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  1. I’ve been quiet all day because I haven’t been able to get on a computer. That and I simply don’t really care abut this game anymore. I wanted to have fun playacting as a ridiculously creepy weirdo as a relaxing pastime, and everyone thinks I’m scum because I’m deliberately being as creepy as possible. Do you have the slightest conception how stupid that is? What person would actually take that as a strategy? Liar. Voting for people who haven’t said anything is standard day one behavior, and everything else I said was fluff and you know it. Vote: Lilly (Tariq j) for copying everyone else’s reasons and waiting until everyone else had voted.
  2. Oh no! Anyway, if I remember correctly, Robert voted for Phil yesterday, but I thought he meant Jerry and targeted the wrong person by mistake. Unfortunately, I don’t think he confirmed one way or the other before he died.
  3. Just trying to stay upbeat and happy! I find caring about death to be far too stressful to be worth it. Do you want to pet one of my dogs? They’re very cute and fluffy, and trained to violently maul home invaders! Also, it’s been long enough since he put in an appearance, so I think I’ll just go and Unvote: Jerry (mostlytechnic). I will however vote Heather: (Shadows), because their vote is inexplicable. If they suspect me, why jump on my bandwagon?
  4. I like to look on the bright side of things. The fewer people there are around, the less competition there is for the remaining resources!
  5. I think you’re getting mixed up, Phil’s been here since the beginning and been pretty active too. It’s Jerry that hasn’t done much.
  6. Well, no use dilly-dallying! Vote: Jerry (mostlytechnic) This is simple really, he hasn’t said anything so therefore we should kill him on principle!
  7. Of course it’s a game Phil, a game of life and death! I don’t think my animals would mind.
  8. Don’t worry! Nobody’s been murdered yet. It’s only a matter of time!
  9. Hi, Sam here. Are you feeling lonely? Afraid? Unsafe? Have you considered the companionship of one of our furry, feathery, or scaly friends? A pet can be a source of happiness, security, and companionship. Drop in today at Sam’s Pet Shop, and you’ll never be alone again!
  10. Enson shook his head. "I have no further desires or requests of you." he said. Slowly he rose to his feet and turned to face Bertram and Jippo. "Go in peace," he said with a bow, "I hope only for your continued safety." Then straightening up he said, "If you will all excuse me, I have a letter to deliver." And with that he turned on his heels and walked away.
  11. As the hired thugs ushered the group out, Enson paused for a moment, addressing their leader. "Thank you for doing us this courtesy," he said with a bow, "I assure you, if our positions are ever reversed I will offer you the same." Then, without further ado, he turned and followed his companions. @Peppermint_M "On that note," Enson said, speaking for the first time since leaving the vault, "I have some things for you." As he spoke he kelt down and laid out the Void Star Hammer, Crude Machete, Exo Suit, Plasma Pistol, Felthorn, and the Ceremonial Sword before his companions. "I know it's not much, but hopefully the proceeds from the sale of these items should help you two recoup some of your losses." He paused for a moment, as if hesitant to continue. "Aysu," he finally said, "I know... I know you wanted the Flowing Font, and I said you could have it, and I have no real right to ask this of you, but... may I have it?" He held up a hand. "I won't be upset if you say no but... it's a piece of my history and for the first time in years I... I remember how much that matters to me." As he finished his gaze lowered to meet the floor, his expression unreadable.
  12. "I am not- eurgh... not unconscious. Excuse me." Enson slowly stood up, stowing his sword and holding his hands out to show he meant no harm. "Listen, I have no interest in fighting any of you. I have sworn an Oath to the Dead that the Archivist would pay for what they have done, but I have no intention of doing more killing than necessary." Carefully reaching into a pocket, he withdrew 62 credits and tossed them onto the table. "That is all the money I have. If it is not sufficient, I am also willing to help you break into the artifact vault so you can take whatever you want. After all," he spread his hands "I doubt your employer will come back to pay you now." Persuasion?
  13. Aysu will move to E6 and attack the elf.
  14. OoC: @Waterbrick Down, I think you've made a mistake. Warding Bond works off the number of attacks taken, not a round-by-round duration. Aysu's attack would still have removed a use of it, but if the Archivist had been attacked twice last round she wouldn't have had any remaining uses. Enson will move to G4 and attack the Archivist. As such, once I've taken this action, the Archivist would have no armor remaining if- Aysu will move to D5 and attack the Archivist.