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  1. Best post yet! Well, the whole day has passed, we are at the end of voting, and I was starting a lynch on you to get you to talk. At this time its best for you to read the Day 3 and vote. We only have a short amount of time let.
  2. We only have a few hours left and need a solid decision. Ok, based on this and a need for a lynch today; a no-lynch is a bad idea for Day 3 so my thoughts are to change over to Mutant Fly. Why? Based on my own suspicions, plus others have voiced suspicions with his quick bandwagoning; and he did add his vote after mine rather quick to Frankensteins Rocker. We need 5 votes for a lynch. I'm really not solidly sold on any of the choices; each one has suspicious behavior, but everyone seems to stopped talking and that is disastrous to town. If Frankenstein Rocker doesn't show up then it is his second offense and we will have wasted our votes. So: Unvote: Frankenstein's Rocker (Legoracer1) Vote: Mutant Fly (Steamdemon) Comments? Thoughts? I can't carry the whole town conversation by myself. True, but what if he isn't just a new townie but a new scum and keeping up a distraction from other scum? I agree about Swamp Creature on some levels, but he has gone pretty quiet now too so I don't have anything solid to go on. The only thing I see is that more have voiced suspicions over Mutant Fly than the Swamp Creature so we would be more likely to get a lynch vs a split vote. Also you are contributing; but the Mummy hasn't said very much. He seems to just be sticking to you.
  3. According to the rules for our party in this old and creepy house...yes, a second violation will result in a mod kill. However, if he does show up with only one post to cast a vote then he won't be mod killed. So we then are at a second touch decision: Do we lynch and if so then who? I agree to go all out. Lets vote a lynch for Day 3 vs no lynch; and who then? Mutant Fly seemed to be the next choice. I would agree with the exception that he could be scum; new scum and not sure how to hide properly, so he just disappears. So who would you lynch then? What are your thoughts on Mutant Fly?
  4. This is a difficult situation. Giving the PRs more time to work seems like a good idea and I am not even comfortable with any version of odds we have right now of town vs scum. I still think it is better to lynch on Day 3 then not lynch. How certain are we that we can block the scum kill? Probability says we will lose an innocent townie to the scum kill regardless of what we do for a lynch; then that is one less townie tomorrow. Yes, I know that we have so little to go on that we could lynch an innocent townie today, but what is the risk of keeping someone around who hasn't even contributed once on Day 3, (Frankenstein Rocker Dude.....) who might not even show up to vote...again. So I would be up for a Mutant Fly lynch if it is that or no lynch; I would prefer a Frankenstein Rocker lynch, at least the Fly is here. I noticed shortly after casting my vote that Franken Dude Rocker was near the party and didn't even bother to contribute, even it he was hiding in a different room (online, different topic). He could have had the decency to drop in a say a something. So I'm also up for a Frankenstein Rocker for today's lynch. Mutant Fly or Frankenstein Rocker lynch today.......Thoughts?
  5. I wish you had stated this from the beginning; it makes more sense than just a wasted vote which seemed uncaring for helping town. Your reasons for Swamp Creature make sense, however, you have only stated suspicion of one party goer, who else stands out in your mind? I think at this point a talking town with conversation on multiple suspects is better than a single person as we don't have a lot to go on. For me I would like to hear from Franken Dude so: Vote: Frankestein's Rocker (LegoRacer1)
  6. Ok, so I have given my thoughts on Zombie cheerleader for now, and to be honest Frankenstein is so quiet I hadn't noticed him missing. He really hasn't said much at all in three days, could be new and unsure or could be scum trying to hide in the shadows. Worth watching. So Franken Dude anything to say? Thoughts? Agreed, I hadn't even realized he has not joined us today. Thank you for your further explanation. This makes more sense to me. Unvote: The Werewolf (LegoMonorailFan)
  7. Ok, to your first quote: Yes and no; they could have been on different sides at the time she posted this; but your trying which is good. You need to look at all her posts to get a feeling on why you had a feeling she was town. Your second quote: Yes, I can explain it to you. At the time (Day 1, almost always a townie loss), instead of voicing initial thoughts on anyone or voting for gut feeling (hard to do Day 1, but better than a vote throw away) both Zombie Cheerleader and The Mummy decided to vote for each other instead. Ok, so they didn't agree wth the risk of a Day 1 lynch/loss of town which is fine but the way they casually threw away their votes really was unhelpful to town. Now later Gorgonzola stated that given that situation he didn't think both of them would be scum due to that behavior standing out, but he voiced the possibility of one of them being scum. He was curious about why I hadn't made more out of the miller claim being it was the Zombie Cheerleader who claimed it day 1. At the time I felt there wasn't much to make of it; only time would tell if it was true or a very bold scum move to avoid attention. As to Gorgonzola feeling I should have been more disturbed by how fast the bandwagon formed on Dracula, I would have been if it was not Day1. So to give you an example, I have called out The Werewolf with some suspicions and a vote; he has responded with thoughtful posting and states there will be more later today. I look forward to what he has to say. If say a bandwagon had then formed quickly on him after my call out vote today; then yes I would be very concerned. Scum will bandwagon to hide amongst the town. I hope this answered your questions.
