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  1. "No, no thank you." Enson shifted slightly further upright. "There isn't anything physically wrong with me I think, just... bad memories and stress. I need to rest for a while." He laughed slightly. "Did you see what I just did? I just pointed two loaded guns at myself! That was insane!" He began to laugh again, the sound starting to take a slightly hysterical edge. All of a sudden he stopped, grasped his hands together, and closed his eyes with a look of intense concentration. "No," he said, "no histrionics, no time for it." Enson is at full Spirit, but he'll meditate anyway.
  2. Enson stopped, turning around slowly to face the man. "On the contrary, one can always afford law and order. It is its absence that comes at too high a cost. I have seen what happens when people believe that rules of conduct do not apply to them, when compromise is rejected out of hand, it just causes needless suffering - war, even. You all really should consider being more flexible, I find that when you're willing to give an inch, the other side is too. It takes more strength of will to do that than to kill a man." As he spoke, Enson seemed to deflate slightly, his face bore a tired, distressed expression that made him look twice his age, his upright posture bent slightly, and as he resumed walking away he wasn't moving with his usual brisk energy. As he reached the sled he practically collapsed into it, lying against the pile of equipment in the back with a pained expression on his features.
  3. "Go to hell. If you had no legal authority to stop those two then all you are is a thug with a gun, regardless of whether you were right or not. You're more of a rat than they are, and a bigoted twat to boot." Enson turned away in disgust. "Come on," he said, "we have nothing more to do here." "Ronin, they don't care about having a positive relationship with anyone. And I doubt they could help anyway."
  4. "And I will assume that you have the legal authority to pull a stop-and-search on random passers-by, correct?" "Is that what this is about? Dominance? Do you feel dominated by this nice giant metal lingam?" He pinched the bridge of his nose. "I swear, everywhere I go people just refuse the think with their brains. Fine, you want to assert your dominance? Go ahead then, shoot me. Show how much you love your freedom by taking away mine, bravely defend yourself from someone who is trying to help. Show the world what a big strong man you are by behaving like a petulant child who found daddy's gun." Enson glowered. "Alternatively, you can swallow your pride and show your neighbor that his ball isn't in your backyard. Personally I think that sounds much less emasculating then killing someone because their expensive phallus-device broke."
  5. OoC: Err, @Waterbrick Down, are you going to respond to my post?
  6. "That may be, but that doesn't indicate that this pair were the ones to remove it. Unless you have reasons for suspicion that go beyond the circumstantial then threats of vigilante violence are unwarranted. In fact I would say that they should be a last resort. Tell me, what is this doodad you're fighting over anyways? what does it do?" Enson smiled at the armed rodent. "I am not an ape," he said, "or a monkey, or a simian or even a mammal technically. I am a member of the phylum Hexapodia, and I'd be obliged if you keep that in mind. As for your gun, I will release it either when you start being reasonable or when you kill me, so if you really have no qualms about this then I suggest you go ahead and shoot me. If you would rather not risk injury, death, and criminal charges - that goes for you too by the way" he pointed one of his free hands at the elf, "- then I suggest you all be a bit less racist and hormonal and behave like sane people instead. Firstly, if you do not have this gewgaw of theirs, then why not just show them?" OoC: Just so you're all aware, just because me and Decker both failed our perception checks doesn't mean the rest of you can't attempt them.
  7. Enson would like to grab their guns by the barrels and keep them pointed at himself. "Now now gentlemen, do you really want to be killing each other over a missing part? That seems... wildly excessive. It's not like it is a matter of life and death. Though you seem determined to make it one for some reason." Addressing the... Human? Elf? - the man in the parka, he said "I am giving you the benefit of the doubt here, but I am assuming you did actually look for the dongle and did not immediately accuse a random passerby of theft?" Just in case, Enson will briefly scan the Cricet to try and determine if they have the thingy.
  8. "Oh for..." Enson vaulted out of the sled, his face an unreadable mask. "Ronin, with me. The rest of you search around for whatever bobble they're squabbling over, it probably got blown off by the wind and landed in a snowdrift or something equally banal." Keeping a weather eye out in case they were about to be bushwhacked by a bunch of polar bears or something equally absurd, Enson strode over to the bickering clowns and deliberately inserted himself between the two with drawn weapons. "Hello," he said with an uncomfortably polite inflection, "what seems to be the trouble?"
  9. "The Guffa Flats, according to the map. Why do you ask?"
  10. "Perhaps." said Enson, turning the flare over in his hands. He was contemplating what course he would recommend to the party. He knew that allowing the group to dwell overmuch on failure would cause a degradation of morale, and he hoped that by giving them something to do he'd be able to forestall any such malaise. Normally he'd accomplish this by throwing the group directly into the preparations for the next fight, but this situation was different. For once, failure would not mean increased precautions, summoned reinforcements, or additional defenses. Indeed, aside from an increased wariness, it was unlikely there would be any additional complications. For once in he life he was presented with n unprecedented opportunity, the chance to refight a failed battle. That could not be allowed to go to waste. "I think," he said, turning to his companions, "that we should return to the lake. If what SigrĂșn says is true then we are obliged to make a second attempt at some point, and the longer we leave it the more depleted our supplies will become and the less chance of success we will have. The reason we were defeated before was not because our enemy was invincible, but because we had no plan, and were not aware of our full capabilities. I believe that, if we take the time to form a plan of attack beforehand, victory shall be ours."
  11. Enson had been up well before the others, spending most of that time engaged in basic calisthenic exercises. For the last few minutes however he had been simply been standing at a distance listening to his companions discuss their next move. Declining to immediately join in, he instead chose to address their guide. "SigrĂșn," he said, "may I have a look at those flares you mentioned?"
  12. "Erm... you're welcome." Enson shifted a bit closer to Ronin. "Listen," he said, "what happened there was not your fault. None of the rest of us would have done any better or had a better chance at surviving that attack than you. It... it can be hard to face your own mortality, to really feel the immediate presence of death, but I think the important thing here is that you are still up and walking and not dead. Defeat is simply unavoidable in life, and all we can do is live with it." He shifted slightly. "Do not think I don't feel bad about it, having more-or-less installed myself as the leader of this group our success or failure is ultimately my responsibility, and I feel that, if anything, what happened is down to my failure to establish a proper strategy." He sighed. "Ultimately dwelling on it overmuch won't help. The best I can recommend is to learn from the experience and try to do better next time. Sorry." OoC: @Peppermint_M, Yzalirk, unfortunately only one of you can use the Cocoa. While Aysu asked for it first, I'd actually prefer if Ronin took it, as I feel the defense/speed boost would be more useful on him. Especially since I'd like Aysu to have the lowest initiative they can get when we go after the gator again.
  13. "Personally I'd rather make camp, we're in no real shape to do anything else."
  14. "The plan was to circle the lake clockwise, so the Guffa Flats would be our next stop. But I think there are a few things i think we should deal with before we go anywhere. Firstly, you need a ranged weapon, you're simply not durable enough to be a frontline-er. Polaris, do you think you could lend this man your boomerang?"
  15. Duvors

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Rules & FAQ

    They're still part of the game, but they currently only happen if an enemy in melee range attacks a non-adjacent target.