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  1. I disagree on this point, seeing as many -me included- already own a Landspeeder from the latest waves, such as the 2017 one or 2014 one. I really enjoy the location sets and although it seems pricey at 30€ I'm still gonna buy Obi-wan's hut. If it came as a combo set for 50$/60€ -or worse 60$/70€- I think that it would be a hard pass for many. As for the rest of the wave my wallet is gonna be quite happy: I have no interest in the IX sets, and that leaves only the Bantha-Skyhopper set which is a sure buy from me. Still uncertain on the Mustafar Duel, gonna wait for some reviews before deciding, and the 4+ Snowspeeder, mostly for Wedge and the Snowtrooper. As for the Mandalorian BP I'll wait for some pictures and for the series to go on, but if it translates the onscreen quality to a lego set I'm quite optimistic about it.
  2. Per_SW

    75248 A-Wing MOD

    Hello everyone. Although I'm not a sequel collector, I recently purchased the new 75248 Resistance A-Wing, seeing in it much potential to join my rebel fleet, in addition to having a nice colour scheme and price point (further discounted by a promotion) compared to the last incarnation of the ship. The new RZ-2 has some glaring differences compared to the RZ-1, such as a flatter "nose", but as far as I could tell on the LEGO version they mainly amounted to a slightly steeper angle of the hull and the lack of a cargo/engine compartment behind the cockpit. Liking the angle and not wanting to overhaul the entire ship, I just went through my spare parts bins and started working on the back of the model, and here's the result. IMG_20191101_012904 As you can see I moved the cockpit ahead by one stud and unfortunately I had to remove the grilled 1x2 slopes for a couple of cheese slopes. The 1x2 slopes can be easily kept by removing the spring-loaded shooters mechanism, but I opted to keep it for the time being. For the back of the ship I recreated the design from 75175 using the 1x3 wedges, managing to keep the two stickered tiles, but for the actual cargo space I had to remove the 2x6 brick, creating the wanted space, using two 2x2 bricks fill the gaps and added or reused some parts to get the needed height. IMG_20191101_013120 The main visible difference is the back cover, a quite simple build similar to the one in 75175 for its use of the 4x4x1 curved wedge. Would that I had the piece in dark green, but then again I feel that white is still a good option. IMG_20191101_013131 The last detail was adding a control panel in the cockpit, giving the pilot something to actually fly the ship with. I also seized the occasion to add a physical control yoke to my 75175, which was sitting next to the working area for reference. IMG_20191101_013032 IMG_20191101_012940 Finally, here's a couple of shots of the two ships togetheer for comparison IMG_20191101_012857 IMG_20191101_013225 As always any feedback is much appreciated, I hope you enojyed.
  3. As stated just above, I recently bought the last A-Wing for the exact same reason and I just finished modding it to make it a bit more similar to 75175. If you like the ship and the colour scheme I definitely advise getting it (even better if at a discount), modding should be quite easy. Also: Nice to see I'm not the only one not getting a SW feel or look from some of the sequel era new designs.
  4. Nice and thorough review, I really enjoyed the comparison with the previous models, especially with 75175. I just built the model yesterday and I agree with most of the points you make (such as the landing gear slant), and I really like the overall shape of the new A-Wing, narrower but not that flat, thus being able to pass for a RZ-1 and join my rebel base. The only things I'd change are the absence of a control panel/yoke and the lack of a storage/engine compartment behind the cockpit, to be more in line with the RZ-2 (which also looks like a two-seater in the image you posted of the metal model), but both these issues should be easily moddable with some thought.
  5. A double catch this weekend, first I got the 75243 Slave I as a gift, then found out that the local store was having a rare 25% off everything and picked up a 75248 A-Wing
  6. Now I want a Darth Porg Minifig+80€ UCS display model. Anyway, I don't think we'll se the Ghost in lego form any time soon, but I'm guessing that maybe a new B-Wing is not too farfetched a hope.
  7. This and the fact that I love that dark green color scheme are the reasons I'm considering buying the new A-Wing even though I don't care for the sequels, even if I already have the red 75175 rebel A-Wing (because Lando is rare enough, so any occasion to get him is good).
  8. Going OT for a moment, I think what both mine and @Guyon2002 problem with a "new" Y-wing is that it goes against both the new canon and the old canon/EU, now legends, as in the old one, if I remember correctly, the Y-wing was an old ship already by the time of Yavin and it was completely supplanted by the more modern B-wings by the time the empire fell; and in the new one the Y-wings in ANH are confirmed to be relics of the clone wars by Rebels (season 3 premiere, where we see them steal some which are being decommisioned). So the perceived laziness of the new Y-wing is not so much criticism on the design (which is itself a throwback to early McQuarrie sketches), but on the fact that 30something years after Yavin the concept of the Y-wing should be something already known, tested, tried and discarded. Then again we won't know until the movie comes out AND this Y-wing counts as a 2019 set so, along with any opinions about its design and/or existence, belongs in another topic. I know I opened this can of worms so that's why I'm trying to close it before it escalates. Getting back on the 2020 topic, I usually prefer the moulds for creatures (either single or composite, such as dinosaurs since the 2000 adventurers), but after seeing the Dewback from january I'm quite hopeful about the future Bantha.
  9. So the new Y-Wing is supposed to be a new model, it seems, and not an almost 60 year old relic flown by someone who scavenged/modified it.Don't know how I feel about this new information yet. Anyway, I'm still on the fence about the Kenobi hut (I like locations but I'm afraid the 30€ price it will get will still be too much) and curious about the bantha/skyhopper microfighter. Waiting for pictures and to see the show about the Mandalorian BP and for the rest I don't need another landspeeder and don't care about the sequels, so my wallet should be quite happy this january.
  10. Per_SW