  8. Correct. Those things all grouped together made you look more suspicious than Mutant Fly and Swamp Creature to me. Your reason for voting for Dracula was 'Hey if we are heading in that direction..' but you didn't give any additional thoughts of your own on the subject of Dracula as a lynch. So without that it made you look like your were just following the bandwagon like a good townie. While I was initially on Day 1 calling out Zombie Bride for her quick overly concern of the bandwagon on Day 1, I didn't really see anything new on Day 2 to make her suspicious enough to vote for. Your voting for her alone with the reason of Day 1 just made it seem as though you were trying to distance yourself from the Day 2 lynch like you knew he was town (only the scum know for sure who is town and who isn't). Then your response today with ' wow, I knew he was town' just added fuel to the fire. Could the mafia have taken advantage of you, sure, but why? If you aren't scum then why single you out like that? Unless, it was to make it look like you are more innocent townie than you are? Granted that seems a little complex, but I have seen complex things at parties before so I'm open to all possibilities. I'm willing to consider it as a possibility, but it just doesn't make sense to me at this point that you alone would be set up. I look forward to more thoughts from you today. At least my vote got you talking more. Possibly, but also possibly just new. I am waiting to hear more from him. Could be just a new reaction, could also be a scum ploy to distract the town. Maybe, maybe not. His further participation or lack there of, could indicate which direction his loyalties lie. Good. Now give your reasons. You find me suspicious enough to vote for, but why? Best way to help town is by voting, which you have done, then give reasons why and back up with posts. Your vote is a good start. To link just click the quote button and then post your responses all at once in this day's thread. I agree with this. Just remember that new can always be scum first game, as alignment is random. Good start. However, back up with evidence, post you think apply to this. Again, find posts that apply to why think she was town before the day ended.
  9. Vote: The Werewolf (LegoMonorailFan) For the reasons I gave above. I would really like to hear what Wolf Man has to say; as well as responses from the Mutant Fly and The Swamp Creature.
  10. And this is helpful how??? Sad we lost another townie last night and Gorgonzola turned up town; I'm sorry I really thought he was scummy. We have lost 5 of our own and only one scum has been taken out; not good odds. Today needs to be better for town to survive. While I would normally recommend caution to our town vig this early during the party; well done. Ok so for voting analysis we have: Day 1: Final Vote Count:Dracula (Rider Raider): 8 votes (Lady K, Lord Duvors, Forresto, KotZ, Steamdemon, LegoMonorailFan, Fhomess, Tariq j)Frankenstein's Monster (LegoRacer1): 1 votes (mediumsnowman)Swamp Creature (KotZ): 1 vote (Khscarymovie8)Zombie Groom (Forresto): 1 vote (Rider Raider)Zombie Cheerleader (jluck): 1 vote (Actor Builder)The Mummy (Actor Builder): 1 Votes (jluck)Non-voting: LegoRacer1 (Will begin Day 2 with a 5-vote Penalty for not voting) Day 2: Final Vote Count:Gorgonzola (fhomess): 8 votes (mediumsnowman, Lady K, Khscarymovie4, Actor Builder, Tariq j, Steamdemon, LegoRacer1, KotZ)Frankenstien's Rocker: 3 votes (Penalty, Penalty, Penalty)Zombie Bride (Khscarymovie4): 1 vote (LegoMonorailFan)Swamp Creature (KotZ): 1 vote (homes, jluck) My take on this so far is: We now know that Dr. Frankenstein was a scum. Notice how her vote was placed on the top choice for each days lynch. Day 1, the hammer; Day 2 in the middle. Good places for scum to hide while looking to support the town for a lynch. I agree that there is at least one other scum on those bandwagons. Now, I also agree with the thoughts on the Mutant Fly and Swamp Creature looking scummy, however, right now I am taking a closer look at the Wolf Man. Why....well take a look at the voting for day 1 and day 2. Day 1 he voted third from the end, a good place to hide; and in reviewing his reason...he didn't really have anything other than following other's reasons. Day 2 he alone voted for Zombie bride; now Day 1 she did seem overly concerned about the bandwagon forming quickly on Dracula, which at the time looked scummy but she was right in the end. And now she is no longer with us; what could she have said today that made her a target? Wolf man's reaction was that 'as he suspected, Gorgonzola was town'. How could he possible be so sure he was town? Scum know who is who, town doesn't. His comment along with the vote on Zombie Bride seem an attempt to look townie while at the same time the townie he voted for is killed in the night. Thoughts?
