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    Sir Eustace Almoner, King's Advisor(vanilla town)-Killed Conclusion, Lost

    JJP and DDL's The Second Crash Mafia
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    Warrior Princess Laugna (Town Shapeshifter/Deputy) - Killed Day 7, Won

    Bob's Main Street Mafia
    Gregory McHenry (town investigator) - Survived Day 4, Won

    Def's Cosplay Mafia II: Pelly's Paradise
    Cosplay Captain Jack Sparrow (rotating roles) - Killed Day 2, Won

    Walter Kovac's Unrest In The Forest Mafia
    Catarina Dogwood (Garden Variety Oak) - Lynched Day 2- Lost

    Tamamono's Party Lines Mafia
    Addie Tremain (Octan Lobbyist)-Survived Day 7, Won

    Speedy's The Cosplay Party Mafia
    Cosplay Luke Skywalker (vanilla town)-Killed Day 4, Won

    Jamesn's Red Menece Mafia
    Adrienne Walton (Soviet Spy-cop/usper)- Killed Day 1, Lost (due to Godfather still alive at end of game)

    Tamamono's Mafia Sunset
    Alan Vaughan (Malone Hitman) - Survived Day 4, Won

    Bob,s Excalibur Mafia School
    Fred Rhodes (Loyalist Investgator) - Shot Day 2, Won

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    DarkDragon's Scooby-Doo Mafia: All Fired Up!

    JackJonespaw;s The Convention Mafia

    Bob's Secret Enemies Mafia

    KotZ and DarkDragon's BRICKYWOOD: Scum in La La Land Mafia


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  1. Actually I was blocked night one. My plan was definitely to claim tracker if the lynch had turned my way. Then I would use the truth that I was blocked on my night one action hoping the blocker would then be convinced of my townie role. Alas, my suspected scumminess got me taken out.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I'll be on the lookout for the next game. ..... and the game after that.....and the one after that.......
  3. Congratulations to the town on the win. Thanks Bob for hosting; l look forward to more (and the Elves Mafia as well).
  4. I wasn't referring just to you, but more so to the others that seem to have no basis for voting for me other than jumping on the 'me somehow being defensive'. This early on in the meeting, I understand if some find me un-trustworthy, it happens every single meeting I attend; I just prefer actual post quotes from me for proof of the suspicions against me. Know one knows whos who at this point except the traitors.
  5. I would think tomorrow we should take a closer look at those who jumped on votes already started without giving new thoughts or comments.
  6. True, but which one? There have been valid points made for all the suspects of today, even one on the vote for me those voting either believe it or just wanted on what they thought would be the fast bandwagon of the day. Many of us officers have witnessed what happens with a no lynch day 2. Day 3 won't be any better. I agree about Ozzel being scummy, but Piett is more so to me. And we do still have one non voting.
  7. I do believe that given the activity level of Piett and the statements about traitors being active does make him more suspicious than Ozzel. I agree about keeping an eye on Ozzel, maybe re-visiting this tomorrow. Could Piett be traitor and be active, yes, could he be acting scummy and be loyal, again yes. Adm Piett is still our best choice for today.
