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    Warrior Princess Laugna (Town Shapeshifter/Deputy) - Killed Day 7, Won

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    Cosplay Captain Jack Sparrow (rotating roles) - Killed Day 2, Won

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    Catarina Dogwood (Garden Variety Oak) - Lynched Day 2- Lost

    Tamamono's Party Lines Mafia
    Addie Tremain (Octan Lobbyist)-Survived Day 7, Won

    Speedy's The Cosplay Party Mafia
    Cosplay Luke Skywalker (vanilla town)-Killed Day 4, Won

    Jamesn's Red Menece Mafia
    Adrienne Walton (Soviet Spy-cop/usper)- Killed Day 1, Lost (due to Godfather still alive at end of game)

    Tamamono's Mafia Sunset
    Alan Vaughan (Malone Hitman) - Survived Day 4, Won

    Bob,s Excalibur Mafia School
    Fred Rhodes (Loyalist Investgator) - Shot Day 2, Won

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    DarkDragon's Scooby-Doo Mafia: All Fired Up!

    JackJonespaw;s The Convention Mafia

    Bob's Secret Enemies Mafia

    KotZ and DarkDragon's BRICKYWOOD: Scum in La La Land Mafia


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  1. So your going to vote a wake up call to the first person on the list as you scrolled from bottom to top to see who had posted? Really? But Day 1 could use more analysis. With all the fluff and role playing, more time would give us more to go with in the following days. Also very interesting that you would want to vote out a non vocal player; its only day 1 so why would a scum stand out as non vocal? So now the person you selected as non vocal has appeared, you choose to vote another non vocal player. Exactly how is this train of thought going to help town find scum? This seems a bit reactionary for you. Now it has taken me a very long time to travel around the asteroid field and make my way back here to you all, but normally you give lots and lots and lots of reasons and thoughts into a vote. Why? Do you know something we don't? If Beverly is scummy to you then that is who you go with. Or are you trying to make it look like you are actually helping here? This statement alone makes you seem far more scummy than Beverly. It doesn't make any sense. Unless as I just stated it is said to make it look helpful. Which to me looks far more questionable than helpful. A no lynch would not be helpful at this point. I don't see the benefit to either side in this situation. And yes, in the past I have been an advocate of a no lynch. Why am I getting the feeling here that your worst case is what you are truly hoping for. Yes, I see that you are un voting me and voting for Beverly. What I am seeing here is that your previously stated thoughts on lynching the non vocal has changed once you saw the bandwagon forming on Beverly. I hadn't even been able to give my thoughts yet. Why didn't you vote earlier for Bev when you stated you thought she was scummy; why wait till more had voted and then add yours to the list? Really.....a missing or seriously delayed player can always be mod killed; at least that was how it was last time I was here. So now that I have had time to read everything so far, and decide that going into the asteroid field would have been a better option than trying to make sense of what is going on here; I have decided on my vote: Vote: Geordi LaForge (KotZ) Why? Based on how he has approached this whole day extension voting for non vocal players and then very quickly switch his vote to the bandwagon vote all while trying to seen helpful just isn't helpful or very town like. Now, I have been away awhile, but from past experience it seems rather scummy behavior meant to look confused and helpful. I just don't have a good feeling about it plain and simple. Exactly how is this nice or helpful?
  2. Commander Riker reporting in; delayed due to going around extreme asteroid field.
  3. Great game Kotz. Congratulations to the scum team. Sorry again for being quiet; although most usually find me far more suspicious when I am normal active; thoughts for the future.
  4. Thank you for hosting. I had fun and look forward to watching the rest of the game. I agree; the journey with how each game plays out is what is important. Winning/ losing/ living/ being lynched or killed off is really all the same if you continue to have fun. And a sorry to everyone for my lack of keeping up due to recovering from the flu; my mind was mush the whole time. Bob, count me in for an anonymous game; sounds fun and a real challenge.
  5. I haven't voted yet; but you list me as someone who commented on Zip but voted in another direction. A very odd thing to say. As we need a lynch for today I will for who I suspect the most; Benson. I do find Zip's behavior very odd for his normal working behavior; it still stands out as too obvious for scum. Or I could be wrong. Benson really has stood out more and his most recent post advertising that he and Zip are tied, like in some sort of contest, is truly odd. Vote: Benson (Legomonorailfan) Just two more votes for a solid lynch on Benson; then we can deal with Zip tomorrow.
