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  1. Are there any studded bricks in the build ? I've not watched the video as yet. H
  2. Keep us informed on the progress. H
  3. I would suggest you put the driver and passenger seats in. Then maybe work on your front grille and lights. I see there's quite a gap from behind the engine towards the steering wheel so you have room to cover up those gears if you wish. I think the seating will help you work out the height the roof would need to be and take it from there. Good luck H
  4. Horace T

    [WIP] Duplo Technic Train

    That's something different and original. You could extend the engine and add a battery box and make several coaches too. A great idea! Hope it runs well H
  5. Thanks, dr_spock. I never knew those parts existed.
  6. Great work. Lego, electronics and software are an awesome combination. I knew it would not include lego battery pack. Too much weight. And are those third party rotors ? Great combination of skills that will come in handy when the Americans invade. H
  7. Horace T

    LEGO Speed Champions 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Hi, I'm usually in the technic forum but the new Audi Quattro caught my eye. Just built it and I love it. I did build 8 wide models a logn time ago, I would use two of the 4 wide wheel axles taking a tire off each and putting a plate over it. What a difference these new sets are. My only issue is the figure is off set from the steering wheel and the roof comes off to easily. It should have an opening roof, a hinge 4 x 4 plate would do it. What I used back in the day. H
  8. I'm not a fan of these smaller technic sets. They rarely have any technic functions. The steering wheel should have the ability to steer, it should have a technic piston engine in the front and the rear should have a functioning boot or something to appeal to younger lego people. H
  9. I like the look of the car, but it could have done with some brighter colours. Lego missed an opportunity to introduce a new buggy motor here. It's way too slow! it should be drifting around corners (surface permitting). H
  10. Good job! I prefer to sixties TV series batmobile or the tumbler but you've done well on this one. H
  11. I like it but now make it bigger! A larger scale would appeal more to me. The price is too high and it should have working front and rear lights, maybe some reflective stickers for night racing. However I am tempted to try and build my own version (when I can get the time). H
  12. Horace T

    My "Axle Hole" Pieces Are Cracking

    If you hold the part tightly, where you are putting the axle through, you can prevent the cracking on some. I have managed to do it a few times. The problem is remembering to do it. H
  13. Horace T

    Scania Next Generation S730

    I thought this was a digital model at first. I would love to build it. I'm not much for stickers but what a great job you have done. H
  14. Horace T

    Instructions: Paper vs. Digital

    Paper for me anytime. Back in the day before digital I would stay up late into the night going over the paper instructions. Now (thirty years later) after the PC is shut down at night I can stay up late going through paper instructions again. H
  15. I had almost forgotten about this set. *Note to Lego: Paper bags please instead of plastic* H