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  1. Corydoras

    Imperial Dock

    Check the first post. If I had them, I'd have posted them here. I built it a decade ago, and it didn't last longer than a few months. As I have stated already, my LEGO collection had only just begun to expand back then, and I needed the bricks for other projects. Lately I'm trying to reconstruct the thing digitally based on the photo, making some upgrades here and there.
  2. Corydoras

    [MOC] Sabre Island

    Very nice remake of a classic set. It appears a little bit dark, but I guess it's just the lightning in the photos. The use of Ninjago snake piece as a wisp of smoke from the chimney is quite ingenious.
  3. Corydoras

    Imperial Dock

    Here's a full-size photo of the old pirate-themed MOC I've first teased in the topic dedicated to Master0889's Soldier Imperial Golden Fort. If I'm not mistaken, it was one of my first larger MOCs after the Dark Age, from circa 2009. My LEGO collection had only just begun to grow back then, and I wasn't quite familiar with Bricklink yet, as evident by some odd choices of pieces here and there, minor color inconsistencies and missing Reddish Brown cheese slopes. However, despite the MOC's shortcomings, I'm still rather fond of if and consider remaking it in the future. Sadly, this is pretty much the only clear photo I have of it. I took a couple more, but they are so dark and grainy it'd be a waste of time to show them. As far as I remember, the interiors were quite sparse. The bigger of the two buildings was supposed to be a sort of tavern, and the other one a blacksmith workshop. The tavern had a function where you could drop barrels and make them roll down a ramp by pulling on the Reddish Brown Plate covered with black tiles sticking out from under one of the windows, activating a trapdoor.
  4. Corydoras

    [LEGO IDEAS] Soldier Imperial Golden Fort by Master0889

    My own, from circa 2009. I still like it enough to consider remaking it. In case someone needs a clarification: the criticism on my part was never meant to be a personal attack, I've simply voiced my honest opinion on the MOC, which in my eyes suffers from an unnecessarily garish color scheme and overabundance of details. I feel it could be improved. At the same time, I respect other people's positive opinions on Master0889's creation as it is. Everyone has the right to like or not like something, and it's always good to have some diversity.
  5. Corydoras

    [LEGO IDEAS] Soldier Imperial Golden Fort by Master0889

    I'm a pirate man at heart, and I appreciate the original soldier/imperial striking white/yellow/red color scheme, but I like it to be somewhat coherent, not all over the place.
  6. Corydoras

    [LEGO IDEAS] Soldier Imperial Golden Fort by Master0889

    My topics do not reflect what I usually build at all, as I rarely even shoot my MOCs and haven't done it for years. And to answer your questions, I have trouble noticing what works well here because of how cluttered the build feels. Well, I feel the 2015 line was hardly the highest point in the LEGO Pirates history, but that's just my personal opinion.
  7. Corydoras

    [LEGO IDEAS] Soldier Imperial Golden Fort by Master0889

    Eh... I don't like this at all. It looks more like a long wall than a fort to me, has garish and incoherent color scheme, and the viking-like boat, obviously inspired by set 7016, seems out of place in a pirate MOC. The whole thing oddly reminds me of all those Chinese knockoff pirate sets rather than classic LEGO.
  8. Corydoras

    [MOC] Coralia

    She's cute! Really nice use of the dark red octopus piece. One thing I feel could improve the model is some sort of mouth. I know it'd be hard to pull off at such a small scale, but certainly not impossible.
  9. While browsing an online shop I came across two sets that I haven't seen before, and which are apparently based on the "Star Wars Resistance" animated series - a red TIE Interceptor and another weird-looking TIE variant. Were these officially released already or is it some kind of leak?
  10. Hmm. The official images of the two Kashyyyk sets instead of Kashyyyk camo battle droids show 2x AAT drivers. Their painting is quite different.
  11. Corydoras

    [MOC] U-Wing Midi Scale!

    Amazing, looks like the real thing! I really enjoy the midi scale and your rendition of the ship in it is perfect.
  12. Corydoras

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    They did? Never noticed it, and I've seen "A New Hope" many, many times.
  13. Corydoras

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    What are the silver lines on the Tie Striker pilot minifigure supposed to represent? Are they some kind of markings that only Tie Striker pilots have? Or are they supposed to be gloss, just like all the gray lines on white helmets are shadows? Is the minifigure more or less the same as regular Tie pilots? I need one, but I don't want the "frowny" Rebels version that came with Tie Advanced Prototype.
  14. Corydoras

    75119 Jyn Erso mods?

    What I didn't like about 75119 Jyn Erso constraction figure was the fact that the character does not actually appear dressed like that in any scene in the movie. The only location where she wore the hat with the goggles was on Eadu, but she wore it complete with a cape/poncho (dunno how to call that piece of clothing) like in the U-Wing set (75155), an ammo belt and a breathing mask of sorts. She should look like this: The question is: since the head can't really be swapped to one without headgear, has anyone attempted to make the figure more accurate by adding the missing outer garment and accessories? I suppose the cloth doesn't have to be original LEGO, just something custom made.
  15. Is is just me or are some of the prints of lackluster quality? It's especially noticeable on some of the characters who bare their teeth grinning. The white print looks incomplete.