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  1. Capparezza

    Lego Quality Reference

    I'd wager they know about problems with that part by now. My 2 replacement clips for the Ship-In-A-Bottle arrived yesterday...
  2. Capparezza

    Lego train for sons room

    Oh, damn. No glue involved? I'm pretty impressed about the clutch power.
  3. Capparezza

    Are there any German Lego train clubs?

    Even if not a strict "Trains club", Doctor Brick might be another option for you. Howevery, you would need to speak German of some sort See the link for Train stuff:
  4. Capparezza

    Lego Quality Reference

    Sorry for quoting myself, but as I recently had time to contact LEGO via their support homepage, I can now state the following: - On the support page, you choose the set you need a replacement part for - You can adjust the amount of parts you'd like to request (it would be logical to me that LEGO restricts it to the amount of parts used in this specific set, but haven't tested) - LEGO will either get back to you with questions or ship you the requested amount of replacement parts I have checked all the reddish-brown clips on the Ship-In-A-Bottle. So far I have 2 broken ones, the others show no sign of stress marks / white spots. @jonwil So, as you might already have read here, indeed the brown parts seem to be susceptible to breaking.
  5. Capparezza

    Lego GBC Castle Shooter Module

    Hilarious! Great little scenery and the "shooting" fits in very well. And I, too, find it very cool that you decided to hide the technic aspect so well.
  6. Capparezza

    Do you tsundoku sets?

    Yeah, it's happening to me as well. I have several older sets in my backlog but as well some newer sets that I have bought and "hoarded". At the moment I don't have much free time, but I hope this is changing soon... I was about to build some of the older ones (from mid-80ies to beginning of 90-ies) and make a review. I do not have the intention to sell any of the sets at the moment. But I'm feeling more and more pressure from my other half to do "something" about them
  7. Capparezza

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    A bookstore (second-hand?) or maybe an antiques store makes totally sense. This on ground level and living space in the upper floors.
  8. Capparezza

    Lucky LEGO finds

    Whoa, baseplates for 1$??? Must have been some trainee misprinting the price tag...
  9. Capparezza

    10027 Train Engine Shed MOD (Rendering)

    Hello there, @dtomsen. This is looking really good. No dramatic changes to the original, as far as I can see, but some small improvements. And the colour scheme looks more appeasing to me. Do you have any idea about parts availability, can this be built from currently available bricks? (when I say currently available, I think about the official sources we have through LEGO, so either PAB or any means through the online shop)
  10. Capparezza

    [MOC] IKEA Furniture Store

    Nice one, so much cute little builds. Very good builds for that scale. I like it
  11. Capparezza

    Lego Quality Reference

    I will not ask for any quantity, but just take what they give me
  12. Capparezza

    Lego Quality Reference

    There was some speculation about Reddish Brown parts and why they break so often, already. Seems that indeed the mixture for this colour is somehow influencing part endurance. I am currently not at home and cannot claim any replacement yet. But I will inspect the other clips when I'm back, just to make sure there are no whitespots which would indicate future problems with these parts. If you are interested how many replacements I get, I can report back?
  13. Capparezza

    Lego Quality Reference

    Reddish brown clip broken on my "Ship in a Bottle"-Set. It's that one here: It just broke while attaching one of the sails. And no, I'm not rude to my LEGO, I applied normal force while doing so. Looking to get a replacement by LEGO.
  14. Capparezza

    Lucky LEGO finds

    Went on a shopping spree... Lego Speed Champions 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback 75884 & Lego Speed Champions 75878 - Bugatti Chiron for €8 each LEGO Classic 900-Piece Creative Brick Box for €14 LEGO Classic Orange Creativity Box 10709 Building Kit for €2 Modular Winter Vacation - 31080 | Creator 3-in-1 | LEGO Shop for €13 Couldn't help, but I have to grab when sets are marked down like this