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  1. 2018 Lego Trains

    At least that one had window glasses on the coach and decent train wheels Makes a very decent parts pack... @fred67 Hear, hear. Santa Fe was definitely a marketing fault. Restricting it to Shop-At-Home was as well, and more so in a time where shopping through the "Intahwebz" wasn't THE thing... I'm still hoping for a re-release, second hand prices are insane.
  2. Ski jumper (Kamil Stoch) [BrickHeadz style]

    Hey, didn't know... I do not have TV here nor do I have time to do research at the moment. Nice to hear and congratulations as well!
  3. Layout: Train Layout of Patrick

    Yeah, looks close enough to the real world with all that plants and trees. Can't imagine how to improve upon that, but I'm sure you will anyhow
  4. 2018 Lego Trains

    That can be said about lots of sets. Like those limited figures and sets for conventions or gift sets for other companies. But hey, those are no Anniversary Sets! That's what is bugging me most. 50 years of LEGO trains and what do we get? Nothing....... Makes me sad.
  5. 2018 Lego Trains

    Well, no doubt there will be the ones who try to convince you that there has indeed been an anniversary set (the "Mini Trains" set 50 Years On Track). And while that is true, access to it has been limited to LEGO employees... and some people, who have been lucky being able to buy it from employees which didn't need it and prefered the money. It would have been nice to give at a wider release instead an employee gift
  6. I interprete that info more as "Hold button A and it will accelerate, hold button B and it will deccelerate". At least that's what it says in German on
  7. Lack of original themes

    @danth You don't have to "buy" this, that was an official statement by TLG. Unfortunately I don't have the link to the source anymore. Even if this info is already couple of years old, I would doubt that it has lost much of it's relevance. @Aanchir Exactly. And that's why our hopes and wishes are not that relevant to LEGO as we would like them to be.
  8. Building 7777

    Perfect! I like it. Good old classic feel with lots of visible studs Studs FTW!
  9. Lack of original themes

    @MAB Don't forget these 2 things: 1) We AFOLs are a minor group and don't contribute to revenue that much. 2) LEGO Ideas caters to a specific group of LEGO fans. Results on Ideas are not representative for the entirety of LEGO buyers. To me, that "Modular" or "Creator" Castle or whatever you may name it sounds pretty nice. And I think this could work out for youngsters as well.
  10. What did you buy today?

    You just made me lough!!! On topic: Day 7 without buying any LEGO. Wonder if I reach end of month before giving in...
  11. What did you buy today?

    Lots of old light gray baseplates for 20 bucks. 4 straights in perfect condition, hell yeah, those alone are worth 20! + 6 curves, 3 T-pieces and 2 4-way crossings.
  12. 2018 Lego Trains

    Oh, well... I'm a bit confused now. Promobricks is talking about a BT receiver which is integrated in the battery box, while talks about a receiver being about the same size as the current infrared one. Hopefully we get a statement from a third party, at the moment it's a tie!
  13. 2018 Lego Trains

    Bummer... If they would have eliminated that receiver part, I'd be much happier. I suspect the battery box will be of same size as the old one? Well, then it is still a "no" to a small shunter engine.
  14. 2018 Lego Trains

    I'm looking forward to details about that Bluetooth connection. Regarding to a source, it seems that Bluetooth is built into the new battery / rechargeable boxes. So no seperate transmitter, that's a YAY already. Looks also like those new power boxes do have connectors that look like WeDo 2.0, no more PF connectors as we know them. Not sure if I like this last info bit... Hopefully LEGO releases the protocol for BT, so we can control our trains from PC / tablet / smartphone or whatever.
  15. 2018 Lego Trains

    Well, this shows how much love is given to the Train nuts ... This site definitely needs an update: