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  1. (Luc)ky Luke

    Flockwood village

    @Henjin_Quilones @W Navarre @Bracari Thank you very much for your feedback. I try to incorporate your feedback in future builds. @Windusky Thank you. The cottage is small due to lack of bricks unfortunately. @Ayrlego Thank you for the tip. I am definitely going to experiment with that. @zoth33 Thank you. @TitusV Thank you. Yes I did put a lot of work in it that I would not have spend in something else. It was a lot of fun building and experimenting. @soccerkid6 Thank you for the tip.
  2. Flockwood | (Luc)ky Luke | Mitgardia
  3. (Luc)ky Luke

    Book III - Mitgardia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Flockwood village Original thread and Flickr album
  4. (Luc)ky Luke

    Flockwood village

    This is my first build for the Guilds of Historica. It took me a long time to get the cottage right, especially the roof. I would really appreciate if people have suggestions or things that I could improve in future builds. [Story will follow] You can find more photo's on my flickr page here.
  5. (Luc)ky Luke

    Book III - Mitgardia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    This will be the first time for me in Guilds of Historica (and the forums) and I am really excited to start building. I hope that it is okay that I came up with a new village. Ronan Lund ((Luc)ky Luke) Titles and profession: Blacksmith in training Short Bio: Ronan was born in the small village called Flockwood. This village high up in the mountains was founded, after the destruction of Helgestorp by a small group of former inhabitants. After a few days of walking haunted by freezing winds this small group found a spring in an almost hidden valley. The group decided to stay there and founded the village now known as Flockwood. Because of the dangers the group encountered in the mountains and the everyday treat of the freezing cold and the mountain’s wildlife, every boy and girl had to learn how to fight from the day they learned how to walk. Even though he lives in a rough place Ronan always tries to stay positive. Hometown: Flockwood Parts: Hat Head Cape Torso Pants