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  1. Looks like Pirates made the top 3, based on the unofficial results that have been made available here: https://www.stonewars.net/lego-news/interim-results-of-the-lego-ideas-90th-anniversary-survey/
  2. Yes, based on how they've analysed the results at the link below, it looks like space (and castle) got more votes than bionicle when you accumulate the different sub themes. I guess things might change when people get 1 vote instead of 3. However, looks likely that Classic Space will get the most votes in the final stage based on this. https://www.stonewars.net/lego-news/interim-results-of-the-lego-ideas-90th-anniversary-survey/
  3. Each individual vote is viewable on the official platform (click on big red squares), so the data is accessible but just needs to be accumulated. I assume they automated exporting each vote so that they could do that.
  4. I'm not sure if all of the features you've asked for are very easy to implement - and I think you forgot to say what the point of someone trying to do this would be. Why don't we just comment on the official results? The results of the first round have been made available at the link below, if you're interested. We should comment on them in the other thread. https://www.stonewars.net/lego-news/interim-results-of-the-lego-ideas-90th-anniversary-survey/
  5. No, sorry. I tried to make these statements ridiculous enough that they wouldn't be taken seriously. They were meant to be poking fun at e.g.: People pointing to Nexo Knights when others express a desire for new Castle People pointing to some Ninjago sets when others express a desire for new Pirates People pointing to Star Wars when others express a desire for new Space etc.
  6. Of course not, don't be silly. However, the render of the forestmen's stag has been destroyed - so it's completely impossible for lego to ever print this again. Also, they picked to give the archer a "green" torso design so what more do you want? In any case, a forestmen figure is included in set 60271 so a forestmen set is currently on sale already. Why don't you just buy that? Plus we really recently got a CMF forestmen figure in 2010 so how many more do you need? I also don't know whether lego could accommodate a set with a print of a stag alongside existing set 10275 either, which itself includes a stag. Sorry, I couldn't resist.
  7. Yes I noticed it appeared this way too. However, there's a second round to this and I think bionocle is probably quite polarising - so there may be a lot of "non-bionicle" votes that all get effectively transferred to an alternative to bionicle, once the options are reduced. In any case, every vote for a theme will probably help indicate a demand for that theme. This could potentially lead to some positive outcome for that theme in the future, even if it doesn't win the vote.
  8. Ah okay. Sounds like you know more about this than me. I agree the torso isn't characteristically medieval. I just didn't find it jarring either.
  9. What doesn't look medieval about the archer's torso? Maybe I am missing something but a lace up collar shirt and sleeveless buttoned waistcoat seem okay to me. I also like the dual molded legs over printed ones for that figure. Of course, if you wanted something so characteristic of female medieval clothing that it could only be that then that's a bit different and I can see why you're dissapointed. I understand that it's a bit frustrating that this looked like a good opportunity for new civilian medieval figure parts. However, If using pieces already in production for the archer meant they had the budget to do the new black falcon figures then I can see why they did that. Regarding the amount of figures, i think the official set has twice as many as the ideas submission - so it seems very reasonable to me. I too love the MMV but I'm not sure comparisons with MMV are that fair when they were trying to recreate the idea submisson as a marketable set, not recreate the MMV. If they wanted to include even more figures then they presumably would have had to drop the piece count and deviated further from the original idea (and some people have criticised how far they deviated as it is!). In terms of value compared with MMV, you seem to have not recognised this set has more overall parts (an increase of over 25% more, as it happens!). However, I agree that the MMV probably offered overall better value (it was a great set!). There's a few little things I still don't like but having now seen the more detailed pictures/videos I think it's a very nice set. I think the inside is very well done and they've actually managed to achieve quite a lot with the ground outside the building without using much space.
  10. I struggle to imagine a set for pirates that would better meet this brief than the already released barracuda bay - but would love a corresponding imperial set of the same quality (preferably based on the imperial trading post).
  11. Like some others have suggested, I feel a better way to have done this would be to vote for a broad theme category in the first vote (Space, Castle, Pirates, Action/Adventure, Town etc.) and then vote for a narrower sub-theme in the second round. I'm not sure when it says the second vote is not "transparent" that means they're giving themselves license to disregard the vote, as some have suggested. Else am I just being naive? I thought that just meant they're not going to reveal the winner, until they reveal the set - but they're still committing themselves to respecting the vote?
  12. I think the expectation comes from what was included in the fan model submission. I think you're leaning a bit too far the other way in suggesting it wouldn't make sense. The fan model had a goat, some chickens and a hare/rabbit. The blacksmith has to eat and seems a reasonable small amount of livestock/wildlife for an individual rural household in a medieval setting. I think the animals and the green bases in the fan model helped give the model that rural feeling. I suppose the soldiers turning up in a cart helps with that a bit in the final model. I don't disagree with you that the inclusion of animals was more important for the Village raid set though - and the animals were a reasonable thing to cut in this to help bring the price down (assuming that was the reason). I still like the set. The building itself looks very nice to me, the horse looks good and I also like the inclusion of black falcons.
  13. I like this set. That said, I don't like the shoulder armour and I agree the rumoured price sounds a bit high. Think I would have to hope to see one built in store and know the confirmed price before deciding whether to buy it.
  14. Weil

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    Ah, okay. That's all good then. I just personally would have been more interested if it were otherwise.
  15. Weil

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    Yes, but perhaps worth pointing out it is a sticker before people get too excited.