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  1. This is my influence from Mel Gibson movie and said "why not into a theme park!!"
  2. @wissamms ill work on that.. its kind of a big model!!!! Just stand by folks!! ill have more details coining soon !!
  3. a few more lift beams I have some posted on page 1&2 of this thread
  4. AZTEC PYRAMID OF THE SUN THEME PARK "Being sacrifice is really fun" Los Angeles Time "Heads are gonna roll" Rolling stones magazine "Best time since the inquisition " This is my entry for the [TC14] contest and Its only a rough draft and this is the technic part of the build and it comes with a people mover and free fall drop (fly like a feather serpent) with a hunted house, selfie with the skull rack and a temple at top to the stair way to heaven slide. please let me know what you think!!!
  5. yes , i have and will soon be posting the results and here are a few beams I believe blue is the second heaviest of colors
  6. @TechnicRCRacerthank you, I forget about the different types.. here are your results and black still wins!!!
  7. sirslayer

    Small Supercar Concept

    Do you have a side view and underneath picture?? I think it looks great .
  8. the picture of the 8 oz model was a checkpoint, i estimate around 1.5 oz would be saved @ 10 oz which is 15 percent reduction in weight and a goal to use a single 1 L motor would see a increase with acceleration . It is for RC outdoor operation and every oz of weigh you can shed would help.. like a race car having the brake pads drilled with holes to lose a few pounds!! its a small gain but with all aspects covered I think it would be beneficial. Ive been working on this for a while and I would not do an announcement unless it was worthy and if your into Lego RC and competition , i would highly recommend it
  9. @Bublehead Thanks for the info!! Colored Gears After many months of recording the weights of Lego Technic elements, I discovered a scale from the lightest to the heaviest in weight/color and the color scale I believe goes Black being light in weight vs Dark Gray Blue being heavy in weight.. Technic gears also follow the rules and on the Lego set 42075 there are some gears weight reduction if need be., for example 20t double bevel gear, the black color weights is lesser then tan. kinda dark?!! and also lets compare a few more other gears The last two picture gives you an idea on the weight range/scale from lowest to highest in grams is indirect with the scale of colors, so far i have figured out black, lbg, yellow, red is the middle weight!!! , white and the heaviest color dbg!!! and thats the order of have figured out and i still haven't have enough of blue, green ect,ect, to add into the Lego rainbow
  10. As you noticed that the transparent elements weigh more then the colored parts.. Transparent looks great in a display model and I like it personally. If i was designing my model for a RC model then LGB would be recommended since it weighs as the lightest of my bunch. yeah its only 0.1 of as gram is the difference but in my mod I would like to use a V-6 and that is 0.1 of a gram x 6 times for a total of 0.6 of a gram of weight added if i used the green colored engine blocks.. So this is now my v-6 .Note black is the lightest weighed and the more black colored elements i used the more weight reductions occurs Some builders are now designing micro engines for smaller scales and weight reduction check out my micro engine !! well after the conversion to black , i saved a total of 0.3 oz !!! thats not bad after all !! This is my latest color demonstrator, built with RC in mind
  11. Color the world with blacken Today I would like to present my MOC color demonstrator. Using SirSlayer weight reduction technic optimizations, You can design a light weight model to use and teach the concepts of RC/ IR out door operations. I discovered a technique to save weight on Technic elements . I will present my proof of work and ideas of this exciting discovery. If you have follow my thread before well hold on to your seats!! The concept is to converted the Lego set 42075 to an all black version plus with my mods added to it since its all ready modded. In the process of converting red into black i weight out the elements . All aspect of each element is determined of color availability. For example the Lego 42075 has a 2 cylinder engine and the engine block is LGB in color. I have green and transparent engine block to add on to the set . if my model id for display then any color can be used .. If you plan to use your Lego Technic in RC outdoor operations then maybe you should look at the pictures .. First of all , you need to calibrate the scale.. 10 grams exact and now your good to weigh out the lego 42075 LGB engine block Both Lego 42075 engine blocks have an average weight of 2.7 and remember that parts do worn out and even touching with dirty hands can add or reduce weight !! When I buy elements at Lego website , their elements almost always have exact weights on each different colored elements Now lets mod the Lego 42075 with a different colored engine block, there are green and transparent in my collection so lets weigh them out!!
  12. and I apologize for the idiot comment, its not your fault and it should all about Technics and not Titanic
  13. sirslayer

    Technic Pub

    @@Aventador2004 enough said!!!