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    <p> LEGO Castle theme, I don’t remember the last set I bought as I usually just brick link pieces These days.  </p>

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  1. MiloNelsiano

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    This is appreciated, thanks! My fellow Avalonians and Historicans, just wanted to give a quick update since I haven’t been around in a few months. I’ve been working on a larger build for quite a while now, but every time I sit down to build, I first have to deal with this. (hopefully that link works, I’m on my iPad and bbc code didn’t seem to want to work for me). Basically, my son is trying more and more to build with my stuff. I love seeing his creativity, and I really don’t want to be a Lord Business kind of dad, but that does make it harder to actively build here, since anytime I want to do something I need to clear away his stuff first. Sometime soon I think I will clear everything up and abandon the idea of a larger build like this, and stick to smaller things I can put away on shelves. However, we’re expecting our next son at the end of the month, so I really have no idea when I will have time to do this. Anyway, just wanted to say I haven’t disappeared completely!
  2. MiloNelsiano

    CHALLENGE II: Category B: Fun and Games

    Thanks everyone for the feedback, it’s really appreciated. It’s the new Harry Potter Wand inside the cone brick. It seemed to work really well, but some of the wands are a little too loose for my liking. I think the ones in the CMF packs are very slightly different than those in the sets (the sprue seems slightly different as well) but I don’t know which is the looser and which the snugger.
  3. MiloNelsiano

    Book III - Challenge II: Bread and Circuses

    My Category B build is up here.
  4. In the town of Osgard, as well as the rest of Oros, there are fairly few forms of entertainment. Aside from jousting, melees, or other forms of war games, not much else has caught on. While most of the citizens love participating in and watching the games, in the early peace after so much violence, and while so many still mourned their lost ones, the war games seemed inappropriate. However, wanting to comply with the Queen's orders, Lord Osric organized the old Northern games to be held in the tournament grounds. It had been many years since the games had been played, but everyone seemed to enjoy them. The highlight of the games was tug of war in which an all Avalonian team took on a team composed of members from the other 4 guilds. At the time of the games there were many refugees from Nocturnus, and Kaliphlin, as well as traders from Mitgardia and Varlyrio. Other games included the caber toss, as well as stone put. One competitor warms up before the Caber Toss begins. This was an interesting build for me. It ended up a lot different than I had planned, mostly because my son started taking over. I had originally planned to do just the caber toss in the build (by the way, did anyone realize that the caber toss is scored by straightness, and distance thrown doesn't matter whatsoever?), but he wanted a tug of war, which actually fit in extremely well. After that, he decided we had to build 100 minifigures, and he wouldn't settle for anything less, so while I had quite a few other details planned out, I thought it was too much fun doing this together with him, so I left a lot of things out and ran with his ideas. The build itself is very simple, but it was still a lot of fun. C&C is appreciated as always.
  5. MiloNelsiano

    Curse you Redish Brown!

    I had posted a topic on fragile pieces quite a while back, asking if anyone else had a problem with reddish brown pieces breaking. It didn’t seem like anyone else did. Now I can finally see I’m not alone! found it here. Looks like more people have had the problem than I remembered.
  6. MiloNelsiano

    The Order of the Iron Circle

    Thank you everyone for the feedback! Thanks, I appreciate hearing that. It’s good to know I’m not the only one that thinks greebling gets out of hand. I agree that the ground in this build needs some work, but I don’t think the building itself needs that much variation. It’s not hundreds of years old, like the castles are that we see today, and any damage it may have received would have been repaired immediately.
  7. MiloNelsiano

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    It sounds possible to tell you story that way, but if it’s easier on you, none of the challenge entries, unless otherwise specified, require you to have any of your characters in them. They can be very generic characters, or characters you make up for the sole purpose of the challenge, never to be used again.
  8. The Order of the Iron Circle ¦ MiloNelsiano ¦ Avalonia
  9. MiloNelsiano

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    I finally have a new freebuild up for any who are interested!
  10. MiloNelsiano

