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  1. Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Some great looking builds, everyone. Keep it up! I'm happy to announce were officially in our new home, with a dedicated Lego room (half of a room anyway). We still have a lot of unpacking to do, so I won't have a huge amount of building time for a while, but i have started a new project (since my large diorama WIP didn't really survive the move). Unfortunately we won't have internet for the next two weeks, which means I won't be uploading any pictures for a while, so I guess I missed out on the current challenge. Hopefully I'll be back around more often very soon!
  2. Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    I guess I’ll start. It’s hard to consider myself active because I haven’t really built anything in a while, but I do try to check what’s happening every day or so. However, I’m still Avalonian, and plan to be building again soon. We are moving in January, and I’ll have a dedicated LEGO corner, so I can always build when I want (the main reason I haven’t been so active is because of space restrictions in our current apartment). I’ve got a large WiP right now, would be 6-8 baseplates when finished, but I might get distracted by some other ideas I have rolling around. I’ve also been thinking of another multiple chapter adventure for my SigFig to go on, but if I went down that’s road I’d have to scrap my large project for parts. Its great to have another new member, and I hope there’s still some others fairly active here, and not just playing BoBS, AG, etc.
  3. Nativity Scene II

    A very nice nativity scene! I definitely prefer this one over the one you did last year. I also built one the last two years, but couldn’t do one this year because we’re moving. But now I’ve got some good inspiration for next year!
  4. I think like a lot of AFOLs, my ideal Christmas Tree is one on top of a mountain of Lego.
  5. Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    I appreciate the support! Actually, this reminds me that in addition to settlements with lords, I will also have to come up with some companions (without a settlement) that the player can enlist into their party. I probably won't be able to do a cave settlement, but I may be able to show the entrance to a cave with some buildings around it, assuming your cave city would have some buildings around the entrance. I definitely will need help along the way, especially once the game is semi-playable, it'd be nice to have some people test it out. There are a few other things I have yet to work out--maybe you'll have a few ideas for them. I'll let you know once I come up with a list. I'm finding that I'll need a lot of little villages, so really, I think any settlement that has some builds should be able to be included. I can't have everyone's settlement be a large town or city, so a lot will end up being considered villages. The biggest things I need to include a settlement were listed in my last post--lord, sigil, castle name (if applicable) etc.
  6. Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    Hi everyone, This might not be the best place for this, but this thread seems to be used for various other reasons as well, so I'll post it here anyway. Some may have noticed that I haven't been around as much lately, which is mainly due to my apartment being too small to have a designated building space. I'm still building once in a while but am unable to make much progress on anything than my son doesn't play with, and ultimately destroy. So, in this current situation I started playing a videogame that has captivated me like no other game has done before. That game is Mount and Blade: Warband. If any of you have played the game, you probably know how enthralling the game can be, and if you haven't played it before, probably should (or at least watch some youtube videos of it). The only reason I'm still not bored of the game (I get over videogames pretty quickly these days) is because there are so many Mods available for it. There are so many different Mods out there, including Game of Thrones, Vikings, Pirates, Cowboy/Wild West, WWI, Warhammer, Star Wars.....hundreds of Mods that people have made. After playing quite a few of these Mods and getting a basic understanding of how they work, I made the (possibly terrible) decision that I'd like to write a mod as a personal challenge for myself. Since I'm learning as I go, I thought it'd be easiest to take a world that's already known to me, so I quickly settled on trying to incorporate the world of Historica into a Mod. What I'd like to do is to incorporate as many characters and civilizations from GoH as I can to make the game feel enjoyable. I'm currently trying to decide which characters and towns/villages I should use to even out all the factions. I've picked out some settlements that have already been fleshed out fairly well, but need a little more help getting enough settlements to make the world feel immersive, and I'm hoping some of you can help me out there. If you're OK with me using your settlement, I would need to know: 1. The name of the settlement 2. The name of the ruler 3. The name of the castle or fortress, if applicable and 4. A brief description of the ruler's personal coat of arms/sigil/what-have-you. Once I have a decent start with settlements and lords and whatnot, I will start making the map, and fleshing out the settlements (as closely to the representation in MOCs as possible). Then, I may even try to get the lords to look like the SigFigs they represent (I'm not sure how realistic this is, especially for Orcs and humanized Rats and so forth, but I'm thinking I can use textures from other existing Mods to help make some of the more complicated figures). As far as special features to the mod, I don't think there will be too many, and I'm sure it will be very similar to the Vanilla version of the game. I will likely include the Black Spire as a Faction, but leave out Varlyria (at least for the time being I'm not planning on including it on the map). Anyway, as I said, this is a personal project, so I don't want anyone to get excited thinking they will get to play a video game set in Historica. If I am able to get the Mod into a functional and playable state, I will absolutely share it with anyone interested. However, since this is my first major attempt at anything remotely close to this, I have no idea if I am going to be able to manage it. I may be way over my head with this, so again, please realize that this may never be finished. I started doing some banners, including for some settlements that are somewhat fleshed out already (Benoic, Thorshaven, and Shadowmere). You can take a peek below if you'd like to see (they're not as good as the official banners are, but they good enough for me). Also, if you really don't want me including your figure or settlement in anyway, please let me know. Thank you all for reading!
