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  1. Peter1999

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    Yesterday I modified my Barracuda bay. I did not changed a ship, just added small crane to front mast, and small anchor to row boat. I decided to make two separate islands instead of one. The first one is kind of treasure island, to hide treasures and for smuggling goods. For the second one I took an inspiration from AC4 Black flag. I wanted a higher pier, like in game, with features from original model like small pier, rounded pier, and of course a JoseĀ“s inn. I think that the finished island looks pretty good for docking a larger ship like Barracuda. These islands were built from original set, without any additional pieces. I must say again, this lego set is simply perfect!
  2. Peter1999


    Hello fellow pirates! This week I received and build my Barracuda Bay. You simply must love this set! It is so detailed, you can stare on it for hours. From every angle you notice something different. Originally I wanted to build a ship and rebuild an island. But I must admit, that designers made a perfect work on the whole build. However, there is still so many space for modifications. The thing I really like is that you do not need to completely rebuild the island to looks good when you remove the ship parts. The remaining roof parts cover the small hut, and the stairs to captain cabin expands the pier nicely. So the island looks good and it is still easy to switch it back to original model. I think that I will keep it this way for now. I must think about some way, how to add it to display with 6273 Rock Island Refugee. This set is simply perfect, I hope that we will get more pirate sets soon.
  3. Today I received an email from Ideas. Sadly, my submission has been returned because it "requests the re-release of a discontinued LEGO product or theme". I do not know what can I possibly change in this MOC, but at least now I know how to build a next one.
  4. I wanted to add CMF Yeti, unfortunately, this minifigure is not in
  5. Thanks to all. I submitted it yesterday, so it should be on ideas in the middle of the week I think. I will write here when it will be online.
  6. Hello adventurers! I am happy to present you my second Orient expedition MOC - The Himalayan temple! But first I have a two questions regarding - I noticed that some older torsos are missing in, as well as CMF. Is there some depository, where I can find them? (I know that I can create my own torsos with decals, but it is waste of time if someone already created them) - Second is for strings in I could not move string with coupling points, that is why I used a regular one for the bridge. It is a bug on my side, or it is not movable at all? Okay, now for the MOC. After red eagle I decided to take a look on the 7417 - Temple of Mount everest. It was one of the sets I always wanted but never had a chance to buy. I built the temple by a real life himalayan temple Tungnath Chopta Chandrashila. It is the heighest shiva temple of the world, and one of few high enough to be surrounded by snow as the original 7417 design shows. When I was a kid, I did not undestand why there is a bridge without river, so in my version I added a cold mountain stream. That reminded me one of the Josh Gates Destination Truth episodes, where they found a Yeti footprints near the river like this one (S02E01 for those who are interested), so I instantly added it to the scene. One thing, which I want to point out, is a plane. This plane was so perfectly build in the original version. I built mine only with small changes, the proportions and size are simmilar to original. I also submited this MOC to ideas, it should be there soon, with this story description: Johnny Thunder with his friend sherpa Sangye are looking for a legendary Sword of fire. The old map leads them into himalayas, through snowy paths and dangerous bridges, to a shrine on top of the mountain. Did they found a yeti footprints near the cold river? Lord Sam Sinister is trying to be there first with his plane. Stealing ancient relics is not a good idea, because the shrine is properly guarded by a local monk. After the Johnny explains his intentions, monk shows him inside of the shrine, where they find a secret cave under the temple. Here it is - the legendary Sword of fire! Overall, I am really satisfied with the result. Hope you will like it too.
  7. Thanks I work with 3D rendering softwares, so the environment did not take so long, I take it as a practice for realistic renders in blender, which is new to me. I think that there will be few more, I want to try some building techniques before jumping into Pirates Brethen of the brick seas I know that feeling, I wanted the Temple of Mount Everest
  8. Good evening everyone, When I got the new Johnny Thunder collectible minifigure, I found my old Orient expedition sets. Despite I have only three smaller sets (secret of the tomb, black cruiser and the red eagle), it is one of my favourite themes. I remember that the red eagle was a birthday gift, one of my first own lego sets, and I really loved it. Nowadays Johnny is missing his hat (I have to bricklink that one ), but rest of the plane is still complete. Recently I finally had some time to take a look onto and blender rendering of ldraw files. And here is the result - my first MOC here on eurobricks, rewamp of the mighty Red Eagle!