  8. Simple, in your words above your actions have been trying to find a lynch option, if I understand you correctly this sounds like you want a lynch more than the correct lynch. This type of thought makes bandwagons quickly and puts loyal officers at risk while the traitors sit back and join said bandwagon. What I pointed out was that you are jumping on what others are claiming while refusing to back up you points against me with the actual quote from me; because you don't have time? Might you be one of those active traitors you claim you looking for? Could we have a proper vote update and time left update please?
  9. I would like to add some thoughts to this as Tarkin has brought up some good points. Ozzel: is behaving similar to how some of us have seen when we have crewed with him before on various missions. He did state that he would be attending Imperial Officer Promotion University classes like many of us are, myself included. To achieve a better position in the Officers Corp we have to advance through studies, however we still have meetings to attend to as we are currently together to find the traitors. Daala: while I still find some things suspicious and she isn't exactly being helpful to the situation, this could be attributed to still being newer to our crew than most here. One thing she brought up that has been bugging me since day 1 is Adm Pietts behavior. Piett: while I do agree that there have some active traitors on past crews I have served on; I have seen situations where both traitors have lead the loyals to their graves and where they have sat back so quiet and coasted through daily meeting after meeting till the end when their whole team were revealed. However, his back and forth statements and refusal to respond to my questions and then to turn around and demand of someone else to prove where he said what is hypocritical. This point in itself now makes him the most scummy looking to me. I would also like to add that as soon as the first vote came off Adm. Motti he removed his vote very quickly to jump to the bandwagon on me with only echoing of others thoughts. Jellico: ok so for myself, I have politely (and non defensively) asked for others to clarify where and why they think I said something I did not. And yet most have cast votes for me because other have found me defensive? Please, explain how asking others to show where I said what I did is defensive. As for me I wil change my vote to Adm. Piett who makes a far better choice for todays lynch. I still plan to keep an eye on Ozzel and Daala. Unvote: Admiral Daala (Rider Raider) Vote: Admiral Piett (Sandy) Adm Piett, care to be more specific and respond now? So here is the update on the votes: Ozzel (Actor Builder): mostlytechnic, KotZ, Forresto Admiral Motti (mostlytechnic): mediumsnowman, Sandy Admiral Piett (Sandy): LegoMonorailFan, Rider Radar, Lady K Admiral Daala (Rider Raider): Khscarymovie4, Actor Builder, Lady K, mediumsnowman Admiral Yularen (KotZ): fhomess Captain Jellico (Lady K): Peanuts, Sandy, fhomess, Lady K, Khscarymovie4 Non Voting: Rider Raider, Tariq j, LegoRacer1 jluck Ok so I am not voting for myself. Here is the correct update: Ozzel (Actor Builder): mostlytechnic, KotZ, Forresto Admiral Motti (mostlytechnic): mediumsnowman, Sandy Admiral Piett (Sandy): LegoMonorailFan, Rider Radar, Lady K Admiral Daala (Rider Raider): Khscarymovie4, Actor Builder, Lady K, mediumsnowman Admiral Yularen (KotZ): fhomess Captain Jellico (Lady K): Peanuts, Sandy, fhomess, Tariq J, Khscarymovie4 Non Voting: Rider Raider, Tariq j, LegoRacer1 jluck
  10. Lady K

