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  1. I finally have ordered one. It wasn't necessary to be in a hurry, there are still half of them available. The train station and mushroom house are sold out
  2. I'm like you...I think that the reviews for this one were not great, especially the second one, he was so turning around one the same thing for 15min
  3. Dont forget this set orders start this thursday! I have found two videos about it. This one is great for having a guided tour and seeing the set next to PoBB. This one, and the article from the same author are more about the designer programming and the building/solidity (TLDW/TLDR: it's a beautiful display set, a bit difficult to assemble, not for kids play) On my end, I'm not totally in love as I was for PoBB even before receiving it, but I think that I'll try to get it anyway.
  4. Thanks! As you can see it fits pretty well with some adjustments for the main sail. I have: at the top, added a 4623 and the 10320 bars because the original sail was held by a hole, at the bottom, I have used the poles from 10320 because the sail and the holes are bigger, and the original spears were too short, this brings the flag pole behind the mast, lowered the whole thing by one brick height because this sail always seemed too high for me (this is purely for my taste). I couldn't upload the PDF file so here's the comparison directly as attached image (both don't have the same scale sorry): I think the smaller jib and spanker are not a problem. The bigger main sail is a plus. Steve seems to like it
  5. Hello! You're lucky, I have both models on display so I did the experiment. Using the new one is working pretty well I think. I also have scanned the sails next to each other to catch the size difference. Is there a way to raise the attachments limit to provide two pictures (160kb each) and the scanned sails as PDF (700kb)?
  6. CaptainMoore

    [POLL] Best Pirates Set

    PoBB is the clearly the best, but is it really fair for classic set to be confronted to it? On the classic side, I acquired the imperial trading post and enchanted island in the past years. I found both to have their charm but felt pretty empty on the built. But I guess I was also judging them from the new releases perspective. So I would have voted imperial trading post for a classic pirate selection.
  7. My Great Fishing Boat has left me with a sour taste indeed, I didn't like assembling it. Ominous isles seems more "classic" in the way it's assembled so probably less risky. I totally agree with @RichardGoring. I also like Lego product for their colourful taste. I know that some people regret the original PoBB but I prefer the Lego company version. Maybe it's because the renders have darker tones. Neptune and Trading post look more attractive just because of the colours, not even consireding the repetitivity parameter. On the market side, we're still in the same waters: forts, islands and ships. Maybe Lego considers that this is already a beaten track, so they won't have full waves anymore. They should have a look at this thread to get new ideas.
  8. CaptainMoore

    Future LEGO Pirates Set Speculation

    Would you mind sharing a video? I don't intend to play the game. Now I hope that it'll bring kids back to the pirate theme and that the PoBB will have a re-release. I would have far less excuses for not buying a second one
  9. CaptainMoore

    Which island type do you like the most?

    Slopes curved have a great variety, I Iike them. Detailed plates are second, but can consume a lot of parts for it, which I don't like that much
  10. CaptainMoore

    [POLL] Future Pirates Sets

    Each of them has been sold in the past years, 3 of them were collectible minifigures: - 71018-16: Highwayman - PI165: Pirate Princess - 71013-9: Scallywag Pirate - 8833-15: Pirate Captain
  11. CaptainMoore

    Getting into Pirates

    A really nice starting point. I really love the Barracuda Bay. That's so sad it's not sold any more (to buy a second one).
  12. CaptainMoore

    [POLL] Medieval Town Square

    For me it's too organized, too European. It could work for the army port, at home, not in the Caribbean. And I would have imagined more two levels building, like the original, or the green/brown one in the the new. The tower is too much medieval (not built/modified for guns) and the houses feel more countryside. In my mind I either have the more Spanish style in my mind for imperials (Eldorado Fortress and port already went this way), or something more random for pirates (maybe like it was in Tropico 2)
  13. CaptainMoore

    Getting into Pirates

    I don't know if you have already done it, but I would go for the already available sets like Eldorado Fortress and the creator ship. This ship did not impress me when it was revealed but I really like it now.. It has many details and scales really well with buildings like the Fortress or the original imperial port. As for 70413, I feel like that the bow (front) and center are quite empty. I don't know how to say it, but compared to older ships, the build is pretty basic. The stern is OK. The ship itself isn't bad, it's just less to my taste. I don't own the 2009 one but it's quite similar I think. If you don't own the creator ship, I would go for it first.
  14. CaptainMoore

    LEGO 10320 Eldorado Fortress - MOC / MOD Thread

    Welcome! This is a great moc! I was waiting for someone to try this and it's brilliant. On my end I don't have the POBB leftovers, I love the island too much
  15. CaptainMoore

    [POLL] Yellow vs Fleshies

    Easy question this time, yellow.