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  1. Shroffy123

    Castle - Fantasy Era (2007-2009)

    I love this them. It brought me out of my dark age.
  2. Shroffy123

    Future Castle Sets?

    Hopefully the series will spark enough interest in medieval fantasy that will get new castle sets. It's been so long.
  3. Shroffy123

    Future Castle Sets?

    Anyone think we'll get another round of Lord of the rings sets when the new Amazon series comes out ?
  4. Shroffy123

    [REVIEW] 75945 - Expecto Patronum

    Love this set! I wish the elk wasn't transparent though
  5. Just picked up the set for same purpose of making a sauron fig
  6. Shroffy123

    REVIEW: 75973 D.Va & Reinhardt

    That helmet is perfect for castle fans. Thanks for the review !
  7. Shroffy123

    Lord of the rings sets returning?

    It still amazes me that not a single gondor set was released
  8. Shroffy123

    [MOC/SCENE] New Horizons

    Looks great! Can't wait to see more scenes.
  9. Shroffy123

    Fright Knights

    This is really cool. Great job. Fright knights are one of my favorite factions. Nice to see it get some love.
  10. Shroffy123

    Tradesmeet - Varlyrian Port

    Absolutely amazing !
  11. Shroffy123

    [MOC] Battle of Nagashino, 1575

    Same here
  12. Shroffy123

    [MOC] Karak Kadrin

    Looks fantastic ! Great job.
  13. Shroffy123

    LEGO Ninjago 2018

    I'm impressed with this upcoming wave. The weapons and armour help fill the castle void
  14. Shroffy123

    Future Castle Sets?

    Very disappointing news.
  15. Shroffy123

    Future Castle Sets?

    Not sure if it is okay to bring up Lego knock offs. But why doesn't Lego incorporate some of those ideas for the enlighten line 5tlRJnjfnHijM8HvuOzzYJONrX1zxBAI_IZYDXa5yvw_ml9p2LvYaAiOREALw_wcB .