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  1. The lack of feedback makes me question its legitimacy. I personally wouldn't do it without a return policy/pics of the contents, but for $20 I guess it's worth a shot. Let us know how it turns out
  2. Heroica RPG General Discussion

    I know I've been quiet, but I'm still around and up for anything you've got to throw at us.
  3. Updating Your Minifigs

    Those are some nice figs! I did the same thing to my Han Solo Now that TLJ sets are out, anyone have good ideas for some of those figures? I'm looking to give Captain Poe Dameron some leg printing but I can't figure out what to use. Any suggestions?
  4. Lego Marvel Superheroes 2

    Looks more like Kang than Thanos to me, though I'm sure we'll see the latter in the game. I forgot which franchise we were dealing with and thought it was Brainiac at first I'm very excited for this! A little surprising since it seems like Avengers was relatively recent (even though that's already over a year old).
  5. Updating Your Minifigs

    It's from the Lone Ranger sets. It's an officer from the train set (can't remember his name). Definitely a face I'll be trying out
  6. OoC: All I would like is final stats Thanks for hosting Zeph! Althior accepts the payment. "You drag me back here and I'll be sure to put him in the ground, permanently,"
  7. Althior crosses his arms. "Some batshit crazy, anti-establishment fire mage was interrupting your shipments. He's dead now,"
  8. "It's something of the times I guess. These newer recruits still think that were anything but mercs on a job. But those of us who have been here a while know the truth," he states, heals-heartedly. "Hel, when we were at Bric'Bay all those years ago I was just like them, thinking I was going to stop a war. Just another job..."
  9. Althior rolls his eyes. "I can tell you're pissed at the harlot, Anavar, but don't try and megabluck me out of a room." he throws his share of gold on the counter. "Just get me my own room, Justin,"
  10. Althior: Ruby, Potion, Tonic Heckz: Eyes, Venom x2, Fire Bomb Annienal: Pongcanis Charms, Phoenix Essence, Venom, Fire Bomb Darksten: Smokebomb, Venom, Ruby, Fire Bomb x2 Siercon: Black Knights Shield, Venom, Fire Bomb x2
  11. Althior steps back, his work done. "Anyone have any loot preferences?" he asks, simply.
  12. OoC: Cursed? Althior sends two water spells at Filip from the back row. Same Battle Order.
  13. Althior heals himself with the Boon Rod, then casts water on Filip with his scepter from the back row. Repeat Battle Order.
  14. Althior cats water spells with his scepter from the back row at Firefly B, and takes a nostrum. Largus uses Darkstens Neptune bomb. Same Battle Order.