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  1. Hi-ho everyone, It's my very first time to share any of my projects on the forums. I enjoy building projects based on the many works of Jim Henson, like the Muppets. He was a really big creative influence on me growing up. In many ways, I think Jim's creativity is a really great fit for LEGO. They both tickle the imagination. I hope you'll check out my work. If you like any of my projects, please consider supporting me on LEGO Ideas. Thank you so much!
  2. bulldoozer

    (MOC) Marlinspike Hall

    Nice! We really need a LEGO Tintin set. Hope it happens someday.
  3. bulldoozer

    [MOC] Transformer Delorean (Back to the Future)

    This is ahh-mazing! Would be terrific to see a whole set of transforming movie cars, like the Ecto-1, Batmobile and the Mystery Machine. Great work!
  4. bulldoozer

    LEGO - 40291 Hans Christian Andersen

    It looks similar to the pop-up book on Lego Ideas... but I don't think it actually pops up. I wonder if they'll do a whole set of these based on different authors.
  5. bulldoozer

    [MOD] Beetlejuice riding Sandworm

    Nice! You should build the rest of the sandworm too. Expose portions of his body and tail coming out of the sand.
  6. bulldoozer

    [MOC] 90th Oscars Minifigures Series

    John Williams would be an awesome addition to a Star Wars minifigure collection! :D
  7. I'm blown away by the work! Is this on display anywhere? Would love to see it in person.
  8. bulldoozer

    Central perk coffee of "F.R.I.E.N.D.S"

    I love it! I especially like that you added the film crew. It reminds me of the Warner Brothers Studio Tour. The set looks exactly like that.
  9. bulldoozer

    [MOD] Ship in a bottle

    What's nice is you can insert all sorts of different creations inside the bottle. It would be fun to make some of the Pirates of the Caribbean ships and place them inside, just like that scene in the movie. I think inserting various starships and space vehicles would be fun too.
  10. bulldoozer

    MOC: Godzilla!

    Supported this project! Any chance you'll do any of the other Godzilla characters? Mothra or King Ghidorah would be awesome.
  11. bulldoozer

    The Flinstones (LEGO ideas)

    I'm happy I supported this project. Fingers crossed for the review! I'm looking forward to owning this.
  12. bulldoozer


    Hello from Manila! I just started designing my own MOC on Lego Digital Designer and thought it would be fun to join this group. :)