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  1. Enson shook his head. "I have no further desires or requests of you." he said. Slowly he rose to his feet and turned to face Bertram and Jippo. "Go in peace," he said with a bow, "I hope only for your continued safety." Then straightening up he said, "If you will all excuse me, I have a letter to deliver." And with that he turned on his heels and walked away.
  2. As the hired thugs ushered the group out, Enson paused for a moment, addressing their leader. "Thank you for doing us this courtesy," he said with a bow, "I assure you, if our positions are ever reversed I will offer you the same." Then, without further ado, he turned and followed his companions. @Peppermint_M "On that note," Enson said, speaking for the first time since leaving the vault, "I have some things for you." As he spoke he kelt down and laid out the Void Star Hammer, Crude Machete, Exo Suit, Plasma Pistol, Felthorn, and the Ceremonial Sword before his companions. "I know it's not much, but hopefully the proceeds from the sale of these items should help you two recoup some of your losses." He paused for a moment, as if hesitant to continue. "Aysu," he finally said, "I know... I know you wanted the Flowing Font, and I said you could have it, and I have no real right to ask this of you, but... may I have it?" He held up a hand. "I won't be upset if you say no but... it's a piece of my history and for the first time in years I... I remember how much that matters to me." As he finished his gaze lowered to meet the floor, his expression unreadable.
  3. "I am not- eurgh... not unconscious. Excuse me." Enson slowly stood up, stowing his sword and holding his hands out to show he meant no harm. "Listen, I have no interest in fighting any of you. I have sworn an Oath to the Dead that the Archivist would pay for what they have done, but I have no intention of doing more killing than necessary." Carefully reaching into a pocket, he withdrew 62 credits and tossed them onto the table. "That is all the money I have. If it is not sufficient, I am also willing to help you break into the artifact vault so you can take whatever you want. After all," he spread his hands "I doubt your employer will come back to pay you now." Persuasion?
  4. Aysu will move to E6 and attack the elf.
  5. OoC: @Waterbrick Down, I think you've made a mistake. Warding Bond works off the number of attacks taken, not a round-by-round duration. Aysu's attack would still have removed a use of it, but if the Archivist had been attacked twice last round she wouldn't have had any remaining uses. Enson will move to G4 and attack the Archivist. As such, once I've taken this action, the Archivist would have no armor remaining if- Aysu will move to D5 and attack the Archivist.
  6. I'm not sure why my character portrait is in C2. Oh well. Enson will move to E3 and kick the tea set into the Stratitarian Thug's face. (Attempting to blind) Unless the others disagree, their characters will do the following: Aysu will move to C5 and attack the Archivist. Jonk will move to B5 and rally Aysu.
  7. Aysu will move to B5 and attack the Archivist. Jonk will move to B4 and rally Aysu.
  8. Enson will move to D3 and attack the Archivist.
  9. I think there's been a misunderstanding. When I said that Enson was to the right of the archivist I meant that he was standing immediately adjacent to them (E2 on the map), not sitting at the table. I should also like to play that even though I'm fine with the persuasion check being replaced by deception I don't think the performance check should have been rolled into that. The purpose of that check was to make the other checks easier as stated, not to deceive the Archivist directly (essentially what I did with Bertram and tried earlier with the guards).
  10. Enson stood over the Archivist, his body language tense and with a blank expression. 'I have to look like I'm considering her offer.' he thought, 'that I'm about to break down and accept. That should fit her worldview.' He let out a shuddering sigh, his shoulders slumping as he relaxed and let the tension slough off him. He looked down for a moment, breaking eye contact. After a moment he looked up and said "Yes, I understand." Enson will attempt the following: Performance check to distract the Archivist, the intent being to make the following checks easier. Persuasion check to convince her he has accepted her offer, the intent being to make her drop her guard. Sleight of Hand check to surreptitiously draw his Falchion under the table. Attack the Archivist.
  11. OOC: I really don't want to commit to a response without some indication of how binding it is. Will agreeing with the deal actually oblige us to go along with it? Will it end the mission or will it continue? I'm genuinely at something of a loss here because I don't know what it is we're supposed to do at this juncture. You've told us that the Archivist is obsessive and vulnerable when distracted, but we've received no clue as to what to distract her with. And I still don't understand why you wanted someone on this mission with explosives proficiency. I thought it would be for breaking Jippo out of his prison, but we've accomplished that already and now I have no idea what the point of that is. I also have no idea what all these mission items we've been picking up are for. I know they're important because we can interact with them, but I have no clue what we're supposed to do with them. In all honesty, apart from the 'curing Jippo's disease' and 'rescue Bertram from the chair of death' segments I've had no clear indication as to what our goals are or how we can accomplish them. And frankly both of those felt more like irritating distractions than anything else.
  12. Enson broke eye contact with the Archivist. In spite of his need to maintain the intensity of manner before the Cladrasith, he found he could not face this sincere offer of sympathy with equanimity. "Th- thank you, Jonk." he said. He reached for the teapot and carefully poured himself a cup, noting with some surprise that his hands were shaking. He'd been intentionally playing up his own anger, and was somewhat surprised that the strength of his emotion had not been as feigned as he believed. Some of the old fire still burns, then. he thought as he raised the cup to his lips. Enson jerked back in shock. While he'd been aware that most of the aristocrats that had gone over to the invaders had been second sons and distant cousins, that idea that they'd had no legitimate claim at all was a genuine surprise. He'd come to believe that aristocracy was a sham, but he'd always thought that its adherents at least believed in it themselves. Steadying himself, he swallowed his mouthful of tea and spoke. "Such a thing, employed judiciously, would be certain to have great effect." He set down his cup. "At the moment the empire is too strong, but at a moment of weakness it could shatter their authority forever." And not just on Vin'Quo, he thought, the idea of such cynical double-dealing with the strictures of the caste system, even so long ago, would significantly reduce the Throne's moral authority throughout the Empire. "What you have offered me," he said slowly, "is one of the greatest weapons one could ask for against the Empire. Such a thing is almost beyond price."
  13. "I have led one," Enson said, sidling closer, "in part at least. Tell me, have you ever lived under a foreign ruler? Have you lived from birth with an alien language in place of your own, with the values of an invader's culture replacing yours? Have you seen your tradition cast into the fire and destroyed?" Enson was now immediately to the right of the Archivist, his inscrutable orange eyes locked on her in an unblinking gaze. "My planet has been lucky enough to retain some of itself, but that only makes the awareness of our losses more acute. We are ruled by traitors and the descendants of traitors, and every day we are forced confront our own slavery. Tell me, can you promise freedom for my people? Can you offer that price for my compliance? And if not, what can you contribute?"
  14. "The sapling sounds... beautiful, but I could not accept responsibility for such a thing. I have no interest in religious apocrypha, and the gate seems of limited usefulness." He leaned forward, taking another step towards the archivist. "Let me get down to brass tacks, as they say. What are the limits of the resources you have at your disposal? Could you, for instance, fund a planetary rebellion?"
  15. Enson looked pensive. "I... cannot say. My younger self might have said 'everything, all of them', but that part of me is dead. All my pleasures are simple and my goals immediate." He locked eyes with his interlocutor. "Save perhaps one, but that can wait." "Tell me," he continued, moving down the right side of the table before stopping halfway down its length, "what do you think would interest me? What knowledge do you have to offer? Please, pique my interest."