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  1. Great B model. I love the crane.
  2. Lakop

    BMW M3 (E30)

    Very nice work.
  3. Lakop

    Alternative builds of 8064

    No. I never had the parts. I suppose I could try it now. I do have those motors but not used them in a while. H
  4. Lakop

    [MOC] Volvo FH

    Lovely moc! The wheel arch on the cab is very nice. H
  5. Nice moc. I agree the cab should be a stud or two wider on either side. Good idea overall. H
  6. I missed the leaked images can anyone direct me ? H
  7. Excellent and fun! There is something going on under the cone (where the ball sits on) to help release it, looks like it pushes the ball up again ready for the next set of arms. I don't have all the parts to make the full set but will try and make a couple. H
  8. I would like to see and take part in such a contest. I can't promise I would take part but hopefully there is enough support from others. Maybe we could be directed to other GBC's for inspiration. H
  9. Good job on the steering. H
  10. I see you're developing a hub centre steering. I was looking into it myself. I like what you have done so far. H
  11. The Lego UK shop says its coming on the 26th December 2020 (Boxing Day). Depending on lockdown I hope to get my hands on one over the christmas holidays. H
  12. I hope to get my hands on this. Though they should release these sets in time for christmas. Thanks for the images etc, H