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  1. Interceptor

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    I contacted LEGO customer service about replacing the pieces with typos and they said that the correct pieces are on their way to my address, so there is hope.
  2. Interceptor

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    Sorry to hear that as it was the only lego set I was really looking forward to in 2023. But this also means they have plenty of time to make it a proper 6-7 studs wide train. 😉
  3. Same here. I really hope the John Deere set is big and utilizes the Claas tires. I think it is doable with this piece count if it uses a lot of pneumatic solutions.
  4. Yes, I remember the 1990s. But kidding aside, Technic has had good times and bad times, and right now we're going through a bad time - unless you're a car guy. But there is always hope that it will change sometime.
  5. To be honest, 42157 - Skidder John Deere 948L-II is the only set, which interest me from the 2023 Technic lineup. Of course, TLG did not produced the longer pneumatic cylinders in gray colour only for the 42144 Material Handler, they have to incorporate it in a larger set soon, e.g. in the 2023 John Deere, which in real life has dark gray hydraulic cylinders. I hope this set is packed with a lot of motorized and manual functions, utilizes the Claas tires and has motorized compressor & pneumatic system out of the box. And finally this skidder is an interesting machine, that TLG has never done before in Technic.
  6. Ye, this shows how old I am. At least they put the elevator function in this new airplane and it is nice from TLG. Happy New Year!
  7. In my opinion 8855 has a better one, where the control stick in the cockpit pushes and pulls tie rods via ball joints.
  8. Glorious days for sure! Actually I like so much the 8421 with it's synchronized 3 stage telescopic boom - winch mechanism (which 42009 lacks unfortunately), that I've never ever disassembled it, but I play with it quite often.
  9. You brought back great memories with this montage @DrJB. In my opinion, these (along with the 8421 mobile crane) are the best sets from the early studless era, and remind me of when I rediscovered the awesomeness of LEGO Technic after a long dark age.
  10. Finally the legendary Orient Express, congratulations to the designer. I hope TLG will cheris this set as they did with Medieval Blacksmith, make it smaller to fit the standard LEGO train layout and maybe do two smaller passenger wagons (coupe and dining) instead of just one. Motorizing and lighting option would also be very welcome. In my opinion this also means TLG is not working on the successor of the Crocodile Locomotive, unless this is it.
  11. This is a fun poll. My Castle story began with 6080 King's Castle, which was originally a Christmas present for my elder brother from my parents back in 1986, but I played with it the most, it was sitting on my shelf for ages as a benchmark of 80's Castle sets. I love it to this day and managed to purchase it in like new condition with box and instructions some years ago. It would have been an easy thing to mark it as the greatest Castle set prior to 10305, but I I did not give in to the nostalgic temptation. I have collected all the great Castle sets from the 80s and 90s recently, including 6085, 6074, 6081, 6086, 6090, and I have to say that 6086 is the jewel of my entire Castle collection. It incorporates every good feature (e.g. drawbridge, portcullis, corner walls, Tudor wall pieces) from the former Castle sets, puts it on a super rised baseplate, has some nice additions (e.g. well in the yard, tavern) and it has the best minifigure selection of all, including a fluorescent ghost and the great white knight. For me 6086 was the last truly great castle set before 10305. Of the newer castles, I think the 7946 was a good set (I really dislike the fantasy era sets) but it had some shortcomings (e.g. the number of minifigures and horse, extensive use of ugly catapults, stickers) and therefore I did not choose it as the last truly great castle set before 10305. On the other hand, based on the available reviews and photos, in my opinion 10305 can easily become the greatest LEGO castle of all time.
  12. The only good thing about this set is Jim's review, which is perfect as always, thank you for your work.
  13. To be honest, I like it overall, and I think it is a worthy successor of the legendary and rare 8275 bulldozer, which launched PF era back in those days. I still remember that Christmas Eve in 2007, right after my dark ages, when I felt like a happy child againg driving my new bulldozer around the Christmas-tree. By that time, I already had the 856 bulldozer, which was released earlier, but still a remarkable set. But back to 41131. Based on the available information, in my opinion it was the right choice to stay with 4 motors - one hub solution and using a gearbox to operate secondary functions. Mechanically it has more realistic and authentic motorized functions than the 8275 had. It has even some fancy functions like the motorized ladder and the manually operated adjustable track. My only serious complain about this set is regarding the rear fake actuators - it should have had real actuators there with manual operation to tilt the ripper. Of course some real lights would have been nice but this would require more ports on a redesigned hub, so leaving this out is acceptable by me. And sure it would be better with physical remote controller but this is a generic problem of C+ sets and unfortunately won't change in the near future according to Markus Kossman, which is a pity. Is it too expensive? Absolutely, as were all the LEGO Technic (and Train) flagship sets in my childhood. I will patienly wait for the 300 EUR price tag, like I did with 42100 Liebherr. Is it still a desirable and "making you smile" type present for (adult) children? For me, defenitely.
  14. The specification (hard coupled driving motors and remotely lockable differential, which is something new in LEGO Technic) and climbing capabilities make this model interesting to me. Even though I liked better the preliminary configuration (6x6), it is back on my wanted list.
  15. Totally agree with these words. Based on the available information it seems better than the very good 8462 and partly good 8285 tow trucks. Can't wait for the reviews. Day 1 purchase for sure.