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    Mostly old style Lego for now, though certainly not a purist. If I have a modern brick that solves my problem, on it goes (much like the old colour blind style of building). But I like lots of studs everywhere, and rather abstract modelling...


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  1. jan kusters

    [MOC] Victoria Island

    I like it a lot, it has all the play functionality, and it looks great!
  2. jan kusters

    Polynesian Crab Claw Boat

    looks great! I love the boat! And for the crab-sail, the solution for the spars is pretty nice too.
  3. jan kusters

    [MOD] 31109 Creator Pirate Ship MOD of Combining 2 Sets

    I really like the mod with the 'doubled' for- and aft cabins! Much better proportions over all! I think this also shows the strength of a fully brick build; it invites for this kind of 'deep' modifications. With the classic builds with big hull parts, it is just too inviting to just slap in another section and end up with a stretched limo-look.
  4. jan kusters

    Getting my Pirates layout setup

    I think that is starting to look awesome!
  5. jan kusters

    Queen Catherine's Revenge (2020)

    looks good, love to see more of her!
  6. jan kusters

    2020 Caribean Clipper

    Great little build! I miss the smaller ships in the pirate theme...
  7. jan kusters

    [MOC] Lonesome George

    Ben will send over some bottles when the tide is right. Could George send over some coconuts perhaps? Piña Colada for all?
  8. jan kusters

    [MOC] Lonesome George

    He looks happy about finally some peace and quiet... I imagine a string of islands, al with one tree and one lost soul... The Briney Brick 7(b): It's by Jan Kusters, on Flickr You made a fantastic tree indeed! Those parts look great for a massife shrubbery or 'wall of jungle' I think. But mine is a Rumtree....
  9. Great ships, but I like that junk especially!
  10. jan kusters

    [MOC] Journey to the Skull Rock

    I think this looks great. I was wondering, those 'stepping stones' (modified tiles with 2 studs) almost suggest a sort of game, taking steps with dice rolls. Is that an option? Could we make a pirate game that way?
  11. jan kusters

    L'Hermione - frégate de douze française

    Fantastic build! The rigging and sails look great too!
  12. The Briney Brick 6: still sorting a new set... by Jan Kusters, on Flickr I think we need a bigger boat! I think we need some food! I think we need to eat someone! I think we need more rum! I think we need a real captain… The Briney Brick 7: still sorting a new set... by Jan Kusters, on Flickr Ahoy there me hearties, Los at seat, are we? Sleep on both ears, me laddies, your beloved captian is back… Prepare to be boarded! Port, dump that quetschbeutel, Rummy, toss those empty bottles. Look lively now, me little weevils. All hands at the bailers and keep ‘er afloat… -------------------------- Still assembling minfigs as I sort the monster set into drawers... The boat is getting a bit full I think. There are two minifigs in the background that did not come with the Barracuda Bay set (Pretty Boy and Big Sword), and I am hoping to bricklink at least one more pirate in the future (Canon Ball?), but it already looks like my pirate ship will not be short handed. Sea Turtle build from set 31088 Deep Sea Creatures, with help of Youtuber 'Lego Build in Motion'. And Captain Jack Sparrow of course... Nautical Mini-Me is having his own sea adventures as we speak.
  13. jan kusters

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    I think this looks fantastic! I can easily imagine the pirates, once they were stranded here, taking on 'wrecking' to do their business...
  14. jan kusters

    [MOC] LEGO Eldorado Fortress, redesigned

    Fantastic fortress! So many details to love! Oh dear, I'm working on a deserted island with a rum-tree...
  15. jan kusters

    [MOC] The Skull Eye

    I thin k this looks as a great update! The comparison shots show how much you managed to improve on the original! I specialy like the new bow section with its fore castle. And the extra layer for the midships deck gives the whole ship a better line (stern less 'sticking out and up').