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    Mostly old style Lego for now, though certainly not a purist. If I have a modern brick that solves my problem, on it goes (much like the old colour blind style of building). But I like lots of studs everywhere, and rather abstract modelling...


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  1. jan kusters

    [MOC] The Dragon of the Black Seas (small hull boat)

    Lovely little build! Between the Caribbean Ribbit and this one you are building a mighty fleet!
  2. jan kusters

    [LEGO IDEAS] "Mr Riggings Vacation" by Bricky Brick

    Nice little build, this looks excellent!
  3. jan kusters

    [MOC] The "Caribbean Ribbit" (small hull boat)

    Ah, and there they all are! Glorious design indeed! I am in awe for all those Master Shipbuilders who build huge ships, but I do like these small designs even better! I am working on a limmited space, so smaller ships means more ships and more interaction! Besides, most Pirates preferred smaller ships because they could get closer to shore in shallow waters, they were much more manoeuvrable and with different sail plans they could often sail closer to the wind... And of course any navy hoping to get them needed similar ships...
  4. jan kusters

    [MOC] Sabre Island Anno Domini 2021

    Argh! That looks great! Way to good! I am just thinking about buying an old Sabre Island set from Bricklink, and modifying it a little bit (from a 5x5 to a 8x8 tower so I can give it some interior). And than this comes along! I was already in doubt between buying or fully mocking it. This does NOT help! Anyway, this is a fantastic build!
  5. jan kusters

    [MOC] Pirates of Toilet Cove

    hehehe, nice! Great use of colour...
  6. jan kusters

    [MOC] The "Caribbean Ribbit" (small hull boat)

    I like your tiny big ship design! Sadly I can see only one picture with all those links.
  7. Thank you! I feel honoured!
  8. I am honoured! Feel free to use as you like! The Briney Brick 34 c: Heave Ho mates! by Jan Kusters, on Flickr The Briney Brick 37: Men at work (4) by Jan Kusters, on Flickr The Briney Brick 40: The downside of good ideas... by Jan Kusters, on Flickr The briney brick 44: Raising the masts by Jan Kusters, on Flickr
  9. jan kusters

    [MOC] Havana 1717

    fantastic builds and pictures!
  10. I am not sure about my 'professional' standard, but my pirates have been building a ship recently, perhaps something of this can be of use? The Briney Brick 39: a ship taking shape 2 by Jan Kusters, on Flickr The Briney Brick 39: a ship taking shape 1 by Jan Kusters, on Flickr The Briney Brick 35: Men at work 1 by Jan Kusters, on Flickr The Briney Brick 34 b: Heave Ho mates! by Jan Kusters, on Flickr
  11. Great build, I love it! A nice twist for another Pirate Island!
  12. Thanks for showing us this, it's always nice to see how others got started!
  13. jan kusters

    [MOD] 31109 Creator Pirate Ship MOD of Combining 2 Sets

    Thank you! Thank you very much! I should probably do that, I wouldlike to tell the full story of the briney brick. But I also want to have some sort of finished ship before I begin such a thread... Getting close to that point now.
  14. jan kusters

    [MOC] PARAISO - MOC 21322 Barracuda Ship

    That is a fantastic redesign and build! My Barracuda Bay set is still laid up until I am done having my fun with the 3in1 Pirate set (which might still be a while longer). Your mix of Lego -ship pieces and real rope rigging and sails is something I am still torn about. For now I am using the Lego pieces for 'playability'. I like hoe easy it is to place figures in the plastic rigging, but it does not look that great. At some point I might decide to go back to rope and handkerchief sails like the old days...
  15. jan kusters

    [MOD] Creator Pirate Ship (31109) Sail MOD

    Great build, I love the tucked away sails!