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  1. Lakop

    [MOC] 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429

    Very nice in the white. Good video. H
  2. That's taking lego to the next level when you need a ladder to help put it together! H
  3. Lakop

    First Technic MOC after years...

    I have a couple of those motors myself. Nice to see the studded beams in action. H
  4. Lakop

    [WIP] 1968 Dodge Charger

    That's coming together nicely. The last few images show the large scale of that moc. You are doing a great job. Look forward to more. H
  5. Lakop

    [WIP] Straddle Carrier

    Well done for getting to this stage. I think the mechanism needs gearing down. It all moves a bit too quickly and I would double those wheels up (if you have more). Make your structure a little bit taller so it can lift the containers comfortably and with a bit more freedom. its a very good idea and you have done well so far. H
  6. Lakop

    New Century Corner III

    Excellent. Does it open at the back ? I can remember when lego buildings would open at the back. Nowadays you guys open them up by taking off the roof and each floor. H
  7. That's a great bike! Great use of your skills. I'm sure a toy bike with a leaning rider was around many moons ago (70's or 80's). H
  8. I just got some of those frames and have ordered new gearing parts I hope to make this when I get them. H
  9. I'm a bit late to this one. I love this set and its a shame it wont be in full production but Lego has always been about family fun. The osprey is used by the American military and maybe others but a rescue vehicle I thought would have been ok. It obviously has mass appeal to lego fans. H
  10. Good review. Nice to see the wider tyre for the rear and the transmission is very nice. H
  11. Lakop

    [TC18] VW Rally Car

    I like your car. A great entry. Instructions would be nice or more detailed chassis images. H
  12. Lakop

    [TC18] Ganassi GT Le Mans

    That car looks very nice. Your progress has been interesting. If you can change those two grey system bricks on the roof and maybe give it some headlights you are in with a winning chance (even without headlights). H
  13. Lakop

    Help with my Sky chairs

    Hi, I like what you are trying to do. The real sky chairs (or sky lifts) have a system that moves it along the rope, it has it's own clamping system. there is a video on youtube called the LPA grip that explains the system. Your chair is fixed to the rope whereas the real system moves along the rope. Fixing it to the rope comes with obvious issues. I wish you luck in your project. H
  14. Lakop

    42111 - Fast & Furious car

    With everything going on recently I had missed this topic. I think if they had made this set a creator set like the Mustang and Bond Car it would have more appeal. The body work just does not do it for me. The front tyres are too wide, the steering wheel is too big and the panels don't suit it. A creator expert set would have worked much better and they could have put the price up too. H
  15. A small car competition works for me. How about a poseable figure for a future competion ? Done to a certain scale of course and using only certain parts. So parts from current posable figures and bionicle would be banned. H