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  1. Tried this today (it is good that all needed parts are in spares and rear middle headrest), it helps, at least it prevents gears from damaging. Also when inspecting I noticed that DNR shaft was too stiff, so some of the forces transfered through friction to the R in D mode (tested with u-joint removed, fake engine still rotated). Loosening this connection also helped. Overall, I love its complexity even with this downside. I will just keep in mind to push it around mainly in neutral
  2. Hi everyone. I just finished building my Defender, and it has a lot of resistance and cracking in higher gears (faster fake engine). I followed racing bricks ultimate repair guide, but I did not find anything wrong. I have currently disconected the u joint shaft leading from gearbox to red axle towards fake engine and the cracking stops. I see a delay in the gearbox, when I push car forward and stop, the gears in gearbox rotates little longer. Is it normal? Where should I look for problem?
  3. Peter1999

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Santa´s front yard 40484 is back as gwp (at least at, same promotion as before. So no second gwp this year then?
  4. Hi, I was thinking if there is a simple "plug&play" way to add gearbox to 42125. After little googling I found 4-speed sequential gearbox by Whathetech on rebrickable. So, I build the rear part of the car in and tried it with this gearbox. ferrari_gte_gearbox_4 by Peter Kiss, on Flickr And it fits! It fits right into the empty space in the chassis. You need to turn crankshaft by 180 degrees, and put a longer axle on the diff output gear. Then this gearbox slides in perfectly. As on the rebrickable, red is output to differential, yellow input which I connected to engine, orange is shifter. Right now I did not build any paddle shift mechanism, because I am not sure if there is solution in such small space around the steering wheel. The gears can be changed by turning knob like in the landrover for example. Whats the catch? I needed to remove the long red liftarm, so I do not know how stiff this solution is. I am also not sure about how seat is mounted, probably it is 1 stud in collision right now. And I do not have 42125 yet, so I can not test it. If someone more skilled can take a look onto this, I would be happy to share file. ferrari_gte_gearbox_3 by Peter Kiss, on Flickr ferrari_gte_gearbox_2 by Peter Kiss, on Flickr ferrari_gte_gearbox_1 by Peter Kiss, on Flickr
  5. Peter1999

    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I really hoped for some GWP with UCS Tumbler, but looking on Australian lego web, there is no such promotion, and it is already on backorder.
  6. Peter1999

    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Looking at the UCS Tumbler preorder page at, I am really tempted. I did not get previous Tumbler, so I would like to have UCS and smaller one, like the 1989 versions. BUT what I wonder about - what are the chances for a gwp with ucs this year?
  7. Peter1999

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Thanks, they have them, prices are not so bad, similar as used minifigs on bricklink. Good advice, I completely forgot the Iron Patriot! I might try it when I get my hands on Iron Legion, how it will looks with those red lines on top of the mask.
  8. Peter1999

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Exactly, more of these needs to be done! From Iron Man 2, I would prefer a mk4 suit in which Tony is eating donuts on a large donut, like someone already mention here before, that would be great additon to hall of armour. Speaking about HoA, I am curently thinking how to get all suits with opening helmets: mk2 - from armory expansion, with war machine mk2 helmet (can someone confirm that helmet color is same as torso on mk2 in armory? that would be helpfull, thanks in advance) mk22 hot rod - war machine helmet with mk33 or mk5 mask mk30 blue steal - iron legion helmet with mk33 or mk5 mask (again, can someone confirm helmet/torso color?) Edit: Is there any page, which sell only helmets? It would be better than ordering whole minifigs from bricklink, but I can not find mk2 / original war machine silver helmet anywhere.
  9. Peter1999

    [LEGO IDEAS] Ray the Castaway

    It is absolutely fantastic, voted! Good luck in the contest!
  10. Absolutely fantastic! Beside that great car, I love the motorcycle with dual front light, and that fantastic anubis statue design in the first pic!
  11. Peter1999

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    While the wait continues, has someone already planned how much more space we need in our halls of armours? If I am counting correctly, we will get mk3, mk85 (is this the one in final battle?) and christmas iron man in advent calendar. That means that from MCU we still missing mk4, mk8 (there is only partial, the one in tower GWP), mk9-mk16, mk18-21, mk23-mk29, mk31, mk32, mk34-mk36, mk40, mk51-84. So, I do not know how much (and if any) time on screen these suits had. What do you think, is there a chance, we will get some of these suits in the future, or this year wave will fulfil MCU iron man quote for good?
  12. Peter1999

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    Not steep, but insane in my opinion. Looking on the size, if its around 1000 pieces, I would expect it somewhere around 80€, like fossils/iss/central perk/ship in the bottle. But it would not surprise me, elf club house is overpriced as well... Depends on the price tag, this is the only one new set that really interest me, so I hope they keep it reasonable, and bring us an amazing set, as is The Baracuda Bay.
  13. Peter1999

    Lego a Christmas Carol

    Just checked on CZ/SK lego page, and almost all seasonal sets are out of stock. Do we know about any others christmas gwp? Last year I managed to order a batmobile with small batmobile gwp and tree gwp on 1st december, and later an apollo with gingerbread house. I still hope that they release a batwing gwp for similar purchase. Otherwise it is pass for me, batwing just not feel like "must have", either christmas carol gwp (it looks great, just it is not so traditional story here).
  14. Peter1999

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    Yesterday I modified my Barracuda bay. I did not changed a ship, just added small crane to front mast, and small anchor to row boat. I decided to make two separate islands instead of one. The first one is kind of treasure island, to hide treasures and for smuggling goods. For the second one I took an inspiration from AC4 Black flag. I wanted a higher pier, like in game, with features from original model like small pier, rounded pier, and of course a Jose´s inn. I think that the finished island looks pretty good for docking a larger ship like Barracuda. These islands were built from original set, without any additional pieces. I must say again, this lego set is simply perfect!
  15. Peter1999


    Hello fellow pirates! This week I received and build my Barracuda Bay. You simply must love this set! It is so detailed, you can stare on it for hours. From every angle you notice something different. Originally I wanted to build a ship and rebuild an island. But I must admit, that designers made a perfect work on the whole build. However, there is still so many space for modifications. The thing I really like is that you do not need to completely rebuild the island to looks good when you remove the ship parts. The remaining roof parts cover the small hut, and the stairs to captain cabin expands the pier nicely. So the island looks good and it is still easy to switch it back to original model. I think that I will keep it this way for now. I must think about some way, how to add it to display with 6273 Rock Island Refugee. This set is simply perfect, I hope that we will get more pirate sets soon.