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  1. (Luc)ky Luke

    [AoM: House - Phase I] The Valley

    -For the first build I really love the thunder with it's gray cloud, and the cliff has an excellent shape. The only thing that bothers me a bit is that the tree has a bit too much open spaces. -For the second build I especially like the house with a beautiful tree! -For the third one I especially like the rockwork with the path leading down. It's a fun story and I really like that you tried a different technique for every tree in every build! Hence I am really interested in what your next builds will look like.
  2. (Luc)ky Luke

    With the hunters

    @Grover, @Exetrius, @Henjin_Quilones, @Eoin Wallace Thank you for the feedback, I will definitely try to experiment more with different angels while making the photos for my future builds. @Exetrius At the time I was making this freebuild I unfortunately only had the amount of earth green/olive green leaves that you see in the picture and I just wanted another tree.
  3. (Luc)ky Luke

    Book III - Mitgardia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    I finished a freebuild: With the hunters. I forgot to post the previous one I made so here it is: Finding a profession, third try. Unfortunately I cannot participate in the challanges because of limited time but I will try to do something for the next one.
  4. (Luc)ky Luke

    With the hunters

    ‘One task that did actually intrigue me was one of the last ones I had to do. For a couple of days I was working with one of my father’s closest friend, Karspart. He is in charge of the hunt and supplies the village with a constant fresh supply of meat, wild berries and other things that are needed in the village. Hunting with Karspart brought me further away from the village then I had ever been before. Even further than I had ever imagined to go. It first seemed like an easy and relaxing task, but this is far from the truth. Karspart’s hunting task is full of danger so I had to be careful with everything I did, as packs of trolls, wolves, bears and sometimes enchanted beasts could be encountered whilst hunting. Not to mention the avalanches and cold that where even deadlier. I did learn how to defend myself and avalanches and the cold were part of my life just like any other child in the village so I wasn’t that worried. Still I do not see myself fighting against some monster, I would rather run for it. Luckily in those two weeks I only encountered some wolves that didn’t even come close to us.’ -Ronan Want to read the previous part of the story: here
  5. (Luc)ky Luke

    A Day at the Old Mill

    Looks great! The mill has a nice round shape. How did you do that? And the blades are simple but effective. I also love the water and the 2 minifigs that makes the build come to life.
  6. (Luc)ky Luke

    CHALLENGE IV: Category A: The Enlightened

    I really like the long story and your writing style, I would love to read more! I also really like the interior scene with the clever use of the knight's kingdom shield.
  7. (Luc)ky Luke

    [MOC] Mitgardia Advent Calendar

    Impressive how detailed everything is and funny ideas such as the hoth bath and snow castle. Good job!
  8. (Luc)ky Luke

    AoM Tower Phase 2: Herfin Telosuren

    Impressive build! I really like the robust looking designs of the towers with the turned tiles on the side in contrast to the trees and the very open shrine next to them.
  9. (Luc)ky Luke

    GoH Writing Guide

    I struggle a lot with English sentences and getting a good structure so thank you for the helpful tips!
  10. (Luc)ky Luke

    [AoM: Stables - Phase II] Don't Look Back

    Beautiful build with really cool snow piles and the tower has a great shape with those windows. Maybe a tip for future builds is to experiment with different colored roofs to get more colour into your builds.
  11. (Luc)ky Luke

    [MOC] Centaur w/ Tailgunner

    I really like the design especially the hoofs, tail and the weapon! You inspire me to try and also make centaurs!
  12. (Luc)ky Luke

    Finding a profession, third try

    @neonic Thank you! The base was supposed to be small because the idea was to make small scenes of Ronan trying to get a job. @deraven Thank you! And yes the torch placement is a little tricky. I hope they have some water nearby, just in case. @Grover Thank you very much! For the floor I used the 1x2 'grill tiles' and everytime pushed 2 of them together (that creates the little heigtdifference) and then put them sideways.
  13. Finding a profession, third try | (Luc)kyLuke | Mitgardia With the hunters | (Luc)kyLuke | Mitgardia
  14. (Luc)ky Luke

    Finding a profession, first try

    @Blufiji Thank you! I always try to get as many detail in builds as possible. @soccerkid6 Thank you very much! @Rogue Angel Thank you, the floorwork was a bit of an accident but turned out really well.
  15. ‘The second task my mother charged me with was repairing and making furniture and all sorts of tools essential in village life. This was the task of a wife and husband that were one of the youngest of the group when they had fled the city. If I closed my eyes and imagined that the cold and soft but rough wood between my hands was actually flaming hot and icy smooth steel, wood carving actually came close to forging. However, using a chisel and hammer with closed eyes for the rest of my life would only result in my hands being sore. Besides, cleaning up after work was terrible, although the carpenter and his wife were convinced I would make a great sweep.’ -Ronan This is the second vignette I made for my story and I actually made this a few months back but never got around to post it. The next vignette will be the last one in this series and then the story will continue. Some may notice that I changed the hairpiece of Ronan and this is because I thought this piece fitted his age and character better than the one I used in the previous build. (I would gladly hear your opinion about it.) Want to read the previous part of the story: Here