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  1. Corydoras

    Unreleased/Cancelled LEGO Sets

    I don't know - and don't care - how high you got, but just for your information, I managed to find the photo I was talking about:
  2. Corydoras

    Unreleased/Cancelled LEGO Sets

    Terribly sorry to bump the thread, but I'm looking for a photo of a prototype set that I've seen years ago and just can't seem to find anywhere anymore. It was incredibly blurry and showed a sorta fairy-taleish castle in a forest, populated by strange minifigures with grotesquely oversized heads that made them resemble chibi characters (as far as I remember, they seemed to have these kind of parts instead of standard minifigure heads). Anyone knows where to find this one?
  3. Corydoras

    Future Castle Sets?

    They could have used a brick with an axle hole instead of a brick with a pin hole + halfpin.
  4. Hilarious! Great job. Yellow works surprisingly well as a background, not any less well than tan.
  5. Corydoras

    Future Castle Sets?

    Then you'd have stairs on the outer side of the wall, lol.
  6. The main reason I disliked the theme is the fact that I'm allergic to furry/anthro stuff. I just can't help it the very concept of ripped animal people strikes me as bizarre and repulsive. Even as a kid I used to be somewhat disturbed by shows like "Biker Mice from Mars", and now I routinely block furry artists on deviantart with the help of a handy browser extension. Besides, Chima was meant to replace my then-favorite Ninjago as the new "big bang theme", and probably contributed to the 2013 "final battle" wave of Ninago being kind of lackluster. Or so I think at least.
  7. Corydoras

    [REVIEW] 41687 - Magical Funfair Stalls

    Camilla herself doesn't seem to come in 41689, only her legs.
  8. Corydoras

    Future Castle Sets?

    From the very moment I first saw the Creator castle, I thought the part of the build right above the smithy, the living quarters of sorts, reminded me of something, but I wasn't quite sure what. Now I know, and can't unsee it: it's a gypsy wagon! Add some wheels and a horse, and it could roll on a happy journey. Well, it already has one huge wheel, so it only needs three more...
  9. Corydoras

    [MOC] The Robots

    I love them! They are all so cool I can't decide which one is my favorite! Is that Robby the Robot one the bottom photo?
  10. Issue solved! Turns out I must have disabled the snapping function by accident.
  11. Since yesterday I've been experiencing an issue with that basically renders the application unusable for me. No parts seem to be able to connect with each other except basic bricks&plates in studs up orientation, and even then I have to manually push one brick/plate onto the other with much precision as they refuse to snap on their own. Sometimes the upper brick/plate will lock in a sort of "hovering" position over the studs on the lower one, creating a weird gap between the two parts. Is this a general issue that's going to be fixed by the devs or is it just me? I tried reinstalling the application, but it didn't work.
  12. Corydoras

    Insectoids: the Next Generation

    Ah, Insectoids! A much underrated theme, which I fondly remember from my childhood. Nice job on the remake of its flagship set. The only part I'm not too sold on is the front arms/pincers design, I liked them more how they originally were.
  13. Corydoras

    Vintage LEGO 6018 Battle Dragon !Review!

    I think you've made a mistake here. Otherwise, a good review of an interesting set.
  14. I like the color scheme, but dislike the texture of the sails, which I think would look better without any tiles at the front. Also, I think the gaff sail is the wrong shape - looks like it was cut in half.
  15. Corydoras

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    I've been looking forward to this set, but now that I've seen it, I think it's no big deal. I'm convinced I could build my own version with the bricks I already own. The biggest disappointment for me are the minifigures - sure, the falcon knights are kind of cool, but the civilians look like they were scrambled together from leftovers. The green buttoned vest pirate torso seems especially out of place to me, like it was put there as a placeholder and someone totally forgot to replace it.