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  1. You nailed that one! Great tracked moc and good video. H
  2. Custum water tanks for LEGO

    Very clever invention. Now if you could make the water to spray. H
  3. That really is something else! That's the type of moc I will build in retirement. Work just gets in the way of fun. Love the first video, I will watch the others too. Epic build. H
  4. 42078 - Mack Anthem

    I mentioned this after the images were posted, for me this is the kind of set I would like to build as a moc (certainly the trailer) but I absolutely love this set. The B model could be another set on its own. The lego team really worked hard on this one. The container could be longer but we can always have fun adding to it. Look forward to seeing the real thing. H
  5. Wow! The Mack truck is two great models in one! The A and B models look so good its ridiculous what a good job they have done to create them within one amount of parts. Problem for me is, both are the sort of model I would want to build myself from my own brain so I will pass. The rally car on the other hand is the one I might get because the hovercraft looks interesting. H
  6. Now thats a challenge. Body work will be the biggest hurdle, something i'm practising at the moment. I like what you've done so far. It all looks very compact, I will watch with interest. H
  7. I love the mid size trucks. There have been some nice ones recently. Your crane arm is very good looking and it's all manual. H
  8. Very good model, the front wheel guards are very good but I don't like the steering. I think it should be more traditional steering. Reminds me of a formula E car. H
  9. I'm sure I have two. I will check tonight but I know I certainly have one. I can confirm I have one pullback motor. H
  10. Mini-Truck

    I'm surprised how fast it goes. A great little truck. H
  11. A worthy winner. Great model, well done to all. H
  12. It think it should be a longer, but man you packed everything into that build. I love those opening doors and opening the rear reveals the workings. Great work. H
  13. Tragster!

    I think the pull back motors are underated. Good job. Have we had a pull back motor contest as yet? H