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  1. Well, for someone like me with no CAD experience, LDD presents an extremely user-friendly platform that's immediately accessible regardless of your experience level. It's easy and fun from the start. Since LDD is no longer receiving updates, I thought I'd try my hand at LDraw. After a half hour of fumbling through it, I've managed to figure out how to select parts, rotate them, and change their colors. I still have no idea how to get them to connect to each other. In the same amount of time with LDD, I could have built a small model, or at least a sub-assembly of a larger one. Therein lies the strength and allure of the official program- no need to read through long tutorials to figure out how to do the most basic functions of a LEGO-based program. If they could merge the basic snap and click interface of LDD and combine those with the more complex tools of LCAD, it'd be a much more rewarding experience. As it is, there's a quite a learning curve for the uninitiated.
  2. Galaxy Commander > Galaxy Explorer?

    While both sets have a lot going for them (I just recently acquired a copy of the Commander, and I've had the Explorer for about ten years), I think the Explorer edges out the Commander for many because 1) it was first, 2) it was a visually provocative design (and still is, IMHO), 3) the wedge shapes were evocative of the Star Destroyer from Star Wars, which came out only two years prior, and 4) with its delta wing shape, it resembles space craft concepts going back to the 50's, which ultimately culminated in the Space Transport System orbiter (Space Shuttle), and said delta formation continues to inform future concepts. In a word, it looks the more plausible of the two designs, and, at least subconsciously, that appeals. Personally, it will always be among my all-time favorite LEGO designs. As I said, I recently acquired the Commander, and it's a lovely set. The modularity is a strong point to the set's appeal, although I find it visually striking, as well. But the Galaxy Explorer still wins in the looks department for me, mostly because of the delta shaping, I think.
  3. [MOC] Star Defender 350

    Great update to an excellent old set. I also enjoyed the narrative; helps really bring the model to life, along with the nice photo work. Thanks for sharing. Like many here on the forums, models like this make me wish LEGO would undertake a reboot of some the more popular and iconic sets from the Classic Space era.
  4. Lovely design and execution. A two-mode transformation is challenging enough, so adding that third mode on is commendable. Definitely one of the coolest builds I've seen this year.
  5. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I don't take issue with keeping some sets under wraps, esp if they are spoilerish to an upcoming film. I'm usually pretty satisfied with what is revealed, and it's nice to have a surprise revelation from time to time throughout the year. Maybe it's because I'm getting older, but I don't really feel the need to see everything immediately.
  6. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    It's a fair bet. NYTF is the largest venue of this sort on this side of the Atlantic, and generally allow for the most public release of pics/videos of upcoming products. It would be highly irregular for LEGO to withdraw after all these years. Moreover, these toy fairs, esp Nuremburg and NY, generate a lot of hype and anticipation, so it works to their favor to allow public disclosures. Personally, I always look forward to NYTF for all the pics and vids of new sets, as well as other toys that interest me.
  7. LEGO Sci-Fi 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    I'll also throw in a thumbs-up for Ultra-Agents. There was some great imagination, humor, as well as some really cool models, in that theme. Thoroughly enjoyed UA while it lasted. I'll clarify that I don't necessarily have an issue with built-in conflict, per se, as Aanchir pointed out, it provides a foundation for a story. However, I don't think it needs to be the dominant theme in every box. The City sets often feature just a vehicle without any inherent conflict or situational element to drive the imagination. It lets the builder provide the play setting. To my tastes, a well-rounded space theme would have elements of exploration, surveying and sampling, base/world building, and of course, conflict. There are plenty of other avenues to explore, but in the interest of brevity, I'm generalizing. Galaxy Squad was a neat theme; I liked it, and models like the Galactic Titan stand out in my mind. I get that the bugs weren't to everyone's fancy; I thought they were ok, the Mantis set notwithstanding( i.e. terrible). This is one of those cases where I think the theme would have benefited by keeping the human and alien models separate. None of the bug machines seemed as well developed as the human ones. When I see models like the Umbaran Tank from Clone Wars, that's akin to what I'd think an Insectile bunch of aliens would be taking into battle. That's what I was hoping for when the theme was first announced. Alas, not what we got. GS really had an overtly military feel to it, IMO; while some folks out there may have forged peaceful agreements with their alien bug counterparts, that's not really the message I got from the imagery or the models themselves. That's ok for an isolated theme; however, I hope future space lines aren't that blatant. I'd love to see more sets like Pete Reid's Exo-Suit from Ideas make their way to shelves. It's nice to have a balance within the theme.
  8. LEGO Sci-Fi 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    I agree as well. While I really enjoy Star Wars, and continue to be excited with new releases, especially in light of Rebels and the upcoming movies, SW has it's own look and feel which are very different from LEGO's various space themes. I have to think that their previous space themes didn't do as well as they'd hoped, or they may have been continued, or expanded. Galaxy Squad gave me an expansionist vibe, with the colored factions, but either it didn't do well enough to continue, or it was purposely limited from the start. I think one of the major obstacles facing the designers is that there is an expectation for conflict, rather than exploration, and that becomes the mandated sole focus in all these Space sets. If that's indeed the case, it's an artificial limit I hope they move beyond at some point. I think, too, an animated show, like Ninjago, would help a homegrown space theme reach an audience, esp if written at or above the Ninjago level. They could do some incredible world building within this theme. Like many other LEGO Space fans, the revelation of Benny's Spaceship ignited serious hope in me that a CS revival was nigh, even if it was only for a wave or two. Alas, we got one cool ship- better than nothing, but a bit of a letdown nonetheless. I hope we get more CS in the next LEGO Movie. In the meantime, I await Toyfair season and hope LEGO will surprise us with another new space theme. I find it interesting that TLG consider Space an 'evergreen' theme, but only produce their own space sets at several-year intervals. I imagine they feel that SW bridges that desire, but this fan would be happy to have both new LEGO Space and SW on the shelves every year.
  9. How successful was Galaxy Squad?