  6. My apologies for being quiet and sitting on the other side of the room here; still recovering from the flu. I will cast a vote and give my thoughts after I sift through all the distracting directions the conversation has gone. Some stand out more than others; and the sheer fact we have a three main choices and a single vote on a fourth candidate shows that in my opinion the scum are leading the town bandwagons. We only have a few hours left to form a solid lynch for today. This split is very troubling. My thoughts on the choices above, so far; Benson does stand out, as I have worked with him before on both sides of the law, and he seems to be going in two different directions at once. (more on this later) I am leaning scum on him. Agent Moore seems way too defensive in his latest post and really stands out too much to be more scummy than the others. Zip, I have also worked with on both sides of clean and shady dealings, seems to be both not be as helpful as the past and yet drawing too much attention to be on the dark side of things. I am middle of the road on him so far.
  7. Still trying to recover from being ill; and here is where we stand. I have had previous work situations with him and this is not his typical playing style. Three more votes added . Ok, odd indeed. I have never seen anyone even suggest multiple lynches. I'll be keeping an eye on this. Same here. With the confusing posts popping up, and many standing out as suspicious, I have reviewed by brief conversation with our Officer Skinner and something stands out. She was suggesting Officer Lewis was possibly godfather or paranoid gun owner or other? She didn't think the actions were something a loyal townie would do. She added that she wouldn't be surprised to see Lewis as the lynch choice for today, if the night actions don't turn up anything. I am paraphrasing her words here and my gut says she was on to something; so I will add my vote as well. Two more votes needed for a lynch. Vote: Officer Lewis (jamesn)
  8. I can say I agree with the PMs earlier in the game. When I have the time to be more active (RL) then I too will PM early to get a feel for initial thoughts. I was also included in the PM with our departed security; same thoughts were shared with me regarding the mass claim and of Bob appearing to try to draw attention to himself from possible PRs (her thoughts, not mine). I am recovering from the flu; the reason for my lack of participation. I am a bit confused here. It seems to me that you are stating that Benson is a good vote due to reasons you give and then you state that Diane seems to be fishy and you are sticking to your guns about her (and give good reasons to vote for her); and then you go and vote for someone completely different than what you seem to state are your top choices. And you give the only reason as Offficer Lewis' most recent post.
  9. is Day 1, and welcome to Day 1......Do you really think I would be all Chatty Cathy on Day 1? All I have to say, I have already said; and as for false accusations, I think everyone else is doing just fine pointing fingers at everyone is typical for Day 1. Ok, really Dude? You, like, had a case against the other guy, and then suddenly switched to me cause I was being quiet on Day 1. This is like you are trying to protect a buddy or something. Of course I will vote, cause I have to....and is Day 1 Dude. Dude, as I said to the politician is Day 1. Now, Day 2 will be a different matter. I will add my vote to the corrupt politician, as everyone in the slammer knows all politicians are corrupt. And the quick switch of a vote with a case, to a vote cause of quietness on Day 1 is really stretching it and it vibes wrong. Vote: Senator Greene (Khscarymovie4) And to add to my accusation, it was Mr. Greene in the Library with the Rope.
  10. Moles? Ok we need some dynamite or plastic explosives to stick down the holes once the moles make an appearance. I saw it in a movie once; about a golf course with one mole (or was it groundhog; whats the difference) causing a lot of problems. Then we blow all the explosives at once; problem solved. Then we can all dance while singing; I'm All Right!
  11. Kaster is here, so make room for a professional to show you how to do your job right. Hey, any good grub?...., cause the joint's food is rotten.
  12. Lady K

    24: Mafia - Sign ups

    1) Have you ever played Mafia before, and what's your experience? If not, have you read some of the games we've had on here? As many as I can 2) Can you commit to the game time wise? Yes 3) Do you talk in a quiet voice and then shout really loud, repeating what you just asked? And then shout again while asking my two young adult sons if they can repeat what I just asked them to do (Because Overwatch, and now Destiny 2 are so more important) Ok, admittedly I need my daily dose of Destiny 2 as much as them......
  13. Thank you for hosting a great game Kintobor! Congratulations to Town for the win.
  14. Ok, so for the record I do have a PR. I haven't wanted to bring attention to it but I was given the Universal Backup yesterday. So last night I investigated the clown and the result was scum. Do what you will with it. FyI, @fhomess, @StickFig, @Bob, your choice. And your loss for making a bad call.