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  1. @XTN Great job on the cement truck @SaperPL I love the small scale models and they look like they're fun to operate!!
  2. Here is a Lego 42112 mod I've done using fenders from the Lego set 42098.
  3. Thank you @CrazyKreations here is the video on the suspension
  4. I've done a RC small scale Semi truck. Mini engine and full suspension and a sleeper in the back!! The other truck is my version of the Lego 8273 RC 6x6 off-road with mini engine and suspension and the features from the 8273 Lego Technic 8273 by Victor Mendoza Jr, on Flickr Lego Technic 8273 project by Victor Mendoza Jr, on Flickr Lego Technic 8273 project by Victor Mendoza Jr, Lego Technic 8273 project by Victor Mendoza Jr, on Flickr Lego Technic 8273 project by Victor Mendoza Jr, on Flickr Lego Technic 8273 by Victor Mendoza Jr, on Flickr Lego Technic 8273 by Victor Mendoza Jr, on Flickr Lego Technic 6x6 off road truck by Victor Mendoza Jr, on Flickr
  5. I love science and math.. I also know there are other AFOL who fits this bill... Technic Brick Power!! he is good on teaching math on his youtube videos!! Stand up and don't be shy and reply!!
  6. I asked on the previous page if we can use bricks or other elements to transport instead of using balls. The concept is called Material handling.. Here is a Google link
  7. @Jim. !!!!! I assumed that a no ... Only balls are allowed
  8. @brickless_kiwi thank you for the advice!!! @Jim how about using bricks and other elements as material to be handled and moved around !!??
  9. Here is a current video on Youtube of a few examples of GBC.. This should provide some inspiration!!
  10. I just got hired to repair conveyors belts and rollers systems at Amazon and I start training next week. Material handling is the heart of Amazon warehouse and I would love to recreate a portion of the system to GBC equivalent!! Can we use lego bricks and other elements instead of round balls?? If that's the case I'm in!! It will go along with my next 3 months of training and my staff at Amazon would be amazed!!
  11. $149.00 USD in America for the BuWizz 2.0.. So I would estimate $200-249 USD range for the BuWizz 3.0 !!
  12. No, I have no idea!!! Maybe I should stare at my Technic boxes more often!! I didn't realized we have a Caterpillar model!!??
  13. 1.If you could choose, what 3 IPs/Brands would you like to have in the LEGO Technic portfolio? Caterpillar Nasa PACCAR Inc 2.What types of vehicles should we do more of in LEGO Technic (ex: boats, super cars, helicopters, excavators etc.)? Helicopters, Construction vehicles, Rc based Cars, trucks, trains and Floatable boats 3.Which LEGO Technic vehicle and which price point you would like to see (please state only one top choice) Big cargo planes under $100 USD dollars 4.If not vehicles what would you like to see from the LEGO Technic platform? Sport Cars.. too many of them. 5.What is the trigger point for you to purchase LEGO Technic? All the above!! (Below) 7.Will technology, for example, Control+ increase the likelihood of your LEGO Technic purchase? Yes 8.Why/why not? RC vehicles are fun.. especially with a lot of Technics. 9.What are some improvement areas you see for your experience with the LEGO Technic Control+ platform? The programming!! 10.What kind of technologies would you like to see in LEGO Technic? More pneumatic and conveyors belts and rollers.. 11.Do you see clear connection between our Build for Real communication and product offerings? Huh????
  14. Wow, check out this YouTube video of the new BuWizz 3.0 pro !!!!