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  1. Look forward to it. I know what its like when you start something and really want to finish it but life gets in the way. Keep at it. H
  2. A-Team GMC '87 Vandura

    The iconic A-Team van very well executed! Great work. Would love to see a KITT from knight rider. H
  3. [WIP] Le Mans Racers

    Black and red could be a batmobile/ H
  4. If you do need extra money for now then ensure you get a good price for it. Then work to improve things and you can always buy new lego, but the decision is yours. H
  5. [MOC] Truck 6x6

    "Hi, I've built a stupid simple truck." No. You've built a great truck! H
  6. Excellent work. I did wonder how it would steer with the tracks, i'm pleased it works very well. Good photo's and video. H
  7. I'm guessing you like cranes then. That's quite a build, would love to see a video of how you put it together. Impressive scale. H
  8. Ok. it's not 100percent lego but it's interesting. H
  9. 9: 10 3: 6 10: 4 12: 3 17: 2 2: 1 Good luck all! H
  10. [MOC] Ford Focus RS 500

    It even looks good from underneath! I watched the video and am a bit speechless. H
  11. Very nice work. I like your buidling technique, using modular building is something I need to do better. H
  12. Great idea and well executed with limited parts. A GBC competition with limited parts would be interesting. H
  13. Impressive. Look forward to more. H
  14. Dominator TRS

    is it based off a real vehicle or is it your own creation? I love the front and the engine you've thrown everything at it. H
  15. Very nice. Just looked through the images on flikr, you've captured the real thing. H