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  1. Ric Olie! I knew I knew his name. I thought bigger, but I'd be just as happy with the bare essentials. Larger often makes rounded smooth shapes more difficult to do. The crazy thing is how easy it would be. There are a lot of wedge and curve parts in pearl grey now. Amidala ought really to be in her black feathery headress but no one would complain if they rereleased the one from the Gungan Sub. The only new mold would be Padme's hair. I got my hopes all raised by the prominence of the ship on the TSS cover. But twas not to be.
  2. Even the designers told us that battle packs aren't dead. It's a bit of a cynical marketing move to effectively double the price, but pretty clear that these larger sets are battlepacks spiritual replacement. Hopefully the accessory packs, whatever they turn out to be, will keep people's wrath at bay. I'm substantially more excited for those than any more BPs. I just hope they're not full of common figures.
  3. I was most displeased to not see a single sideshow character from RotJ in the TBoBF trailer, thus giving me no indication whatever of what figures, outside Fett and Fennec, would show up in either set, and could be pinched to add to my Jabba shrine. I hope they do a proper hairpiece for Fennec, but not counting on it. Thought it odd that they splashed out on a helmet piece for the Light Cruiser considering she didn't even wear her helmet in that episode. Clearly they knew what was coming. Do we have official names??? Ah, beat me to it.
  4. A few reasons but the main one was colour. I don't actually own any of the modular building series, I was more MOCing my own smaller versions than downscaling, and I realised quickly that my parts inventory didnt have much of the pastel, muted shades that work well for architecture (sand green, nougat, pale yellow for example). The end result for the actual builds wasn't far off your first pic. I also like to have minifig scale doors and windows as well as furniture, which looked a bit comical and exaggerated. But i didnt mind that so much. I think as long as you get a chair and a pot plant in there you can claim its a lounge! But for a shop, say, it becomes more challenging. Just not enough floorspace By the way I love your vintage cars.
  5. Naboo star cruiser. GBP 69.00, 4x figures: Amidala, Padme, Panaka, pilot. R2D2 as a bonus. In pearl grey/flat silver. It's 22 years overdue. I can dream.
  6. Yes! I did something similar recently where I tried (and failed) to scale down the modular buildings. Its so far out of my usual remit (LotR, spaceships) that I didnt get far. Would love to see someone do it justice
  7. All great ideas. I'd sell my car for a MBS Jedi Temple done in Hogwarts style. Where do I get to see the finished articles? I have so little time for MOCing now that posting them on Flickr is almost a spice dream. Still enjoy taking inspiration from other people's. Suggest quote plaque: Qui-Gon: "Uhfff"
  8. Thanks all. Seems like it's well over half the prints have the issue based on that sample. I'd thought about going to customer service but, apart from one wildly egregious misprint a few years ago I'd not used the service before and didn't know how it would go. I'll give it a shot. I could just ignore the problem of course, there are bigger problems in the world after all but I'd be annoyed every time I looked at one on display. The squashed ones can be the ones I leave out to get mauled by my nephews. Ok. In that case I think the criticisms are legit. I'm not a fan of how Lego reproduces small changes to things that even the filmmakers didn't intend, like the difference between "hero" and "background" stormtrooper helmets. I prefer consistency!
  9. Gotta agree there as a "Hoth version" just means using white instead of green ink to print the box. However as it sounds like the ATST is going to be 18+ market, probably not a fair comparison. I deliberately left out the helmets, etc. as (ironically as a OT fan.... not a purist though!) I have no interest in them, I think they appeal to again, a largely different market sector who aren't buying OT sets either. We never would have got a Visions set this early, too much risk. We may well get one in next year's line up. Don't get me wrong here, I don't believe Star Wars ended in 1983. I just think that at the moment TLG's assortment is striking the right note between the consumers and commercial safety.
