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  1. CaptainMoore

    Future Pirates Speculation

    I second you on this, instant buy! (if in the same kind of prices)
  2. It was on leboncoin, it's kind of a french Craiglist and mostly for selling hand to hand.
  3. Thank you both for your help! @Robin_IV you seem to have a really good knowledge of which part is expensive, thank you for taking so much time to write. Bricklink is indeed really useful. As you imagined, I don't think of being a die hard collector. Keeping boxes is not my think, I don't even have the space for that . Sadly I don't live close to any seller of lego ships, so I will have to rely on ebay insurance or such things. It seems the offers are good, especially the biggest one. I am still hesitating because it represents a lot of money and I wasn't expecting those kind of prices for old sets. You have helped me well, now I have to decide what I do . Thanks a lot!
  4. CaptainMoore

    Hello from France

    Ready to set sail to Lego Pirates' bay!
  5. Hello, I don't know if I can ask here, if not I'm sorry for the trouble and will post somewhere else. I have seen an offer selling everything in this picture for 200€. There is a full 6285 Black Seas Barracuda (probably without instructions), an incomplete one (he says 60%), few pieces from 6270 (+instructions), most of the minifigures from 6285 plus some others and some extra parts. I have seen another 6285, full with instructions at 140€ (but it's really dusty). I am not sure the other parts in the first offer are really worth the extra 60€... Maybe will it be better if I get it for 20-30€ less ? I am not in a hurry for buying, but if you tell me it's a good offer, why not jump on this one. Thanks for the help
  6. CaptainMoore

    Your First Pirate Set!

    Oh I didn't remember the alternative builds! It looks like a chinese junk. I checked on google but I haven't seen someone trying to build it
  7. CaptainMoore

    Your First Pirate Set!

    My first set was, I think, the (6286) Skull's Eye Schooner for Christmas. I was a lucky kid but a bit young for the difficulty. My mother and cousin had to build it for me. Years later I partially re-built it to correct errors that my mother and cousin made. It's one of the set that I never had the heart to scrap for making something else with it.
  8. CaptainMoore

    Hello from France

    Thank you @leafan I am not able to create MOCs myself currently but I will definitely admire what people do!
  9. CaptainMoore

    [MOC] USS Constitution by Jim Beute

    This is a masterpiece! I usually don't like the brick sails but those are good. I love the scenery too, this wave at the front makes it so dynamic!
  10. CaptainMoore

    Holland fleute kinda ship

    That is a really nice ship! I love the front and the sails!
  11. CaptainMoore

    Micro Machines return in 2020 - are you excited?

    Micro machines were my favorite toys after Lego! :) I am curious to see what they will do with it
  12. CaptainMoore

    Hello from France

    Hello everyone, I am CaptainMoore from France, a guy in his 30s. My name comes from the captain of the Cutty Sark in a Don Rosa comic (The Cowboy Captain of the Cutty Sark). You may understand from this that I am mostly interested in sailing ship, thus Pirates theme :) I am re-discovering Lego after seeing a ship I had when I was young (Skulled eye schooner), nostalgia hits hard and I am already thinking of buying some old sets. The prices are really high though! I signed-in to follow the amazing MOCs I've seen here, I will probably be mostly a viewer. Maybe some people here could also help me to know if some second-hand offers I see around my place are good or not. Prices usually need some experience to be understood. I just don't know where to ask. The Buy, Sell, Trade sub-forum may be the place but it is supposed to be blocked to newcomers (something I understand by the way). Anyway, have a good day everyone and see you soon!