    Lester's Big Adventure Voting

    9 - 2 12 - 1
  11. Here are the votes so far: Ozzel (Actor Builder): mostlytechnic, KotZ, Forresto Admiral Motti (mostlytechnic): mediumsnowman, Sandy Admiral Piett (Sandy): LegoMonorailFan Admiral Daala (Rider Raider): Khscarymovie4, Actor Builder, Lady K Admiral Yularen (KotZ): fhomess Captain Jellico (Lady K): Peanuts Non Voting: Rider Raider, Tariq j, LegoRacer1 jluck This is starting to look like Day 1 We need a lynch. While I find Adm Daala more suspicious than Ozzel, these are the top two choices. Adm Motti has two votes and the rest have one vote. And four haven't cast an initial vote yet. Eight votes are needed for a lynch and we are about 28hrs into voting. Thoughts? We need to work together to out the traitors to present them to Lord Vader.
  12. True there was some discussion, later on. I think the point here is how Adm. Piett indirectly questions they types or roles/meeting mechanics so early on and especially on Day 1. I can see how it would look suspicious; it isn't something a loyal Officer has done in previous recent meetings some of us have attended. Interesting, I politely ask you to explain where what I have said what was suspicious to you earlier and you ignore me and don't both answering and yet you respond to Capt. Fenton's post. Which he does in fact include where I asked for clarification. You accuse me of being suspicious yet won't provide the post where I have stated what you have accused me of? Also you say you stand by your earlier vote, yet are willing to change to be if others agree I am a viable lynch option because your vote doesn't seem to be catching wind? This smacks of trying to get a bandwagon going and when it fails wanting to jump on one. Not taking out of context, just wanting clarification. While I do agree with you on not lynching active officers; unless there is a good reason to do so, I still find it curious that you would point out someone for not being active when you yourself aren't being active. Correct, that was what I meant. If you really feel that I am a stronger lynch case for today then give other thoughts as to why. I didn't call out others for not voting; I called out others to talk before I cast a vote. If you would have preferred me to have named names then I could have; I just choose not to.
  13. 1st post of Day 1 Discussion was already going at this point. If you find discussion is most useful, why didn't you join in? The first vote is cast for our now departed Director. And the reason given is to start discussion; which in itself is fine, except that she never really joined the discussion she was trying to initiate. All of us had been talking randomly, fluff, to get discussion going. Yet the first vote of the day is started by you to generate discussion which you never joined after the fact and when question on your vote you then quickly unvote someone who ends up dead night 1. Then to vote because she has to, which is fine, she votes Adm Piett who had just been voted for by the Director. But the reason then given for the vote is what I found odd and why I cast my vote for Adm. Daala yesterday. My vote from yesterday. She replied to my questioning of her reason for voting which I felt was off. Yes dead loyal Imperial Officers can be wrong, but in my past service on other ships traitors have been caught and it turned out those loyal have been killed for a reason. I don't discount any loyal death and look for what they may have stumbled on. Also, why did you feel that Dellus vote was a ridiculous push to lynch Motti? This statement also seems off to me. Her first comment of the Day 2 comes well after the day had started and conversation was already going; and also after voting was open. How is this helpful to finding the traitors amongst us and obtaining a lynch today? I agree with this. Ok, so you have votes against you that you don't even try to address and then you just vote Adm Daala without reason? And your being far more active than Ozzel? What are you doing to help? And do you feel we need a lynch today vs not one on day 1? Something seemed off to me yesterday and has become more so today. Adm. Daala has mentioned the importance of discussion, yet fails to actually join in. She is showing up just enough to agree or make an off hand comment and then doesn't bother to say more. This is flying under the radar and needs to be addressed. Vote: Admiral Daala (Rider Raider) Lord Vader insists we succeed today. While Ozzel is currently on my suspicion list, Adm Daala is at the top. Thoughts?
  14. Who is saying that you are to blame? And please do point out where I was against a lynch yesterday? I was all for it; and even commented about how it wasn't going to happen unless we worked together. In the end I voted for one of the choices who stood out the most to me. A little worried about your own life based on experience when there are others of us who are loyal and have experience as well. We did. However, I was pointing out that my assumption was that she would be active vs passive today. How is it off? I point out with that many choices we would not get a lynch; I was for a lynch. And when I did cast my vote it was for who stood out the most of the choices already there; my vote didn't add to more choices as you state above. Admiral Daala had already been voted for you; and then you voted for Captain Fenton after my vote for Admiral Daala. It wasn't until later that you realized you hadn't unvoted Daala before voting Fenton; which you did correct. This is suspicious that you would change your vote after I added my vote to the same person and then the next day claim my vote added to the already long list of choices; when you had voted first for Adm. Daala. Please do show where I steered us away from a lynch. Please do show where I was non helpful and just agreeing with the consensus. It was Day 1, I was for a lynch, and the main topics of conversation were; Vulcans, mechanics of the meeting to find the traitors, and whether or not we should have a lynch at all. Not exactly the best topics to contribute to, but at least we were talking. Everyone kept adding choices to the potential lynch choices and really no one was working together to get a successful result, which I kept pointing out. This is what the traitors want, us divided and not willing to work together to get a result. I tried; and frankly the two choices with three votes each just didn't stand out as much as Adm. Daala did.
  15. We need to focus more on who should be brought before Lord Vader today rather than who might be a target for tonight; especially if we fail and choose the wrong officer, Lord Vader will not look kindly on that. I believe both her experience and activity put her at risk. In the past when I have served with her before, she actively spoke out and asked question, drew conclusions and made good observations. She will be sadly missed. Even though she was with us only a day; her thoughts from yesterday should be looked at.