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    I enjoy drawing in my free time, mostly in my anime like style. I build with LEGO in my free time as well. I also like to play video games. I like to make up characters and make stories for them. I also love Japan and wish to go there some day.


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  1. BlueSamuraiNinja

    [Factions Ep. 1] Nikki's Apartment

    After finally getting enough credits, I got a renovated room. It’s peaceful and quiet. Not too much color either. There’s a nice miniature tree that, in spring, produces nice flowers that have a pleasing smell. With the renovated area I made a hidden room that I can store temporary smuggled items.The exotic plant on the table produces a type of flower that looks very much like a crystal. It only blooms once a year. The counters are a nice area where I can make simple meals.
  2. BlueSamuraiNinja

    Factions - Introduction, Discussion, and Core Rules

    Hello, my name is Nikki Woutenhaumer and I hail from the planet of Eriadu. My father was killed by a CIS starfighter that crashed onto my home. I got into smuggling 14 years later, after being separated from my mother and brother for 5 years during an Imperial invasion of the planet we were living on. I raided a scrap yard to get the parts for my personal starship. After smuggling for several years and gaining enough credits to pay off my debts, I decided to join the Confederacy of Free Systems as they were weary of war, just as I was, and am. I still have not found the rest of my family, after 16 years of searching. (By the way, I submitted a character creation form but noticed that it has not shown up yet in the player index).
  3. BlueSamuraiNinja

    [Factions episode 1] Olesa Squad Barracks

    I'm liking this, 10/10
  4. BlueSamuraiNinja

    L7 - Korvaii - CorSec

    This is really good!
  5. BlueSamuraiNinja

    [L7 - Qiilura - CS] Shaak-herders

    That's pretty good
  6. BlueSamuraiNinja

    [Factions Ep. 1] Stew's Living Space

    It's pretty interesting
  7. BlueSamuraiNinja

    [MOC] Climatology Survey

    This looks pretty nice
  8. BlueSamuraiNinja

    [MOC] Georgian Mansion

    It's pretty cool
  9. BlueSamuraiNinja

    [MOC] Where is my mail? My post office

    Looks pretty swanky
  10. BlueSamuraiNinja

    Vader's Garden - Brickfilm

  11. BlueSamuraiNinja

    Hello Starshine :)

    Hello all, I'm BlueSamuraiNinja. I'm from the US and I enjoy building with LEGO. I also enjoy drawing. My very first LEGO set was 5766 log cabin, which was when I started getting into LEGO. I got my user name by my enjoyment of Japan and my favorite color which is blue.