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  1. Pufarine

    GAZ 66K

    This is my take for a front axle, for a small terain vehicle. Sorry for the offtopic.
  2. Pufarine

    [MOC] Rc railway crane

    Hello everyone, I finished this model some time ago, but i didn't have the space to take some photos until now. I was inspired by the Takraf EDK1000 Railway crane. For the model i used 5 cubit motors, powered and controled by 2 cubit bt bricks. 1a by Pufarine, on Flickr 2 by Pufarine, on Flickr 3 by Pufarine, on Flickr 9 by Pufarine, on Flickr 6c by Pufarine, on Flickr 7d by Pufarine, on Flickr
  3. Good day to all, This is my second steam locomotive and it's also a 151 series. It's 8 wide, powerd by an xl motor, and ir reciver and battery box are in the boiler. IMG_5084 by Pufarine, on Flickr IMG_5081 by Pufarine, on Flickr IMG_5078 by Pufarine, on Flickr IMG_5076 by Pufarine, on Flickr
  4. Pufarine

    [Moc] Diesel Hydraulic Locomotive L45H

    Thank you all for the appreciations . Because it is quite big, I have to make some space to be able to take some photo and a short video to show how it works. It's based on the Takraf EDK1000 railway crane. I used 5 Cubit motors and 2 bt bricks, also it can turn on the standard curved lego tracks.
  5. My latest build it's a CFR narrow gauge diesel hydraulic locomotive.. It's 8wide and powered by two pf train motors. IMG_4718 by Pufarine, on Flickr IMG_4723 by Pufarine, on Flickr IMG_4641 by Pufarine, on Flickr IMG_4637 by Pufarine, on Flickr IMG_4624 by Pufarine, on Flickr IMG_E4631 by Pufarine, on Flickr
  6. Hi all, This moc i made it last year, it's based on a romanian steam locomotive CFR 151.002 produced under Santa Fe licence. It was the second prototype produced with parts from 142 series, finished in 1942 and in service until 1974. ''Mariana'' was her nickname. IMG_E4289 by Pufarine, on Flickr IMG_E4292 by Pufarine, on Flickr IMG_E4306 by Pufarine, on Flickr IMG_E4303 by Pufarine, on Flickr
  7. Pufarine

    [MOC] Railway Crane

    Thank you all for the appreciations. No, but for this one i used 5 cubit motors with 2 bluetooth bricksq. It's WIP.
  8. Pufarine

    [MOC] Railway Crane

    Hi all, For my first post here, I'd like to show you my rail crane based on the Takraf EDK 750. I didn't try to make a clean replica, i'm not that skilled. It has four functions: rotating, lifting and extending the arm and enabling the hook. IMG_E4206 by Ionut Stoica, on Flickr IMG_E4220 by Ionut Stoica, on Flickr IMG_E4224 by Ionut Stoica, on Flickr
  9. Test IMG_9061 by Ionut Stoica, on Flickr
  10. Pufarine


    Hi! I'm Ionut. I'm not much of a train fan, but i like them and i build a few train moc.