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  1. Shroffy123

    Review: 79018 The Lonely Mountain

    100% right. This is only set that Smaug came in. Making price high
  2. Shroffy123

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    I was looking back at all the armies people have posted over the years. It's awesome to see how the looks have changed over the years. Here are some pictures of some of my factions in formation
  3. Has anyone figured out the Black Knights and amber reference yet?
  4. It's really all up to you. One of the many things about Lego I loved as a kid, and continue to love now. I have three main kingdoms: Lion, Crown, and Dragons. The other factions, Black Falcon, Fright Knights, and Forsetmen are banners of the three main factions.
  5. The build s 7037 tower raid from the 2007 castle wave. So alot of references to past themes in the knew lion knight castle. What does the reference to amber and the black knights mean? The black knights are my favorite faction but I've never heard of the significant of amber.
  6. Just finished building this set. Wow that was a long build! But alot of fun. The set looks great displayed next to my many castles. And the minifigs are amazing! Side note, I wish Lego would have all the minifigs in the first bag. 🤣
  7. I actually lol'd at this 😂
  8. Shroffy123

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    Your army looks good! I no longer have issue with non lego pieces. My entire dwarf army is made of non lego figures. If lego can't or unwilling to fulfill a need, others will.
  9. Anyone else can't stop looking at this castle? Aug 3 can't get here soon enough.
  10. Shroffy123

    40567 Forest Hideout (GWP)

    My set finally arrived! I feel like I'm 7 again 😃
  11. Same. I've been around long enough on this forum, I've realized people just like to complain about the sets lego releases. This set is absolutely amazing, so I guess people need to complain about female knights? Lol give me a break. It's a toy. Nothing about the set, or prior sets, are historical accurate. I mean, there is a WIZARD in this set. Let's write to lego and complain about the inclusion of a wizard. Or complain about the dragons, dwarves and elves they've included in prior sets. People are creating an issue that only exists because they have a problem. Seems to me some people have some major insecurities. Don't like the minifig head, swap it with the 1000s of male heads you already have. 😒
  12. Why disappointed if some of the fig heads female? Seems your comment is unnecessary seeing how you already know the solution if you are unhappy with the head piece. Just swap it out. And so what if a mini figure is black? Maybe you should keep dumb comments like that to yourself.