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  1. Finding a profession, third try | (Luc)kyLuke | Mitgardia
  2. (Luc)ky Luke

    Finding a profession, first try

    @Blufiji Thank you! I always try to get as many detail in builds as possible. @soccerkid6 Thank you very much! @Rogue Angel Thank you, the floorwork was a bit of an accident but turned out really well.
  3. ‘The second task my mother charged me with was repairing and making furniture and all sorts of tools essential in village life. This was the task of a wife and husband that were one of the youngest of the group when they had fled the city. If I closed my eyes and imagined that the cold and soft but rough wood between my hands was actually flaming hot and icy smooth steel, wood carving actually came close to forging. However, using a chisel and hammer with closed eyes for the rest of my life would only result in my hands being sore. Besides, cleaning up after work was terrible, although the carpenter and his wife were convinced I would make a great sweep.’ -Ronan This is the second vignette I made for my story and I actually made this a few months back but never got around to post it. The next vignette will be the last one in this series and then the story will continue. Some may notice that I changed the hairpiece of Ronan and this is because I thought this piece fitted his age and character better than the one I used in the previous build. (I would gladly hear your opinion about it.) Want to read the previous part of the story: Here
  4. (Luc)ky Luke

    A Meeting With The Dwarves

    Nice build I especially like how you made the door simpel but still give it the look of a heavy reinforced door. I also like the subtle detail of the two slope pieces in the left corner. The only think you could do better is maybe try to use different elements for the snow on the tree, it looks a bit too blocky for the style you went with. (I also really like that you used trans clear tiles to make the snow on the ground look like it has been walked on a lot and turned into ice). Good job!
  5. Very nice architecture for the tower. I also like the blue colored rocks and the small detail of the spikey plants, NPU!
  6. (Luc)ky Luke

    AoM: Stables Phase 1 - Frost Elves on Patrol

    Very good colour choice and like the transition from the white to the path using the light aqua! And also nice that the hair of the elves are matching the surrounding colours!
  7. (Luc)ky Luke

    [MOC] The Spirit of the Standing Stone

    Very nice and interesting build! Good use of the transclear deer and I like that you describe one of the plants and animals in mitgardia. I don't know why but I also really like the small hole behind the mitgardian shrew!
  8. (Luc)ky Luke

    Finding a profession, first try

    @Kai NRG Thank you! @Eoin Wallace Thank you, the floor was made by accident, I forgot to put plates under the tiles. But I @Littleworlds Thank you! I appreciate it that you like the story! @Louis of Nutwood Thank you very much! @Aurore Thank you! @mrcp6d Thank you! The chair has a design were it is supposed to have a small bend at the back of the chair. You can't see the chair good enough in the picture to see it, but I maybe could use a reversed tile in dark red. And for the candle, I totally forgot to put something in it . @Grover Thank you, that means a lot to me! @zoth33 Thank you! @W Navarre Thank you!
  9. (Luc)ky Luke

    Challenge III - Cat.B: Rebuilding Valnötsträd

    Love this build! It has relatively small but very detailed houses, I really love the style you use in your stone textures and the story is very well written. I struggle a lot with making snow in Lego but you make great snow! The only advice I would give is making the path less 'busy'.
  10. Finding a profession, first try | (Luc)ky Luke | Mitgardia
  11. (Luc)ky Luke

    Book III - Mitgardia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Here is my freebuild with the start of the story of my character. Eurobricks topic
  12. ‘When I turned 18, I had to find the profession that I would do my whole life to serve Flockwood as a full-grown citizen. But, this was not as straight forward as for most of my peers that can easily adopt their parents’ professions. My brother, being the oldest son in the family, would succeed my father as the village blacksmith. Then, as my mother is a chosen village counsellor, I cannot take her profession. This meant I had to find something else, although being a blacksmith is the thing I enjoy the most and I cannot imagine doing anything else. My mom, knowing my situation, arranged that I would help each villager with their daily tasks for two weeks, in the hope I would find a profession that I also enjoyed. I started with repairing and making clothes with missis Leonora. She had arrived in Flockwood after she had managed to escape with her husband when Helgestorp got destroyed. Unfortunately, her husband died from the bitter cold that characterises the mountains. She taught me a lot of things, but did not convince me to become a tailor.' -Ronan This is the first vignette/small build in the: 'finding a profession for my character' series. Want to read the beginning of my story: Here
  13. Very unique build with some great colour choices! The dialogue with the faces next to them makes it easy to follow the story. I would like to read more!
  14. (Luc)ky Luke

    Wyvernstone Village

    Beautiful build! I especially like the cheesemaker, with all the different shapes of cheese!
  15. (Luc)ky Luke

    CHALLENGE III: Category A: Avalonian Autumn

    I think you did a wonderful job! I especially like the small boat and the wooden bridge connecting the two islands. The only thing that might be something for the next build is making the base blue instead of black. The black color makes the whole build a bit dark and I think blue could have made the build more colourful.