  7. For category B, how important is the backside picture of each minifigure? Some combos I'm trying out look strange with the second face printed on the back of the head. Are we allowed to swap the heads for that picture? Or what is the judges' preference? Oh, and is this a purist contest like the last minifig challenge (no 3rd party)?
  8. **Book II Challenge V Official Announcment**

    Unless I misunderstood something, category A B and C winners will be selected by the judges, and the category C story(not the builds, just the story) that gets accepted as canon will be voted on by everyone in a voting thread.
  9. [V - C] The Battle for Historica

    Thank you. I guess I'm tired of seeing droopy, crumbly buildings all the time. I think part of the problem is people have really only ever seen castles that are several hundred years old, and not one that recently built, as would be the case here. No worries, it was pretty long! Thank you. Because I was way too busy and couldn't build near as many builds, let alone builds as nice as I wanted, I focused on the story. I just hope the story doesn't get overlooked because of the builds. Thank you! I was pretty happy with the curved tile pieces. Feel free to borrow ideas. I'm sure I borrowed a few myself when building these.
  10. Western Figs and Vigs

    Hi! So, having grown up in South Dakota/Montana, I grew up with ''Western'' things all around me. I'm not sure, but I think for that reason a Western Lego theme seemed a bit boring to me as a kid. However, since I have lived in Germany, I'm slowly starting to miss it. This really hit hard when I watched the remake of the Magnificent 7. Since then, I keep watching my classic Western movies that had been previously stowed away. Shortly after watching the Magnificent 7, I decided to try to create the seven heroes in Lego form, and I bought a few Lone Ranger Sets as well. I really liked my Mag7 figs, so I did some figbarfing, and was pretty pleased with the results. Since then, I decided to build as many 8x8 scenes with the figures as I can. I will add vigs as I complete them, but for the time being have two finished, one WIP, and a bunch of ideas. Anyway, I'll shut up for now and post the pictures. C&C is very much appreciated, especially for the Mag7 figs. If you have any ideas I'd also love to hear them. Magnificent 7--characters should at least be recognizable to those that have seen the movie. Various gunfighters, lawmen, and outlaws. Coach driver/Miner/Barkeep/Gambler/Livery Worker/Elixer Salesman/Blacksmith/Banker Ex-Soldier/Barfly/Piano Player/Guitar Player/Trail Cook/General Store Keeper/Famer/Famer's Wife School Teacher/Various Other Women Somehow I forgot to add the Vigs. Here they are.
  11. Günzburg 2017 event - the photos

    I had a great time, and it was really nice to meet you all. I really wish it had worked out a little better and that I was able to spend more time with you all, but the good news is my wife has already asked twice when we're going to Billund next year, so it's already looking like there's a good chance I'll see you next year!
  12. Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Here's my Category C entry. It's what I've been working on the past several months.
