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    Bob's Imperial Officers Mafia
    Capitan Jellico (traitor tracker)-killed Day 2, Lost.

    Kintober's Mad Monster Mansion (Mafia School)
    Bride of Dracula (scum goon)-survived, Day 4, Won.

    Mediumsnowman's Trial By Jury Mafia
    Stephanie Diaz, College Student (vanilla town)-Lynched Day 5, Lost.

    Mediumsnowman's SHIELD vs. HYDRA Mafia
    Fury Executive Margaret Corrigon (HYDRA Godfather)-killed, conclusion by town Vig,Lost

    Dragonfire's Kingdoms Mafia
    Sir Eustace Almoner, King's Advisor(vanilla town)-Killed Conclusion, Lost

    JJP and DDL's The Second Crash Mafia
    Lead Soprano Molly Tolbert (Blocker)- Survived Day 8, Won

    DLL and JJP'S Blacktron Mafia
    Space Marine Valdez Rodriquez (Town Blocker) - Killed Day 2, Lost

    TinyPiesRUS' Ragnarok 3 Mafia
    Warrior Princess Laugna (Town Shapeshifter/Deputy) - Killed Day 7, Won

    Bob's Main Street Mafia
    Gregory McHenry (town investigator) - Survived Day 4, Won

    Def's Cosplay Mafia II: Pelly's Paradise
    Cosplay Captain Jack Sparrow (rotating roles) - Killed Day 2, Won

    Walter Kovac's Unrest In The Forest Mafia
    Catarina Dogwood (Garden Variety Oak) - Lynched Day 2- Lost

    Tamamono's Party Lines Mafia
    Addie Tremain (Octan Lobbyist)-Survived Day 7, Won

    Speedy's The Cosplay Party Mafia
    Cosplay Luke Skywalker (vanilla town)-Killed Day 4, Won

    Jamesn's Red Menece Mafia
    Adrienne Walton (Soviet Spy-cop/usper)- Killed Day 1, Lost (due to Godfather still alive at end of game)

    Tamamono's Mafia Sunset
    Alan Vaughan (Malone Hitman) - Survived Day 4, Won

    Bob,s Excalibur Mafia School
    Fred Rhodes (Loyalist Investgator) - Shot Day 2, Won

    Sadly Missed Games:

    DarkDragon's Scooby-Doo Mafia: All Fired Up!

