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    Lego City. Science Fiction (Stargate, Firefly, and at a push Star Wars). Love history. Teacher turned student.


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    South Africa
  1. KeepLeft

    My 2018 Winter Village Diorama

    Looks great. I love the proportions with the park in the middle and the two buildings on the side. Nice detail but not overwhelming.
  2. KeepLeft

    Shots from the orbit

    Really good work and the background photos create nice realistic images.
  3. KeepLeft

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I quite like the design of the Natural History Museum and plan on converting my Tower Bridge into a museum to hopefully look something like it. The lack of colours is not a concern to me as it makes it look more realistic rather than adding colours just for the sake of it.
  4. KeepLeft

    Review: 6987 Message Intercept Base

    I am a fan of the classic space sets and it was interesting to see the review of this set, though I cannot say that I like the colour scheme, I prefer the blue, grey and white of the space sets.
  5. KeepLeft

    [MOC] Particle Accelerator

    That was awesome.
  6. KeepLeft

    Intergalactic Coffee Break

    Really cute design, well done. Would that be a star bucks cafe. (get it )
  7. KeepLeft

    Minifigure Review: Classic Red Spaceman

    I have a couple of the red and white space minifigs and they remain my favourite, it is a simple but to my mind an elegant design and I love the face which does not have a specific expression but simply a smily face.
  8. KeepLeft

    Ghostbusters MOC/MODs

    These are really cute. This interior of the van has nice detail.
  9. KeepLeft

    New Mannum Rebooted

    Build a convention centre and the minifigs could be lawyers attending a conference.
  10. KeepLeft

    Brickville modulars 2014

    These look good with the little details.
  11. KeepLeft

    (MOC) Commuters leaving the underground station

    I know how they feel, I like extra detail like the buskers.
  12. KeepLeft

    CCCXII - Nobleman's Manor

    Well designed and architecturally appealing building and all the little details you have added really make for an interesting build.
  13. KeepLeft

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    As mentioned by kinggregus they are Really Useful Boxes. They are quite useful if you do not get too overly concerned about sorting each individual piece into its own slot. I bought them locally in South Africa.
  14. KeepLeft

    The Count's Party

    The assortment of different minfigs makes for an amusing scene. I like how in one picture a minifig is carrying a steak, I think he misunderstood when someone told him to "bring a stake".
  15. KeepLeft

    The Count's Party

    The Count hasn't learnt that the best way to stop your neighbours complaining about the noise when having a party is to invite them to the party. Nice detail, the tree is especially well done. I see you have separate entrances for the ghosts and the skeletons. Is this some form of undead discrimination .