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  1. de Gothia

    Dwarven Ballistas

    Holy banana! Those ballistas are genius! Love the fact that wolves are pulling them! The landscape with dk brown and olive green works great togheter!
  2. de Gothia

    AoM: Mills Phase 2: Ambarvale Mill

    Lovely! The mill with that roof is just wonderful! I love that landscape and that base sorrounding it! Great work!!
  3. de Gothia

    Homecoming to Illaryian

    Nice first start for the GoH! Welcome to the guilds. I like the bridge and the water. Looks great! Some more lightning when you are taking the photos would make the presentation better. Keep up the good work :)
  4. de Gothia

    Kaliphlin at Work - Day 10: Royal Dance

    Eye candy!!!!! That first shot of the moc is just epic! So many details and great fig posings! The only nitpick is that the mosoic in the middle is hidden by figs. Would love to see that!
  5. de Gothia

    Daily tasks

    Lovely snowscape!! The packing on the horse is reaaly smart! Have to use that!
  6. Lovely colours and presentation was the first that came up for me. I really like the barren landscape and the road with stones and pebbles. The tower it self with it colour combos looks perfect!
  7. de Gothia

    Trade Hub in Mesozoic

    Thanks guys! The unfinished touch on the left building is the result of me wanted to make a different touch to all the walls and grebbling thing :) But I get your point HQ. I love the Dinotopia as well! Read that book so much as a kid and now for my own kids...
  8. de Gothias builds Trade hub in Mesozioc /de Gothia/ Avalonia
  9. de Gothia

    Trade Hub in Mesozoic

    Another build from when de Gothia was in Mesozoic. This time it´s a trade hub outside of the great capital. The big animals helps out with taking goods and people to different places in the great land. C&C as always welcome
  10. Haha! Lovely name! Made me laugh out loud! Great litte daily scene here.
  11. de Gothia

    Equos Valley [Avalonia Task 3]

    The thing that I like here is the wooden build, most microbuilds are made in stone. I echo the others, I like the clean take on this moc
  12. I like the fact that you have used some new colours for the desert! The cracked river bed looks really good and realistic!
  13. de Gothia

    Kaliphlin at Work - Day 5: Daily Tasks

    I have to agree with mccoyed here, the background is my favorite part here. The round windows, the arvhes... Lovely!!
  14. de Gothia

    Harburg Kitchen

    Yummy!! Two mocs that have so much to like! The microbuild with it´s colours looks so good. The rockwork stands out in this build! The second build feels like your homecourt! Interior scenes that I just want to study for hours to find more great features and details! Great work mate!!!
  15. de Gothia

    Of Dragons and Druids: Ch. 1

    Can´t figure out how I missed to comment on this one! I eccho what Gideon says, true minifig scale makes this moc really pop out! The lightning in the windows is pure magic!!