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  1. Capparezza

    [MOC] English Electric GT3

    What a strange thing, this GT3 . Chocolate brown makes me crave for something sweet now, hehe. Nice rendition and a proper build, really digging it. Thanks for showing!
  2. So true, so true... Thanks @michaelgale and everyone else at Fx Bricks for making it finally happen! So, a decision regarding a distributor for Europe will not be made until the sales numbers via Canada and HK are run through your "bean counters"? Probably, you will be one of those I guess? I hope you don't let us wait for too long. *wink wink*
  3. Capparezza

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Puffff.... I'm happy about the choices they've made. Saves me a lot of money I would not have bought nor supported any set of the last two batches. On the other side, I've got a heavy heart because of the many wonderful projects that got rejected in the process. Hmm.
  4. Capparezza

    What did you buy today?

    4564 Freight Rail Runner finally found it's way into my collection. I'm glad I've got something to do now, because the Crocodile is still pending delivery
  5. Capparezza

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I'm not a big fan of Sitcom sets either. However, my wallet will be happy if they do produce another one
  6. Oh noes... There goes your hope on at least a "half-arsed" Pirate Theme revival through the means of Ideas projects. Once they wave a Castle project through, that theme will surely get the same treatment. Interestingly though, having several Space related stuff does not seem to be of concern.
  7. Capparezza

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    TLC does seem to have the habit of reviving old themes, lately... We do get Barracuda Bay, even a 3-in-1 Pirate Ship. So maybe something's in it for Bionicle fans too, who knows. I am really curious what they will do for future reviews, if the amount of greenlighted projects happens to stay that high... it's a bit awkward at the moment.
  8. Capparezza

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Make that "Entire fanbase" minus 1. I'm totally NOT interested in anything Bionicle related Or, make that "Entrie Bionicle fanbase". That would be OK to me
  9. Capparezza

