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  1. Per_SW

    Need help please on modifying my SSD 10221

    If I remember correctly you need to have a certain number of posts before being able to PM other users. I kinda remember it should be 10 posts, but I could be wrong, so I'll advise you to check a bit more of the forum, participate in some threads and try again =) although I repeat I am not 100% sure on the number 1o.
  2. Per_SW

    Future Star Wars Sets

    As much as I loved TCW season 7 and the Bad Batch (even when there were just the rough animations on YT) I still think (and would have loved) that they could have easily used Delta squad for that arc
  3. I did bricklink mine without the figures and stickers and I agree with @jdubbs that apart from the ones on the wings -and maybe the ones with the republic logo- the rest are not that essential, although I was looking at replica stickers on ebay that go for much less than the original sheet. That said I'm sorry for the prices of the ball turret, I was lucky to snag the four needed from a local seller for 0.29 each and have to agree that the prints do matter in this case. Also while looking trhough the pieces you already own keep in mind the old trick of color-swapping the internal ones if you already own them in a different color, I'm sure it saved me quite a bit.
  4. Per_SW

    "The Empire Strikes Back" in LEGO

    Glad to see you've started tackling ESB after your wonderful work on Ep IV. I loved all of them but in particular I have to mention the lighting on the bacta tank and the perspective on "This is Rogue 2", those details are stunning. My only gripe is poor luke still in his bacta undies while the rest of the gang visits him, when a simple ep IV torso and white legs could have sold the dressing gown thing he's wearing in the movie, but I guess you wanted to use the fig more than just the once :D
  5. About fig prices going up I too noticed the trend lately, especially if CW-related. I also wanted to buy some more plain clones, but yeah, even here on the other side of the Atlantic I've seen crazy numbers next to the currency signs. Same with the (already expensive) clone pilots, now going for more than a microfighter, meaning my poor gunship remains pilot-less.
  6. Per_SW

    nano-Snowspeeder, 2020 edition

    I also would go with number 4, to me it looks the best between shape, part usage and simplicity
  7. I for one really like the AT-AT from the pictures, although I agree that the legs -or pylons- look rather skinny, as they did in the 2014 one. Also the lack of printed dishes on the joints is sad, but I noticed the same trend on the AT-TE. If the price goes down from the awful 160€ I presume it will have I might think about it. Also I motion to make this the to-go insult for spoilers and fake leaks spreaders. :D
  8. Per_SW

    [MOC] Eta-2 Actis Interceptor

    Never realized how oversized the official one actually is until I saw your comparison and the profile shot of your MOC which looks exactly the size it should be
  9. Finally pulled the trigger and bought 75222 Cloud City as an early 30th gift to myself. Definitely happy with the finished build, maybe a bit upset it vanished from the italian S@H just a couple of weeks ago, as I was hoping to get double VIP points, but then again I found it MISB on BL for 50€ less than RRP and that's also nice.
  10. It was marked as "sold out" for the US and Canada back in november, but it was still on the italian site at the beginning of april. Then they announced the new UCS A-Wing and it disappeared, even searching for the set number specifically gave a "page not found" although the url clearly stated the name of the set. I wrote to customer service about that (usually sets go through a "retiring soon" period, this one did not) and they also spewed the same thing about being retired in december, and that's sad 'cause I was looking forward to the double VIP points. I advise you to turn to bricklink as I did.
  11. Per_SW

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I had to look it up and was again baffled by the designs this new trilogy brought us, even when they're not recycling OT ships with minimal variations. *sigh* ST notwithstanding I really hope most of your list gets done in the future, seeing as they're all sets in need of a remake (except maybe the desert skiff, but it ties in well with the Kethanna) or never seen before =)
  12. Per_SW

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I'm gonna buy the 4+ snowspeeder for Wedge and bought the 4+ Tie for the rebel trooper, so yes, I would love to get sets on the lower price range with interesting figs without them being microfighters or simplified jumbles of large pieces :D
  13. I thought the same thing when I finally noticed the set number, also because 75175 was an odissey to get here in Europe at the time, so it's a number I'll remember for a long time :D I must say that I like the final result, but it's not the set for me seeing as I don't have the interest nor the funds to buy UCS ships, much preferring to stay at play- and minfig- scale. Anyway, I checked a couple of comments sections about the A-Wing while playing @jdubbs complaint bingo, and the most points go to the 200$ price point, followed by confused comments about the LAAT Gunship UCS. Third place to the lack of pieces (usually comparing it to the latest ideas pirates set) but I found only onecomment explicitly citing ppp. Weirdly I found no complaints about the studs (too many or too few showing), nor lamenting the lack of figs or the colour, which prevents me to have a complete slip :D
  14. Per_SW

    Determining sets from pieces

    You're right, I forgot about the Silencer =D I'll say it's the book's fault for stopping right before the first TLJ wave, and not the fact that I wasn't consulting brickset/bricklink as I advised in my own post =D
  15. Per_SW

    Determining sets from pieces

    I gave it a shot, but I warn you that searching through bricklink some of the most peculiar single parts may bring better results, since I only used the 2017 ultimate book as a reference Going left to right, top to bottom I identified 1) more than half a 75168 Yoda Starfighter, as stated 2) Part from the core of the Umbaran MHC (75013), also from this set parts 17 and 31 (a side cover and part of a leg) 3) I can confirm its the front of the BH Gunship (7930) AlthoughI can't confirm it part 15 may be from the same build 6) I'm pretty sure it's the top hatch from the FO TIE (75101) 7) Looks like half a speeder bike, but I have not found a set looking like it 8) as stated is a windshield from the 75081 Skyhopper 9) From the pattern on the glass it looks like it's from DS Final Duel (75093) but again I cannot confirm it 13) Comes from the Mando Speeder 75022 24) I agree with the posts above, it looks like the base from Vader's Transformation (75183) 25) I'm pretty sure is an almost complete BARC from 7193 26) is definitely a snowspeeder wing, don't know which one 27) is an almost complete speeder bike from the Solo Imperial BP (75207) and finally 28) is part of the Micro-Wookiee Gunship (75129), with 29 being one of its wings. Hope it helps, you have quite a mixture there.