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  1. Corydoras


    Whoa, that's a lot of bamboo leaves. I think I spotted a skunk among them, which shouldn't be there, as it's a North American animal. The pumpkins also come from America and feel out of place in medieval Europe. Otherwise, a splendid, most impressive creation.
  2. Sorry for the offtopic, but are there any fan remakes of 6080 out there that are more faithful to the original than this set? I mean, keeping the overall shape and features. I've seen numerous remakes of 6074, for example, but 6080 seems to be getting little attention.
  3. Corydoras

    Shields into Surfboards

    Now that's hilarious, and creative, too. Great job!
  4. Corydoras

    [MOC] - A Large Goat

    Ha ha ha! I love it! The only thing that bugs me a little is the color of the horns, which doesn't match that of the molded goats.
  5. Corydoras

    Brickbuilt horses

    Heh, 383 was my starting point, as I stated in the first post.
  6. Corydoras

    Brickbuilt horses

    Sorry for bumping the thread, but I came up with this: The design of the horse is inspired by the one from set 6193. It may look cartoonish, but I took a liking to this kind of chibi-cutesy aesthetic. LEGO is just a toy after all, and not meant to be taken completely seriously, right?
  7. Corydoras

    Brickbuilt horses

    Never heard of that one, thanks!
  8. Corydoras

    Brickbuilt horses

    I'm looking for a neat brickbuilt minifig scale horse idea for my castle layout. It has to be sturdy, not overly sophisticated, but not too primitive either, and ideally come with a brickbuilt barding. An updated design from set 383 would be perfect for me, and I have already tried tinkering with it, but I have a hard time redesigning the head. Any tips or blueprints? For all you goat lovers (God, this sounds wrong!) out there, let me share with you some brickbuilt goats of my own idea:
  9. Corydoras

    40567 Forest Hideout (GWP)

    I believe it's this hairpiece:
  10. Corydoras

    Unreleased/Cancelled LEGO Sets

    I don't know - and don't care - how high you got, but just for your information, I managed to find the photo I was talking about:
  11. Corydoras

    Unreleased/Cancelled LEGO Sets

    Terribly sorry to bump the thread, but I'm looking for a photo of a prototype set that I've seen years ago and just can't seem to find anywhere anymore. It was incredibly blurry and showed a sorta fairy-taleish castle in a forest, populated by strange minifigures with grotesquely oversized heads that made them resemble chibi characters (as far as I remember, they seemed to have these kind of parts instead of standard minifigure heads). Anyone knows where to find this one?
  12. Corydoras

    Future Castle Sets?

    They could have used a brick with an axle hole instead of a brick with a pin hole + halfpin.
  13. Hilarious! Great job. Yellow works surprisingly well as a background, not any less well than tan.
  14. Corydoras

    Future Castle Sets?

    Then you'd have stairs on the outer side of the wall, lol.
  15. The main reason I disliked the theme is the fact that I'm allergic to furry/anthro stuff. I just can't help it the very concept of ripped animal people strikes me as bizarre and repulsive. Even as a kid I used to be somewhat disturbed by shows like "Biker Mice from Mars", and now I routinely block furry artists on deviantart with the help of a handy browser extension. Besides, Chima was meant to replace my then-favorite Ninjago as the new "big bang theme", and probably contributed to the 2013 "final battle" wave of Ninago being kind of lackluster. Or so I think at least.