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  1. Bamos

    Spray paint on bricks?

    LEGO bricks are are so tight on their tolerances that the thickness of the paint will keep them from fitting properly. Use a dye instead or don't paint the top or bottom. Bill
  2. Bamos

    [MOC] Urban Knick-Knack Shop

    Nice usage of parts I love it. What's the story behind the pizza on the roof? Bill
  3. Bamos

    Tell me about the Brick Builders Club

    From the 3 videos I’ve seen it’s a box of unlicensed stickers, cards and a t shirt and some clone bricks. Definitely not worth the 27 dollars they want for the box. This looks like it’s done by the guys from The Brick Show and Your Creative Friends. Bill
  4. Bamos

    Jewelry Store, Pizzeria, and Bricklyn Bike

    I like that you've used signs that represent what they sell. I am not a huge fan of brick built lettering and am debating using some acid free decals used for scrap booking on my pet shop and palace cinema. Bill
  5. I picked up the fall calendar at the Lego store Saturday and the Research Institute and the Exo Suit are both in it with the Ecto-1 set. I doubt they would put it in the catalog if it wasn't going to be out for a while.
  6. I found them at Walgreens last night but had to pass . They wanted 4.59 per pack.
  7. Bamos

    MOD: City-ifying Doc Ock Truck Heist

    I really like the your shorter version better but the front looks oversized compared to the rest of the truck.
  8. Bamos

    Damaged box discount

    My local Lego store manager sends the damaged and opened returned sets back to lego where they are broken down and used by lego for large projects like store displays. People would damage the sets and then expect a discount.
  9. Bamos

    MOC: Oriental Building

    Very nice build I really like it but it’s hard to do dark and gloomy with the rainbow explosion next door. Bill
  10. Bamos

    youtube copyright infringement

    You may have to wait the 14 days since you already filled a counter claim. The claim sounds false but it can go a couple of different ways. They could release the claim, keep the claim and take the revenue from the video, or have the video taken down which would result in a strike. The first two don’t incur any penalties and won’t affect your account at all at that point you can delete the video and reload with something from YouTube library or a free site like Incomptech and be sure to copy and paste the license. As for the revenue no one gets the money from the video since they can’t show adds on a disputed video.
  11. Bamos

    youtube copyright infringement

    Classical music is the worst for copyright since so many people have recorded the same piece over and over again so it gets flagged a lot. You will have to provide proof to YouTube that you have to have the rights to use the music. If its creative commons the license will be on the site where you got your music. YouTube comes down hard on copyright infringements including permanent banning from YouTube and AdSense.
  12. Bamos

    How to be more succesfull on youtube

    "So Susbscribers are going up slowly, but surely, but the views and the monetization is really going down... I think google changed some algortihms, so they are less views...? Anyone else having simillar experiences?" My views have dropped off between twenty to thirty percent starting last Monday. But i assume it's because the kids in the U.S. are going back to school this week. The monetization will drop but should rise due to Christmas ads and then bottom out again in January.
  13. Bamos

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I was at one of the local LEGO stores Saturday and the manager said that once his stock of pet shops is sold out he won’t be receiving anymore. Also he has not received and grand emporiums for several months.
  14. Switch the lights to LED. The UV in fluorescent lights will fade your collectables also,
  15. There was also a set of A-B-B-A Yellow Bonnets built in 1953 for the "Texas Chief". Bill