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  1. Magnum

    [PRESS RELEASE] 75936 - Jurassic Park

    Perhaps before designing or planning an D2C, do a survey/focus group test. Then you know what will sell best. People generally love buildings. Just my two cents.
  2. I think they just wanted to make a huge brick built T-Rex and ran out of the 1000 bricks after that. It does look cool. But the gate is just weird with the big plates. It’s back on insta but only the front of the box.
  3. It was only on insta this morning for a short while. Guess LEGO asked to take it off.
  4. I think there was a computer or research area in the gate. Very small but still. Every Minifig had a place inside the back of the gate.
  5. It’s not bad, it’s more for display. But a visitors center would be much better.
  6. No it’s not the LEGO ideas submission. But it does look like it. No car though! And the gate was more built like that Batman d2c house/cave, with plates vertically. There were two photos of the box. It was on legoleaks. The T-Rex had a lot of white teeth and bigger feet.
  7. I wonder what it was. It had photos of the main characters on the back of the box with their LEGO version next to it (placed in the gate areas). It were the six original characters from the first movie. Don’t be disappointed when the visitor center isn’t happening.
  8. This morning I saw on insta a photo of a Jurassic park set with the entrance gate, a brick built T-Rex and six minifigures. About 1000+ pieces. But it’s gone now. Is this the d2c set? The T-Rex looked really good. The gate had offices at the backside for the Minifigs.