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  1. Future Pirates Speculation

    Playmobil generally has longer living products since they have to make new modls for every single set they create, meaning that when one ship is phased out another comes in, mainly because they improved the design. On the other hand, Playmobil is much more figure-centered than Lego. Most of the buildings are more like the sets of a theatre, where the story takes place in, but they aren't really great by themselves. Lego on the other hand has to give good builds.
  2. Future Pirates Speculation

    What was the story behind the Islanders? I always understood it as Pirates trying to steal the natives treasures. But the islanders really were bad stereotypes in hindsight. Not because they mixed cultures, but because they mixed them in a bad and cheap way (In a film I would claim that somebody just took from the props department what he could find). I mean, Mayincatecs are still somehow accepted by most people and putting them in a fantasy unvierse on some islands that are visited by pirates shouldn't be much of a problem (Of course some people will complain, but some people will also complain about priates being to violent).
  3. MOC Soldiers Outpost

    I like how many details you managed to have in this quite small build. Really good!
  4. Don't forget that many kids today are only-childs and even only-grandchilds. Their parents and grandparents have quite some money to spend for them on chrismas and birthday. But I too thinkt that shelf live is to short nowdays. I remember smaller shops that had sets for years, but know you don't even get the sets from last year sometimes.
  5. [LDD]Various Fake Pirate Sets

    I added new pictures to the original post.
  6. Future Pirates Speculation

    Has any one else seen footage of Sea Of Thieves? I really reminds me of Lego Pirates in it's cartoonish over the top look and picture of pirates.
  7. Future Pirates Speculation

    Well, I never knew that there were those comics and I only got those old Pirate sets second hand from my older brothers, And I still had much fun. But I have the feeling, that todays children don't have the imagination anymore, or at least toy producers don't think they have it. You also have to give children a basis for their imagination, meaning books, films or comics. Here I see another Problem with the last waves, they don't offer fertile ground for that. Children like to roleplay. They like to fight that intrinsic conflict between order(soldiers) and freedom(Pirates). But this wasn't really possible. All there was was Pirates defending or stealing treasures from comically useless soldiers.
  8. Future Pirates Speculation

    But since then there was not signicicant story to Pirates and while the figures probably are named they don't have any characters. Ok, there are short comics within the instructions but those are so swallow they are basically worthless. Besides that I have the feeling, that serious stories for children within the pirate setting will not be made anymore. Just compare the two versions of
  9. Future Pirates Speculation

    Ok, I underestimated the location based sets for Ninjago, I thought that it was mostly "crazy vehicles" like it was definitley true for Exo-Force or Nexo Knights. When talking about story driven location-sets I was thinking about Indiana Jones or PotC (and also Hobbit and LotRs) where many sets were good for nothing but replaying that single scene from the movie. I have to agree with the second part of your reply. Making the Pirates and their ships unique characters would produce better sales than having that same Captain Eyepatch-Hook-and-Wooden-Leg and his nameless crew.
  10. Future Pirates Speculation

    I would like to see such a thing too. The only problem I see with such storydriven things is that they also tend to be very short lived if not heavily vehicle based. I think this is a general problem with Lego this days. There can be dozends of vehicles in a theme that all will be very diferent in size, appearance and functions while landscapes or buildings are always quite similiar and lackluster to be fair.
  11. I don't believe you could fit the speeder anywhere on a V-19 even when butchering the build. Much of the space you have inside the ship is filled with the swiffeling mechanism for the wings.
  12. Could be. It would make sense considering the price. As far as I know the set is supposed to be in the 100€ price-range which is far to much for the relativly small V-19. Or the V-19 contains another of those small hangar builds that normaly contain the ammunition and so.
  13. You could say that about the films in general.
  14. [LDD]Various Fake Pirate Sets

    Those are ball joints. Female on the arch and 1x2 male on the leaves. But I think it only works with the new ones, since the old ones don't offer enough movement.
  15. [LDD]Various Fake Pirate Sets

    This is something I already wrote in the Future of Pirates threat: We need smaller sheep hulls again. The old ones were only two knobs smaller, but the smaller ships with only one element in the middle still looked good, while with the ones right know basically only large ships are possible. But the line didn't only felt like half one, it felt like it was only done half-assed. Some small sets, so a new ship could be released. I tried to create a 'small' Pirate ship, in the spirit of the one-mast ships of the past. But it didn't got really smaller than Brick Beard's Bounty in the end.