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  1. Oh wow. Stunning implementation and great look. Lots of ingenious GPU too (great parts usage). Good look for the contest!
  2. Capparezza

    Support structure for cylinder

    Literally laughed my megablocks off
  3. Capparezza

    How did you come out of your Dark Ages?

    Hehe, that's the part I liked most. I was wondering how many unwanted LEGO sets get sold off at flea markets or on the web, just because someone lost interest. And how many times that someone came back later, to renew his LEGO-love, just to find out his sets aren't there anymore...
  4. Capparezza

    9V-Era Steam Engine

    Oh wow, thanks a lot for adding the LXF. I'll try to get something assembled in the next weeks, but don't be disappointed if it takes me longer, I'm quite a slow poke when it comes to building
  5. Capparezza

    9V-Era Steam Engine

    That's a very nice build. The detailing that you have achieved with the old parts is gorgeous, as has already been pointed out. Any objectives about me trying to rebuild it? If no, would you be so nice to explain which part(s) you have used for the chimney? I can make out all the other parts, but I'm pretty stuck on this one...
  6. Capparezza

    2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Actually, I think the mix-up might be good when selling road plates. You always need a little bit of diversity, otherwise the roads might look a bit bland. Well see how it turns out. However, I still don't get it why they are selling the rails mixed up... Straights and curves together, when you already get a lot of curves and way less straights with your train set, makes way less sense. Even the older package with straights and flexis made more sense to me than this.
  7. Yes. No new elements or re-colours this time. But haven't checked on my own, so don't "hit the messenger"
  8. New minifigure set for Halloween. Has been reported on a german website already, found in Billunds Legoland store. It is rumored to cost 7,99 € in Germany, release should be this or next week.
  9. Capparezza

    Birth of a layout - time lapse video

    Whoah! What a layout, this thing is massive! I was pretty amused about the can of Coke moving around at the table, very cool idea to make a time-lapse. Any idea about the piece count for the track parts only?
  10. Capparezza

    Steam Locomotive Factory

    Dang! This is a beautiful diorama. The mechanic working on the boiler (swinging on the crane) is cool. The muddy road on the left is also a nice detail (even if the bars should be down, when a loco is passing by :D ).
  11. Capparezza

    1:25 Eritrean 0-4-0T Locomotive "202 series"

    Wonderful rendition. It's funny, I watched a documentary in German television about the Eritrean Railway just a couple days ago (you can watch it on YouTube here). Thanks a lot for linking that great video, too!
  12. Capparezza

    LEGO VT 11.5 Trans Europ Express (TEE)

    Amazing model, sweet to look at, just like the real thing I'd also go for light (blueish?) grey.
  13. I do have a couple of 9V rail boxes still unopened somewhere in my basement. But I haven't yet dared to tear one open... Maybe I can be persuaded to do so I did open one a couple of years ago, but if my memory serves me well there was no instruction sheet in the box.
  14. Capparezza

    What did you buy today?

    2x Easter Bunny Hut, 1€ each... couldn't help but buy