    Should LEGO Star Wars take a break?

    That would be the dream of many of us, even with the option to part out sets from BL.
  11. Well, "The boxart says this is plausible" :D
  12. And in true lego fashion it's also an incomplete set, lying on the box: I don't see any women and children on the boxart :D
  13. Per_SW

    Should LEGO Star Wars take a break?

    That's exactly my hope. These last few years coincided with my getting out of my dark age, but it also meant that one wave every three -give or take- was focused on the sequels, which I did not really enjoy. I'd love for LEGO to finally have the breather time to give us sets not forcibly based on the new movies and maybe revisit the prequel era, which was a bit lacking these last few years in my opinion, which has loads of potential for new sets or wanted remakes. Same thing goes for certain parts of the OT era, and before somebody bites my head off I know and love the fact that there always should be an X-wing or Falcon on shelves -I finally got an upgrade to my 7140 this year, with 75218- but please LEGO, if you have to keep making the same T-47 Snowspeeder over and over again give us someone other than Luke and Dak flying it :D So, long story short, I don't think Lego Star Wars should take a break only because there won't be any theatrical release in the next few years, and we all know that neither Disney NOR Lego would give up on the potential revenue new sets could bring in the meantime.
  14. Well, I thought she looked 16, but I also think the intent was to actually have us percieve her as a kid, so young and already leading a rebel cell. It fits with the over-arching theme of teenagers (eg Ezra and Sabine at the start of Rebels) standing up to the empire, either going against family or because they don't have any family anymore. And yes, although I'm not that old, she still looked like a kid to me. Anyway, back on topic, anyone knows if the ISD release will be coupled with double VIP points? Or if there is a double VIP day/week/month/hour/anything scheduled soon?
  15. I'd start hiding sets too if my local toy store was a bit more generous on discounts :D Really, they're still trying to sell Grievous Speeder at full price after everywhere else managed to get rid of it. Anyway, my last purchase was the 4+ TIE, mainly because I wanted the rebel fleet trooper and the printed Death Star screen, but also beause I was curious about the 4+ sets although I'm not their target, being 29 :D I must say though that I'm surprisingly pleased with the TIE, simple but quite sturdy, definitely a good build for a child that age.