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  1. Yeah very glad I got my Owen about 6 months ago to go with a Sandcrawler MOC. Brickfanatics reports that the thresholds are 40, 70 and 160 dollars (ouch) being the ATST polybag, Blue Lip Luke, and (a diorama) respectively. So its gonna be big spending time to get Beru. Might have swung me on several sets I was undecided on. Bo Katan's fighter and Fett's Palace? Hopefully some meaningful discounts on some sets other than the bare minimum. 10% seems to be as far as they are willing to go.
  2. Redroe

    [MOC] Midi-scale Republic Gunship

    Nice one. I found your Ghost online recently and intend to build my own based on yours. Always thought the gunship worked well at this scale but never been able to pull it off, too flimsy or too chunky, can't seem to find a middle ground.
  3. Kind of agree, the hut is a great step up on the recent set but still looks a bit too bright in tan. If it has an interior i will still go for it. If not I don't see the value
  4. Redroe

    Your wishlist MOC wave! (AT-TE, B-wing, Yavin, and more!)

    Nice B wing, great downsized X wing. Good idea using the dragon head for a brick built Boga. I have the old head from 2015 but it's not a great part tbh. There is a Slave 1 microfighter! It was a convention exclusive I think? Possibly from before the term microfighter had even been coined? Ironically there was a matching sith Inflitrator, which has since been remade commercially.
  5. In which case Qui Gon suddenly makes all kinds of sense!
  6. Is it safe to assume the rumoured Dagobah set is where this piece debuts? It's weird. Will make the fig look awfully static.
  7. I did say I recognise my 90 quid isn't going to break Disney's bank.
  8. Maybe because the source material got a pretty lukewarm reception, which lets me bring your sidebar back to the topic (you're welcome): I was not impressed at all with TBoBF, so I'm unwilling to drop a lot of money on the sets. I realise my wallet's contribution to TLG's and Lucasfilm's end of year report is a drop in the ocean, but no matter how objectively good the set, if it's based on a naff show... Disney seem to be sticking to safe ground now with their storytelling, and while I don't want another TLJ to break the mold with every new property, I definitely don't want to feed a machine of churning out half baked shows which rely on pressing fan buttons rather than consistent plotting and direction for their success. Lego were extremely cautious with their Mandalorian sets, until they saw that the world loved the show and then they went for it with both hands. The Book of Boba should on paper have been an absolute slam dunk, so makes sense that a top end set be reserved for its promotion... but if that set sells like hot cakes, then disney feed us more of the same. Would I love another rancor set? Yes. But because i love the rancor from RotJ, not because it was showcased in TBoBF... which is exactly the nostalgia well TBoBF relies on for its success.
  9. The Lego Movie 2 has proven minidolls and minifigs coexist. Much better solution than sticking a 1x2 brick between the legs and the torso as the original videogame did. Right down to the slight ridge visible between the joining pieces.
  10. Ahh, I see that now. No interest in Marvel sets so hadn't picked that up but I thought it looked too detailed to not be a specific mold. You're right that it matches the stylised animated look pretty well.
  11. Is Fennec 's hair actually unique in Boba's throne room? Or even designed for her specifically? Or indeed particularly accurate? It looks the same as a couple of other 2022 sets. I think there's a vet or something in the City line.
  12. Would love to, thanks for your interest. I do have an idle flickr account which i'll attempt to add pics to.
  13. Same rule as the Mandalorian Helmet set has been applied, but less successfully. Use of different shades to represent the light catching at different angles, see the designer interviews. However using the dark grey for large flat surfaces like the wings results in too dark a look overall. Funnily enough I thought the same about the Razor crest, I didn't like the colour blocking on that either. My own MOC is entirely dark grey with some pearl grey for highlights. The environments of the show generally make the reflective surfaces appear darker than they are. Which brings me to the pearl grey, I'm a bit resentful of the relatively new drum lacquered pieces as they probably limit the amount of future pearl grey molds we could have got? Also, the pearl colours tend to have a really obvious flow mark or sprue on the molding, cos they are more transparent with additives in, so they look a bit odd, my RC uses 4 curved slopes in a row and they each have the same wobbly V shape mark in them, creating a weird pattern effect. End of lecture. Went on a bit there.
  14. Last off topic post I promise, but a large part of my wariness of it is because I absolutely loved the Force Unleashed, perhaps the biggest loss under Disney's axe, and FO seems to be its spiritual replacement. I loved that Vader and Anakin got secret apprentices in the same year (see. It rhymes) and the story enriched Vader and Palpatine's relationship more than any of Disney's stuff. But where Ahsoka grew wings, Starkiller was lost to time. Ok. Anyway. Back to topic. Agree that new droid mold must mean there is a FO set in the near future. Would have liked a pit droid or two mind. I see a few clearer Palace pics. They confirm my resolution to wait for a significant discount. Fingers crossed it isn't one of those sets that never sees such a discount. Sales seem immensely picky these days. Bad Batch shuttle is on sale constantly but try finding a Bo Katan Fighter for less than asking price, which has gone up in the UK by 20% this year!! Shocking.
  15. Unpopular opinion: I rather like that N1. Peli sports the hair I expected, so not disappointed. BD droid is just OK for a guy who hasn't played Fallen Order. Can never have too many Grogus as they lose easily when there are kids in the house. Mando still hasn't got his mohawk printing (I'll beat that drum til my hands drop off) but has the visor print been tweaked? Hard to tell from renders. As for the ship, yes, poor show on no chrome parts but smorgasboard of curved pieces and useful parts, a few tasty recolours. Scales decently with existing N1's, none of which I own. Oversized then, but most starfighter models are. But the price. Oof, the price. I don't buy it. But *would* I buy it? Hell yes.