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  1. (Luc)ky Luke

    [MOC] Dwarven Barber Shop

    Beautiful build! Really like the use of the many arches and the mirror is brilliant!
  2. Nice, it really looks like it could be a official set. I also like the expressions a lot on the rat and cat.
  3. (Luc)ky Luke

    [MOC] Joe's Cottage

    Amazing build! (The only thing that bothers me is the scale of the door in comparison with the minifig)
  4. (Luc)ky Luke

    [MOC] Lego Robocop (1987 movie)

    Great! Really love the inclusion of the space in his leg for the gun.
  5. (Luc)ky Luke

    Avalonian Market Stall

    Great! I especially like the details at the bottom around the market. I only don't know how you attached those brooms, or did you use bricks but upside down?
  6. (Luc)ky Luke

    AoM: Stables Phase 2: Village Stable

    I always thought that the snow technique you use would look to "busy" but you make it look super good!
  7. (Luc)ky Luke

    Dwarven Mine

    Beautiful microscale with a lot of NPU! Good job!
  8. (Luc)ky Luke

    Dwellings of Mitgardia - MCB Book III

    Can you also use older builds?
  9. (Luc)ky Luke

    [COR ChIIICatC] Intriguing Visitors

    Very "clean" build with nice colours!
  10. (Luc)ky Luke

    Castle Palisade

    Love the miniature, makes the environment more clear and really like the light grey profile bricks in the staircase!
  11. (Luc)ky Luke

    The Lost Fleet Part 1: The Investigation

    Really love the story with its mystery and great wreck aswell! (The only improvement would be to remove some of the scattered bricks in the water and for example make piles of snow instead of individual white bricks around, this makes it easier to focus on the important part of the build.)
  12. (Luc)ky Luke


    Wow, great organic, especially the face!
  13. (Luc)ky Luke

    [EBFS] Herbalist's Garden

    Great well and nice variety of flowers and plants! What are those cupcake-like pieces in the flowers?
  14. (Luc)ky Luke

    Rhalyf in the Frozen North

    Good build, I really like how smooth the water is integrated in the model and the path actually looks like it is almost dissapearing because of the snow.
  15. (Luc)ky Luke

    The De Cioto Family

    Lovely figs, I wish I had more minifigs to also make such great combo's.