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  1. Old Fashioned Racing Cars

    Trash bins FTW Hilarious little racers! Thanks for showing!
  2. Power Pick-up Wheelset

    Yeah, had this problem on one of those connection cables from Transformator to the Rails. However, replacing those cables is very easy, nothing in those connectors is soldered. Neither the 9V-connector nor those rail conductors. Just get a cheap and thin 2-wire cable (slim speaker cables or whatever), pry apart the connector, rip out the old cable, put the new one in and firmly press the connector together. The wire isolation gets cut by pressing the connector together and is thus making the electric contact. I have done this already and it's very simple to do, can post pictures if you're interested. So, if the connectors are in good shape you can use those over and over, just put new cables in. Are 9V cables still available from LEGO? I thought they are out of production anyways, all you can get are those PF - 9V extension cables. So yeah, even stock on Bricklink or other sites will dry out someday, that's for sure. It's definitely a better idea to get rid of them when designing a new feature.
  3. Star Trek

    I have been reading up on this topic, have used some FASA (role playing) books. There seem to be different types of Klingon cross-breeds, like the Humanoid-ones from TOS, the Imperial Race with those remarkable ridges on their forehead as well as Romulan ones. So these might be Remulan crossbreeds (think of the Remulans from Star Trek: Nemesis). They bear some resemblance with those shown in the trailer.
  4. Very cool looking model and nice details in your workshop, too. Love it
  5. 2017 Lego Trains

    With all those wonderful MOCs around here, it was only a pretty disappointing year in regard of official sets But as more and more Train MOCs even on LEGO Ideas are coming up, LEGO is not going to completely forget about us. That's for sure. BTW, I'm really digging that Ship in a bottle...
  6. Star Trek

    Well, there are some comments from an Interview with producing staff from Discovery at a happening in Las Vegas which make me twitching a bit... und suspecting we will get more of a J.J. Abrams-style series: Changing Canon because the regisseur says so? WTF? Well, yeah I know we had bald Klingons already, but NO BEARD AT ALL??? It's all action from beginning to end. Mhm... I really hope it will blend better in with previous Star Trek series. Let's see
  7. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Haha, nice picture. Would be an idea for a Halloween-related modular
  8. For Austria and neighboring countries: 189 € for 42070, only on 3rd of August and only here. Quite a nice deal. I won't buy it, though. Have laid my eyes on 42069
  9. [MOC] Group-6 75' Race Car

    What a beauty Very sexy looking car! The colour theme is just perfect.
  10. Ah yes... I have found that specific vendor as well. One for my blacklist, it seems. However, I'm not into buying PF tracks as I have gone full 9V because of looks. But if I ever plan to buy something, this will definitely be a vendor I will avoid. Such a shame that it's always the copycats that ruin our hobby. First, it's MOCs and instructions getting shamelessly copied, and now this.
  11. Well, more room for your improvements, then
  12. Star Trek

    I do have a theory on that: It is stated that there are different kind of Klingon sub-races, like the Imperial ones, Humanoid crossings and, at least in Table Top Game manuals, there was a rumour about Romulan cross-breeds. To me, those "new" Klingons do have something in common with Remulans, which look a lot different to the regular (more human) Romulans. I, for one, will wait for at least the first Episode before judging the series... however, given that latest trailer it looks more like J.J.Abrams-Crash-Boom-Peng-Style to me
  13. PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Yeah, too bad interest in keeping those inventories up-to-date is pretty low. I'm located in the far west of Austria and travelling 3 or more hours to the next PaB and finding out that the inventory is wrong is not really encouraging me for a drive
  14. PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    @kovacs You can also check out this website, which shows you the contents of the PaB sections of various stores: Howevery, it is not really up-to-date for some stores. So you might take that info with a grain of salt...
  15. What a lovely set, might by the first Technics set since my Dark Ages and Set 8868. Thank you @Jim for your lovely and very well crafted review!