  10. I'm here looking gloomily at my third bad Mando helmet print and wondering what can be done about it. You know the problem. The visor is too low, giving the fig a long forehead and squashed "face". It's too consistently wrong to just be a misprint. The quality is nice and sharp, it's just in totally the wrong place. Compare it with Fett and it looks even worse. This problem didn't plague the first run of this figure from Trouble on Tatooine. Just the recent run. Has anyone had a perfect Din Djarin helmet from the summer line-up? Interestingly, just realised that the position matches Paz Visla's helmet print perfectly. Now Visla's helmet looks quite different in show, it's squatter and more angular. Can it be that they've done a deliberate new print for Visla and lazily copied it over for Mando? If so why? They've done a new print for Fett and got that pretty well spot on!
  11. Thanks, interesting breakdown. Didn't realise I was breathing life into a horse so recently beaten to death, apologies gents.
  12. Boys love Padme I get that. I think 'most' is a bit of a generalisation but yes I see the demand for new stuff. My point was, I think looking at it in "waves" is misleading. They simply don't have enough sets in a single wave to keep everyone happy all the time especially as it does seem better to have a couple of related sets (X wing, Tie) released alongside each other. But if you look at the "year".... take 2021... Three great OT remakes at affordable price point. Kid friendly ST set. Sought after Clone Wars characters in low to mid price sets. A ton of Mando stuff. Bad batch shuttle, brand new. Killer PT UCS ship. Something for everyone right? So maybe 2022 will keep that balance. Maybe even if winter is OT heavy, we'll get other stuff through the year.
  13. Well, I did say I was in the minority . Interesting, I've not seen the analysis. Link me to it?? If it's more OT than winter 2021, then I'll be surprised (and happy. My wallet needs some relaxation). Only two non OT sets, one Mando, one 4+ ST? I think the PT argument gains traction when you consider what we haven't EVER got from the PT era, which outnumbers OT stuff hugely. Padme needs more love. Incidentally I maybe just don't know what I'm talking about because other than the Fett Palace rumour, and Dark trooper and Hoth BPs, and AT ST, I've not seen much rumoured stuff for 2022.
  14. TLG seem convinced that we are gagging for Luke Skywalker with blue milk on his lip, so who knows. Characters like the Client, though. The guy died in the show over a year ago. Will most of the market really care if we never get a figure for him? Or just us weirdos with our wish lists? Lucky Fennec escaped the same fate (I eat humble pie because I did say about 12 months ago that there was no chance of a Fennec minifig). I would say it's more likely that we'll get current, surviving characters like... Sasha Banks... no I can't remember her in-universe name. The summer wave has covered most of that. I just realised I'm in the 2021 thread rather than the wishlist thread. Some mod is hovering over his delete button. I'll stop now. I find it strange that they've only done the 501st troopers in the new helmet style. As @Kdapt-Preachersaid above, previously when they've revamped the clone prints, they've gone all in with different legions. I was expecting at least an Utapau set to complement the Gunship, especially with a single airborne trooper in Grievous' fighter. Hopefully the BB shuttle sells like hot cakes, and we get more related stuff along the pattern of the Mando releases. It seems to be sitting at £10 - 15 discount already in a few places though, never a great sign.
  15. Marvel are kinda doing that though, with the "ninjago legacy" type Infinity Saga subtheme (would've loved a new Milano). I think it's because the Marvel sets are a lot more versatile. Once you have an Iron Man figure, it doesn't matter a lot what else is in the box along with him because that figure fits almost every context within the Marvel scene (I'm hypothesising, I'm not a massive Marvel fan). Whereas Star Wars, with its different eras, has characters undergoing huge changes of appearance, specific ships in certain surroundings... So every wave has to include some of the big icons, some recognisable ships, some key characters to keep relevant to the market at that time. Some stuff like Rebels, Force unleashed... niche stuff will almost certainly never be revisited unless it is brought back into the public eye by new material. Mando probably sits right on the edge of this category too if we're honest. Will we see another system scale Razor Crest, ever? Doubtful? Good timing that. See above Razor Crest comment. They really missed their window to get that character out into the wilds. Perfect candidate for CMF though.