  13. **Book II Challenge V Official Announcment**

    Here is my entry for Category C. I hope it's not too long to read.
  14. Story continues at the Beggar's Inn here. …The entire company fixed their eyes on the figure and each rose to their feet. Suddenly the group could feel the entire Inn had fixed their eyes on the figure at the door. Burress knew exactly what to say. Sir Burress: “Send riders to every guild and tell them what you have witnessed here today. Avalonia, Mitgardia, Nocturnus and Kaliphlin are united against the Spire. Today we go to war. Tell every friend you cross that the King has returned!” King Uthred: “Include in that message that any friend of the High King is to send aid to the city of Albion.” Erissa: “Are you sure that wise, your Grace? Begging your pardon, but Raavage has agents all across Historica. Albion itself is controlled by one. If this message of yours should fall into the hands of the Spire, the Spire will not delay in taking the city.” King Uthred: “I’m counting on that part. By now Raavage will have deciphered the map to the Necromancer’s Helm. It points to the city of Albion, and when he hears that I am rallying troops in the city, he won’t be able to wait to unite his own armies with those of the Algus and the Drow. Make no mistake—if he were able to bring those three armies together, he wouldn’t need the Necromancer’s Helm to conquer even a united Historica.” Silence fell on the group as they had all considered that fact. Doubt filled the air, as everyone wondered if the civil wars had divided the guilds beyond repair. Anzar: “Where have you been, your Grace? Forgive me, but most people thought you dead. Killed by Revolword or Raavage, we thought. None could believe that you would abandon Historica while civil war, Raavage and the Spire tore everything apart.” The King’s face was covered in grief. King Uthred: “I am greatly disturbed by what has happened here. But I haven’t abandoned my people. You are all probably unaware of the first civil war that happened in Historica—the civil war in Varlyria. When I escaped Revolword’s Hand agents, I knew Cedrica was lost, so I went to Varlyria to rally. There I discovered rumors of disconcert within the Guild. Duke Vennicio acted against Rego Amancio in his treason against the Crown. This treason enabled Raavage to come to power. Since then I have worked to reunite Varlyria. I only wish the other guilds hadn’t fallen apart in my absence.” Buress: “What of Albion? The city is a disaster, filled with plague and famine. The so-called warden, Morgan Windspear is known to be working with the Spire. How can we possibly use the city as a rally point?” King Uthred: “The city is still filled with troops loyal to Avalonia, and loyal to the Crown. They may be currently misguided by Windspear, but surely we can remedy this. I’ll travel to Albion with Buress and the Varlyrian men I’ve brought with me. We shall strip the Spire’s grasp on the city, and the sick and starving will be triaged out to any city able to offer its assistance. Erissa, I charge you with finding loyal cities that are willing to help. The rest of you are to assist in rallying as many soldiers as you are able. As it’s been said, messengers will be captured, and Raavage will soon know that I am here and rallying troops in the city he expects to find the Necromancer’s Helm. He will come with a mighty force.” Dugal: “Where he expects to find it, your Grace? Does the Necromancer’s Helm exist?” At that, King Uthred allowed himself a small smile. King Uthred: “The Necromancer’s Helm may exist. I have heard whispers of it, and I know that Raavage isn’t the only one searching for it. But the map that he has found suggesting that the helm lies the crypts beneath Albion was fabricated with the help of Rego Amancio. If the helm is real, the map that Raavage possesses is not.” Breggan: “Then with your permission, your Grace, let us begin. We have much to prepare.” The six left the inn with purpose and determination. The Guilds were to be united again—something that hadn’t happened since before the wizard Revolword that seized power. For the first time in a long time, there was good news, and a deep sense of hope in a peaceful future. * * * * * Word of the King’s return spread across Historica very quickly. Hundreds of messengers were dispatched, and each time one reached their destination, more were sent out from that city. As predicted, it did not take long before the Spire took notice of the couriers. It soon dispatched several units to intercept the messages that seemed to be happening throughout all Historica. Several messengers were taken, and the message was consistent—the King had returned, and is rallying troops in Albion. * * * * * A crowd had gathered at the news of a beheading. Executions always seemed to draw a crowd. Even with thieves and sickness