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    Still really, really, REALLY wants to join Nocturnus.

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  1. de Gothia

    Into the unknown

    Hehe, we will have to see where they are sending her. Might need help to rescue her from other Lords and knights in Historica! :) Thanks! And yes you are perhaps right about the borders! :)
  2. de Gothia

    Aurora of Avalonia

    Thnaks Titus! Yes indeed de Gothia is older and the sons are older and bigger as well! =) My sigfig can´t be that young through 3 books! :P
  3. de Gothia

    Walking in Mesozoic

    Thanks again guys!!
  4. de Gothia

    [FB] Leaving Cold Rock

    I agree with the other about the busy rockside but at the same time I like the fact that you tried and see if it would work! The arches in the rock makes a great "man made" tocuh to it. Nice to have you here in GoH! :)
  5. de Gothia

    Avalonian Chapel

    Lovely build! I like the idea that the base is not square but still blocky if you know what I mean! :) Great details put in the moc, like the bookshelfs! :)
  6. de Gothia

    The Busy Streets of Ostia

    Wow Zlatan! A really great looking moc! The bakery with it´s colourscheme, the sign and the balcony is the favourite on this one!
  7. de Gothia

    AoM: House Phase 1: Summer Mountain Hut

    Love this hut! Feels very rustic with the texture! I also like the irregular shape of the base and that it´s done with a thick layer and not plates! :) Well done!
  8. de Gothia

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Great to have zilmrud and dalle here! most welcome to our mighty guild! Great moc titus in your sigfig presentation! :)
  9. de Gothia

    Aurora of Avalonia

    Faladrin: Thanks! Yes the boat is a bit blocky indeed! Want to make a more curved hull for sure! But that will be in my next boat! :)' Gideon: thanks mate!
  10. de Gothia

    Walking in Mesozoic

    Thanks! HQ: I agree about the square and the lack f figs. But my latest mocs in cities have been pumped with figs so I thought I would go with a more clean look. Zlatan: Yes, now when I see it, some different heights would make the moc better! No the time is very limited now in the summer but I have had some mocs photgraphed but not edited and then I had some mocs in the pipe so it was beacause of that all the mocs came at the same time!
  11. de Gothia

    Into the unknown

    Thanks HQ!:)
  12. de Gothia

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    No I haven´t done that. But it would be fun though to see all the builds in GoH! :) Kahir: Love those figs!! The wolfpack is one of my favourite factions from the golden era!
  13. de Gothia

    Avalonia Tasks 1, 2, and 3

    Some great minifig combos! I like that you have written so much of each of the soldiers/civilians! Perhaps take the photos with some better lightning?
  14. de Gothia

    Visiting Sorgheim

    Nice to see the layout together! My favourite part is the slanted wall!!
  15. de Gothia

    Aurora of Avalonia

    Haha! Well lets say they sail the ship after Mesozioc as well! :) It will be brickbuilt for the time being. It would be cool with the Avalonian dragon on the sails in sand green colour but I have no cloth! :( Thanks guys for the kind word!