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  1. That's rather surprising (and frankly a little disappointing) because there's not really anything recognisable about the figure. She's never worn that hat and the jacket would have made more sense being green like before instead of teal, a colour we've never seen her wear before. The legs are red which was what she wore but... they're just red. The Johnny and Kilroy remakes are a lot more recognisable because of their distinguishing features: Johnny's moustache and expression along with his entire tan shirt with red neckerchief and rope slung over his shoulder; and then Kilroy's mutton chops and glasses and the jacket he wore during Orient Expedition. If no one pointed out that it is a remake of Pippin I would not have guessed.
  2. Autumn

    [MOC] ED-209 Minifig scale

    Nice job! Looks great!
  3. I'll be another one to say "I don't see it either." Still think the Safari Tourist is closer, though it would be nice if she had a unique face print. But I'm sure that The Orient Express has lots of parts that would fit right in with The Adventurers theme.
  4. Autumn

    REQUEST Name Change HERE

    Thank you!
  5. Autumn

    REQUEST Name Change HERE

    Is it possible to change my name to "autumn" (no caps) or is it taken? I don't know how to check. I was playing Doom when I came up with my current user name and think it is a little silly now.
  6. Autumn

    [MOC] An orc and his wife

    Cute and goofy! (Are orcs meant to be cute?)
  7. That has to be intentional! No other face print has come close enough. I'll have to get that minifig sometime to have a go at recreating him.
  8. Thanks, I'm glad you guys like it! I've only gotten back into Lego very recently so it was a bit of an exercise in my creative abilities
  9. 01 = 2 points 07 = 1 point
  10. 05 = 1 point 13 = 1 point 17 = 1 point
  11. 09 = 1 point 11 = 2 points
  12. Autumn

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Is this controversial? I really don't care about trans-neon colours being retired, especially trans-neon green. They were good in their prime but these days I think they tend to look gawdy especially when practically every space set in the 90s was adorned in trans-neon green. The non-neon replacements look similar enough without being too overpowering and look a lot better in my opinion.
  13. My last minute entry. I liked the suggestion of a dog sled so I decided to make one that could fit into the the Orient Expedition in Tibet subtheme. Learned quite a bit about how to use Bricklink Studio doing this. An extra photo I wanted to add, had to scale it down to upload it.