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    <p> I like fire trucks , police cars, 4x4 and robotech...  I use to work for the state of California and I was in maintenance for the California  state Park Rangers.  All are support vehicles were 4 x 4 or bigger and the park rangers are the best of the best  </p>

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  1. Here is some pictures of reinforcing the diff's. Using 8lL or is it 9L?? with stops seems to help!!
  2. Right on!! I just won this for $55 usd dollars!! looks like a Lego set 42029 with Lego's Pf addons and other city sets.... Now I can experience Lego Rc on a bigger model! MIXED LEGO SETS *OUT OF BOX* OLDER SETS LEGO CITY/LEGO TECHNIC Condition: Used Ended: Sep 26, 2018 , 10:37 Winning bid: US $55.00 [ 1 bid ]
  3. Set that are under 1000 pieces or even 500 is good... I really like the Lego set 42075, its just the right size for the PF motors to handle
  4. @oracid some how my sentence on that paragraph was cut in half , its posted after the video?? it says Report post Posted 15 hours ago (edited) Ive been using a similar product by Hot Power which uses 2.4 ghz wifi and still retains the Lego IR Pf set "looks" I love my Hot Power !!
  5. Ive been using a similar product by Hot Power which uses 2.4 ghz wifi and still retains the Lego IR Pf set "looks" I love my Hot Power !!
  6. @I_IgorI'm no angel !! :) @TechnicRCRacer I've done more reinforcements on the rear and front differential framing area. My frame need more cross members since im not using any 5x7 or 7x11 H-ladder frames and its a custom frame based from my prototype the "jimmy" chassis.. why jimmy?? first of all the frame and suspension looks like a grasshopper or even a cricket. Being americantized , Jimmy the cricket from Disney and Gmc truck the Jimmy 4x4 just fits together!!!The use of rare parts I would guess marks its uniqueness however its all about weight parts and balance. The red colored half beveled gears weighs a little bit more then the tan colored beveled gears and even more then that , is the fact the red colored gears have a margin of 0.001 in weight differences after being brand new and being used on the field.The tan colored gears are have a greater margin of weight errors with the weight having a difference up to 0.01 due to uneven wear with heavy uses of them in a months time I will weigh out the red colored gears and see how much wear had occurred .. I would guess it would be better due to the nature of the color red in the Lego technic world . Here some examples I have done to the chassis.. I have three versions of the steering sets starting with the current version that allows the use of 67.8 mm tires and also the the 56mm size. (some parts were removed to see the inner detail). and this is for the Lego 42075 mod with two types of steering that accepts the 49mm tires One one of them haves positive castors!!
  7. @I_Igor yes sir!!! Im a Mendoza and my family is has a good history., my father is a rocket engineer ! (plastic mechanic) for the Apollo and Space Shuttle program during 60's to 80's . I do plan to do a shuttle or even a space X technic model!!
  8. Im not to surprised!! Your an artist and your work is priceless!! too bad you didn't market yourself in the china sector more aggressively .. it's not too late..
  9. @I_Igor thank you and I finally patched the chassis and added 67.8mm tires and my chassis is almost done!! don't know how many sets are the same scales as the Lego set 42075 first responder!! I was looking at your unimog and to be honest I never heard of a unimog till early this year!! and by any chance the lego set 42068 B model , boat transport. Ive noticed the model kind a resemble the unimog and I was going to convert my fire truck into the B model. Is that the same scale as your unimog ?? I would like to build one once I figured out an "unimog" !1 and It finally past my rock crawling test !! and my name is Victor!! I have a brother named Vic, A sister named Victoria, my father Victor , Im Victor Jr, My son is Victor III We lived in the Victor Valley near Victorville, California and my brother Vic lives on Victor St.
  10. Here is an update with my "jimmy" chassis. It does fit into the Lego 42075 chassis and with this configuration , I don't have any issues with the steering motor mount and you can take this chassis to the next level on out door operations!! The output pf the dual Lego l motors are tied directly to the differential's with no gearing up or down . You can add gearing if need to.
  11. sirslayer

    Signature Technic Quirks?

    using a weight scale and weighing out new Lego elements pieces has been an obsession where I even think that the hand pick elements from Lego are special treated and they always weight out near perfect like with in 0.001 of a gram and they also have magical properties since your over paying on the high price of hand pick elements .. I see sparkles around me !!??
  12. sirslayer

    [MOC] Ultimate Muscle Car

    I like your car chassis!! you rock!!
  13. and here are the prototype of jimmy .boy jimmy has grown
  14. well @Aventador2004 I ended up redesigning the frame and ended up with this!!! I named it the "jimmy" AWD off road chassis, with ackermann steering, AWD with center diff and a all new design I came up with!! custom frame with heavy reinforcement and field tested by me!!! light weight and small size with 4 wheel live suspension It still a WIP!! and its way better then the default 42075 chassis and on this video , my goal is to make it up a foot high of rocks and darn!!! almost!! darn u-joints!!! This chassis could replace your default chassis from the Lego set 42075 and even backwards I almost made it!!
  15. Here is a pic of the front axles