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  1. Looks good! I like what you did with those top hats. When I first was looking I was thinking, "I wonder what those parts are that he used" for the black units(?) on the walls.
  2. DarthsDonuts54

    [M18 – Eriadu – CFS] Consequences of the Clone War

    Looks good. I like the smoke.
  3. DarthsDonuts54

    [Factions Ep. 1] Nikki's Apartment

    Hmm interesting. Nice plant
  4. DarthsDonuts54

    Finch Posting

    Hello! I recently received a Finch Dallow head and helmet after contacting LEGO. I got it about a week ago. Then, this week, I received a second one. It seems LEGO messed up and sent me two. If anyone is in the US and would like the head & helmet, send me a PM. Edit: Someone has snatched it up.
  5. DarthsDonuts54

    [Factions episode 1] Olesa Squad Barracks

    This is a fantastic build! I don't know how you people do it, getting all of those details in.
  6. DarthsDonuts54

    Hello Starshine :)

    Greetings starshine the Earth says hello! Like your profile picture, reminds me of GNAJBricks. Welcome to Eurobricks.
  7. DarthsDonuts54

    [Factions Ep. 1] Stew's Living Space

    Thank you. I was going for a kind of run down area, the slums if you will. I think I might try the browns for rust though. Colored sheets too. About the flowers.. I don't know what they are either Maybe some kind of weird alien plants or something like a succulent.
  8. DarthsDonuts54

    Building Technique Input

    Thank you @TimeCruiser and @rodiziorobs for your suggestions. In trying them out I do get a bit of bowing as the space between the studs is slightly more than a 1x2 can cover, however it is very slight and once placed into the wall, I don't think it would look too bad.
  9. DarthsDonuts54

    [Factions Ep. 1] Stew's Living Space

    *Your entry has earned 4XP* It was quite difficult to find a place to live in Coronet City, so landing this space was kind of a big deal, even as run down as it is. Many things are reused from a TIE that he crashed when he first came to Corellia, which is a whole other story.
  10. DarthsDonuts54

    Faction: Corellian Security (CorSec)

    I was meaning in the sense for the Episode. Wanting to know if a barracks type thing would be needed.
  11. DarthsDonuts54

    Building Technique Input

    All right. I will play around with your suggestions and see how it works. Thank you for putting time aside to help me out.
  12. DarthsDonuts54

    Building Technique Input

    Oh! Forgot to mention the 1x2x5's will be trans clear, Just don't have the parts yet. Thank you for the advice.
  13. DarthsDonuts54

    Building Technique Input

    Hello! I am building a window and am trying to put antistuds together, as seen in the picture. I cannot figure out how to keep the two separate pieces together. Any help would be appreciated! IMG_3088 by IMG_3085 by IMG_3086 by IMG_3087 by
  14. DarthsDonuts54

    Faction: Corellian Security (CorSec)

    Cool thank you. Quick question, does Corsec provide housing for its members?
  15. DarthsDonuts54

    Faction: Corellian Security (CorSec)

    IMG_9203 (2) Hello! My name is Stew Blazer and I am now working with CorSec. A bit of backstory; I was formerly a stormtrooper with the Empire, joining only because I though I could help bring order back to my galaxy, not because I liked the tyrannous ways of the Empire. I joined rather late in the conflict, being still in training when Vader and the 501st attacked the rebels on Hoth. The Imperial Academy ^Me (in the middle) After I graduated from the academy, I was stationed on the most remote planets in the galaxy, guarding this thing or that thing, and seeing little action. However, I was finally stationed somewhere significant, Endor. I saw some action in the battle, however I never encountered any rebels, only ewoks. Battle of Endor ^Me (behind the crates) After the devastating defeat and the destruction of the Death Star II, I met up with a commanding officer and was evacuated from the planet. I was then stationed on the SSD Ravager. During the Battle of Jakku, I was stationed at some remote outpost on the planet surface, fortunately. I saw little action, besides an A-wing crashing near my squad, nearly missing me. I did get hit by some shrapnel, thus the damage on my helmet. Battle of Jakku ^Me (under the shrapnel) After the Battle of Jakku, the surrender of the Empire, and the signing of the Galactic Concordance, I decided that I did not have any obligation to stay with the Empire any longer. I have nothing against the New Republic and welcome the many freedoms that it has returned to the galaxy. I especially enjoy the fact that it is now a legitimate government. That being the case, I wanted to help them in any way I could, and having experience in guarding things, I decided to join CorSec. (Will be expanded upon in freebuilds).