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  1. Mencot

    [MOC] Blue Coats LcA

    Alright, that looks really good.
  2. As I commented on Classic-pirates facebook group. This is a really great build and diodrama. You have really paid attention to details when building this. The cobblestone, the stairs, the fountain, the yellow and white building and all the details on it. There are some really great part usage here. And that you fitted a nice interior that makes sence, inside the building is very nice. Great work, looking forwards to your next build.
  3. Mencot

    [MOC] Blue Coats LcA

    Great build. Like it that you have made an effort on making the walls different with variation and details. Very good, keep up the good work. What parts did you use for the cobblestone?
  4. Considering it has about 1700 votes to go and if this pace keeps up it will reach 10000 sometimes in the summer, maybe july. An there is going to be a few review stages before the review where it will maybe be included... end of next year most likely. Hopefuly Lego would think just like this.
  5. Mencot

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    Ah, I understand. That is reasonable to keep in store for the future to resell. Altough right now, at that price the Barracuda bay is at, it is a great price per part set and it may be that I will get a second copy later on just for the parts because I ordered parts from Bricklink from 3 different sellers and I donยดt know but feels like that the price for parts on Bricklink has gone up since I last time bought parts a few years ago. Or am I wrong?
  6. Mencot

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    Maybe with some modding it will. If you have two sets of the Bay then in the "Moc my Bricks" youtube video that was posted here a few posts up, has a crane build. Around 8:50 into the video you can see how he builds it.
  7. Mencot

    [Flickr Find] Pirate Rock by David Frank

    Guess so and it seems Louie hasn't been online for awhile.
  8. Mencot

    [Flickr Find] Pirate Rock by David Frank

    This is an totally awesome piratebuild by "Fraslund" so it should have the images of it here on Eurobricks also. Donยดt know why Louie to removed the images? @Louie le Brickvalier
  9. Saw the images on Brickset and now read the Brothers brick review. Pass also for me. Nice parts and the captain torso looks great but naa, maybe later if I can find it on sale I will buy it for parts and the pirates. But I am happy the Lego is making Pirate sets, that is a great thing.
  10. Mencot

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    Sorry about that. But he has some really great executions on the mod. I am also going to "borrow" some of them and mod something extra to the set with extra parts we bought of Bricklink.
  11. Mencot

    [MOC] "St. Patricks Outpost" by Atte

    This is an awesome creation, thanks for the share Phes. I made a quick comment on Classic-Pirates Facebook page but I can make longer here. Really like the details he has made on the outpost itself, it is not too much, just right amount. An overall on the whole mocs, we can see that he has concentrated on the details. Great work from him, have to check out his other moc on his Flickr account.
  12. Mencot

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    "MOCYOURBRICKs" has shared a cool modification on the set on his Youtube channel. That is if you have time for watching an half hour video... I just speed clicked it to the end to see the finished model.
  13. Mencot

    [WIP] HMS Interceptor

    Looks good. The yellow frame looks better imo.
  14. This one is really cool, motorized Lego pirateship. Have never thought about something like that. The ship and how everything works is just awesome also. Great job and keep up the good work and creations like this. Supported it.
  15. Mencot

    [MOC] Lagoon Lock-Up Remake

    This is an amazing remake of the set. Great job. Looking forwards to seeing more awesome pirate mocs from you.
  16. Mencot

    Celtic girl

    That is astonishing The size... whoa. How long did it take to make it the first time?
  17. Mencot

    [MOC] Huge Rogue Shadow with full interior!

    Whoa, awesome ship, canยดt just go by and not comment on this one. That size and detail is just amazing and that it has an interior that actually looks good is even better. Great work, you can feel proud. Congrats on frontpaged.
  18. Really nice build. Like it how you have made that lush jungle look. And the ruined tower is simple but perfect in detail and the crack and bend of the top part that makes it look like it will fall off at any moment. Great job.
  19. Mencot

    lego ideas [LEGO IDEAS] Spanish Galleon Warship

    No, I don`t think that also but as @Brickander Brickumnus stated if these votes and interest in Pirates theme would span them to actually consider making Pirate sets that would be great. Unfortunately, I think that even if the Caribbean clipper redux will hit the 10000 it wont be approved. But hopefuly it will get reviewed atleast. But fingers crossed that this is actually what Lego wants and wants to make.
  20. Mencot

    lego ideas [LEGO IDEAS] Spanish Galleon Warship

    Agree, it is again an fantastic model. I supported it yesterday and published it on my own FB page but didnยดt on Classic-pirates. Afterall I like the CC more and hope Lego will approve, consider and make it as a set. But more ideas like this, the better because it gives Lego idea of that there are fans of pirates/soliders and the theme in whole. Will do it in the next few hours. @Paradosis Pirates enjoy a smaller fanbase, like Castle theme also and maybe is looked upon with a more childish look by buyers and ignored by buyers that buy for a little older child. And maybe Lego has then designed and aimed the themes and sets for younger audience. That would explain the look of the sets that we have gotten at times. But it was great to see that Lego at times recognize our calls and gives us sets that are aimed for bigger children and AFOLs.
  21. Barracuda bay:pir-laugh:

  22. Those are some nice pieces for use in pirates/islanders mocs. The other sets in the theme also as nice and useful pieces and the sets a rather small so that is a good thing to horde them. Too bad some of these are discontinued already. Love it that these are useful without modification for Tiki islanders. Tikilove. Btw why didnยดt you include this into this topic: Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?
  23. Mencot

    [MOC/Figures] Captain Ironhook

    Really like it, captain Ironhook was on of favorite pirate minifigs. You have really captured the classic feeling of the crew but bringing it to this day. Ironhook is spot on. Great job.
  24. Mencot

    [MOC] Indiana Jones Pirate Ship

    Cool. I have played the game but never really bothered to play and collect the secrets in it. So I never knew about this. Thanks for the share and really nice rebuild as a real Lego ship.