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  1. Capparezza

    What did you buy today?

    I don't know why, but I have bought another convolute.... About 2 or 3 months ago, when I was nearly finished washing and sorting the last one, I decided to never ever buy convolutes again and stick to the boxed stuff. Well, that "New Years resolution" didn't work out for long. At least not when you can get 2 boxes of about 15 kilograms for 15 euros
  2. Capparezza

    Working Hopper

    Yes, but that was back in the 80ies, wasn't it? I wonder why that idea was never revived. Lot's of cargo trains have come and gone, and most don't have adequate possibilities to load "gravel" or the like. Reminds me of that fully automated train layout, where the cars are loaded infront of a building, go around the tracks, come to the back of the building where they are unloaded. Conveyors then transport the load back to the loading area. Hell, this is sure great fun with balls too! Would love to see that as a GBC.
  3. Capparezza

    Working Hopper

    @Roadmonkeytj Hell, this is awesome! I think I can make out the mechanics without a file. Congratz on this genius solution! Wonder why LEGO hadn't come up with a system like this in the past years, would add so much fun and play value to those cargo trains. What I totally forgot to add: I found a GBC "module" from 2013 that is using the same principle of mechanism:
  4. Capparezza

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    Hmmm. Have monitored sentiments on severals forums and been holding back my own comment on this so far. Interestingly, most fans happen to have some ressentiments against this deal. First, I'm neither a fanboy nor a gruntling clone-bricks-buyer. I'm an avid collector, and sometimes I have fun building stuff with my little one (or on my own... hehe). So, when I think about the possible changes coming in the future (and there WILL be changes, that's for sure), I mainly think about it from the perspective of someone who buys old sets, old instructions and old parts mostly out of nostalgia. And I don't think what I do on BL will be affected on short or even long term. However, I can see the possible downsides to this too. Lots of cons to this deal have been posted here, I agree with some but will not repeat any here. I do sincerely hope that BL happens to stay the way it is: A great place to buy and sell used or new LEGO, wherever it may come from / which lorry it dropped off *cough*, and an awesome database to support this. I am not interested in buying from LEGO directly anymore, the sheer mass of promo items and, of course, regular sets is overwhelming. No sense in collecting here, at least not if you aim for a half-way completeness. I am no Bill Gates, sorry LEGO. That's what has driven me to flea markets, whether online or physical, and to BL. There are lots of sets out there from the past, some haven't even been released in my country back then. And sometimes I just go and browse the database for some hours, just for fun. Lot's of sets to be had for pocket money. No need to wait for any promotion or Black Friday Deal... So, if LEGO screws up BL there will definitely be other places to fullfill my needs. No need to panic. One last note: I do not know how big a factor like nostalgia drives people to buy on BL or elsewhere. But it sure would be nice to get some "Legends" sets again, as happened in the past with the Metroliner or the Guarded Inn. I think there are lots of niches like that one that need to get filled. And now that LEGO has relevant sales data from a second-hand market, LEGO will know whether or not this is backed up by data...
  5. Capparezza

    Which Themes Deserve a Reboot?

    Take a look at time mark 14:04 here... That company is a local player here in Germany, I wonder what's stopping TLC from releasing at least a fraction of it. The only thing stopping me from buying any of these is because they are not made from genuine LEGO bricks. God, I'm lamenting, ain't I? Better I stop myself right now. I'm so sorry
  6. Capparezza

    Adventurers Reimagined 5976

    Wonderful creation and a true "re-invention" of the original. All 3 thumbs up for this! And that comment about "Heart of Darkness" sent me into my movie library, been watching "Apocalypse Now Redux" the last 200 minutes....
  7. Capparezza

    Which Themes Deserve a Reboot?

    But we did get a lot of decent trains recently. Most of them are still on sale and the christmas train will surely come back this year around. So I can't complain with that. It's just that there is nothing besides trains that is available as a single set, not even a darn Train station or a sole wagon...
  8. Capparezza

    Is LEGO getting to inaffordable for kids?

    Oh, I think it definitely will. Why do I belive so? Well, one reason is that TLC releases a lot more sets every year than they did back in the 70ies or 80ies. The other thing to consider is, that you can get a lot of sets nowadays with a respectable rebate if you just have the patience (and good timing, of course). And third, old LEGO klodser just don't go away. Most of it is kept and given to the next generation or sold at flea markets or via the net. So the used market just keeps growing. @knotian Hehe, yes. That's the way to go! And that's also the reason why I always keep coming back to Creator 3-in-1 sets or the Creativity boxes. Having a big pile of useful bricks gives me (and my little one) so much more than building by instructions. I think part reusability should be top priority for TLC when designing new parts. It seems to me they are on the way to repeating the same error from way back in the crisis around 2000, when their parts assortment got out of hand...
  9. Capparezza

    Which Themes Deserve a Reboot?

    I do think those projects broaden the possible audience. Those projects get publicity on different channels which hadn't have any interest and/or relation to Train stuff until now. At least that's what I can see around here in middle europe. I have to admit that I don't know how these projects fare outside of Europe... It's not hard to see why kids do like large displays, it's the sheer size of it. And that's maybe the biggest drawback when you got LEGO trains as your hobby: You need a rather big house or flat if you want to setup a serious layout where you can do some shunting and throw your switches. Not everyone likes to attend meetings or has time to do so, let alone the budget and material which is needed.
  10. Capparezza

    Which Themes Deserve a Reboot?

