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  1. Peter1999

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I was looking for the upcoming sales on when I noticed that there is a 40514 VIP Winter Wonderland listed as reward in VIP playfull holidays section for 1000 points, if anyone is interested in getting it.
  2. Recently when I rearranged my collection I find out that this car does not fit on my new shelves. So I created a 3D printed stand, with 15x15cm base, and 45 degrees incline. With this stand this car fits common 24-26cm wide shleves without problem. For anyone interested, here are the files: McLaren stand 3D print
  3. I was wondering what happened to this VIP pack. Did anyone received any code to get it? Was it available, even if only in UK? When you type a set number to google, Luxemburg official Lego shop will come up with it, listed for 10€ as "free item". EDIT: UK shop has it listed as well. 40515 in official Lego shop No overpriced ebay offers so far, so I suppose it was not released yet.
  4. Peter1999

    40567 Forest Hideout (GWP)

    Can confirm, today I received Ferrari in separate box as Hideout, but it was same order at DPD tracking and came at the same time.
  5. Peter1999

    40567 Forest Hideout (GWP)

    it is online on eu shop, but not see it added to cart? is this normal?
  6. Peter1999

    40567 Forest Hideout (GWP)

    It looks great, I am looking forward to midnight, to order Ferrari with this gwp! I saw somewhere on instagram, I think it was hoth bricks, that there should also be restock of 40450 gwp along this one. Is it true or not?
  7. Alright. Edit - by advice, not sharing via link, thanks for info.
  8. Book arrived! 3136/5000, number is printed only on the rear side of the slipcase. Slipcase is harddeck, one side open, not just paper sleeve. Edit: By advice - not going to share via link.
  9. Do you have tracking on the order? I am quite suprised that the book was shipped from Czech Republic. All my previous orders were shipped from Belgium warehouse. Maybe thats why they split it.
  10. Maybe they will put a pdf version online for those who buy the car.
  11. Thank you, I waited and it was worth it - it put me in the queue and after cca 5min I was able to get my copy of the book
  12. When exactly is the release? Past midnight in Eastern Europe - on the Lego shop is still "soon - 1 june".
  13. Peter1999

    40567 Forest Hideout (GWP)

    That is something I am really thinking about - how they decide which set will be backorder and which will be out of stock? Many large sets are out of stock. I would like to buy the new technic Ferrari with this gwp, but I am not sure, if it will be in stock at that time. When the CAT came out, they sold the first batch and then it was out of stock for few weeks. Similar story with Mclaren F1, when they made changes to the model.
  14. It is not visible in EU shop either, but you can get to its page by searching 5007418 in shop.
  15. Actually I am more interested in the book than the lego car. From reviews it looks like they really put an effort into it and showed some behind the scenes of the development process. But it is hard to justify the price. On the other side, Ferrari Automobilist posters costs about the same. Few years back Ferrari made a coffee table book which cost 30000€! Pagani made a not limited book series, which was around 200€. For luxury automotive brands, this is a form of presentation, and its usually limited and extra expensive, even if they don´t show much of the developement process. It does not make sense, if only one who can afford it is someone who really owns this type of supercar. So they found a way how to sell 5000 copies to lower priced market. Is it 80€ for lego book a much? Yes, I agree. Is it much for "Ferrari limited series"? That license, thats what we paying for here... Anyway, there should be some interesting castle gwp in middle of the June, do you think it will be in stock until then (car not the book)?