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  1. Frostbricks

    Rollercoaster and Theme park

    That is awesome. Love it mate. Gotta ask though, how stable is it?
  2. Frostbricks

    (MOC) Some Arcade machines I've been working on

    Thanks mate. The stickers are my illustrations, made using Illustrator. Part of the trick was matching the LEGO colour palette. Then it was just a trip to my local print shop, printed them on standard paper, cut 'em out, and applied 'em with a glue stick. Very lo-fi, and minimum fuss.
  3. Frostbricks

    (MOC) Some Arcade machines I've been working on

    It's more than that. Ideally a Minifig can hold the button either side, which means two studs wide max. A large glass pane on the top, that also has a slight angle. Getting the legs skinny and sitting at the corners. There's quite a few challenges to overcome to make it 'right' and so far, it's been rather tricky.
  4. Frostbricks

    (MOC) Some Arcade machines I've been working on

    Thankyou very much. I'm not sure the Claw Machine is that original (not copied, but a box with some glass and a claw, how else would you do it?) And I do need to give credit to a creator over on LEGO Ideas (currently in review) for the idea of the upside-down slope as part of the Skee Ball machine (Though very happy with how I got the back of that, as the real things are very thin at the back) I had actually begun something like that, I'd begun a Daily Bugle MOC, that needs something for the left side, but had this on the (below) diner on the right. And this might be the spark needed to that MOC properly. Oh, And before the other two big questions/comments get asked - that's sugar sprinkles in the gumball machine (they're just minifig sized gumballs right?) And I don't have instructions for them yet. (No idea on the best way to share them) Anyway, glad y'all like 'em, thankyou
  5. This has been a slow project for me. The oldest machine here is coming up on it's fifth birthday. It started with wanting realistic cabinets/machines, at minifig scale, that I could add personalised decals too (Those are my illustrations on them). Next step is adding a pinball machine, which has been surprisingly difficult given the scale (if it is to be minifig scale, a slight tilt to the screen, thin legs, and allow for decals under the glass) And maybe a few machines (perhaps Afterburner, Virtual On and a motorcycle machine) And then a building to bring them together (Not sure what shape that'll take) Anyway, just wanted to share. And yeah, if you've got awesome takes on a pinball machine, I'd love to see 'em
  6. Frostbricks

    Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    It would wouldn't it. Normally I wouldn't say this, but check the link in my signature. Might be what you're after.
  7. Frostbricks

    '89 Batmobile MOC

    While we've seen many beautiful official Batmobiles, we haven't had one released that perfectly fits the Lego city scale. This MOC was motivated by that. The intent was to build something a little larger than Speed Champions scale, but still comfortably fit a single lane on a road plate.. So this might still be a little too big. And while I'm very happy with the shaping of the rear and sides, I'm concerned the front scalloping still needs work and to be made smaller. If you've got suggestions, please drop 'em below. Anyway, here's my take on the Burton era Batmobile. I was really happy with how the rear section ended up, there are some tricky curves on that beast. Hope you enjoy. And now to make it even smaller.
  8. Frostbricks

    MOC Portable roller coaster

    Gorgeous work mate. We absolutely need more photos.
  9. Frostbricks

    REVIEW: 10261 LEGO Creator Expert: Roller Coaster

    It's worth saying one thing for those looking to make their own coasters. This set is the only set so far to have the straight steep risers included. (under the chain lift section) Meaning it's not yet possible to make that kind of steep incline in L.Bley yet, and a must for those looking to MOC their own coaster.
  10. Frostbricks

    [MOC] Food Stand Diners (One for the Rollercoaster fans)

    Honestly I've never played the game. And would much rather build one with bricks. But there's obviously a lot of big fans of the game out there, and they keep telling me "this would go perfectly with a rollercoaster", well, the rollercoaster is here, and that many voices can't be wrong, so...
  11. Frostbricks

    [MOC] Food Stand Diners (One for the Rollercoaster fans)

    No, you're not missing anything. It's actually two of the half circle parts (3x6) with that little 'wedge' out in the middle (so a 2x2 plate in the middle as well) I know, I need to do the build video fro the Burger. Was going to tweak the roof to be easier to remove first though (those shots above are from the middle of my adjusting it)
  12. Frostbricks

    [MOC] Food Stand Diners (One for the Rollercoaster fans)

    Oh, um, that'd be the bricks coming away from the sides because I took the top of for pictures, yeah, next time I won't do that in a hurry...
  13. Frostbricks

    [MOC] Food Stand Diners (One for the Rollercoaster fans)

    It uses the 2x2 plate with studs on side, and the brackets you can see there (bonus is they make the interior look grey, not multicoloured) The Burger was actually the easiest because of how much room there is to work with.
  14. The fabulous Fernando Brothers are known for their fine cuisine; and their fun food shacks are the perfect place for a family party. These three food stands started as a simple idea; to make something that looked like life-size food, and that fit into a minifig scale diorama. I've shared it on LEGO Ideas ( ) Where the number one piece of feedback was they looked like they were from Rollercoaster Tycoon, and that they wanted to add it to their themeparks, so, with the Rollercoaster dropping for VIPs this week, I wanted to share something for people who are looking to build their own theme parks and looking for ideas. The Fries stand was the first I built. Here's an alternate shot, never mind the dust, The Burger came next. Here's a shot with the front of to show the interior (They all have kitchens inside, I wanted them to be functional) And the Shake was last, as well as the trickiest because of the shape. And how to make it look full of liquid, but I think this works pretty well (This was before before the ship in the bottle release) The next step for me will be integrating them into my own themepark. (I've never played Rollercoaster Tycoon, but love the idea of a full themepark display) And I'd love for it to be inspiration for others; what do you think? And there's a little bit more of it up on LEGO Ideas, including a basic how-to-build video. And if you like it, hit the support button, perhaps you'll be able to pick up your own soon -
  15. Frostbricks

    How to Build Triangular Lego Building?

    There's a lot of options. Pythagorean triples have already been mentioned. But as it sounds like you're also aiming for something the size of Jangs, it becomes pretty easy. Size is your friend, the flex, and space of the brick will help accomodate things, and you don't nescessarily have to attach it to the base (instead using tiles and terrain features to just 'slot' it in) Worth saying that Jang's example uses a 45degree angle for the third side, And that won't work with LEGO dimensions, not strictly anyway. Again, size gives you wriggle room with the gaps, and he's used hinges to connect that third corner, so very easy to hide a small gap, (like I said, size is your friend) you'll get just enough 'give' to make it work. use hinges on the right angle corner, and you end up with what he has. Alternatively, Clips and bars will help you keep things straight and can likewise be used to hide connecting gaps (A few official sets have used that technique now) But yeah, with straight sides and big, it's super easy.