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  1. Goldiebricks

    [Q10 - Sneeve - TT] What comes around goes around

    Love the story, an intriguing character and I can’t wait to see where this goes
  2. Goldiebricks

    [Q10 - Sneeve - CFS] Home

    Wow, while the foliage certainly deserves praise, I’m such a sucker for that building. Windows are so well done! And the 1x1s that offset the mortar pieces? Gorgeous!
  3. Wow! A dramatic backstory for a character I can't wait to see more of. Cool work
  4. As someone who has not yet decided which faction to join, the story you’ve build here with regards to Clan Eldar certainly has some pull to it
  5. Goldiebricks

    [K11 - Odik II - TT] Between Blue Ferns

    Another fan of between two ferns? At least their discussion wasn’t as awkward as those on the show
  6. Goldiebricks

    [GBW] Justice Served - Plighia - The Yeti Lair

    Daaamn I love the snowed over leaves. I’m a fan
  7. Wow! Cool builds that really show the power of the tanks. Scary, impressive, and dangerous.
  8. Very cool base, the barrels/barriers made with the tank treads are awesome
  9. Goldiebricks

    Operation Justice Served - Clear Brianche

    The power line and its cables are a great touch. It looks awesome
  10. Great job with the mini figs. Each one looks full of life, has a story. It’s awesome
  11. Goldiebricks

    Challenge III - Category A: Perils Old and New

    Very well done, I’m especially fond of the micro build
  12. Goldiebricks

    [Freebuild] Out Through the Market

    So impressive. As someone who is only just starting with the snot technique, this is actually inspiring!
  13. Goldiebricks

    [MOC] Forbidden Island

    10/10! Would buy this set in a heartbeat
  14. Goldiebricks

    Mail system

    This is really helpful! I’ve just started on the site and now I know why I couldn’t reach out to anyone lol