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  1. A european side loader, on the scale of 42043, and another farming vehicle to join the claas. H
  2. Very nice. Good panel work. H
  3. Worked for me. Voted 3. I dont like the new look to the forum though. I prefer the previous.. H
  4. What a disappointment! 42070 could have been a farming vehicle to compliment the claas veron that was, and is, so popular. The PF controls are wasted on it, they would be better on the 42069. H
  5. [MOC] Design Practice

    Nice model. I'm not convinved about the steering wheel. what set is it from? H
  6. Nice review again, Jim. Its a decent set for someone coming back into technic or a beginner set. If i did not already have enough red panels I would buy it. H
  7. Nice modifications it performs well. I like the lights. H
  8. Got my 42069 today. Been building on and off when not cooking etc. Its an interesting build that I will continue tomorrow. H
  9. RE the above post. I dont think they ((lego) need to colour code the parts in such a way. I think we can follow instructions pretty good. H
  10. [MOC] VW Polo R WRC

    Works for me! Great job. Do I recognise those parts from the ocean explorer, 42064? Those blue panels at the front work well. H
  11. I would say the best set is the flagship (42069). H
  12. John Lewis showing 42069 and 42070, but 42070 showing out of stock. I'm going to try get 42069 this week. H
  13. Looks like John Lewis has 42068 in stock already. https://www.johnlewis.com/lego-technic-42068-airport-rescue-vehicle/p3282281
  14. Great review. Wheels, for me, wont work unless you remake the axles with independent suspension. Maybe some old school wheels (from 8868) would do the job. As for colours, I can see the orange wheel arches and panels from the 42056 working well. I love the spare tracks and cog wheel. 42070 is missing a spare wheel to name but a few. H