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  1. 25€ for the scout walker is way to much. I don't like those oversized speeders and walker neither.They are all super expensive and usually don't look that good either.
  2. Yes I meant that. Of course, no Gunships were seen there.
  3. Apparantly the Last AT-AP didn't contain Yoda.. Just Gree and Tarfful. But still, the minifigs now are just as boring. To be fair, the other Jedi I would have put in that sets, namely Quinlan Vos, Luminara Unduli or Ayla Secura came out quite recently too.
  4. Am I the only one who is annoyed about the minifigs for the AT-AP and the gunship? The last time I only got the AT-AP and it contained Yoda. Now I am planing on getting the gunship which contains Yoda again Some new Jedi or Wookie would have been nice.
  5. mon-o-mat

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    You know what I think is weird when seeing that big cars? That the Harvester is really small, while in reallity those things are usually just small enough to be allowed to drive on public roads.
  6. mon-o-mat

    Anyone want to talk about the Mars Mission Sets?

    I actually like the colors. I don't know why, but the idea of a massive white vehilce standing in the red dust of mars is somehow appealing to me. Most of the later vehicles are quite good, but I dislike most of the first wave. But the aliens where kinda boring and most of their vehicles were to similiar. What I noticed is that basically all the visors are ugly now, because the gold color is wearing of. Some Moc I created a while ago with LDD:
  7. You mean like Mars Mission? But with less fighting against aliens? Btw, Did TLC actually expect that Power Miners would be so succesfull? Because I have the feeling it is one of those theme complexes, marketing doesn't really like.
  8. Don't forget the new helmets from City. They would be ideal to bring more variety to the minifigs.
  9. Definitley. I mean, which boy doesn't like big maschines(Note: This may not be true for all boys, while being true for some girls too). But with a better setting and minifigs than PM please.
  10. Sorry for the necro, but I have to say, now, that the Power Miners theme is nearly as old as Rock Raiders was when it came out, that I still have to agree with the OP. RR is more iconic, has better minifigs but PM is overall better. Ok, maybe excpet the third wave.
  11. mon-o-mat

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Playmobil generally has longer living products since they have to make new modls for every single set they create, meaning that when one ship is phased out another comes in, mainly because they improved the design. On the other hand, Playmobil is much more figure-centered than Lego. Most of the buildings are more like the sets of a theatre, where the story takes place in, but they aren't really great by themselves. Lego on the other hand has to give good builds.
  12. mon-o-mat

    Future Pirates Speculation

    What was the story behind the Islanders? I always understood it as Pirates trying to steal the natives treasures. But the islanders really were bad stereotypes in hindsight. Not because they mixed cultures, but because they mixed them in a bad and cheap way (In a film I would claim that somebody just took from the props department what he could find). I mean, Mayincatecs are still somehow accepted by most people and putting them in a fantasy unvierse on some islands that are visited by pirates shouldn't be much of a problem (Of course some people will complain, but some people will also complain about priates being to violent).
  13. mon-o-mat

    MOC Soldiers Outpost

    I like how many details you managed to have in this quite small build. Really good!
  14. Don't forget that many kids today are only-childs and even only-grandchilds. Their parents and grandparents have quite some money to spend for them on chrismas and birthday. But I too thinkt that shelf live is to short nowdays. I remember smaller shops that had sets for years, but know you don't even get the sets from last year sometimes.
  15. mon-o-mat

    [LDD]Various Fake Pirate Sets

    I added new pictures to the original post.