  11. Why not the other way around? You seem pretty sure of who killed who and why. Ok, no problem. But you still haven't answered my question of why you found it suspicious? It would be nice if you would restate or elaborate for us? Getting his attention, makes sense. This doesn't make sense. Your voting him because you think he loves guns??? Well, state your suspicions, give reasons of your own rather than relying on someone else. Ok, vote two for the mummy........ Makes sense. Reason given. I'm suspicious of his inside knowledge of the killings in addition to the weird vote. Um...anything else to say, you do have two votes against you. Thoughts? Suspicions? Good thoughts. I am interested in your thoughts though about the votes outside the bandwagon. And the fact that you and the mummy decided to waste votes on each other still bothers me... I have put our lost townies in green and my thoughts are below: Final Vote Count:Dracula (Rider Raider): 8 votes (Lady K, Lord Duvors, Forresto, KotZ, Steamdemon, LegoMonorailFan, Fhomess, Tariq j)Frankenstein's Monster (LegoRacer1): 1 votes (mediumsnowman)Swamp Creature (KotZ): 1 vote (Khscarymovie8)Zombie Groom (Forresto): 1 vote (Rider Raider)Zombie Cheerleader (jluck): 1 vote (Actor Builder)The Mummy (Actor Builder): 1 Votes (jluck)Non-voting: LegoRacer1 (Will begin Day 2 with a 5-vote Penalty for not voting)With 14 players left, it takes a majority of 8 votes to lynch someone. With a majority vote, Dracula (Rider Raider) is lynched. Night One has now begun. You have 48 to get night actions in. Ok, so I started the vote on Dracula based on him not contributing anything till after voting started. After previous lives I felt we needed to have a day 1 lynch (even knowing the high probability that it would be an innocent townie) to prevent a no lynch for day 2 and no progress day 3. Looking back now at those who joined in, we see that two innocent townies joined me quickly to get Dracula to talk. And while he did; he didn't really say anything to convince us to choose someone else. Five more joined in and in my past lives usually the scum like to hide in the middle to middle back area. Therefore I am more concerned with the sixth and seventh votes on a bandwagon. Sure scum could hide anywhere; but going with the 3-4 ratio then we have some on the bandwagon and at least one off; maybe even one on the bandwagon and two off. I am by no means discounting the others on the bandwagon. Looking more closely at the 'hey vote for each other pair', I think at least one of them is scummy; both would standout too much. So my top suspicions right now are The Mummy, Zombie Cheerleader, Gorgonzola, and The Wolf. Now I could be wrong about any of these; but time will tell. Ok so: Gorgonzola at the top of my list: (1) seeming to know a lot about who killed whom and why, and seemed confident in his assumptions (2) he is was near the end but still hidden in the bandwagon, second to last (3 )he threw out a really weird vote reason, because he thinks the swamp creature loves guns I see a lot of initial votes out there and I want to hear back from those I find most suspicious. So for now: Vote: Gorgonzola (fhomes)
  12. I then asked.."How So?" in response to this. How is my asking 'How So?' to your finding the kill order suspicious, getting defensive? I was merely asking why you find it suspicious. Instead of answering my question you accuse me of being defensive; like you are trying to defer the attention from yourself. I was genuinely curious as to why you found it suspicious.
  13. How so? Also, care to elaborate as to why you didn't vote yesterday? True, but wasting your vote on a strange 'hey lets vote for each other' doesn't make sense. If you wanted to vote someone else then do so for a reason instead of just throwing your vote away. As to the numbers; it sounds right. Although I don't think we would have 4 scum and a SK or 3rd party. Maybe 3 scum and SK or 3rd party; at this point just speculation, and it really takes us away from focusing on making sure we get a scum today instead of losing more townies. Last night cost us dearly. This is a good point. We need to focus on finding the scum; and not voting by Frankenstien was about as much help as the two ' lets vote for each other' that the mummy and zombie cheerleader did.
  14. Ok, not good. One loyal townie lost due to the lynch on Day 1 was bad enough...but three lost!.........