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  1. Mission completed. I've managed to purchase a MISB Auto Engines 8858 set and I am very happy with it.
  2. I agree with those who said the Market was the worst set of all. My favourite WV sets are Cottage, Toy shop and Bakery. The Post office is not bad, I think the main building is good with light brick and melting snow effects and the vehicle is not bad either. This year I almost purchased the Post office but considered its price to high.
  3. I've bought 42070 MISB two weeks ago from a private source for 175 EUR. I think that is the price this set should be sold in the stores.
  4. Holy grail is 8858 Auto Engines set. As Balkbird mentioned this set is very rare and expensive and one who has it in mint boxed condition should consider him/herself very lucky. Dream set would be European style garbage truck, cement mixer, asphalting machine, well-driller truck... Regret not buying 41999 at MSRP and buying 8285 at MSRP.
  5. My most wanted (and nowhere to find) set is a boxed 858/8858 Auto Engines.
  6. ^ Exactly. I always find it strange when someone on this forum roughly criticizes TLG designers not putting this or that function into the model. I'm sure they could easily stand the function competition with the best MOCers in the world but they have to deal with special boundaries and with higher quality requirements. When there is a function left out from a model sure there is good reason for doing so (even instruction comes fom Porsche HQ). On the other hand TLG could improve it's communication when there is a fault with the model that is evident to everyone else.
  7. It is time for an RC super backhoe with compressor&pneumatic, remote controllable valves, flashing lights...
  8. 8480 Space Shuttle, 8868 Air Tech Claw Rig, 8880 Supercar, 8860 Auto Chassis, 8094 Control Centre, 8854 Power Crane, 8043 Excavator I rebuilt these sets several times. Maybe I am a bit old and love studded Technic too much. 8043 is king of studless Technic no doubt.
  9. I spent last day reading news and comments regarding the new Porsche and agree with those who say that this is for us, AFOLs. We requested a special Technic model from TLG and here it is. What is more, it seems to be a first piece of an advanced model series, UCS Technic. So first of all, thank you TLG. I really appreciate that they put at least 2 years of engineering in this set. 42056 Porsche is must buy for me. Not just because it has great functionality and nice design but because it is worth the price IMO. It is good for collectors because it will at least hold its value and is a piece of Technic art. And it is good for MOCers because it will inspire great future MOCs in orange colour. Altough I like the chosen colour of the Porsche, purple was my first choice. I can live with that. Paddle shifting is awesome. Working steering wheel, suspension and fake engine is a must in this league. And agree with those who say that there is no need for RC or PF, just manual functions. One thing I really miss function-wise is working brakes so I will try to modify it that way after a while. But first I'm going to build and enjoy it in June with my girlfriend. And will not care about ppp and stickers at all.
  10. [MOC] Modular Garage with PF and Pneumatics

    Amazing! Very clever use of pneumatic parts (especially the manometer and air tank). I like when these are combined with other themes than Technic. Congratulations!
  11. I was thinking about small battery box or rechargable too. For lights and for (future) small motor. That would make sense IMO.
  12. No RC but probably PF because of lights. It was highlighted on the preliminary box if I remember correctly.
  13. Thank you for the link. 911 minutes would be much better.
  14. Technicopedia

    For example in the top-left corner of Cranes pic huge part of 9391 covered by 42043. Big sets overlap each other partly in category pics (Cranes, Loaders, BigRigs). I know it is nearly impossible to put everything in one pic without having partial overlapping (tried myself a couple of times) but for me it is joy to see all the details when comparing sets in one pic.