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  1. Ok, I'm definitely curious
  2. I was about to comment the same thing, they have the perfect colour in their palette for those markings.
  3. Trying to avoid spoilers, but I hope the Bad Batch show opens the door for more shiny phase 2 Clones to be produced, it seems ridiculous that the last time we had one was the single microfighter Juggernaut driver. Other random ideas after seeing the first episode include:
  4. I found a nice bargain on BL last week for the 75016 Spider droid and 75034 Death Star troopers both used but complete with minifigs and the package finally arrived in the mail =) Can't wait to build both tonight, and the fact that I spent less including shipping than I would have if I had bought them new at the time is definitely a bonus
  5. That's perfect! Now all we need is a Joker AAT to go against it
  6. Per_SW

    Updating Your Minifigs

    AmI the only one thinking the new Hermione cat-head piece would make a good Cathar minifig?
  7. Per_SW

    The Mandalorian - Imperial Anti-aircraft Gun MOC

    Very nice build, simple and effective :)
  8. Noticed the 75300 Tie Fighter at 30€ instead of 40 on amazon yesterday and gave in to the impulse buy even though I already own the 75211 Solo one. Nevertheless a nice compact and massable build, and I'm glad I bought it when I didi because today it was back at almost full price.
  9. I knew it! :D That's really good, I love the angled parts clipped at the back of the "pontoons" giving them an actual slope instead of just the suggestion of one, and I think you managed to make the cockpit lower than mine, which is also nice. The flags remain the best solution for the front wedges, given the parts available, and while the nose may be influenced by my design one has to recognize that the stickered 2x3 tile begs to be used there. Love your use of inverted slopes on the front and the narrower "eyes". To be honest, both my design, yours and even the canon one give me a bit of Bat-Tank vibe, I think it's the overall shape and the menacing slit-eyed, pointed nose shape of the front :D The swampspeeder is also really nice for the number of parts available after building the tank, while simplistic it still manages to capture the right shape and feel of the vehicle, it makes me want to start fidgeting again with the rest of the leftover parts I have :) I also advise anyone here to take a look at that thread for the MODs, it was one of the first things I checked out while looking for inspiration. Please do! :) As you can see there is more than one way to get one and I'm always curious on different takes and any improvement you might suggest. Thank you very much, I'm glad you liked the various mods and the tank :)
  10. Thanks for the feedback! I'd be glad if you tried one from two sets, I'm actually curious to see if it's manageable since I noticed while building it that there are few instances of parts coming from all four.
  11. Evening everybody. So, last summer finally brought -annoying campaign notwithstanding- what many Clone Wars fans deep down wanted: a 501st battlepack. Sure, the final product still irked many people, either with the price rise or the oversized builds or whatever else, but in the end the set was still appreciated judging by the speed it went unavailable when first released. I myself was one "annoyed" by the size of the vehicles included, but I still ended up buying four copies of the set in the last few months, and I finally had the time to start tinkering with them to get something more to my taste. First of all we have the BARC speeders IMG_20210305_020621 This design is not mine, but it's a slight variation on this take. It may be still a bit too big for a 4.8 mt long speeder bike, but it feels better than the official model IMO. Next we have the AT-RT IMG_20210305_020530 IMG_20210305_020232 Again, part of the design was inspired by another builder, but in this case I really wanted to shorten the legs and had a different idea for the main gun, so I added a couple of pieces from my spare parts to achieve the desired effect. Still not sure about the feet, but at this scale they seemed the best option so far. Of course after these mods I was left with loads of unused parts and an entire box still unopened, and that's when I decided to try and make a canon vehicle with what I had. IMG_20210305_015357 IMG_20210305_015422 IMG_20210305_015439 I saw a nice swampspeeder made from a single set, but I ended up choosing the Republic Hovertank after googling "501st republic tank" and finding either recolors of the 75182 or better MOCs :D The design started with the side "pontoons", which went through a couple of redesignes mid-build. Also, the lack of wedge pieces discouraged me in the beginning, until I found a way to convey the shape with the multitude of flags available. IMG_20210305_015533 IMG_20210305_015517 There is no back door, only a top hatch, but I still tried giving the impression of one. IMG_20210305_015602 IMG_20210305_015629 Comparing the result with set 75182 -which I purposedly did not use for reference, preferring to use a couple of pictures from Wookieepedia- you can see that the size is almost matched, although the cockpit area is definitely a bit too tall. Finally, a couple of group shots. IMG_20210305_021319 IMG_20210305_021228 I hope you enjoyed my take on the set and were maybe inspired by it. Feedback is, as always, appreciated and encouraged :)
  12. That's quite the number :D I am satisfied with four and when I'll have the time to take pictures I'll make a thread for the TX-130 Saber Tank I cobbled together from them, but I'm still considering buying another one to keep sealed for the future.
  13. Per_SW

    75021 Republic Gunship mods and purchase tips.

    Great thread and definitely some useful tips. I wish I thought about swapping the grey slopes on the wings for white ones, since I also skipped the stickers entirely when I BLd mine. Confronting the part list with the spare parts bin is a must in this case, since many of the small parts needed such as 1x1 bricks and slopes or technic pins are easily already there. I managed to find 30% of the piece total in there before making the first order. Also, another useful -although maybe obvious- tip is to check in the instructions if a piece can be colour-swapped if it's part of the internal build. An example are a couple of long technic bricks needed for the 75021, blue on the official set and yellow in mine. As for the mods I really like your coverings of the front openings and I'm curious about the added doors: do they split in the middle and open front-side or are they bulti as a continuation of the existing door. Finally, if you are interested in a way to keep the side ball turrets with the complete doors I advise you to check this thread, the mod is quite simple and the result is great.
  14. I get the feeling, I managed to stop myself after the fourth, but the call to buy "just another one" is still there :D
  15. Per_SW

    75280 501st legion clone troopers MODs

    I thought about starting another topic but since the subject is the exact same I decided to highjack and resurrect this one for now. So, I finally got around to fidget with my 501st BPs while looking for alternative builds/mods on youtube, and managed with minimal part adding (4 pieces) to get what I wanted from the AT-RT: something nice but scaled with the green one from 75151 which -to me at least- is the perfect compromise for minifig scale. Only one meh quality picture for now, but I'll probably add more in the future. As stated the only additions are the middle leg pieces with different click hinges on the ends, the 3L technic barrels (2L pins with axle socket on one end) and the ball+axle connectors. The rest of the pieces come from bag 2 of the set and the design is a slightly modified one based on this video. Not so sure about the feet, I think @Mandalorianknight solution may be better, but they'll do for now. Now all that's left is to figure out a build with the rest of the pieces and then we'll be ready to invade Umbara once more.