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    <p> I like fire trucks , police cars, 4x4 and robotech...  I use to work for the state of California and I was in maintenance for the California  state Park Rangers.  All are support vehicles were 4 x 4 or bigger and the park rangers are the best of the best </p>

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  1. @Saberwing40k The model is designed for pushing and rolling. (ie the front tire hits bump (slows down front axle) since you're a pushing the model, with a transmission onboard, the output axles needs to gear down (the 8t to 24t) ( otherwise the transmission./motor) would bind when pushing the contest doesn't allow to be motorized.. if I can motorized the model, switch the 8t and 24t around x 2 and you'll be good Note: differential output speed with internal co-coefficients of.(friction) and angular or constant.. so it comes down that the dual clutches would act like a limited slip diff.. and for a center diff.. limited slip is good
  2. sirslayer

    [RC18] Daddy's Sports Wagon

    From basing from my own records using The total final gear ratio is 1:2.143The speed is increased 2.143 times.The torque is decreased 2.143 times.The follower gear rotates 2.143 times per each revolution of the driver gear. and proof
  3. sirslayer

    [TC18] Mini Porsche 959 AWD

    Thank you @Rudivdk, im doing this for our community
  4. sirslayer

    [RC18] Daddy's Sports Wagon

    With two Large Lego motors, you got the speed!!! you just need to gear the output for speed..
  5. Lego Technic Porsche 959 chassis and PSK (wip) by victormendoza_jr, on Flickr here is an example, the front and rear diff is on it own dual clutches, the pair separate from each other
  6. Using as a center differential was my outcome and it works very well!! Check out my PSK on my mini Porsche 959!!!
  7. sirslayer

    [TC18] Mini Porsche 959 AWD

    @vascolp Thank you and I will use your recommendation. Thinking in my head about it seems to excite my curiosity. It is strong as is .. (im using arches) I just received my last order from .All systems parts are used for the cosmetic. The ratio of Technic/system elements is around 93 percent Technic. I really like the suspension add ons but... I would rather introduce Porsche 959 adjustable ride height which is an adjustable suspension dampening system, I've all ready finished the simple PSK drive train system (pic coming soon) I know it might be to much features to have in my moc , Improved and simple wind shield wipers, jack and spare tire, rear view mirror, doors, bonnet and trunk, simple psk, I have start working on Porsche 959 adjustable ride height (i was deemed essential :( and now have little time) !! so far I have these features are tested and good to go.. real pistons inside the fake engine, the 2 speed transmission and using the 5 geared differentials and the body work looks very close to the Porsche 959 which it using curves and arches that adds strength ( the front suspension and body is one modular unit for an example) and a very surprising low part count!!! more to come !!!
  8. sirslayer

    [WIP] Porsche 911 RSR

    Cool model, I do plan to do a bigger scale of a 959 .. If you import the flex part from another source would be the best bet
  9. sirslayer

    [TC18] Mini Porsche 959 AWD

    Mini Porsche 959 update mini Macpherson front suspension!!!! It took me over a week and I finally designed and made the front suspension for the Porsche 959.. and just like the real Porsche, MacPherson virtual struts mimics the independent nature of the MacPherson suspension . This is the biggest part of the project and it took the longest.. here is a quick video of the suspension
  10. @Mechbuilds i get you :O) You do own a Buwizz?? Can you do this.. Im curious if you were riding in a vehicle and the Buwizz is able to control your moc and follow you while your in motion in the vehicle?? would that be cool!!?? If your able to do that, I'll buy a Buwizz! please have a video uploaded to youtube!!!
  11. Mr Mechbuilds... I agree but I like to be 100 percent Lego!!! (when I can ) .... but the point was "Don't RC on public roads!!!" do you really think a Buwizz could actually drive a model on a public road with real vehicles??.. I would love to see someone drive their Buwizz in real traffic!!!
  12. CLICK on the picture to see video!!
  13. Its been a while since I've posted some weighted elements.. The small fenders elements comes in 4 colors .. Orange, Blue, Red and white.. and here are their average weights . IMG_20191222_132914432 by victormendoza_jr, on Flickr IMG_20191222_133106965 by victormendoza_jr, on Flickr IMG_20191222_132740935 by victormendoza_jr, on Flickr Lego Technic Mars , Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto Conjunction special by victormendoza_jr, on Flickr so red is the lightest in weight, and next orange next blue and white being the heaviest.. If Black color fenders ever come out .. I predict it would be the lightest of them all. and one more issue.. Never Rc your models on public roads!!! My model barely survived !!! this is why you don&#x27;t RC on public roads!!! by victormendoza_jr, on Flickr
  14. sirslayer

    [TC18] Mini Porsche 959 AWD

    In case you missed it!!!