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  1. MiloNelsiano

    Book II - Kaliphlin: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Avalonian challenge number 2 (at least I think it's number 2) is to describe your settlement/territory. While it is an Avalonian challenge, other guild members are welcome to it, and there has been at least one other Kaliphlinian to complete the challenge. It's the only one I know of that doesn't require any builds. Maybe you can start there if you want to describe your settlement.
  2. MiloNelsiano

    AoM: Mill Phase 3: Firoir Watermill

    Recognized this immediately as being (inspired by) the mill in Riverwood. Everything about it looks fantastic. Really great work here!
  3. MiloNelsiano

    Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Some great looking builds, everyone. Keep it up! I'm happy to announce were officially in our new home, with a dedicated Lego room (half of a room anyway). We still have a lot of unpacking to do, so I won't have a huge amount of building time for a while, but i have started a new project (since my large diorama WIP didn't really survive the move). Unfortunately we won't have internet for the next two weeks, which means I won't be uploading any pictures for a while, so I guess I missed out on the current challenge. Hopefully I'll be back around more often very soon!
  4. MiloNelsiano

    Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    I guess I’ll start. It’s hard to consider myself active because I haven’t really built anything in a while, but I do try to check what’s happening every day or so. However, I’m still Avalonian, and plan to be building again soon. We are moving in January, and I’ll have a dedicated LEGO corner, so I can always build when I want (the main reason I haven’t been so active is because of space restrictions in our current apartment). I’ve got a large WiP right now, would be 6-8 baseplates when finished, but I might get distracted by some other ideas I have rolling around. I’ve also been thinking of another multiple chapter adventure for my SigFig to go on, but if I went down that’s road I’d have to scrap my large project for parts. Its great to have another new member, and I hope there’s still some others fairly active here, and not just playing BoBS, AG, etc.
  5. MiloNelsiano

    Nativity Scene II

    A very nice nativity scene! I definitely prefer this one over the one you did last year. I also built one the last two years, but couldn’t do one this year because we’re moving. But now I’ve got some good inspiration for next year!
  6. I think like a lot of AFOLs, my ideal Christmas Tree is one on top of a mountain of Lego.
  7. MiloNelsiano

    Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    I appreciate the support! Actually, this reminds me that in addition to settlements with lords, I will also have to come up with some companions (without a settlement) that the player can enlist into their party. I probably won't be able to do a cave settlement, but I may be able to show the entrance to a cave with some buildings around it, assuming your cave city would have some buildings around the entrance. I definitely will need help along the way, especially once the game is semi-playable, it'd be nice to have some people test it out. There are a few other things I have yet to work out--maybe you'll have a few ideas for them. I'll let you know once I come up with a list. I'm finding that I'll need a lot of little villages, so really, I think any settlement that has some builds should be able to be included. I can't have everyone's settlement be a large town or city, so a lot will end up being considered villages. The biggest things I need to include a settlement were listed in my last post--lord, sigil, castle name (if applicable) etc.
  8. MiloNelsiano

    Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    Hi everyone, This might not be the best place for this, but this thread seems to be used for various other reasons as well, so I'll post it here anyway. Some may have noticed that I haven't been around as much lately, which is mainly due to my apartment being too small to have a designated building space. I'm still building once in a while but am unable to make much progress on anything than my son doesn't play with, and ultimately destroy. So, in this current situation I started playing a videogame that has captivated me like no other game has done before. That game is Mount and Blade: Warband. If any of you have played the game, you probably know how enthralling the game can be, and if you haven't played it before, probably should (or at least watch some youtube videos of it). The only reason I'm still not bored of the game (I get over videogames pretty quickly these days) is because there are so many Mods available for it. There are so many different Mods out there, including Game of Thrones, Vikings, Pirates, Cowboy/Wild West, WWI, Warhammer, Star Wars.....hundreds of Mods that people have made. After playing quite a few of these Mods and getting a basic understanding of how they work, I made the (possibly terrible) decision that I'd like to write a mod as a personal challenge for myself. Since I'm learning as I go, I thought it'd be easiest to take a world that's already known to me, so I quickly settled on trying to incorporate the world of Historica into a Mod. What I'd like to do is to incorporate as many characters and civilizations from GoH as I can to make the game feel enjoyable. I'm currently trying to decide which characters and towns/villages I should use to even out all the factions. I've picked out some settlements that have already been fleshed out fairly well, but need a little more help getting enough settlements to make the world feel immersive, and I'm hoping some of you can help me out there. If you're OK with me using your settlement, I would need to know: 1. The name of the settlement 2. The name of the ruler 3. The name of the castle or fortress, if applicable and 4. A brief description of the ruler's personal coat of arms/sigil/what-have-you. Once I have a decent start with settlements and lords and whatnot, I will start making the map, and fleshing out the settlements (as closely to the representation in MOCs as possible). Then, I may even try to get the lords to look like the SigFigs they represent (I'm not sure how realistic this is, especially for Orcs and humanized Rats and so forth, but I'm thinking I can use textures from other existing Mods to help make some of the more complicated figures). As far as special features to the mod, I don't think there will be too many, and I'm sure it will be very similar to the Vanilla version of the game. I will likely include the Black Spire as a Faction, but leave out Varlyria (at least for the time being I'm not planning on including it on the map). Anyway, as I said, this is a personal project, so I don't want anyone to get excited thinking they will get to play a video game set in Historica. If I am able to get the Mod into a functional and playable state, I will absolutely share it with anyone interested. However, since this is my first major attempt at anything remotely close to this, I have no idea if I am going to be able to manage it. I may be way over my head with this, so again, please realize that this may never be finished. I started doing some banners, including for some settlements that are somewhat fleshed out already (Benoic, Thorshaven, and Shadowmere). You can take a peek below if you'd like to see (they're not as good as the official banners are, but they good enough for me). Also, if you really don't want me including your figure or settlement in anyway, please let me know. Thank you all for reading!
  9. For category B, how important is the backside picture of each minifigure? Some combos I'm trying out look strange with the second face printed on the back of the head. Are we allowed to swap the heads for that picture? Or what is the judges' preference? Oh, and is this a purist contest like the last minifig challenge (no 3rd party)?
  10. MiloNelsiano

    **Book II Challenge V Official Announcment**

    Unless I misunderstood something, category A B and C winners will be selected by the judges, and the category C story(not the builds, just the story) that gets accepted as canon will be voted on by everyone in a voting thread.
  11. MiloNelsiano

    [V - C] The Battle for Historica

    Thank you. I guess I'm tired of seeing droopy, crumbly buildings all the time. I think part of the problem is people have really only ever seen castles that are several hundred years old, and not one that recently built, as would be the case here. No worries, it was pretty long! Thank you. Because I was way too busy and couldn't build near as many builds, let alone builds as nice as I wanted, I focused on the story. I just hope the story doesn't get overlooked because of the builds. Thank you! I was pretty happy with the curved tile pieces. Feel free to borrow ideas. I'm sure I borrowed a few myself when building these.
  12. MiloNelsiano

    Western Figs and Vigs

    Hi! So, having grown up in South Dakota/Montana, I grew up with ''Western'' things all around me. I'm not sure, but I think for that reason a Western Lego theme seemed a bit boring to me as a kid. However, since I have lived in Germany, I'm slowly starting to miss it. This really hit hard when I watched the remake of the Magnificent 7. Since then, I keep watching my classic Western movies that had been previously stowed away. Shortly after watching the Magnificent 7, I decided to try to create the seven heroes in Lego form, and I bought a few Lone Ranger Sets as well. I really liked my Mag7 figs, so I did some figbarfing, and was pretty pleased with the results. Since then, I decided to build as many 8x8 scenes with the figures as I can. I will add vigs as I complete them, but for the time being have two finished, one WIP, and a bunch of ideas. Anyway, I'll shut up for now and post the pictures. C&C is very much appreciated, especially for the Mag7 figs. If you have any ideas I'd also love to hear them. Magnificent 7--characters should at least be recognizable to those that have seen the movie. Various gunfighters, lawmen, and outlaws. Coach driver/Miner/Barkeep/Gambler/Livery Worker/Elixer Salesman/Blacksmith/Banker Ex-Soldier/Barfly/Piano Player/Guitar Player/Trail Cook/General Store Keeper/Famer/Famer's Wife School Teacher/Various Other Women Somehow I forgot to add the Vigs. Here they are.
  13. MiloNelsiano

    Günzburg 2017 event - the photos

    I had a great time, and it was really nice to meet you all. I really wish it had worked out a little better and that I was able to spend more time with you all, but the good news is my wife has already asked twice when we're going to Billund next year, so it's already looking like there's a good chance I'll see you next year!
  14. MiloNelsiano

    Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Here's my Category C entry. It's what I've been working on the past several months.
  15. MiloNelsiano

    **Book II Challenge V Official Announcment**

    Here is my entry for Category C. I hope it's not too long to read.