    review [REVIEW] LEGO 40187 Flower Display

    Hi @Pandora! Thanks for your lovely feedback. Nice to know this set has some fans out there . Regards, Chris aka Capparezza
  10. Review - LEGO 40187 Flower Display INTRODUCTION My girlfriend sent me a picture of this set, labelled with "Could this be Review material?". Isn't it nice when you have someone reminding you that you should do another review now, because that last one was soooo long ago? She found it at a local second hand store, but seals on top and bottom were still intact and the contents thus untouched. So my thoughts were "Hell, why not, it's about time for another review indeed". And what a better opportunity to do it now, when you need to #StaySafe and #StayHome anyways . The picture on the box shows us two cute flowers, a red Rose and a white Daisy. Both can be built and displayed at the same time. The set itself is quite small and comprised of exactly 100 pieces. The box measures 12 cm in height, 9 cm in width and is about 6 cm deep. Originally released in 2018, it can still be ordered from most LEGO Online Stores, thought availability varies from country to country. LEGO had it originally labelled unter "Miscellaneous", it goes along the Seasonal theme. By the way: Left click on a picture takes you to the bigger resolution on Flickr, as usual. SET SPECS Number: 40187 Title: Flower Display Theme: Seasonal Released: 2018 Part Count: 100 pieces Retail Price: DE - 5,99 € GB - 4,99 GBP US - 5,99 $ DK - 50,00 DKK With 100 pieces, the retail price of 5,99 € equates to a price of 0,06 € a piece (rounded to the second digit). This is pretty good and a way better parts-per-price ratio than most other sets. For comparison, 31078 Treehouse Treasures from my last review had a price of 0,12 € per piece. According to Brickinsights this set's ratio is way better than the average for System sets of 2018. LINKS 40187 @ 40187 @ LEGO PRODUCT SUMMARY Say it the LEGO® way with these 2 buildable flowers, featuring a rose and a daisy with interchangeable pots—perfect for Valentine’s day, Mother’s day or just because! THE BOX The 100 parts are packaged in a plain and simple box with flaps, not much text is found on the front of it. Pictured are the two flowers that you can build, the red Rose and the white Daisy in their pots, put on a digital backdrop featuring a window sill with a view into the countryside. Recommended age for this set is 7+ according to the front of the box. No set number on the front. The daisy is also featured on the right side with the set number, while the back shows us the usual warnings in countless languages and information about where this product was manufactured as well as distribution partners. The left side features the red rose, while the top of the box presents a 65° slope in red in 1:1 scale for size comparison and both sides also feature the set number. Finally, on the bottom we have trademark informations, the barcode and the internal item number for this product. As we can see, this box is recyclable (for those who tend to throw away the boxes after stripping them of their innards ). THE PARTS Inside the box, we have two unnumbered bags with parts. One is a little bigger, holding the pot parts for the Daisy. After unpacking both and spreading out their contents, this is what we get. The parts are nothing special by todays standards. Colours are mainly Green, White and Red (Viva Italia ). A few Yellow parts for the Daisy, 2x Bar 6l with stop ring and 2 round 1x1 plates in Reddish Brown as well as 4 macaronis in Pearl Gold are also there. The few Dark Blueish Gray and Black parts mostly hide away inside of the flowers or pots, only the 1L bars with clip will be visible later. Back in 2018, when this set was released, the Green Barbs (Part No. 16770) had only been included in Set 10255 Assembly Square before. Today this part comes in 5 sets, one of it being Set 30555 Poppy's Carriage, which is a polybag from the new Trolls theme. MINIFIGURES Well, there are none. Zero, niente, nada. But I think you didn't expect any, given that this set is called "Flower Display"? INSTRUCTIONS The instructions are kept as simple as the box was. Plain folded paper, nothing fancy. They fold up to the size shown in the upper left on the picture. Two instructions are provided, one for each flower. What I found interesting is the fact that there is no parts list, neither on instructions nor box. MAIN MODEL - ROSE AND DAISY Simplicity continues. Building the two flowers is as simple as the box and the instructions, nothing fancy here as well. Even if the builds are indeed pretty simple, there is a certain amount of SNOT on the Rose. Building the Daisy uses clips with an Octagonal plate with bar handles, the pot is a ridiculously simple build. And then you're then, Rose and Daisy are finished and ready for the shelf. Not many spare parts are left after building the flowers. PLAY FUNCTIONS Errrm, yeah.... Nothing much to say about the "play" functions because this is clearly labelled as a display model. You can swap out the pots between Rose and Daisy, but that's about it. B MODEL Well, no instructions for a B-model. However, given the range of parts in this set, I think it would be quite possible to create several other types of flowers with a little bit of imagination - which I am completely lacking at the moment... but maybe I'm not the only one with that problem. Doing a short search on the Internet didn't reveal any alternative builds so far. That shouldn't stop you from having a bit of fun with this set, it's LEGO after all . Flowerpot Girl is clearly happy about her new neighbour, and Cactus Girl made first contact with another thorny lifeform. (Minifigs are not included with this set, of course) SUMMARY & RATING I had a hard time judging this set, as the play functions are practically non-existing and there are no alternative or B models. The fact that it is a pure display model and the price per parts ratio is astonishingly low both compensate for these issues. But still I could not give this set a better rating than 7 out of 10 points (translating to a 4 - Above average in the EB rating poll). Maybe that's because I do have a problem with pure display models. Given that the parts are quite usable, I would still recommend this set, even if it was just as a parts pack. On the other hand this turns out to be a rather nice gift for your beloved ones, even if they are not at home in the world of bricks. Be it for Valentine's, Mother's or any other day you have an opportunity to bring a lovely present, this set really is a pleasing surprise to gift. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, I missed the deadline with this review for Mother's Day, but some people say every day of the year is a Mother's day If you bought this for yourself, because you are a bit into flowers, you should definitely look at 30404 Friendship Flower from the Friends series. It uses similar techniques as for the Daisy and goes nice along with the two flowers from this set. Design: 8 / 10 - Pleasent looking builds Build: 8 / 10 - Instructions are clear and easy to follow, building did indeed make fun despite the low part count Playability: 2 / 10 - Only meant as display models, so no play value whatsoever (besides switching the pots ... *cough*), no B-model or alternatives Minifigures: no rating Price: 10 / 10 - Price per part ratio pretty good, lots of reusable parts too because of the simple colour palette Overall: 7 / 10
  11. Capparezza

    What did you buy today?

    30463 El Fuegos Stunt Cannon for a mere 1,50€. Seems sales figures of this are a bit under par, they had 10 of them for this price were I was shopping.
  12. Capparezza

    4DBrix goes DIY

    @legotownlinz Yeah, at the moment I'm waiting for FX Track System to hit the high street. As they cater to the needs of a 9V fan like me, I will swallow the bitter pill no matter how expensive it will be. It's not that I would have a choice, as they have no competition for 9V metal tracks . In my opinion their upcoming products will be worth it, if they stick to their intended plans and quality. However, I could go the cheap route and by non-metal track and augment it with copper tape....
  13. Capparezza

    4DBrix goes DIY

    So true, from line 1 to the last... It's a pity, but it seems that's how the world works nowadays.
  14. Capparezza

    Lego deterioration?

    If you have older figures with loose joints, you can try wash them. I have noticed after doing my latest wash-up (10 kg of parts!), that some figures from late 80ies to early 90ies have regained stiffness. I was using mild detergent (soap or dishwasher) with a bit of vinegar cleaning agent added.
  15. Capparezza

    Narrow gauge "Odenwald-Express"

    Wonderful! Some very nifty ideas in your narrow gauge rolling stock. The "rollböcke" are very cute