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  1. Many people think that. But with new parts, it's sturdy enough. (when you dig, the bucket is not ripped off.) This assembly was made 2015. Maybe today, it's possible to make better.
  2. Hi Eurobricks ! Building instructions of my pneumatic quick coupler (See on my Volvo excavator) are available on Rebrickable. https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-20641/TeClem8/pneumatic-quick-coupler/#comments Hope you like my design :)
  3. I do not think. This motor has a small torque. So only reserved for secondary functions.
  4. Uhm yes, but not enough to engage the internal clutch.
  5. Micro motor is really a great idea ! I received mine buy on ebay today ! Housing and 8t are printed with my own 3D printer. He works fine !
  6. Hi Dafgek, As you can see in my video the crane colliding with the load bed is not a major problem. It's just an illegal build. The solution is to delete the 5x11 panel and replace it with liftarm. To allow a modular assembly, we have on instruction added a pin with bush. But he collides with the steering. Replace it be a classic pin. And he misses a 3L liftarm below the crane
  7. Hi, I reply to personal messages with a maximum of 24 hours delays . The link that i have send to you work correctly. No problem for me. Normally, you just have to click on it. If, this probleme persists, in last resort I can send to you the PDF directly. TeClem8
  8. Hi ! Really nice MOC ! I have build my version with the LDD files. More or less 5 hours. Thanks you. Mechanic are really simple and efficient. I thinks i will build a motorised support.
  9. Really not much news parts. The errors are minimal. He must miss 10 major parts. No more. About the crane collides: In my modele, i have no problems. Look my video. But, yes, it is an illegal build. I don't know why it happens to me and not you. I will fix that in the instructions upgrades.
  10. Hi my friends, I am truly sorry for this silence. I reply to any your emails, but i have not many time to browse on EuroBricks. I had some problem with my webhost, This is now fixed. Simply change the links that I sent to you. For exemple, Previously: www.bricktechnic.fr/TeClem8/Webshop/index.php/ Now: www.teclem8.bricktechnic.fr/index.html This is the same thing for all my links. Replace : www.bricktechnic.fr/TeClem8/Webshop/ by www.teclem8.bricktechnic.fr/ Thank you for all your feedback. I receive a lot of pictures or indications on the instructions errors. I must check everything, because sometimes you're wrong. It takes a lot of time. (that I do not have) I will do my best to release an updated version of instruction. Thanks, Clément
  11. Hi my friends ! Happy New Year 2016 ! A little video to celebrate! And yes, building instructions are done ! Click here ! Hope you like it Special thanks to Legolijntje, Theo van Vroenhoven & Blakbird.
  12. Hey Guys ! My bugket are printed ! Part in ABS ivory Support in PVA (dissolves in water) Process time : 13h 40 cost : more 100 € The little details are good ! And a littel test : I'm very happy of this first 3D print ! @+ !
  13. Hi Oracid ! I'm happy to see you here ! Yes, if black color is available, i make them in black. But otherwise I make them in white and I paint them carefully in black.