    The Order of the Iron Circle

    ‘’I just can’t, Osric. I wouldn’t have any idea on how to start something like this.’’ Auron looked at his old friend—now his Lord, hoping he would reconsider. ‘’You can. My father said so himself in his final letter to me before his passing. If you don’t trust me, surely you can trust him.’’ Auron pondered his words for a moment. He had missed his friend. It was good to be talking to him again, but he still couldn’t help the guilt he felt for what had happened to Osric’s brother. The three of them had always been best friends, and inseparable as children. After Osfred’s death, Auron couldn’t face Osric or his father, Lord Orys. When Lord Orys himself had died, Auron regretted his decision. He would always miss Lord Orys, who had taken him in as an orphan. He was the only father he had ever known. ‘’Of course I trust him,’’ he finally said, ‘’and I trust you to, it’s just—‘’ Osric had produced a folded piece of parchment from somewhere inside his tabard. ‘’Reconcile with Auron,’’ Osric began to read, ‘’he’s no more to blame for Osfred’s death than you or me. He understands better than any of us the importance of taking care of orphans. He understands what happens to young boys that don’t have a father to protect or provide for them. He is to take care of Oros’ orphans when I am gone.’’ Osric folded the parchment again and returned it inside his tabard. ‘’He didn’t say anything about starting a Knighthood Order, though did he?’’ Auron began to pace back and forth, kicking the odd stone while thinking about what Osric was asking him. ‘’Would you rather run an orphanage?’’ Osric offered a rare smile, and the two of them began laughing—the first time they had laughed together in many years. ‘’You know you have my support in this. I know it won’t be easy, but I’m already giving you a headquarters. There’s room here for a barracks and armory, not to mention your own private quarters.’’ Auron scratched at his chin. ‘’But do you even realize how hard it is for an orphan to become a knight?’’ ‘’No, I don’t, Auron, but you do, which is why you must be grandmaster of the order.’’ Osric paused for a moment before continuing. ‘’What would you call the order anyway?’’ Auron stopped pacing and pulled out the old ugly medallion he always wore around his neck. He thought back on his mother, who he could barely still remember. He thought of how she had fled with him as a boy, though from what he never knew, and he remembered her bringing the medallion to a smith to melt down for some coin. He remembered how the smith had just laughed at his mother because it wasn’t pure gold as she had thought, but iron plated in gold, and he remembered how the smith had melted the gold off the ugly iron circle. When the smith paid his mother for the gold, he tossed what remained of the medallion to Auron and laughed as he returned to his forge. The coin had been enough to feed them as the continued to travel, but shortly before they had reached the town of Osgard, she fell sick and died a week later. All Auron had to remember her by was the ugly iron circle he wore around his neck. ‘’The Order of the Iron Circle,’’ he finally answered. Osric put his hand on Auron’s shoulder. ‘’That sounds official.’’ He smiled once again before turning and leaving. As he walked away, he called back, ‘’Remember, if there’s anything you should need, I am here for you, Grandmaster.’’ Auron sighed before looking at the building in front of him and shaking his head. After a few weeks of repairs and cleaning out the inside of the small keep, the Order of the Iron Circle had began to train it's members. Well, I'm finally posting this build that I've had sitting on my desk for almost a year now. I'm still a bricklink order or two short of finishing it how I had planned, but my son now wants to build something new, so I think I'll be taking this apart now. I built it to include an interior (see the spoiler for some bad pictures displaying the inside) so my son could play with it, which he has thoroughly enjoyed. Hopefully you have too! C&C is always welcome, specifically on the photography, as I just finished a new setup on my desk. Still struggling a little with the lighting, but otherwise I really like the new setup. Thanks for looking!
  11. MiloNelsiano

    Nativity Scene

    Thanks for the feedback! Yes, you’re both right. The ground is blocky in some places. Unfortunately I don’t have many wedge plates in tan, but hopefully I can bricklink some by next year. As for the kings, I deliberately made that section easy to detach from the rest, as I know a lot of people prefer them separate. I forgot to take a picture of them detached.
  12. MiloNelsiano

    Nativity Scene

    Merry Christmas! Building a Lego Nativity Scene has become a tradition in our house the last few years. My son who is now 5 is also enjoying the tradition and has been helping as much as he can. This is by far my favorite of all the previous Nativity Scenes that I've built, and I hope you enjoy it as well. This spent the last month at the Kindergarten where I work, and surprisingly, didn't suffer any major damage. (I have up until now always posted my Nativity Scenes in the Historic forum, but think this may be the better section for it. If not, please move it, and I will know better next year) Any comments and criticism are greatly appreciated. Happy Holidays to all!
  13. Oh man, I’ve been trying to get my knightly order into the guild unsuccessfully for way too long now. Hopefully I can finally get that done soon. Very nice little build and story!
  14. MiloNelsiano

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    I was waiting for the link too, but decided to try a google search. Winners can be found here:
  15. MiloNelsiano

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    Thanks for keeping the tradition going, CopMike! My son said that Santa should be a Next Knight, and bring lots of his friends for Christmas.