overwhelming the city, hundreds had gathered to witness justice delivered. No one realized that the man to be executed was Warden Morgan Windspear, nor did anyone realize that the King had returned. They were all shocked to see him on the executioner’s platform, dressed in his majestic purple that signified royalty. The crowd began murmuring at his appearance, and the murmuring increased excitedly to cries and exclamations of joy. The King had returned and was about to deliver his justice in their city. The King raised his hand for quiet before he began. King Uthred: “Citizens of Albion, residents of Historica. I, King Uthred of Cedrica have returned to rescue you all from the monster known as Raavage. My first act in doing so is by removing his spy from your city. The man known as Morgan Windspear, who had acted as Warden of Albion, has been assisting the Spire. I have found him guilty of treason and hereby sentence him to death.” The crowd roared with hung on every word and roared with approval at the end of his speech. They cried even louder when the guards brought the man to his knees before the chopping block, and loudest of all when the headsman brought his mighty axe down on the man’s neck. * * * * * The orc known as Slaug felt confident that he would receive a huge reward for bringing the first intercepted message back to Raavage. Sure, there would be others to intercept the message, but he knew he would be the first. After all, it had been less than a full day since he had been given the order to capture a messenger. No one else could have accomplished that. He smirked quietly as he handed Raavage the message. Raavage: “NOOOOO!!!” Raavage roared and buried his axe in Slaug’s chest. Slaug fell to the floor, unable to comprehend. There was no way he could have known how badly Raavage would take the news, and that the deliverer of such news would be at the mercy of Raavage’s wrath. The throne room fell silent and Raavage’s generals gathered near him to hear the troublesome news. A drow general named Goviir was the first to speak. Goviir: “What news, your Wickedness?” Raavage: “The King has returned, but that doesn’t matter. He is nothing. But he is rallying his troops to Albion. The thief must have passed word onto another when it was stolen. Either he knows the Necromancer’s Helm is in Albion, or the gods are against me. Either way we march at once.” Goviir: “Your wickedness, I command but a small portion of the Drow. The rest are on their, but will take a week to assemble. The Algus draw near as well, but will take at least a fortnight. Would it not be wiser to wait for the entire strength of your armies?” Raavage: “Don’t ever question me again, or you’ll suffer a much more severe fate than this Orc. If Uthred is given enough time in Albion to find the helm, it won’t matter if I have ten times our full strength. All of the dead warriors on the battlefield will be his to command. We march now—before his troops can rally, and before he finds the helm.” * * * * * As they marched, it became clear to Raavage that he would be unable to enter the city without siege engines. However, he did not have the time to bring such heavy machines on a fast march. He considered waiting until he was near Albion to begin building the machines, but this too would take too long. Scouts were dispatched to find a suitable weapon closer to Albion. One had returned with news of a battering ram built on the far edge of Nocturnus by an imp named Chir. The location was as good as it would get—close to Avalonia, and even along their path. As they neared the workshop where it was built, Raavage called for the scout to have him killed for wasting his precious time. However, as they arrived he saw the ram and knew that it would serve its purpose. He didn’t understand how it was built in such a small workshop, but he no longer cared. After looking it over, Raavage ordered his soldiers to bring it, without so much as a word to the owner of the workshop. Raavage did not expect the imp to put up a fight about it. Chir actually appeared to be relieved when the army turned and left with the ram. * * * * * By the time the scouts reported that Raavage’s army was approaching, the city of Albion was already heavily fortified. Rather than meeting Raavage’s force with infantry, King Uthred ordered archers to line the walls of the city and take out as many troops as they could as the assailants approached. Raavage: “They have no infantry to meet us. Only a few archers on the walls. They are weak and they know it. What fools! This was all they could assemble in such a short amount of time. The Helm is mine! Send in the mercenaries and the ram!” Raavage screamed his orders to his generals, and they obeyed. Without the Algus, and with only a small Drow army, Raavage’s army was composed mostly of bands of mercenaries, who mostly fought because