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  1. REVIEW: 70409 Shipwreck Defense

    I voted for the Shipwreck defense. While the Cannon Battle may be better for army builders this sets just fits better into the pirate-theme.
  2. Future Action and Adventure Themes

    What do you think of a 'League of cliché villians' Like the crazy scientist that wants every discovery for himself, the rich shady buissness-man that wants everything turned into money and the General that wants everything turned into a weapon. They could be accompanied by the grandchild of Lord Sinnister that still fights the family feud against the ofspring of Jonny Thunder.
  3. Future Action and Adventure Themes

    Modern time? Because 20' or 30' seems to lack the vehicles for this.
  4. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I already commented on the Scout Walker and I still think it is ugly. Seeing the other sets in HD has lead to that opinion on them as well as basically all sets except for Kylo Rens Tie look like a mess. But to be fair I don't know if it's the design of the vehicle or how TLC recreated them. I actually hope for the later, because this means that at least the movie will be more enjoyable for me.
  5. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I just saw the pictures and I have to say, that the ST designs are still ugly as f***. The scoutwalker looks like on of those "walking maschines" somebody built at the north sea and not like something in the row of AT-RT and AT-ST.
  6. Future Action and Adventure Themes

    While Steampunk is a nice theme, I don't think that it would make a good Lego action theme. Steampunk is missing the clear lines and compact elements you need to make sturdy playsets.
  7. [Software] LDD2PovRay

    I tried both, but they don't work for me.:(
  8. Future Pirates Speculation

    I also think, that a narrower shiphull would be a nice thing. There would be place for a second ship in a lineup without having two ships too similiar in size without having an 'Imperial Flagship' type one (Although it was only 120 or 140€ back then). The alternative would be planning two waves of pirates (What a dream) with one big fortress and one ship each. After trying to build some of the sets I imagined in LDD(I should upload pictures) I think that a new raised groundplate would be really usefull, but I don't think TLC still likes them.
  9. 2017 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Many of the jungle sets and this especially seem to be cobbled together without much thoughts. The main part of the set is supposed to be the helicopter, right? Which is supposed to be a heavy duty transport. Yet it basically can't transport anything meaningfull, since it needs that special platform to lift something. There are three palletes, one of them for a ligh-generator, one for a coffeemaker/microscope and one with a box and barrels. The small boat can transport two of them. But the super large helicopter only one because the other spot is wasted for those two motorcycles. Then there is that jeep. It looks quite generic and blocky but at least the heli can transport it. The boat not so much since the jeep is to broad.The tower is okay, although I doubt it's crane is any good at lifting those palletes. The Ruins look nice, besides the horrible bridge but the are indeed to small for that big set. They either should be bigger or really nothing more than a tiny addition.
  10. Future Star Wars Sets

    Yeahh, The Endor AT-ST definitley had a better scale that the new one. Besides that it had that nice walking mechanism and looked better.
  11. Future Pirates Speculation

    The last two lines of pirates really suffered from missing conflict . But the nice thing about the Pirate-trope is, that it contains an intrinsic conflict: Order versus Freedom Unlike in Castle or Space it does not need a good and bad faction. Both factions can be good and bad. I think Lego should keep that in mind when making a pirate line in the future. Both soldiers and pirates should have interesting characters and should be about equal in forces.
  12. Future Star Wars Sets

    I assume it is because there weren't any Phase II-Helmets with a visor, which is an important part of Cody's appearance.
  13. Future Star Wars Sets

    They had it once, but I think with Disney taking over Lucas Arts they lost the exclusive rights. But why would TLC sell minifigs seperatly when they aswell could make overprized 30€ sets that you only buy for the figures?
  14. Future Pirates Speculation

    For todays standard both Eldorado Fort and Imperial Trading post are tiny sets and won't sell as something legendary. Besides that those Baseplate aren't used anymore.
  15. Future Pirates Speculation

    Armada would be good, just like Islander to get away from that boring image the last two waves had. I somehow forgott that the foil was in multiple sets, while I actually have the spider-droid with it as antenna standing next to me while writing xD. But the conquistator shows how bad it would fit into the pirate-theme. It looks so damn harmless. But I don't really know how you could give it more impact within the limits lego-pieces have to have today.