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  1. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Could be. It would make sense to support those heavy shock troops by some light flankers. But now I wonder why the FO deploys more AT-M6 than At-Ats.
  2. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Looks more like a storage crate. I mean it is some sort of octagonal? Cylinder lying on its side. It is definitley to broad(look at the mirror) to be some walker not to mention that it doesn't look like those are possable legs.
  3. Future Star Wars Sets

    Most Rebels sets where just overprized like the speeder bike chase or the Vaders Tie vs A-Wing. A resonable prized Tie Defender would sell good, especially because it was a loved fighter in the EU.
  4. Just googled First Order Scout Walker. Found nothing but Lego and Fanart...
  5. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I meant the video on the Star Wars Youtube Channel where they "introduce" the new FO vehicles. There they showed the new Super Star Destroyer and the AT-M6 but not the TIE. But since I don't really see a cinematic or "logical" difference between the AT-ST and the Scout Walker so I would agree with you that it could have been just concept art.
  6. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Is it possible, that the FO Scout Walker is another thing that was cut from the movie after the set was produced? I have not seen a single piece of footage showing it. And it wasn't featured in the video where they showed the new FO vehicles(Although Kylo Rens TIE wasn't shown either).
  7. Future Star Wars Sets

    The more I look at pictures of the 2007 MTT I want one like it again. The last one was a joke. It had nothing of the massive bulkiness it should have and was to small. I don't know how the could make such a horrible downgrade and only save about 100 bricks.
  8. Future Action and Adventure Themes

    I think so too. Just look at the last wave of Adventurers. Orient Expedition was quite a large wave and still, basically every of the three regions only featured three sets, a large building, a small building and a vehicle. Also the variety of sets wasn't very big if you think of it. On the other hand, if done right, the variety especially of vehicles could increase if there would be multiple regions in one wave. I could think of the search for some ancient African culture(think of those temples in Tarzan) going from the desert into the jungle or the other way round with some swamps and mountains in between.
  9. Future Star Wars Sets

    Give this guy a cookie.
  10. Future Star Wars Sets

    I still think, that there should be more than three clones would be good, since it is an open transport, meaning that every empty seat is visible. And I think pricewise it would be in the 120€+ range anyways.
  11. Future Star Wars Sets

    I would go for more clones instead of the plant. The last AT-OT had 6 clones I think and since back then, the ammount of minifigures per set has increased.
  12. Future Star Wars Sets

    I actually meant the most recent TIEs you could buy, since they looked quite larger than they would be for minifigs.
  13. Future Star Wars Sets

    With the high detail builds we get today this would be to expensive(Does somebody know if the last TIEs were in scale?)
  14. Body Battlers: A "New LEGO Theme" of MOCs

    Have you thought about what the flagship-set could be? BTW, this would go really well with some sort of app, that reads the DNA. Not that I like that since in my opinion it is a hidden ad and very dangerous for children.
  15. Body Battlers: A "New LEGO Theme" of MOCs

    Those look believable like real sets. I actually think that trying to do so is more of a challenge than many of the huge mocs you often see on the start-page. Why? (Not only because I try to do such a thing myself ;-) ). Because you need a huge creativity and ingenuity to create unique mocs that look good, while a kid could play with and have fun with them without breaking them apart and all that on a limited ammount of bricks.