    I liked the theme, and bought all the sets. Like a majority of smaller original themes, I felt some sets were well done and others were weak, but the overall line struck a nice sci-fi chord with me. As Firefox mentioned above, there's a certain Starship Troopers feel to the line that I enjoyed, at least among the better alien insect-styled sets. I'm still enthralled by the simple yet lovely little mech in the Vermin Vaporizer set. I was also glad that the aliens in this theme were made with minifig bodies, rather than the simple one or two piece aliens from Mars Mission. I also liked the split vehicle mode idea for the second wave- it makes for some nice playability; the Galactic Titan was especially well done in this respect. As an old guy who remembers the advent of Classic Space, as well as the minifigure, back in '79, I still have warm feelings towards all the old space themes of yore, and part of me wishes for a CS revival, as well as more exploration- less combat based space sets, but I'm a pragmatist, and I realize that ship has long sailed. Even Benny's Spaceship came armed with spring-loaded projectiles and a little ship upon which to fire them. Alas, combat is a forgone conclusion in any upcoming theme; I'm resigned. That said, while I do very much enjoy Star Wars and the plethora of SW related sets, I try to relish whatever enjoyment I can when LEGO releases their infrequent Space themes, as they're generally quite limited, and, IMHO, always have at least a couple decent sets in the mix. To my knowledge, LEGO still considers Space to be an evergreen theme, although the scarcity of releases leaves a void that SW can't fill. When Galaxy Squad first came about, there seemed to be a positive reception, and I think many of us hoped that it would herald the return of a recurring Space theme- I hoped. Sadly, it wasn't to be, and so now I just wait for the next limited Space line to come and hope that it'll be cool. If nothing else, with the next LEGO Movie, we'll likely get another Classic Space inspired set via Benny- fingers crossed.
  10. What are you reading?

    I'm reading the Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs. It's the third book in his Peculiar Children series. For those unaware, Mr. Riggs is a collector of vintage photographs, esp those who cast their subjects in an unusual manner. He builds the narrative around these photos, which he features throughout the books. The story and characters themselves are engaging, and the whole makes for an interesting bit of reading.
  11. [MOC] LL-X² Swordfish eXperimental eXplorer

    Strikingly cool build! Love the landing gear, the shaping and detail work, and the functional cargo bay. I wish LEGO would go back to making Space sets with this kind of modern spin.
  12. [MOC] Evangelion Unit-01

    I've not seen the third or fourth parts of the Evangelion rebuild, so I had to Google Unit 08. Fortunately, the Friends sets should provide enough pink parts to make it. As for Provisional Unit 05, it's definitely a unique design. I still prefer the bipedal Evas, but 05 has a cool insectile aesthetic that's visually arresting. Best of luck in your endeavors; I look forward to your progress!
  13. [MOC] Evangelion Unit-01

    "Mustn't run away!" Great job! Instantly recognizable. Unit 1 is my favorite of the three main Evas, and you've done a remarkable job of capturing the lanky look, esp the running pose. Any plans to make Units 0 or 2? Makes me want to watch Evangelion again. It's one of my wife's and my favorite animes.
  14. 2016 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I'd also like to see them revisit harbor. I got 7994 in 2007, and absolutely love that set. I really wish they'd used that hull for more sets. I intended to get 4645 on discount in 2011 (I felt it was a little too pricey at MSRP), but I never did manage to get it. I have yet to get the deep sea set with the new large open stern hull, but I intend to pick it up at some point. But, yeah, I'd love a new harbor set, perhaps with a warehouse for stacking crates or such.
  15. [MOC] WIP LDD Macross SDF-1

    Apologies for not knowing you were on MW. Chances are, I've seen it over there, probably even commented, but don't remember. I try to follow all the LEGO threads over there, but after awhile, I get them jumbled. Anyway, transformation or no, your model is a thing of beauty. As for the Carrier arms, it's understandable that folks have requested them, since they were attached to the Macross throughout most of the original series once they folded into space, and featured prominently in the aforementioned Daedelus Attack episode. Attack mode would be pretty cool if you can pull it off. Now all you need is a pin-point barrier, and a few mini VF-1s patrolling. Pre-Pineapple Salad, though- it wouldn't be right without Roy leading Hikaru, Jenius, and Kakizaki into the fray.