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  1. Mr. President

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    Not the point I was trying to make at all. I probably should have been more explicit about it, so I'll do so now: Make whatever you want, like whatever you want - but don't be obnoxious about it. As someone else posted, the A in AFOL is supposed to stand for "adult".
  2. Mr. President

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    The issue isn't "an opinion other than any given Lego set [is] the best thing ever made", it's the people who use their anonymous forum accounts to grade every set that comes out as though they're judges at the Olympics, and expect Lego to release either 10,000-piece MOCs or big grey walls as retail sets. Ironically, many of those same posts come from people who wouldn't dream of posting any kind of negative comments on the 10,000 piece MOC posts on Eurobricks.
  3. Mr. President

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    I like the final version of the set. Honestly, I find all the excessively complex MOCs that get posted as ideas to be very off-putting. A lot of submissions don't look like actual Lego sets, but the kind of models that AFOLs post on forums to get praise from each other; and they lack the features that Lego sets are supposed to have. The platform is at risk of becoming just another place for AFOLs to show off their building skills and congratulate each other. Anyway, I definitely intend to get the set.
  4. Mr. President

    Future Castle Sets?

    Well, as you've no doubt heard elsewhere on this forum, the fantasy part "ruins it" for some people. I guess those ones haven't been happy with any Castle theme since 1995.
  5. Why is it such an issue that the centaur is female?
  6. Mr. President

    Lego Mythica

    That's close enough to coming out of nowhere.
  7. Mr. President

    Ninjago villains and future

    Vikings. But you probably knew I was going to say that.
  8. Mr. President

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    I slightly disagree that pirates and knights aren't as popular as a blanket statement; other toy lines do have pirate and knight themed toys, after all. For what it's worth, my local Lego store even still sells foam swords and shields and surcoat replicas with the 2013 Castle heraldry, in both boy's and girl's styles. (Those are also dated this year, presumably not leftovers from 2013.)
  9. Mr. President

    Future Castle Sets?

    Definitely. There's a lot of potential for packs of this type for Castle themes: not just weapons, but tools, magic items for wizards and alchemists, &c. I'd love superhero-themed packs, too - personally, I keep a close count of my Batarangs and dynamite bundles, but they're easy to misplace and we often need more!
  10. Mr. President

    Black Falcon's Fortress Updated

    This is delightful! It's elegant and highly evocative of that era of Lego. This is the kind of project that has more of a chance of getting through Ideas, too.
  11. Mr. President

    Latest impact of other themes on historic themes

    I'm not sure about that. The line is sometimes surprisingly hard to draw. In Tower of the Elephant, one of Conan's first published adventures, he meets an alien from outer space. The Vancian spellcasting system that powers Dungeons and Dragons and its spinoffs originated in Tales of the Dying Earth, which is usually classed as science fiction. That's even before we get into the conceptual and structural similarities between pulp era science fiction and fantasy - Princess of Mars, also usually considered sci-fi, has more in common with the stories of Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser than it does with Star Trek or Star Wars.
  12. Mr. President

    Latest impact of other themes on historic themes

    That dragon is very tempting! I have the one from Red Creatures (31032) and I've been very happy with him; maybe they go together? Dragon Pit (70655) was the other set from Ninjago's next wave that caught my eye. It seems like it wouldn't require a huge amount of modification to turn into a fort for goblins or barbarians.
  13. Mr. President

    Black Falcon's Fortress Re-Imagined

    That's a beautiful castle and very detailed. I like it a lot, but I think it's too elaborate for Lego Ideas. I really wish one of these submissions would maybe go a little less ornate - we're more likely to get a castle-themed Ideas set if it seems more attainable. Nonetheless, congratulations on getting 1000 supporters - I hope it continues to go well regardless!
  14. I think this next observation goes here better than anywhere else: If you look at the box for the new Classic creative builder box (10703, the one with "extra doors and windows"), one of the designs showcased on it is the front wall of a castle. It's a minor thing, but it does suggest that Lego hasn't forgotten about the classic castle style, even if they're not emphasizing it in the current lines.
  15. Mr. President

    Collectible Historic/Fantasy Minifigure Series

    She really is! And that dress works just as well for an enchantress-type character as for a warrior-type. I would also love a centaur minifigure, but I wonder how that would work with the blind bags - as in, with the horse body and legs, would it be way too easy to feel which one was him/her? There're always a couple of figures that sell out way faster than the others even as it is . . .