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  1. Per_SW

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I didn't think about the senator robes, I agree that it would be a much more interesting and appealing minifig, still giving them a chance to show off the new robe/gown piece.
  2. Per_SW

    Future Star Wars Sets

    That's exactly the kind of sets I'm talking about. It's actually quite funny that on Luke's page in the Ultimate LSW guide (from fall 2017) the only Dagobah, Bespin and Endor Lukes are still yellow-faced. The first two were finally updated last year, but I agree that we're overdue for an update on the Endor one, and the set idea you proposed is thousands times better than the action battle thing they came out with this april. Also the rebel battle pack would be nice, seeing as apart from the 2008 BP, Fleet Troopers have been quite scarce and I'm not gonna buy loads of 4+ TIEs to get them. To add some ideas, what about an update to ep II Bounty Hunter Pursuit, but instead of remaking the old set split it in two, similar to the Han/Moloch's speeders from Solo. Zam Wesell's Speeder 29.99/39.99€ Includes the speeder and parts to make the assassin droid, maybe a small balcony build representing Padmé's room if we want to bump up the price Minifigs: Zam Wesell, the assassin droid (it would be counted as such), Padmé (nightgown) and maybe the obligatory R2-D2 to complete the scene (arguably more logical to be here than in the Sentinel Dropship from last year). Anakin's "borrowed" Speeder 29.99€ Obviously including the speeder, not sure what else could be included though. Minifigs: Obi-Wan and Anakin (a nice way to get padawan Anakin, which was last seen in the Custom CW Starfighter) and maybe Captain Typho? OR another Assassin droid, similar to how in Han's speeder we get one hound for them to fight off.
  3. A local store was having a weird "20% off everything" sale last saturday, and I managed to catch the 20th Anniversary Imperial Dropship
  4. Per_SW

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I'm posting this here for I was not sure if it warranted a new topic of its own, but feel free to move it if it seems better/the debate takes on. A thought that's been going around my head recently is what could be future "cheap sets ideas" including sought after or rare minifigs that are usually reserved for larger sets. To explain more clearly, I'm talking about how usually there are some minifigs, even of main characters, which are only available in the larger more expensive sets. To give some examples, I'm talking about figures such as Lando in his Bespin attire (now cheap with the 20th anniversary snowspeeder in a vintage look, but until last winter only available in the two CC sets), Bodhi Rook and K-2SO from Rogue One (only available with Krennic's Shuttle), Zeb from Rebels (only in the 2014 Ghost set), or even the simple ANH Princess Leia (which until this year's Death Star Escape was relegated to Falcons, Death Stars or Tantive IVs). If we want to go to the beginning of it all, we just have to look at Darth Vader, which for the first years of the license was only available in the Y-Wing vs Tie set, until Final Duel in 2002, and while we're talking about main villains even Kylo Ren was not available for cheap until the TLJ microfighter set and later the Duel set including Rey from this year. So, without entering the "exclusive minifigs pro and cons" debate, my question is what are, in your opinion, feasable set ideas up to the 30/40€ or 30$ (differentiating because usually 40$ equals 50€ in Lego SW and those prices are usually considered to be the "low" ones) range to include minifigs usually rare? Also, keep in mind that I'm not limiting the debate to "main" characters who have only appeared in larger sets (such as General Leia or Mace Windu up until the Grievous Speeder Ripoff), but also characters such as Mon Mothma, Bail Organa (who finally appeared) or ones that have yet to appear (Cantina denizens, General Dodonna, Nien Numb, etc).
  5. A couple of days ago I found a new 75141 Kanan's Speeder Bike on ebay for 24€+shipping, and it just got in the mail :)
  6. Not exactly purchases on my part, because they were birthday gift, but I recently got the 75218 X-Wing -time to dig up those MOD threads I saw a couple of months ago =)- and 75259 20th Snowspeeder. All in all both nice builds
  7. Per_SW

    MOC: For the Empire!

    This is simply stunning, it really captures the feeling of the war without even showing one of the two sides battling. Just by looking at it I can hear the screams of anger, pain, awe and all of the other emotions possible in such a scene
  8. Per_SW

    Custom minifigures

    Hi! First of all, love the two minifigures, I didn't know about the Klatooinian jedi before seeing this. To answer your other question about minifigs I saw that usually ideas and pictures like these ended up in the Updating Your Minifigs thread, which started with the intent to update older minifigs to today standards but then evolved to include characters not yet made or to show off customs, so I'll advise you to check it for further discussion =)
  9. Per_SW

    [MOC] The Liberation of Utapau

    Wonderful display, it really captures the scene, particularly the platform and ribcage - that SNOT looks great! That was exactly my first thought seeing it, a straight nostalgia trip to 2005 =D
  10. Per_SW

    [MOC/MOD] Mos Eisley Cantina - 75052+75205

    I completely agree that the 75205 on its own looks dreadfully small, especially for that price point (which at least in Italy became 49.99€ from lego S@H OR 54.99€ from the few retailers that had it), as stated before I completely overlooked it at first, having already bought the previous version. I don't know if it is because it started as an exclusive in the US, but I saw a similar problem with the last A-Wing (also 40$ to 50€, up to 60€ in some countries, and also an exclusive in the US), so I think there's a pattern there. Anyway I think the sandtrooper was actually a nice touch, seeing as we hadn't had one of those in a while, even if it was part of the cause for the final price. Thanks, I'm glad you like it.
  11. Per_SW

    [MOC] ISD Chimaera

    I just finished building a 75021 LAAT this afternoon and was thinking how at around 2 Kg it is the heavier set I own, then I see someone revived this topic and was quite in awe seeing this 50 Kg Star Destroyer. It is definitely wonderful.
  12. Just looked at the exchange rate to € and man that's a nice catch :) Anyway, the final batch of parts (the last 40 pieces, to be precise) arrived today in the mail, so I'm now the proud owner of a 75021 LAAT/i Gunship, for a total of 92€+24€ shipping without figures or stickers. Now I only need to stop looking at mods and be happy of my purchase :D
  13. And while waiting for the last BL part order to arrive in the mail I found a 75169 Duel on Naboo for 20€, a set I dismissed in the beginning but was getting quite appealing to me in the last few months, don't know why. Anyway, happy to have found and grabbed it without a second thought.
  14. Per_SW

    Star Wars Action Battle Sets

    Meh, I'm not really on board with the action battle sets, mostly because of their price. I understand and even like the concept of a "Make everything collapse when you shoot it" build and I think 7 YO me would have loved it, but the thing is they all seem to cost 10 $/€ more than their value. Even if I was to buy one for a child, at that price point I'd rather buy one of the small ships (eg Yoda's Starfighter, Luke's Landspeeder, Han's speeder etc) or vignette (one of the two huts, DS Escape and so on), which give the feeling of getting "more" for the same price and are still full of enjoyable play features for the children usually.
  15. Per_SW

    Yet another 74-z LDD Speeder Bike MOC

    I am sorry to say I'm quite confused, because the bigger pictures are too far to see any details of the builds and the two comparison pictures look exactly the same. Maybe It's just me not noticing any difference, but still I'd advise you to check again the photos, 'cause I'm quite curious about your design.