    That's great to hear! Keep him going that way It's not the fear of a complete disappearance of Trains as a subtheme that's frightening me. It's the lack of love for it and the total obnoxiousness on how to market this theme correctly what's worrying me. I think there is still potential hidden, even with all those mobile and PC games and other digital gadgets, if it's just done right... Just take a look at what is happening in the community: train automation software, various different curve radii either homebrewn on 3D printers or professionally made, the PFx brick, the "rebirth" of the monorail. Just a few projects that are rapidly progressing our LEGO trains hobby.
  11. Capparezza

    Which Themes Deserve a Reboot?

    Well, thanks mate. And if it's a follow you'd like, I'm happy to give you one Just don't expect me to comment often. I'm an old fart that spends more time on washing and sorting LEGO or baking bread than being on the forums, lately. @Gomek I can see what you're up to. But unless LEGO is willing to slow down the pace and keep those sets longer on the shelves, I don't think they will follow that path.
  12. Capparezza

    Which Themes Deserve a Reboot?

    Oh dang... I'm way too old for that speed of communications, sorry that I didn't post back until now Some wonderful points made, on both the (if you will) pro and cons side of trains, whether PF or 9V or any other system. Let me just drop a word on some of the comments. and let me excuse myself first: I am not able to sit for too long or stare on a screen for more than 30 minutes, so please apologize if I selectively answer keypoints instead of going into lenghts. Oh well, I hope that does not lead to prejudice on your side... I may be a bit biased when it comes to the 9V era, but I am also not blind to where LEGO was back in the days regarding Train sets. And that's not only 9V I'm talking about here, just roll back time a little more and have a look at the 12V and 4.5V line up. So many wonderful standalone sets and also very well crafted Train sets. But I'm not complaining. This year has been wonderful for us Train heads, having 5 sets available to us (60197, 60198, 71044, 70424 and supposedly 10254 again... I bet they don't let the opportunity slip to have the Christmas Train up for grabs once more). However, unfortunately you haven't given any clues why 9V is trash? Not even in your following comments... That makes it even worse. Add-ons could be usefull for every Train head, whether he is still stuck on 9V or 12V... or maybe already moved on to PUP. @OwenMistika Yeah, 3677 has a good colour scheme. I like that one. There is also 4564, if you're more in to yellow and like that style of locomotive. Red and White also goes well, if you take 4551 into account, which has a more unusual crocodile style. Regarding your comments on the size of sets or combination of different sets integrated into one: Some of the next comments to nail it down for me: I just take a look at our local small ads and I can see several offers for single wagons for sets 60197 or 60051. Even single wagons for Cargo Train sets are present. So there definitely IS a market for that. And the want for rail packs like we had back in the times (only straights, only curves, not a weird mixup) comes up as often as the want of LEGO City friends for separately packed road baseplates (only straights, only curves, only crossings, not a weird mixup ). Funny thing, even that was present up until the 90ies... However. As much as I do hope for a full-fletched reboot of the Trains theme, I am pretty sure this won't happen. Trains (and "real" model trains) do not hold the same appeal as they did, kids are looking for more "digital" ways to fullfill their hobby needs. And LEGO seems to cater for that with their new Hidden Side theme.
  13. Capparezza

    Which Themes Deserve a Reboot?

    Err, what? I have got a couple of the original Metro Liners as well as some copies of 4563 here. All are working without any flaw. The motors are reliable, not a single one has given up. The train power supplies are going strong and keep on working. The only parts that I had to replace so far are those damn contact cables connecting the rails to the power supply. But, plain technically, everything is still in working order without any signs of degrading performance. Besides that, when doing train shows I can keep my trains running and do not have to take my trains out of the loop to replace batteries. So, please elaborate on that part. Ah yes. And that's why we see less and less sets coming along with those trains? Back in the outgoing 9V era we had the following sets accompanying the 4511 and 4512: 4513 Grand Central Station 4514 Cargo Crane 10027 Train Engine Shed 10128 Train Level Crossing And these are only the sets that just came out in 2003. Not to speak of the other sets that were still on sale that year, like the wonderful My Own Train wagons. Now, having the 1HY 2019 catalog in front of me, I can see the following: Yepp. That's it. No train station, no engine shed, not even any single wagon or set that could go along with your freshly bought train. Surely, that must be because trains are selling better now than they did back in the days... *cough* But anyhow, yepp, that last World City express train looks awful. I do like that cargo train, however. The colour scheme works perfectly on this one.
  14. Capparezza

    Is LEGO getting to inaffordable for kids?

    ... if you have an AFOL parent that hides packaging and instructions and doesn't let you play with the bricks. Otherwise it's just used LEGO, unsorted, with badly handled instructions and no packaging, worth maybe 10 bucks a kilogram. I have bought my fair share of "leftovers" and most sets with playware are in this condition or even worse. If you buy LEGO for your children, then PRETTY PLEASE don't see it as an investment. Have fun with your children and be happy that THEY have fun, whatever they do with their bricks. @Lego David I don't think that normal sets are much more expensive than back in my childhood. But what did happen meanwhile was a shift in the focus of target groups. We do have an active AFOL community as well as adult collectors today. And today we even have themes like Overwatch, Harry Potter, Star Wars and the likes, which cater for a specific fan audience. This hadn't been the case back then. So it is quite understandable that there are lots of sets today which are not meant for children to play with but seen more as a piece of art, something to display or maybe even buy as investment.
  15. Capparezza

    Lego AFOL activities in Germany?

    Hello there :) I don't know about France, but in addition to HoMa's advice regarding Germany, you can check the corresponding forum sections on Doctor Brick -> or on -> for upcoming events. Have fun on your trip and a safe journey!