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    <p> I like fire trucks , police cars, 4x4 and robotech...  I use to work for the state of California and I was in maintenance for the California  state Park Rangers.  All are support vehicles were 4 x 4 or bigger and the park rangers are the best of the best  </p>

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  1. Here is an update with my "jimmy" chassis. It does fit into the Lego 42075 chassis and with this configuration , I don't have any issues with the steering motor mount and you can take this chassis to the next level on out door operations!! The output pf the dual Lego l motors are tied directly to the differential's with no gearing up or down . You can add gearing if need to.
  2. sirslayer

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    using a weight scale and weighing out new Lego elements pieces has been an obsession where I even think that the hand pick elements from Lego are special treated and they always weight out near perfect like with in 0.001 of a gram and they also have magical properties since your over paying on the high price of hand pick elements .. I see sparkles around me !!??
  3. and here are the prototype of jimmy .boy jimmy has grown
  4. well @Aventador2004 I ended up redesigning the frame and ended up with this!!! I named it the "jimmy" AWD off road chassis, with ackermann steering, AWD with center diff and a all new design I came up with!! custom frame with heavy reinforcement and field tested by me!!! light weight and small size with 4 wheel live suspension It still a WIP!! and its way better then the default 42075 chassis and on this video , my goal is to make it up a foot high of rocks and darn!!! almost!! darn u-joints!!! This chassis could replace your default chassis from the Lego set 42075 and even backwards I almost made it!!
  5. sorry for the nite video .. i was excited with the performance and wanted to recorded asap!! yes it does steer but I mounted the m motor for steering under the chassis and it wasn't a good idea . once I run over a garden hose its over!!! Need to find a better mount for the steering motor.. I have a few ideas!! i also re done the chassis and its almost there !!! The battery pack needs to lay flat in the bed.. if any higher, the model would be top heavy and it would just fall to the side if I did a turn!! by the way there are just alleys cats that lives in my yard!~! !! and hopefully this will be my fix for the m motor!!
  6. Here is a quick preview on the performance of the 2 x Lego PF Large motor !! Using a ratio output of 1.46 vs the 2.38 Lego's default on the 42075 I It's really fast and there is more room for improvements.. .. I found this link from a Lego user name nico71.. It has a few options of motors and gears to get a final output of varies of values including top speed !! you got to try it!! and here is the quick review
  7. Update on sirslayer lego 2 x large motor 42075 Rally truck. The suspension is a easy adaptation from the Lego set 8261 Rally truck and its very east to be modified on the default front non suspension from your 42075 first responder . Just make sure you have knob gears and the instructions of the Lego set 8261. The default 42075 steering shaft becomes the mounting point and the pendular suspension off the same steering shaft. . It is kinda interesting that the 42075 can blend into the 8261 Rally truck and get a well fictional off road delight.. !! I have re done the front drive shaft and now it is straight and smooth spinning. The default blue pin connector , the only new part this set has from the rest needed to be removed due to its pushing the Lego large motor. Here is an after pictures and just pat me on my back!! I added bigger doors and I keep my WiFi-IR receiver on a long pole so I can have better coverage with the remote .
  8. @I_Igor I was thinking of doing a technic version of this .. My mother in law (she past away last year) made this and its part of her black foot American Indian culture.. I was impress with her gift and I designed my kitchen floor to accommodate it
  9. And my Lego 42075's have true geometry ackermann steering and frame .. Also I built a frame for the rear end and it works very good!!!
  10. @I_Igor sorry for a late reply!! Work been kicking my butt!! This may be a bit silly but it will work !!! if you have the room on your model .. This way of making your own 11 x 5 frame you need to use a cross member to hold it together but it does work!! And when I think of the Mojave desert I imagine this These are the latest project i'm working on , Lego 42075 to the max!!! Dual 2 x large motors, front suspension and it barely hangs together when operating in RC mode due to the high torque of the dual 2 x large motors!!
  11. Then if that where the frame slides out from its mold it also allows you to slip a gear in the same slot. Differential's with the 3 bevel gears also have the same grooves so you can slide the gears n or out with ease . Does the differences if the grooves were facing up vs face down on a wheel axles would make a difference .. ??? Hummmmm.. When is my next day off?? Got to have the red Lego collect them all sticker!!! You can get these stickers when you order from shopping website .. Here in California, The Lego website seems to be a lot cheaper to purchase any Lego sets. I do live in the middle of the Mojave desert!! Enjoy your weekend my fellow afol
  12. yes @I_Igor using (thank you @Johnny1360j for the link) for reference for color availability and even the weights are listed and some of the weight posted are way off!!! Not all Lego technic elements are available in black.. That's ok!! Some elements that are in dark blue gray are the heaviest and maybe the strongest of the colors and the parts in that color only are the best parts to use.. like differentials and axles with stops and the dark gray color gears seems not to slip a lot compared to a smaller black gear of the same part .. check out the pictures for a few examples After all this the perfect Lego Technic model doesn't need to be all black (you can't make all black) The heavy duty elements in Dark Blue Gray color only adds strength where its needed (differential) and using black beams and lift arms for the frame and chassis is ideal and to build around the Dark Blue Gray elements with black or any color in fact would be optimal for weight saving and durability... I also believe the color Red is the new next black since i can find differentials cases and gears in the color red!!! Actually it seems there is more red then black technic elements of all shapes and the weight of red always falls in the center of between black the lightest and Dark blue gray the heaviest /.. Red is the middle weight champ !! Here is an example of the color black gear is a tad smaller then any other color @I_Igor You can use a 5x7 black frame as a 11 x5 !!! lol and does anyone knows how to use the grooves inside the 5x7 and 5x11 frames ????!!!
  13. The weight savings will benefit the Lego RC community in competition ranging to top speed or endurance with strength for rock climbing. Join the black color technic challenge and turn your favorite speed demon or that 8x8 monster truck into a precise weighted all color black MOC or model and see if it made a difference in weight and or performance!! Then later dont forget to give me a pat on my back and say thanks :)