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  1. BrickHat

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    Awww man, Rebirth Superman is such a disappointment... Why would Lego make a semi complete first appearance JL lineup without the first version of the first superhero? Especially when we could've gotten rebirth Supes in a set... Also TDKR Joker with no corresponding Batman? I almost want to believe they are saving stuff for a second series because otherwise some selections do not make sense.
  2. BrickHat

    The future of Back to the Future?

    Don't do that... Don't give me hope... Actually the fact that Playmobil is making some BTTF sets seems like a good sign to me. Some here mentioned that after 2015 BTTF would not be of interest because the "future" and the 30th anniversary were over. I'd love for a UCS style DeLorean in the style of Dave Slater's. It's also a shame that we never got minifigs of Doc and Marty in 2015 and 1885 attire. We'll see.
  3. So over on Instagram FalconFan has revealed that the DC series will be sold at $5 a pop. How does Lego justify this 20% increase? We've gone from $2 to $5 in 9 years! I understand that the designs are more complex now than in 2010, but even then I fail to see what possibly justifies this recent price hike. The wishful thinker in me hopes this price is only for the DC comics series, but the past price increases suggest otherwise.
  4. BrickHat

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    I don't know why some keep saying no one wants a first appearance Superman. I for one wanted it before this series was even announced. Heck, why would people pay >$100 for Christo's version if there wasn't a market for it? Furthermore people are happy about the first appearance Batman, so it's far fetched to claim nobody would want Supes...
  5. I don't see an issue with Lego reusing a print where it makes sense, especially if we are just talking about an exposed torso. They're not being lazy, so I don't understand how they are "getting away with it" in any way, as though reusing a print in a single piece in the whole series was a sign of mediocrity.
  6. I've wondered about this but more generally if we were to get a Mr. Gold rerelease. Would they get backlash from people that have it who don't want it to become less rare? I hope not. I think it would be nice if they gave more people the opportunity to complete their CMF collections. And by this point I hope that the backlash they initially received will mean that we won't ever get a CMF that is rarer than one per box. I for one would like an opportunity to complete my S10 collection, but it is likely just wishful thinking.
  7. How about if they go meta again? Perhaps a Lego minifigure collector?
  8. I'd very much like that. Not enough female space figs exist!
  9. Yeah, I'm torn because I want to complete the character lineup from S1, but the secondary market prices for exclusive minifigs have lately been a little silly.
  10. Yeah, I feel a bit of the same. Some of the city figs are a bit underwhelming since we have already had multiples of similar figures (looking at you, firefighter). At the same time there are some I'm excited about. I'd rate this series average or slightly below average in my overall Series rankings. My opinion could change with high-res pics, though!
  11. This 16, 17, 18 is a true mystery... Didn't the leaked catalog from months ago show 17?
  12. What a tease. Whoever took these pictures had access to the whole leaflet!
  13. BrickHat

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    That is insane! With this and the Batman 80th anniversary sets, it is becoming hard for me to keep up with the theme!
  14. Lego being evil geniuses: the gems in this set are the ones missing from the Avengers compound set, and vice versa! I looooove that Stark Gauntlet! It exceeds any expectations I might've had if I had known this set was coming!