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  1. DarthsDonuts54

    Re-Creation Contest Voting Thread

    I vote for #5 and #8
  2. DarthsDonuts54

    LEGO Star Wars 2018 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!

    Has anyone seen Lego Star Wars info from Nuremberg Toy Fair? Looks as if Snoke's Throne Room is somewhat confirmed as 75216.
  3. DarthsDonuts54

    [Ep. XVII] [Empire] [Week 6] Rebels Sighted

    For the round tree I borrowed the water tower design from 10246 Detective's Office.
  4. *Begin Transmission* "Imperial Command, this is Sergeant TK-452792. We have sighted and engaged a Rebel scout team in sector G18. They will be terminated shortly." *End Transmission* IMG_8941 by
  5. DarthsDonuts54

    Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka — Introduction and Discussion

    Question: for our MOCs are any kind of pre-formed pieces (i.e. BURPs, etc.) allowed?
  6. DarthsDonuts54

    [Ep. XVII] [Empire] [Week 2] Troop Discrimination

    I believe the number of moves you get is based upon what score the previous weeks MOC got. So say last weeks got 4xp for its score, then you could move 4 squares. I think I saw that last weeks MOCs won't be judged until Monday. Refer to the Game Play section of the Episode's rules for how to move, and more info.
  7. DarthsDonuts54

    Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka — Introduction and Discussion

    Here is my character (best photo I could get).
  8. DarthsDonuts54

    Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka — Introduction and Discussion

    Hello, I would like to join the Empire as a Stormtrooper.
  9. DarthsDonuts54

    Thrawn Contest Voting Thread

    I vote for #3 and #6.
  10. DarthsDonuts54

    [Thrawn] - how 2 catch a Ghost

    Very nice. I quite liked your second build. Also, nice job with your shooting angles on the second build, it really makes it feel larger than it is.
  11. DarthsDonuts54

    May 2017: Star Wars Thrawn Contest

    I've updated my submission! Link to my entry: [Thrawn] - Triumphing Through History
  12. IMG_7883, on Flickr IMG_7884, on Flickr Officer: "General sir, Grand Admiral Thrawn requests your presence." IMG_7885, on Flickr IMG_7886, on Flickr General: "You called me Grand Admiral?" Grand Admiral Thrawn: "Ah General, how nice of you to join me. You're familiar with the rogue Sith Kumutodo?" General: "Of course Grand Admiral, every Imperial officer in the galaxy is keeping watch for him." IMG_7887, on Flickr Grand Admiral Thrawn: "Good. If I may draw your attention over to this carving..." General: "Goodness! That looks like one of the carvings from Korriban." Grand Admiral Thrawn: "Indeed, it is carved in the likeness of those statues. However, this was made from rock not found on Korriban nor anywhere else in the galaxy besides..." General: "Is it from another galaxy?" Grand Admiral Thrawn:"No General, it is from this one. This rock is found only on Utapau in the bottom of its sink holes. This tells us, General, that Kumutodo and his forces are hiding on Utapau at the bottom of a sink hole." General: "I will send our best forces to arrest him immediately Grand Admiral." Grand Admiral Thrawn: "No General, not yet. You see, the actual carving has significance as well." General: "How so?" Grand Admiral Thrawn: "The carving is of an ancient Sith. That's the key." General: "I don't understand." IMG_7888, on Flickr Grand Admiral Thrawn: “If you would direct yourself over to this holocron, I will explain. You see, this holocron tells us that a tactic used by the ancient Sith was to creep through the shadows and attack their enemy’s rear flank.” General: “I see.” IMG_7890, on Flickr Grand Admiral Thrawn: “Thus, we can expect him to act in this way.” IMG_7892, on Flickr Grand Admiral Thrawn: “Lord Vader shall join you in capturing this rogue Sith on Utapau.” General: “Yes sir.” IMG_7096, on Flickr IMG_7099, on Flickr IMG_7100, on Flickr IMG_7102, on Flickr IMG_7103, on Flickr "I have you now Kumutodo" IMG_7104, on Flickr "Drop your weapon. It is of no use to resist the Empire."
  13. DarthsDonuts54

    May 2017: Star Wars Thrawn Contest

    Awesome competition. Quick question, is it required to add the quotes underneath the pictures? Thanks
  14. DarthsDonuts54

    Hello Everyone

    Hello, I'm Gage from the Pacific Northwest in the U.S.A. My first LEGO set was 7239 Fire Truck which I got in 2005. I was a City/Creator only fan until 2009 when I got my first Star Wars sets. Now I am a Star Wars fan. I also got my first Modular set (10246 Detective's Office) last November.