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  1. rinji

    Ballabreek 2019

    I very much enjoy the updates about what's happening in Ballabreek. Eagerly waiting for next update!
  2. rinji

    [MOC] Corner fountain

    I like the idea and how you did it very much. Do you also have pictures of how it fits in as a street corner, with another building behind the kiosk?
  3. This is a really nice looking gas station. I especially like the pizza side, but I kind of miss one set of seating places in the middle of the window!
  4. rinji

    MOC: Visit the Riviera

    Absolutely amazing! I think you have managed to catch the atmosphere perfectly. I want to visit this town!
  5. rinji

    The biggest Prize Pool in AFOL fansite history?

    I want in on this contest!