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  1. de Gothia

    Mesozoic Tax Collector

    Thanks! The crown sticker is from the MMV I think... Not really sure though :)
  2. de Gothia

    Morty's Traveling Puppetry

    The first I saw was the great choice of minifigs! Is the hat from CMF Captain Hook? Lovely choice!! The wagon is also eye candy! The golden details works so good with the dk red. I like that you put the cart into your new village as well! Adds so much more!
  3. de Gothia

    Wyvernstone Village

    Holy macaroni!! You have really created a masterpiece! I Just love it! The colours is just so warm and cosy, reminds me of Shire in the Lord of the ring, although some bigger houses here:) I will spend my evening just watching those details you have put in here and take some for my self. The photo of the bakery with the hole in the wall is my favourite!! Is the baseplate sturdy? Can it be divided into smaller parts?
  4. de Gothia

    Woodland Ambush

    Great wagon design! Lovely trees and I like the irregular base. My only nitpick would be the grill tiles as SK said.
  5. de Gothia

    Challenge III: Cat. A: King Or Puppet?

    Lovely and funny idea! That floor is just breathtaking!!
  6. de Gothia

    Mesozoic Tax Collector

    Thanks guys! Glad to see you liked it! Gideon: Haha yes indeed exchange! The tower is greatly inspired by your wonderful moc Streets of Barqa!
  7. de Gothia

    Mesozoic Tax Collector

    The trade between Mesozic and Historica had never been better and because of that the tax collector has much to do. His office was on top of one of all small shops dotted around the capital. Let me know what you think!
  8. de Gothia

    Challenge III. Cat A:Rise of the Reptilians

    Haha! Lovely idea and I like how you have put it into bricks. Your moc has a really classic castle feel to it! Like it with the new bricks incoporated into it.
  9. de Gothia

    Miller's Gardens

    Excellent moc here mate! The colours, the minifigs, the waterfall... just everything! Love it!!!
  10. de Gothia

    Challenge III: Cat B: Farmer Gyles' Mill

    Lovely mill and top notch presentation and photos!
  11. de Gothia

    [Minifigs] Horgaard Inhabitants

    Oh!! I love minifigs and creating new great combos! And you sure have done some great work here!
  12. de Gothia

    AoM: Kervid's Mill

    Lovely little mill! Nice part use on those slopes!
  13. Oh! Me loves those small irregular bases you used here! The colours are so nice!
  14. de Gothia

    "CHALLENGE III: Category A: "Pass it on"

    What´s not to admire here! The angeled castle, the multiple rooms, floors and angels. Your interior is really great, even for soccerkod to find some inspiration!
  15. de Gothia

    Svalg Keep: Mitgardia (Free-Build)

    What a lovely and cosy castle you have built! I really enjoyed watching all the details!