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  1. PsyKater

    Alternate Models Challenge - 60044 Mobile Police Unit

    You could upload those creations to the BrickLink MOC Shop (if the guidelines of rebrickable allow).
  2. I have put all my CMFs in our Bricklink Store and they are now even 15% off. If you want to trade some you can make suggestions (see my trading post, newer series are welcome too).
  3. Hi Eurobricks community, as some of you know, we (herrJJ and me) started to sell some LEGO parts we don''t need. Now we need space in our basement and that's why we sell all our sets-left-overs (more than 70) with at least 15% discount. Some examples: 7288 LEGO City Mobile Police Unit New MISB -25% for € 29.99 (Market value: € 42.72) 79003 LEGO The Hobbit An Unexpected Gathering New MISB -25% for € 59.99 (RRP: € 79.99) 6027 LEGO Fright Knights Bat Lords Catapult Used Complete -15% for € 4.94 1865 LEGO Airliner Promo Used Complete -15% for € 2.465 And many more: Adventurers (1) Airport (1) Basic Set (2) Castle (4) City (7) Classic Town (3) Collectible Minifigures (126) Construction (1) Creator (2) Desert (1) Dragon Knights (1) Farm (1) Fright Knights (2) Harbor (2) Hobbit and Lord of the Rings (1) Kingdoms (1) Launch Command (1) Police (3)Series 1 Minifigures (2) Series 2 Minifigures (1) Series 3 Minifigures (1) Series 4 Minifigures (8) Series 5 Minifigures (37) Series 6 Minifigures (11) Series 7 Minifigures (1) Series 9 Minifigures (43) Series 10 Minifigures (4) Series 11 Minifigures (18) Space Port (2) Town (14) Town Jr. (1) Universal Building Set (1) Check out all bargains in our bricklink store You can find all discounted sets >> here <<. You can see the shipping costs on the splash page. PayPal fee only for small orders (less than 7€).
  4. PsyKater

    Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    "Sir..." says Amma, trying to hide that she is not sure whether she has met the elf before. "I am fine. I was on the Marketplace as well and we are done with our quest. Some people wanted to stay to do some other things though."
  5. PsyKater

    Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    Amma enters the Hall, still chewing on a chicken leg, she has just bought from Sir Lion's. She sits down near the bar as usual and rests.
  6. PsyKater

    Heroica RPG - Quest Masters' Lounge

    The access to the Artisan class makes it for me. We could have sit there doing nothing as long as I get this access. I really wanted it. that's why I tried harder at the end in the fear of failing the quest. I never had so much tension while being on a quest.
  7. PsyKater

    Heroica RPG - Quest Masters' Lounge

    I want to write a lot about Q87 but Kintobor and Dragonfire summed everything up. And i have - just like in the quest - not enough time to write it up. Two things to add: I missed more convincing trails or hints. Or contradictions. There was no evidence after all. And I was totally sure that we were totally wrong. Playing Heroica only on mobile phone with not much time is not satisfying at all. I had no time to look at the pictures thoroughly. I missed a lot of dialogues while reading too fast. What I found really good was the lack of battles. Just the right thing after several months on the Fields. Thanks for having me. I literally cheered while reading "the quest was succesful".
  8. PsyKater

    Heroica RPG - Marketplace

    Amma hurries to Elphaba and buys a Pumpkin Bomb for 60 Gold and a Scroll of Sealing for 50 Gold. "I see you in a few months when you come back." Amma hurries to reach Elphaba but she comes too late. "Damn, that's how they thank for what we have done."
  9. "I wish you all the best, Detective. Be more confident about yourself and I am sure we will hear from you as super sleuth." Amma sees Elphaba packing her things, so she hurries to reach her in time. She leaves the group without another word.
  10. "Yeah, check the dustbins and you will get your stuff back."
  11. PsyKater

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Post #10000 in the Hall!
  12. "Yes, I can still be convinced otherwise."
  13. "I am on the side of the yeti. I think this little something got angry about his job and the way he was treated. He knew about Mr Hoplets' love for berries. I suspect that he had help from the other suspects. But I think these crimes were being done by this little gnome. Does anyone disagree?"
  14. Yeah, Bunnina admitted that a dead Member of the Wolfgang was her son. But yes, I must say that the actions of Watsup are really suspicious. Watsup, you said you have been a member of the town watch for years, doing only the dirty jobs. Were you not staisfied with your job anymore? Did you want to avenge your bad job? And how come that you made pictures of crime scenes before they were burglarized? How did you know that they were being robbed later on? And why did you not defend your partner but cast suspicions on him by eliminating his alibi? And why were you so defensive when I asked about your alibis?"
  15. "I am still thinking about this berry thing. We found berries in every crime scene. And the only thing we know about cherries is that our beloved Detective loves them. So either he is our culprit and the meetings at night and the meeting between what we believe is Copper Fox and a Wolfgang member are another story. Or it's the other way around and our six suspects were hired to do this job and to place the berries to slander Warlock. Is there another alternative, I didn't think of? And what is your opinion on this?"