    JackJonespaw;s The Convention Mafia

    Bob's Secret Enemies Mafia

    KotZ and DarkDragon's BRICKYWOOD: Scum in La La Land Mafia


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  1. Thank you for hosting a great game Kintobor! Congratulations to Town for the win.
  2. Ok, so for the record I do have a PR. I haven't wanted to bring attention to it but I was given the Universal Backup yesterday. So last night I investigated the clown and the result was scum. Do what you will with it. FyI, @fhomess, @StickFig, @Bob, your choice. And your loss for making a bad call.
  3. Ok, thank you for clarifying. I do still find Superman very suspicious; the Joker however has been under the radar the whole game without contributing anything of substance. Could it just be he is new, of course; but in past time travels I have seen new scum fly under the radar the whole game looking townie and innocent when in reality it was the opposite. The Joker has come under suspicion the whole game from many players and yet always manages to escape closer scrutiny. If you decided that Superman was more scummy then I would switch my vote; either is fine with me today.
  4. Or I am town and don't want to see the scum win; no town wants to get lynched. My suspicions of the Joker have not evaporated; I voted for him. At the point when you think I should have cast a vote and made a case, the conversation was not there. Yes, right now it is about lynching me, however, it is still conversation; where there was none before.
  5. Ok so here is what I have found on the Joker for just today. When asked to restate his reasons for his vote he ends up saying everyone who voted Sattler was dead; obviously you are still alive and if you look back in your experience, when has a voting pattern from day 1 where everyone died (or almost everyone) actually lead to a scum. This was a first for me, I have not seen that before, so I would not have considered it a solid reason for a vote. Then he mentions that Superman joining on the vote now is town. This made me think he has knowledge that Superman is town; hence scum have that knowledge. To claim to be looking at my voting patters and then not provide them to support his point here; just casting suspicion on me. I could/and will if wanted, show that no I don't vote early; as has been pointed out, I have been mostly less active up until yesterday. My vote has always been cast late; however I do take the time to provide a case behind my vote rather than just showing up and voting without providing any reasons. Why don't you actually go look at my voting record and give your ideas on it. Experience is gained by taking the time to look at it yourself. Fluffy ??? Casting the first vote, and starting the bandwagon against me. How will this look tomorrow then? I haven't been accusing yet, simply asking questions. And no I am not looking for a wagon to jump on; I have gotten burned too many times in the past for the 'revenge voting' so I waited for more conversation to get going before building my case, making my point, and casting my vote. I asked you about your thoughts on the Joker because it seemed like you deliberately left him out of those you found suspicious. An oversight, possibly or not wanting to draw attention to him is also possible. He only cast the third vote on Ellie due to using the newbie to fly under the radar and appear townie today so as to go unnoticed. Without active conversation going on, there is no way to get a feel of who may be more scummy than who. With only five of us left we have to be careful today; more conversation today could help with tomorrow depending on if it is 2 or 1 scum left. My opinion is that the Joker is at least one of the scum left. Above reasons and the fact that three of us would have looked more closely at Barbossa today and agree that it was a strange choice for a scum kill last night. Vote: The Joker (Asphalt)
  6. If you really wanted to lynch scum then you would also be looking at all the others as well. But you seem focused on me only. Asking my to give you a reason why you shouldn't lynch me and calling me out for what you consider a late vote (which I stated I would change at any time) is not scummy. If I had been asked to switch my vote, I would have. If I had been the one to hammer the vote and Superman to switch after that, then you still would have targeted me today. Also I thought, as others had, that Barbossa was acting scummy, I never attempted to lynch a townie because we didn't know till this morning that Barbossa was town. Again, you are reaching for straws in an attempt to lynch me while not even looking at any of the others. If you think you have evidence against me then present it.
  7. Really? Where in the above post exactly are you calling my out as scum? Where is your evidence? What you are stating is that Bob is now town based on yesterday and you want to lynch me today based off my (late according to you) vote for Ellie. I really feel like you are reaching for straws here. Why are you so desperate to lynch me?
  8. Go back and look at my post, you didn't start it, the Joker did. He made the first vote 2hrs before yours. I did look at what you have posted; it really amounts to nothing. That is why I asked.
  9. See below. Normally I fine with being suspected; most times in my time travels something is wrong if I am not considered scummy by at least a couple of people; but really? No reasons or case build up, seems you are just jumping a bandwagon here. If you find me the best choice then state why. Correct on your first part. I also agree with the odd choice of scum kill on Barbossa; since I still found him suspicious enough that I would have looked closer at him today. I do question you as to why you are accepting the Joker as townie now? You left him off your list of suspects. I get the miller claim is probably true; but why only Superman and myself as possible votes for today?
  10. Really? So Superman votes to suddenly seal the lynch with very little reason given and he is now confirmed town? I didn't vote late, as I had stated I would vote how the town wanted and so I did. Your fine getting rid of the Joker, reason? I understand your reasoning behind the vig possibly not being around; however, why do you find it unlikely that the blocker is still alive? Interesting that due to Superman joining on the Sattler vote (with very little reasoning given) that you state your suspicions of him are set aside. Yet you imply that only leaves me; however, I gave ample reasons for Sattler to be lynched (along with saying I would go with the town choice) and you suspect me? Strange. Sounds like you are trying to throw off suspicion from a buddy. I do find it curious that both Hera and the Joker are both ready to accept Superman as verified townie based on how he voted yesterday. I would like Chell's thoughts on this. So in my past time travels it was considered very suspicious not to vote the towns choice; even after the lynch was sealed. And now it is suspicious to vote the way town wants even after the lynch is sealed? Damed if you do and damed if you don't. I stand by my thoughts from yesterday; I found Barbossa and Ellie scummy; while at the time I would have preferred Barbossa I was fine with the Ellie lynch. To clarify; I never came out against you for voting for Sattler; I merely asked you why?
