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  1. Time77

    Classic Space Color meanings

    Rock raiders is definitively a space theme though; they've got a giant spaceship in the tie-in media. (not an actual picture, but a clearer minibuild)
  2. Time77

    [MOC] Anakin vs Asajj Ventress, 2003 style...

    I wish lego would release 2003 sets for the anniversy of the 2003 show..... But no, just endless TCW garbage branded with the '03 logo. Nice moc; reminds me what this wave could have been..
  3. Time77


    Looks more CS than futuron; neat build though
  4. But what they've changed and added makes me uninterested. What you've described, is what I'm feeling; the original was great, but what they're producing is really rubbish compared to the original.
  5. Time77

    [MOC] Is it rust or natural?

    I'm saying that if it were rust, there'd be dark orange
  6. They totally butchered 21340; removing the purple from one, angling the other one wrong/ changing the colors, adding that terrible green one (when the creator has better ones on his rebrickable), and making it 50 dollars for that tiny set (not my biggest gripe though).
  7. Time77

    New parts useful in Space MOCs

    With the rumors of it being discontinued, I hope so, but I have doubts about it.
  8. Time77

    [MOC] M:Tron Habitat

    Why is the top offset; To fit some other module?
  9. Time77

    [MOC] Is it rust or natural?

    I would like to see dark orange; cool build though
  10. Time77

    Classic Space Era Spaceship Contest

    Me too; I wanna see more space mocs!
  11. attack of the aqua lakers
  12. Time77

    The Purple Waves

    Have you tried making the background out of bricks? I Think that would take this art to the next level
  13. Time77

    [MOC] Classic Spaceman as Maxifigure

    The bottom of the helmet is too rounded and the eyes are a bit too big in proportion to the smile. Valiant effort!
  14. I'm kinda fine with the bonze/gold in theory... It's just how plain it is. While unitron suffered from an abundance of colors, the mars mission guys are just really plain looking. I agree, blue would have looked better, but it wouldn't have pushed them to where they needed to be.
  15. When I said "characters", I always mostly referring to visuals and not distinct characters. Mars mission astronauts all have that white-gold visor astatic of all modern space(aka city-space). In my mind, that focus on "realism" tainted SP3 and galaxy squad (the space police colorscheme being gray, white, and black (with hints of blue) and the galaxy squad colorscheme being white). Compare that to the transparent yellows and blues of CS or the red-black-neonGreen of Mtron. I will cede that maybe the concepts and color-schemes are okay, but the designs in practice are sloppy.