they believed Raavage would prevail, as well as remnants of the Varlyrian rebels and Hand of Corruption soldiers that had been with him since Revolword was killed. Those forces were kept on reserve, and Raavage did not expect them to be needed. Many of the mercenaries were killed as they ram was pushed forward by a minotaur who had been drowned in a potent strength potion. He had ingested too much, and Raavage knew that it would kill him, but he didn’t care. He watched happily as the minotaur pushed the ram up to the gate, taken dozens of arrows, being driven by Raavage’s slavers. The ram was finally pushed into position and an instant later the minotaur fell over dead. Mercenaries poured in to position to operate the heavy ram. They continued to fall from arrows, but it would not be enough to matter, and after several long hours, the gate gave way. Raavage: “March! Kill anything that moves, but the plundering will wait until I have the helm! To the crypts!” As they marched through the gate, more of the mercenaries were killed in the murder holes above the gate. Raavage only laughed at the worthless efforts, as he knew it would not be enough to make any difference. It wasn’t until most of his army was inside the walls that he saw the cavalry coming toward them, cutting down the mercenaries with ease. Raavage screamed for the reserves, but the cavalry had disappeared before they could get into position. Raavage: “Forget those cowards! We must get to the crypts at once!” Raavage and his army continued toward the crypts, fighting off continued ambushes from the cavalry riding at them through the wide streets. The archers also continued to be a nuisance, and Raavage took several arrows. They did nothing to slow him down, but instead enraged him, making him more determined to reach the crypts. * * * * * As the remains of Raavage’s army approached the Church to the Son of Man, where the entrance to the crypts was held, King Uthred could see that the strategy had worked. Raavage was too blind with anger and power lust that he did not realize that his army had been obliterated. Raavage himself was panting from the long march, and had at least a dozen arrows sticking out of his armor. Most likely none would be fatal, but they had certainly slowed him down. King Uthred: “You have failed, Raavage. Bow to me, your King, and your comrades do not need to die.” Raavage: “You think I care who dies? Once I possess the Helm, I will bring them back to life and they will continue to fight for me! Attack!!!” The King was surrounded by many of Historica’s Heroes—the best warriors in the Guilds, and they all fought for their King. Raavage attacked the King head-on, but his wounds slowed him, and the King was easily able to sweep his legs out from beneath him. Raavage tried to bring his axe forward from on his back, but as he did so, King Uthred pushed his sword through his heart. At the sight of Raavage’s death, some of the remaining soldiers from his army yielded, but most fought to the death. It was total victory, and the defenders all cheered for their King. The King allowed himself a sad smile, when Buress approached him. Buress: “How can you possibly look so sad at a time like this? We have won, and that animal is dead!” King Uthred: “Indeed. And the occasion is certainly worthy of celebration, but I mourn for the dead. The Algus and Drow still need to be dealt with, and—” Uthred stopped himself and shook his head, not wishing to ruin the morale after such a victory. Buress: “Your Grace? What is it?” King Uthred: “The Necromancer’s Helm. I can’t ignore the other whispers I’ve heard regarding it. Some rumors say it isn’t in Historica, but on some other landmass. Others insist that it is indeed in Historica. As long as such artifacts exist, evil forces will continue to seek them out. Historica is finally unified once again, and we will have peace, but for how long? There are already murmurs of a Sorcerer coming to power—one from a landmass outside of Historica. Some rumors say that it is a continent of equal size to Historica, and some say it is little more than a chain of islands. The only thing for certain is that Historica must stay united. The recent civil wars almost destroyed us. If it were to happen again—” Buress: It won’t, your Grace. We shall remain unified under your rule, and we will be ready for anything that threatens us. We will be ready.” * * * * * Phew. If anyone read the whole story, you're awesome--I really appreciate it. I had several more builds planned, but as it turns out the last few months have been the busiest I've been since shortly after my son was born, so I have to be thankful I finished all that I was able to. I hope you enjoyed the story, as it was my main focus. Any and all comments and criticism are very much welcome!
  15. Somehow managed to post this twice. This may be removed.