  11. Thank you for addressing my concerns. I haven't addressed the case against Ellie for two reasons. The first is that I really find Barbossa far more suspicious which is why I placed my vote there. Ellie has just been my second choice, however, I never had a problem voting for Ellie if that is the direction of town. Her most concerning post today is given below. I find this concerning due to the fact that she states the lynch being pursed by Superman as highly illogical and then gives a good townie read on Barbossa. Like she is trying to save Barbossa from a lynch, or even trying to distance herself from Superman. So yes, I do believe the case against her. This then leads the questions of who is she trying to protect if flipped scum tomorrow, Barbossa or Superman (or even both)? A reason would be appreciated, I would like to hear what you have to say. I have given my reasons above so: Uvote: Hector Barbossa (Khscarymovie4) Vote: Ellie Sattler (LegoMonorailFan) However, I do want a closer look taken tomorrow at Barbossa. I still feel he is one of the scummy.
  12. What bothers me the most is that you left out that there are two votes on Ellie; yours and Hera. You assume then that we buy into that both of you are town; without knowledge of you being cleared as town, then you could be scum trying to direct the lynching of townie today. Yes, I am inclined to believe the Miller claim and therefore Hera would be town; but it is still possible for her to be a third-party or even scum. Why do you think 2 scum would vote together on one person; this seems too obvious and would be noticed. I would disagree and think they would split their votes; and if we do have three, then I would think there would be one one each. Also three scum and one neutral seems a bit much for a game that started with 14 players. While I do agree that we could have 3 and not 4 scum, with 2 being preferable, your statement that you happen to think there is 3 scum left seems like you know it to be true. I find this disturbing. I never refused to switch to Ellie; if that is towns choice then so be it, I will switch. This is the second time you have put words into my statements to mean something other than what I have said; a scum tactic I have seen in the past. Hector Barbossa (Khscarymovie4) 2 Votes- (Bob, Lady K) Superman (Bob) 1 Vote- (Khscarymovie4, LegoMonorailFan) Ellie Sattler (LegoMonorailFan) 2 Votes (Stickfig, fhomess,Asphalt)
  13. Ok; understandable. I do question why you were so quick to judge me. And it is a concerning point. I am not. The only way to know I am 100% town is for the investigator to clear me. I did add in that Rider Raider came in on the seventh vote; did you not take time to read my entire post? See below. I already stated I do believe that there is at least one scum on that bandwagon; again in my past experience this late in days in the game, scum have tried to appear more townie by not joining a bandwagon and then the next day claim 'hey I didn't vote for the townie, I voted someone else'. I was merely questioning the why of both you and the miller. For my take on the voting patterns: I do agree it looks really disturbing that everyone with the exception of Chell, who voted for Ellie on Day 1 have been killed and revealed as townie. While it is just day 1, and of those who voted, two were killed last night. One was scum and the other was either the vig or third-party. It could be then viewed as a set up for today to make Ellie look like scum, or Ellie could scum. But it seems too obvious, since it was on Day 1 when every thing is just a guess. The only one still alive is Chell, who voted for Doc Brown the day before Doc Brown is killed. This also could be viewed both ways, worth noting. What is standing out to me is that Barbossa voted for Batgirl day 1 (who ended up dead last night), was third vote (nice hiding place) for day 2 and day 3 and then was first on the lynch for Oroku. When looking at Day 2 he was back to back votes with Mad-eye Moody and then on day 3 voted again 3rd but for Mad-eye. With an investigative result against Moody, he would have to vote out a team mate to appear townie. Moody voted for Oroku then Barbossa set up the lynch and pushed for it on Day Four. This appears like team work to me; could I be wrong, of course. It is, however, concerning. So I will vote: Hector Barbossa (Khscarymovie4)
  14. How am I trying to avoid having others look at the bandwagon on Oroku when I posted this below and posted all the voting patterns so far with scum in red and loyal town in green? Anyone can see who voted for whom and the bandwagons that followed. Yes, I wanted to know why you left your vote; and no I would not have called you out for bandwagon since it was the town's preferred choice this late in our game. I have seen many times in the past the scum pull this exact same move to appear more townie. I clearly state here that there is at least one scum on the Oroku bandwagon; how is this avoiding having anyone notice the bandwagon votes? Correct, as I stated earlier my time travels/party going cosplaying (RL) took over. For the recored, I have been playing like this for the last few games. To me its more fun to try and stay in character with the game and to say 'loyal cosplayer' vs town or townie. After all we are supposed to be locked in a crazy hotel with cold pizza, warm sodas, and a murderer running around the halls at night. Have fun with it. As to who to vote for; I am still looking at past voting and the exchanges of conversation going on today; it is really feeling like the scum are successfully dividing us.
  15. Who voted for me? What a weird thing to say, care to explain? The ACTUAL Final Vote Count for Day One: Hera Syndulla (Stickfig): 3 Votes (Foreman, LegoMonorailFan, mostlytechnic) Wonder Woman (Forresto): 1 Vote (KotZ) Superman (Bob): 1 Vote (Asphalt) Batgirl (Tariq j): 1 Vote (Khscarymovie4) Ellie Sattler (LegoMonorailFan): 5 Votes (Rider Raider, jluck, fhomess, Tariq j, Forresto) Legolas Twinleaf (jluck): 2 Votes (Stickfig, Bob) Mad-Eye Moody (mostlytechnic): 1 Vote (Lady K) Day 2: Current Vote Count: Wonder Woman (Forresto), 1 Votes (Foreman) Mad-Eye Moody (Mostly-Technic), 1 Vote (Asphalt) Finn (Foreman), 11 Votes (Forresto, KotZ, Khscarymovie4, mostly-technic, fhomess, Tariq j, Rider Raider, Stickfig, Bob, LegoMonorailFan, Lady K) Day 3; Final Vote Count for Day Three: Mad-Eye Moody (MostlyTechnic) 11 Votes- (Forresto, KotZ, fhomess, Khscarymovie4, Stickfig, LegoMonorailfan, Rider Raider, Tariq j, Asphalt, Bob, Lady K) Oruku Kiray (KotZ) 1 Vote- (MostlyTechnic) Day 4: Current Vote Count: Oroku Kirai (KotZ) 6 Votes (Khscarymovie4, Bob, Legomonorailfan, Tariq j, Lady K, Asphalt) Doc Brown (Rider Raider) 1 Vote (fhomess) Superman (Bob) 1 Vote (Stickfig) Hector Barbossa (Khscarymovie4) 1 Vote (KotZ) Then Rider Raider rolls in with just a few minutes left to add his vote to Oroku; making the total to seven. I have tried to show who we know is town and scum.