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  1. Capparezza

    Rechargeable batteries for powered up hubs

    @Giottist Hey there and greetings from Austria! I have bought my eneloops from Amazon, delivered through Akku-Onlinehandel but I suspect there are lots of other reliable suppliers on Amazon or elsewhere where you can get your eneloops in Germany. The charger I use is a Technoline BC700, bought at the same source (also delivers to Germany without any problems). It might not be the best one, but it's able to Discharge and Refresh the batteries too, so it's quite OK technology-wise. Price is around 25 to 30 €, depending where you order it. I can just chime in and repeat the good experiences made by other users. To me, Eneloops are the way to go.
  2. Capparezza

    Unreleased/Cancelled LEGO Sets

    @Digger of Bricks Haha, thanks a lot for showing! Didn't know about Linking Leroy. Had 2 very big boxes full of 5,25" floppies for my "breadbox" C64, but that was something new for me
  3. Capparezza

    A quick comment on spam

    @Jim + @9v system : Working fine for me, no problems in any subforum. So I would too say that this is something user specific. Let Bitdefender scan your system, if possible reset your browser settings and clear the browser cache.
  4. Capparezza

    [Review] 40341 xtra sea accessories

    Wonder why 2 harpoons but just one oar! So, yeah, getting even numbers might be preferable. Otherwise a perfect little addon, thank you for the review @Holodoc
  5. Capparezza

    Are the Creator Expert trains finished?

    Yes, bricks and pieces. They just got inventoried shortly before they closed down. Very nifty :D
  6. Capparezza

    Are the Creator Expert trains finished?

    The PUP (???) or Powered Up Parts are sold seperately now, they have been added to their shop a few days ago. Just search by part numbers.
  7. Capparezza

    Are the Creator Expert trains finished?

    Nothing against doing away with rails at all. We had such sets in the 12V era and before, so I do not see an apparent issue with this idea. If it helps promoting train sets I'm OK with it
  8. Capparezza

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Wow, nice one. Looks and works just like the real. I've got a truck yard outside my window where I work, and I can see that procedure of loading and unleading at least twice a day
  9. Capparezza

    Are the Creator Expert trains finished?

    Regarding production capacity: Just look at their recent catalogues and behold the abundance of licensed sets and other stuff that gets regularly clearance sales at our local TRU and other toy shops (*cough* constructible star wars figures *cough*)... Just remove 1 or 2 of those and instead go for 1 or 2 supplemental train sets, whatever it might be. Regarding sets with out tracks: If LEGO would really want to sell rails / tracks seperate, they would need to make better packages forehand. Like the ones we had during 9V times - straights, and only straights, in their packaging and curves in a seperate one. Then that idea might turn out fine.
  10. Capparezza

    Working Hopper

    That looks fine, simple but reliable low tech not to say I'm curious about the end result...
  11. Capparezza

    Are the Creator Expert trains finished?

    This, so many times and so much THIS. While I have to agree with lots of points @Aanchir made about general toy train popularity, it seems everyone is always rehashing the arguments from more than 15 years ago. 2001 was the year when I had my dial-up Internet, via 55k modem. I measured RAM in Megabytes and ordering, let alone paying something via Internet was just not a thing that came into my mind back then. I could have counted shops delivering to my country with one hand only. Besides that, I didn't have a credit card back then and other payment methods were either not developed yet or unsecure for either the buyer or the seller. If LEGO had started something like this in 2018 the outcome would surely be different. (And I'm not taking into account that there have been some weird design choices with the MOT sets) Hell, 2001 seems so far away to me but it's only a mere 17 years ago that I played Diablo II LOD and Gran Turismo 3. Seems my interest was more into gaming then LEGO, anyway
  12. Capparezza

    Working Hopper

    Hello Ed! If the original concept from the 7777 LEGO trains idea book suffices, there is an LDR file in the wild for that which can be found here: made by Dirk Jagdmann. Regards, Chris
  13. Capparezza

    Are the Creator Expert trains finished?

    WTH! Wondering whether this restriction was imposed upon TRU by LEGO? Must be, because no one running a business would invent something this stupid. But, even then, LEGO must be the stupid one in this story and I can't belive that either? And then they wonder why sales have not developed as expected. @Aanchir Well, you do get the irony of all this, right? If you want to get a broader audience for your train sets, the perfect thing is to restrict it's exposure to possible buyers by hiding it in your online shop... errrr....? I'm on one side glad you responded and keep the discussion alive, but a bit disappointed that you neglected to talk about this aspect. Just found a comment from you in the Emerald re-release discussion thread: That seems to be relevant here as well. One the one hand it is true that (maybe mostly because of the price?) sales of train sets might not be par to expectation. However, this is also a bit elevated with LEGOs policy of selling stuff. You can't buy single waggons any more, you can only get straights mixed up with either curves or curves and flexi track (reminds of the delimma with those road base plates). You can't get ANY smaller train related set anymore (besides that Winter Village station). That makes shelving out a 100 or even 150 bucks just for a single set, which a) doesn't line up with anything else and b) which can only exist on it's own and can't be "completed" with smaller sets in the future even harder to justify. To me it's quite clear that LEGO does not care about their train sets anymore as they did in the past (9V and 12V era). Maybe LEGO is doing just the right thing. Maybe the era of trains as a childrens toy is long gone. One might suspect that this might be the case if you have an eye on the H0 trains market: Lots of old companies making wonderful sets have vanished in the past, because sales have dryed up.
  14. Capparezza

    Are the Creator Expert trains finished?

    @Aanchir While all your facts may be true, you forgot to state one thing, in my opinion very important thing: While the Beetle, VW Camper, Winter Village, Winter Train and others have been available in retail shops, ALL of the mentioned expert trains have only been sold by Shop@Home! Well, seems at least the Horizon Express got some exposure in selected shops. But I can assure you that NONE of these 3 sets appeared in shops around my town or even country... So, less exposure -> less sales. Given this hindrance it seems that those 3 train sets did very well.
  15. Capparezza

    What did you buy today?

    Well, I said I would stop with buying CMFs after the latest price increase. But... I found series 18 for 2 (!!!) Euros a bag, plus this weekend an additional 20% off! That means 1,60 € per bag. Couldn't resist and bought 4 of them . Now have the flower, racer, blue suit and cat suit. I like racer the best of all 4.