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  1. Just purchased a boar (with dain figure) and 6 rams. Can't wait for them to arrive. Looks great.
  2. Shroffy123

    Future Castle Sets?

    I was able to pick up the creator set. Fun to build and looks beautiful! It's been a long time since I've built a proper Lego castle set. Cannot wait until this set restock so I can buy two more.
  3. I bought sixty iron hill dwarves for a total of 40$ and 30 elves for 30$. For me it was worth, because the seller was in the USA and items shipped quick. I purchased from Alliexpress once before, and the package never made it. Agreed. Quality is not the same as Lego. But the mini figs look great and display well. I really wish Lego would cater more to those who like castle/fantasy so we wouldn't need to purchase off market brands.
  4. Some of my lotr creations. Bought armour from brick warriors, and figs from esty.
  5. Shroffy123

    Warhammer III - Kislev vs Khorne Demons

    Wow this is amazing. Great build!
  6. Shroffy123

    Future Castle Sets?

    I figured that would be the case. They'd like show up at target 😄
  7. Shroffy123

    Future Castle Sets?

    I continue to stay cautiously optimistic
  8. Shroffy123

    Future Castle Sets?

    Set looks better with the pictures. Hopefully the Set starts to show up in the next couple of weeks
  9. Upcoming HP sets offer alot of useful pieces for castle. New elephant in the city sets 🙂
  10. Shroffy123

    1187 The siege of Jerusalem

    Wow great job!
  11. Shroffy123

    Future Castle Sets?

    That's unfortunate. Not sure why they wouldn't include the shoulder armor, seeing how Lego including them in the blacksmith set.
  12. Shroffy123

    Future Castle Sets?

    Set looks great. Has kingdom joust set vibe to it. Definitely buying multiples. I just hope lego revises the minifigs for final product. I'm loving the new shoulder guard pieces, and I hope they are included.
  13. Shroffy123

    The Problem with Lotr and Elves

    Agree with Aanchir, the recent llyod torso work well. 
  14. Shroffy123

    Future Castle Sets?

    Where are you seeing pictures on the HP set? Found them.
  15. Shroffy123

    Future Castle Sets?

    To end the suffering I think ill give up on castle, and start collecting city sets. Skyscrapers are easier to build anyways. (With my luck Lego will probably stop making city sets once I've amassed a significant amount of lego city)