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  1. Horace T

    [TC14] Gyroscope

    Look forward to seeing this one in action. H
  2. Great review, Jim. Lego did a great job on this one. As you said the rear end is epic and the colours work very well, I like the suspension set up and notice they are using the ball cup beam from 42021 instead of the usual ball cup part as used in the porsche and rally car. The gear shift is very clever and everyone seems to be ok with it so far. H
  3. The BMW bike looks really good. I did not know lego did blue and green springs. H
  4. Interesting video by Volvo and Lego. I like the set, though its not as smooth as it could be. Watching the video I thought why is this set not a mind storms project. That way it could be programmed to go around and do whatever. H
  5. Horace T

    10-wide MOC family cars

    What nice vehicles. I would say these are model team builds. Fill those gaps in, you can open the doors through the gap where the doors wind screen would be. My favourite is the van. H
  6. Very nice. We all have to start somewhere. At least you've completed a moc to present (which is more than I can say for yourself). I've not completed anything for a while. I would change the panel with the "Volvo" name and put it at the end of the boom. Keep it up. H
  7. Horace T

    Honda CR-Z

    I like it. Is that red tape I see on the bonnet and roof? H
  8. I also have other interests besides lego ( I sometimes think i have too much interests) which take up a lot of my time, I also work fulltime so lego does not get enough time. I have the past few weeks built half a car chassis, a 3rd of a truck chassis and some tank tracks with suspension. I also have the chassis of 42069 sat on my table. I try and put something together for a few minutes at the end of the day i think this prevents a dark age creeping in. H
  9. Interesting video. For years I never had the parts to build other sets that came along, now it seems I have so that's what i'm doing. Colours will differ but I hope to pull it off. I want to adapt and improve and add more functions. The B model to 42039 is very appealing. My biggest problem now is finding time! H
  10. To me this is a beginner/starter set for technic, the score of average is correct (compared to the sets we've seen in the past few years) but with mitigating circumstances. I would buy it for the parts and those fans are just brilliant. My main issue is i'm not a fan of water based vehicles as i don't live near a lake or river and i dont have a bath tub (we have shower). A boat set or hovercraft set I would want it to float for real. H
  11. I was thinking of buying this set for the wheels but I have so much red already. its a decent starter set but It would be interesting to make the set more functional. H
  12. Look forward to it. I know what its like when you start something and really want to finish it but life gets in the way. Keep at it. H
  13. Horace T

    A-Team GMC '87 Vandura

    The iconic A-Team van very well executed! Great work. Would love to see a KITT from knight rider. H
  14. Horace T

    [WIP] Le Mans Racers

    Black and red could be a batmobile/ H