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  1. Horace T

    10.000 Subsribers special - Mashup

    Love it! Like something from a Mad Max film, the colours work well. The multi function attachment is very good. H
  2. You beat me to it (Lol). Great work. Will there be instructions ? H
  3. All sizes and I buy what I can afford or what will give me parts I need. It was always the larger sets that caught my eye but now I take a close look at all sizes. I think though with Technic you can go too small. H
  4. I've always liked to make things and lego, both technic and system bricks, allows me to do it. In the past I never had enough lego to do what I wanted but now I have enough (I think) I don't have much time (hence very little mocs from me). I am also working on other non lego projects on my PC so now lego is like a therapy for me. H
  5. Horace T

    10-wide MOC family cars

    I'm no expert engineer but you need to consider the weight of the vehicle when deciding on motors. The M motor is too small, from what im seeing you need a step up. A larger motor will cover you if and when you add more to it. H
  6. Horace T

    10-wide MOC family cars

    Love these models. Now what you could do is make the black and white saloon a Police car, the brown van could be made into an ambulance or some sort of common delivery van that people might see (maybe DHL, UPS or Amazon). The yellow estate car is screaming at me to be one of those american ambulance's of back in the day. Of course you maybe need more parts but you have a nice range to "build on" Lol. Your larger model is great but you will more than likely need the L motor or the XL Motor and mount the receiver so the top just pokes out (like a bump on the head) and the AA battery pack. I'm sure you will do it. H
  7. Very clever modifications. What you have done with the engine and added gear box is very clever indeed. I think this set was made to be modified. H
  8. Good review. I mentioned in my reply for the crane about the colour mess of the chassis. This is much better. I posted earlier about this set that it should include some mindstorms so it could be "autonomous" and carry out a few tasks. H
  9. Good review, Jim. If I was looking to add to my collection I would buy this set and I love the alternative B model (great work). But I don't like the multi coloured chassis as shown from the underneath image. If they want to colour code they could have made the gear box in blue, the diffs could be housed in red and so on. The underneath image looks really bad and makes no sense to use so many different colours. H
  10. Your modifications so far are great. Good job putting the engine in the front, the gears and the steering are much needed improvements. I would change the front end too. It needs an air intake (grille) at the front to cool your engine. I'm not a fan of the overall colour of the car but I understand if you cant change it. Maybe change the seat colour to a light or dark grey. H
  11. Very nice! I like the inside with a proper steering wheel, seat and leg room. The pneumatic jacks are a great addition. H
  12. Horace T

    [MOD] 41999

    Very nice crawler and very effective. Are those third party wheels? H
  13. Horace T

    [TC14] Gyroscope

    Look forward to seeing this one in action. H
  14. Great review, Jim. Lego did a great job on this one. As you said the rear end is epic and the colours work very well, I like the suspension set up and notice they are using the ball cup beam from 42021 instead of the usual ball cup part as used in the porsche and rally car. The gear shift is very clever and everyone seems to be ok with it so far. H