I'm quite pleased with how this turned out. Instructions are on Rebrickable if anyone is interested. I've got pieces for the Alien Queen in the post and currently working on a Sulaco hangar diorama as well. Thanks for looking, stay frosty.
  6. Vostroyan

    [MOC] 74-Z Speeder Bike ... another one

    There's no stud connection but he's held in place by tension. The socket wrenches have a bit of flex to them so the attached hand pieces I'm using as handlebars lock into in the rider's own hands when they're oriented as shown, and the 1x2 slope that forms his seat holds him in place (plus there's also a third contact point that prevents movement). It's surprisingly secure and can be turned upside down. Thanks for the kind words folks.
  7. But it's got a new hat! There's been so many lovely MOCs of this speeder, so my goal was to make it look like the Scout was riding the speeder a bit more, without removing the legs or having that moped look of standing on a platform. The rider is held in place by the tension of the socket wrenches and it can be posed upside down without it falling out. Pleased with that. I've put free instructions up on rebrickable, if anyone is interested. Thanks for stopping by.
  8. Vostroyan

    [MOC] Imperial Troop Transport

    Very slick. Love it
  9. Vostroyan

    "A New Hope" in Lego

    This is amazing work! I love all the forced perspective.
  10. Vostroyan

    [MOC] Luke's X-34 SoroSuub Landspeeder

    Cheers! Appreciated.
  11. Vostroyan

    [MOC] Luke's X-34 SoroSuub Landspeeder

    The grills are still the best I can come up with, I went through every part in studio and bricklink to see if there was anything else and nothing else felt right. I considered the old technic arm pieces (those links that were used on big figures) and I liked the look, but they were too limiting and wouldn't allow for the way I did the smooth surface details. Thanks for you kind feedback! And who says that's actually 3-PO...?
  12. Vostroyan

    [MOC] Luke's X-34 SoroSuub Landspeeder

    Thank you! How many are they up to now? 6? I guess there's just not many small OT vehicles for them to make sets from. Being completely tiled was the goal, if I couldn't do that then yeah there wasn't much point making yet another version.
  13. Vostroyan

    Razor Crest gunship WIP MOC

    This is really good! Your proportions are bang on.
  14. Hello there! I know everyone's just been hanging out for another landspeeder... right? Well here's mine! This is the first MOC I've designed in studio, made instructions, and then built for real. The process of creating instructions really helped refined the internals and greatly improved stability. More pics and instructions here Hope you like it!