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    <p> I like fire trucks , police cars, 4x4 and robotech...  I use to work for the state of California and I was in maintenance for the California  state Park Rangers.  All are support vehicles were 4 x 4 or bigger and the park rangers are the best of the best </p>

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  1. The more I look at imdesigner42 model, I dont see a 8081 chassis when you look at the bottom view.. @johnnym your model, when I look at the bottom of your model, it does look like a 8081.. Can you please share on why imdesigner42 is acceptable and my version that haves a chassis 8081 in it is not??? We both are the same scale and size.. otherwise we dont have to build it out from a 8081 chassis as long it looks like it one?? very odd I think.. the smell of BS is strong so far...
  2. Yes @alecmo99 thank you .. even though the body is different, the technic is still based off the 8081 and its all bolt on improvements !! @johnnym Mod is define as modification and technically and mechnicly i've max out on the 8081 and the next logical steps is the body shape is next. my second model on this thread is based off the original design and i thought it look like a fat pig (cactus picture) .. The 8081 design haves very good suspension and its a fine model. To be honest, I wish I have bought an original 8081 but building one from extras parts was almost good enough.. when it comes to design a modern 8081 to fit the year 2019 build, it seems like most of builders prefer to keep the old body design. RM8 did a different body design and it accepted but if i done a different smaller design, only a few accepted. @johnnym can you be honest and say your design would make a 2019 Car designer happy.. No , I don't think any of ours is close what a 2019 SUV should look like if you still to use the 8081 body.. The new Defender is different then the original and the 8081 of 2019 should follow also... The 13 l roof is the same as the 8081 and instead of fatten the body, keeping the 13 L roof width to match the body as best as i can trimmed off the extra fat and therefore the same seats and scaled is still the same.. who needs 2 1/2 L of space from door to car seat.. and if the 8081 is a real SUV in real life.. the real long doors and short hood and rear deck is odd looking beast. I don't this there is a SUV with long doors with a short bonnet ??.. it would look like a circus car!! and its a 4 banger!!! Only small truck in America uses a 4 banger with one exception !! side note: imdesigner42 is only 13/15 wide like mine and his is acceptable?? i smell bias!!!
  3. Is this more appropriate ? Lego technic MOC by victormendoza_jr, on Flickr Lego technic MOC by victormendoza_jr, on Flickr
  4. and I did post this a few months ago and @rm8 you said its ok..... and his friend says its ok.. I thought my previous version was a little to wide at the hips .. The newest version is based from this 2 month old design..and it doesn't look like the vette so don't go there. I like the idea of the contest to be on hold for the wait for a while to gain more attendance so I can upgrade the current build and having fun...
  5. The fenders from the Lego set 42098 Car transport would also work... and my model is in WIP after all.. The roof width is 13 L across, the body width is 15 L across and the length is only 1 L shorter then the original 8081, so adding a bumper puts me as the same size of the 8081 but the most important is the seats are the same size so therefore its the same scale.. using curved fenders and some extra touches really modernizes my version of the 8081. This is the only time to modernized the set and I really think its time to update the 1980's looks of the set.. :) Lego technic 8081 MOC by victormendoza_jr, on Flickr Lego technic 8081 MOC by victormendoza_jr, on Flickr download by victormendoza_jr, on Flickr Nissan Xterra
  6. Yes, its the same chassis!!!! Thirdwigg required red beams is in there and I shrunk the body and using modern parts.. The same chassis from the instructions .. The smaller body saves weight !! and this is the 8081 mod page!! and its an original design by me!!
  7. sirslayer

    Lego IR Reveiver (v1) upgrade

    There is another way to do this if you want to keep it simple.. First of all, you can purchase a 2.4ghz wifi China controller and receiver for a cheap price and you can use Nizn batteries rated at 1.6 volts each !!
  8. Here is another update of my Lego technic 8081 MOC pickup truck. This version is the Monster truck!!! tell me what you think!! Lego technic 8081 MOC monster truck by victormendoza_jr, on Flickr Lego technic 8081 MOC monster truck by victormendoza_jr, on Flickr
  9. Here is an example of my 8081 MOC wearing 49.5mm tires and full support suspension. Front suspension is a Fully independent with limited Pendular suspension used in Lego set 8081 even for an example. Rear suspension is a 4 point spring on a limited live axle. Heavy sprung to support batteries weight. Recommend to use bigger tires size 56mm or larger. 49.5 is just for a basic pickup truck with no suspension. .. more on that later.... The motor in the driver seat is a Monster motor and ill have more on that later also :) Lego technic 8081 MOC by victormendoza_jr, on Flickr
  10. This Trophy Truck MOC is my version of the Lego set 8081 and its WIP at the moment and its motorized. I will plan to do a non motor version for the contest. This MOC has a shorter wheel base with 56mm tires and still using the original chassis from the 8081 and a Monster motor. Video is coming soon. Lego Technic 8081 MOC by victormendoza_jr, on Flickr Lego Technic 8081 MOC by victormendoza_jr, on Flickr Lego Technic 8081 MOC by victormendoza_jr, on Flickr Lego Technic 8081 MOC by victormendoza_jr, on Flickr
  11. sirslayer

    [APP] BrickController2

    Well any app can run the boost motor as a motor .. I wish there is a simple way just for the app to say "simple servo mode vs motor mode" I couldn't resist .. typical lepin pf servo from youtube.. and its very disturbing for any person that purchases this motor from and it doesn't supports its claim.. what a rip off..
  12. sirslayer

    [APP] BrickController2

    No absolute zero??? Just like the Lepin PF Servos!!! Well, then I guess I have to wait till Lego's app supports Boost motors..
  13. sirslayer

    [APP] BrickController2

    Yes, I got my hub from the Batman Lego set and the default motors that it came with are very simple and it doesn't do the increments movement .. The motors I bought from website, part no 88008 named medium linear motor Connect the LEGO® Powered Up 88008 Medium Linear Motor to the 88006 Move Hub or 88009 Hub to make your LEGO builds move with extreme precision. This LEGO® robot toy accessory features a medium-sized position motor for precise control, connecting wire and a connection point for LEGO Powered Up components. and using the Lego app or any third party apps, I can't figure out on how to or assigned the motors to do any precision movements.. it just spins fast like a normal motor.. does your app detect this motor and does it allow to use the precision part of the motor.. the app just sees it as a normal motor without any precisions controls!!! thank you for the follow up
  14. sirslayer

    [APP] BrickController2

    I have a Powered Up 2 port Hub Hub 88009 and I have 2 x Medium motors and 2 x Medium motors with encoder.. All motors work and there outputs do spin .. It seems I can't get the encoded motors to work in increments with any app!!! Do I need a Control + hub to do the increments on the encoded motors??? or my regular 2 port hub should be fine??
  15. sirslayer

    [MOC] Double Pan Balance Scalesh

    Right on!!! its cute and children would learn from it.... Can't wait when you build a scale that does measurements of 0.001 of a gram!!