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  1. Yeah, should have read back through the pages before instead of after blabbing. Shuttle looks convincing enough that I was fooled. So, eagerly awaiting what may come from spring sets of this style. Let's assume they are more of the regular big hitters. Naboo Starfighter? Snowspeeder (new canopy Lego please). Y wing? I think MOCers might be in for a bit of a treat here, as the 4+ sets, for all their shortcomings, included some VERY nice printed pieces that would otherwise have been stickers in system sets (or nonexistent - printed x wing nose anyone?). Might we get new cockpit molds, new printed parts, to accomodate slightly smaller models? The mind boggles. A Falcon cone cockpit, 6 studs in diameter, narrowing to 5 at the front, by 5 bricks high. Now then I'd be happy.
  2. Love, love, love the TIE, if the leak is real. Less so the shuttle but both look like good, "proper" builds. Scaled down rather than dumbed down. A bit chibi yes but I don't mind that at all. Ah well, I won't be buying them, but I know for sure that a ton of kids will, and will love them. I am magnanomously delighted. Now, TIE Bomber Lego. Just like that. If you please.
  3. Redroe

    Seriously, how did this happen?

    This is true. Themes have thematic successors I guess. The only direct replacement I can think of is Bionicle/Hero Factory but that's probably a special case. SW will end one day. Maybe in 20 years time, when Disney has killed off any hope of new films, the sequel era kids have grown up and aren't as rabidly absorbed in the hobby as adult OT and PT fans are (I could see this being the case, I just don't see the sequels as having longevity) and they have run out of remake steam. I'll be there, at 60, buying the 5th UCS Falcon and frittering away my pension on £20 clones off ebay.
  4. Redroe

    Seriously, how did this happen?

    To pick up on this thread, I don't recall any space themes being current "when I were a lad" bugging my parents for Lego, i.e. 1996 to 2002 ish, except odd city sets that werre realistic ish. Insectoids maybe? I and my friends much preferred Ninja, Adventurers, Pirates. Were there any space themes? They've dipped a toe into other Fantasy tinged themes since LotR died out. (Elves mainly). I am sure other Sci Fi themes are always a possibility especially if, as seems to be the case, they are slowing down on the Star wars line a bit.
  5. The Obi Wan's hut one? Yes its fantastic. Is that repeated in the cantina or is the blue crystal genuinely just a blue crystal, thrown in so AFOLs can make a spice joke?
  6. I have them locked in a safety deposit box surrounded by starving Alsatians. I joke of course. I will open the box and proudly pose my little Clones. They can stage an invasion of my imminent cantina.
  7. Holy smoke. That's pretty bad. Make more Lego! I have one unopened here. I was planning to open it, keep the figs and use the parts elsewhere but gosh. In a couple of years it might pay off my mortgage.
  8. 2 sets of 501st just landed.
  9. Never played it. Gaming has passed from my life with the advent of kids. I like the 2nd? 7th? Sister in rebels though, mainly because I know she's voiced by Buffy.
  10. The whole saga is about the redemption of villainy! Let's hear it for the irredeemable. Palpatine, Dooku, Grievous... as for the rest, even Maul has his moments, and even Hux, worm that he is, isn't dark til the end. 90% sure that white face is painted on. Those ain't no birthmarks. Just crossed my mind that the Nightsisters and Mandalorians have some shared history... Maul, Ventress, Sabine, the Darksaber. Can't wait to see how some of tjis stuff ties together.
  11. If so that would be great. Star wars is missing a glamorous, dangerous female villain, in live action anyway. Ventress is a bit too psychotic to make the grade. Phasma was turned into a big joke and then hurriedly shuffled off in the franchise's worst scene. Zam Wesell is a generic bounty hunter. Qira's villainy is all subtext. A female foe for Mando has great dramatic potential. Nightsister? I wonder. Also hope to get a minifig. Thought I'd add that in case I got hauled in for going off topic.
  12. And the ancient one first appeared as a white woman in the MCU rather than the comics, a different medium. I just can't see them cocking up a casting like that when a portion of fanbase savaged the only Asian actress with a lead role in the saga. The proportion of black characters has gone up a lot faster than the proportion of Asian characters. Which is ok, to be clear. Rebels had the best diversity quota of any SW medium. Ezra's white, Kanan's black, Sabine's Asian. And then of course Hera's green.
  13. Push him down the stairs next time you go for a brew. If he doesn't want the Ponda Baba, wait til he buys it, then push him down the stairs and give the Ponda to me.
  14. Can anyone tell me if the new AT AT has "fixed" the neck so it can move up and down as well as side to side? The restricted head movement bother me. I want to be able to do that trick shot when it takes a snowspeeder out in full flight.
  15. Get it together guys, I'm in Cumbria and it's gorgeous here. Not ordering cantina however. Wallet can't take it.