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  1. I got lucky browsing ebay last weekend during a very slow night shift (the perks of working from home) and found a nearby seller with some good deals: while we wait for the AT-TE to come my separatist army grew with the addition of 7748 Tank Droid, 75040 Wheelbike and 75085 Hailfire Droid, all complete with minfigs. Also my friends gifted me the 75329 Trench Run diorama for my birthday, which I wasn't thinking of getting but am now looking forward to build :)
  2. Day 60 since I started checking daily of the Clone Accessory Pack being out of stock on the italian site, and 3hrs for the Republic Tank to go from available to backorder, shipped in 60 days (ironic, isn't it?). Luckily none of the promos interested me, but I guess this means no double VIP points for me.
  3. That minimalist LAAT Gunship is perfect, and I suppose the quarter-circles on studs are supposed to be the deployed command posts where we see Yoda operate?
  4. Just a head's up, a set list in spanish promising a full Kenobi wave just appeared on the usual place, promising six sets (Inquisitor fortress 100$, Inquisitor ship 80$, Lars Homestead 60$, Escape from Dyo 50$, Imperial Judgment -an imperial ship- 40$ and Tatooine Transport 30$). The posters are new accounts, so I wouldn't trust it one bit, but expect it to go around for the next couple of weeks.
  5. Between the discount and the 20 EUR coupon I had I paid 35 instead of 70 EUR. Had I thought about it I could have nabbed the other one on shelf for a total of 90 EUR instead of 140 and recouped more than a bit on BL, but alas I just wanted the one and feel extremely lucky about the circumstances. Of course karma had to balance somehow, so of course the Clone BP/accessory pack went out of stock (again) on S@H the moment the Jane Goodall promo came out, so I'll have to place another order sooner or later (I prefer to shop locally and if possible not on day 1 or at RRP). Even then 120 is quite the threshold, so I welcomed to my collection another Snowtrooper BP, the Dark Trooper set, Hoth Rebels BP among other things such as the first Speed Champions set I bought for me instead of my brother.
  6. Per_SW

    Your wishlist MOC wave! (AT-TE, B-wing, Yavin, and more!)

    Hello there! I'm a bit late to the party, but still wanted to congratulate you on a job well done, the whole wave is terrific. Here's some scattered comments - My favorite by far is the AT-TE, even if it looks a bit shorter than what I'm used to the fact that it has a functional interior is a wonder on its own. - That Crab Droid makes me want to buy multiple of them, and its scale brings me back to 2005 and the ROTS tie-in videogame. - Good job on the microfighters, in particular that ewok glider and the wing mechanism on the Slave I Boba Fett's Starship. I also like how the guns are on technic pins and could also be moved to the landed position. - The midi-X-Wing in the temple set makes me think of the original 1999 one and the whole set is a good compromise without having to go to MBS scale. - Uncertain on the ball joints for the B-Wing, but from what I can see it doesn't seem there could have been another solution, that said the rest of the ship looks perfect. - The duel makes me wish for a return of Rebels sets and the Wheelbike chase goes perfectly with the droid BP (and makes me feel stupid for not caving in and buy the overpriced Mace+Grievous set from a couple of years back, since I don't know when we will see him again in a low-price point set). Again, kudos for the wave, the wait has definitely been worth it.
  7. Per_SW

    Return of the Jedi in LEGO

    My only gripe is that 18.1 could have been the infamous "Force kick" with Boba flying haplessly in the background :D Anyway,wonderful work, as always
  8. Finally found the 75316 Gauntlet Starfighter at a nearby store across the border and bought it for half the RRP thanks to a combination of coupons and a flash 22% off on all Lego for a couple of days :) Very happy with both the build and what I paid for it, love the figures but now I really want a Satine minifig too
  9. I haven't bought a videogame since ca 2007, but I'm afraid they had me at the dancing Bantha.
  10. Per_SW

    [MOC/MOD] Death Star based on The Globe 21332

    "And so it begins" :D :D :D Jokes notwithstanding that's a really nice conversion and the superlaser dish looks very well integrated
  11. Fell for the Snowtrooper BP, although it was tough seeing that price tag paired with a box of that size, on one hand I'm grateful they did not inflate the box size to make it more "20$/€ worthy" (looking at you, Duel on Mandalore), thus consuming less cardboard, but still it felt so small for that price. I guess they're not banking on it being an impulse buy from casual fans of LEGO and/or SW. That said, love the figures, the new stud-shooter works fine but is uglier than a Rancor's behind (but at least it can be taken off without much of a problem) and I'm frustrated on how the speeder bike traded fixing one issue from the 75288 design for going a step back on a solved one. And I guess I'll have to wait for the Accessory packs to get back in stock at S@H, seeing as they were already out by the 2nd.
  12. Per_SW

    Updating Your Minifigs

    That torso fits quite well, I should look into it to upgrade it from the old Adventurers one I'm currently using. Not sold on the face, though, I prefer my choice of the darker bearded resistance trooper from the ski-speeder microfighter
  13. Not interested in the BB shuttle per se but they usually have nice discounts across their range, I think a visit to the one in Kp is in order for the next time I cross the border, thanks for the info :)
  14. That was a nice catch, I BL'd the parts for the Tie Advanced last year, figuring that 2 A-Wings were more than enough for my collection, but I still regret not buying Tarkin and Sabine to save on the cost
  15. Now that I can see them clearly I love that they fixed the attachment of the steering vanes on the speeder bike compared to the 2020 version, but I find myself surprisingly disappointed that they again had to offset the megaphone piece standing in for the power-cell to make space for the blaster when finally after 20+ years they managed to put it on the underside. Still I'm sure I'll grab at least one, although that price increase feels unjustified now that I can finally see the product. The AT-ST, while surely an interesting variant, is an easy pass for me. I'm quite happy with my RO version and this one does not call to me as other "repeats" did in the past, although I'm happy for all the people clamoring for a snowy Chewbacca.