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Found 4 results

  1. The Labyrinth, El Oleonda, May 624 "Well, this is clearly not the right way!" Mumbled Tristan Rimbaud. A stream of water, narrow but extremely fast, had suddenly appeared in the middle of the ancient road. The river seemed to cut the whole city, as an ink line on a map: it crossed roads and even some of the ancient buildings, from North to South, as if it had appeared out of a spell. "Let's rest for ten minutes, men! Then we'll have to find a way to cross!" For some reason, Tristan knew that trying to turn around was not an option... it seemed that someone had stretched a map of El Oleonda a little too much, creating a laceration. On the other side, Tristan could see the rest of the city. Houses, palaces, temples... the ruins continued, but everything seemed to be shifted of almost one meter to Tristan's right. What force could move half of a city, ripping the ground as old paper? With a brief prayer to Poseidon, Tristan hoped never to find it out. Nobody knew who had built the Labyrinth, nor all the ruins scattered across the New Haven region. The catastrophic events that happened centuries before on El Oleonda, however, had probably signed the end of that advanced civilization. Tristan couldn't help but think of a legend he was once told by a Tamaco scout: a legend about a tribe so powerful to make the Gods themselves envious, and that was destroyed in a single night of wraith and storm. The ancient constructors of the ruined city and their fate surely represented a fascinating mystery. At the moment, however, Tristan was far more concerned about the current inhabitants of the Labyrinth… the reason why all every soldier was on edge, with the musket firmly in hand. A ferocious tribe, called Daca by the other people of El Oleonda, had taken over the place. Nobody knew how they called themselves, as every attempt to communicate had resulted in a fight. For some reason, those savages seemed to fear the sea, and to ferociously hate the foreigners living on the coast: the scouts had reported about whole Lotii units massacred among those ruins… the Carnite had chosen a dangerous place for their stroll. With the cliff in front of them, Tristan and his men were in a dangerous position. They had to cross that stream of water, and they had to do it quickly, if they wanted to anticipate the Carnite to their mysterious destination Suddenly, a voice broke the usual sounds of the jungle. It came from the other side of the river, no more than fifty meters far. Tristan couldn’t understand the words, but the man was clearly speaking in the language of Carno… alone, apparently. Then, among the confused words, he heard something, loud and clear: “Die Chiffre”. The road they had taken was not that wrong, after all. ————————— A different view: Overall view: The editing took me far longer than expected… I hope you’ll enjoy the final result!
  2. The Labyrinth, El Oleonda, May 624 The jungle was loud and suffocating as usual. The inextricable mass of bushes, the uniform sticking to the skin, the mosquitoes, the urticating herbs... for a Madrician recruit, that place represented a real nightmare. Tristan and his unit were not newcomers, but they would have gladly avoided that umpteenth vacation in that green hell. Once again, they were following a trail. This time, not the elusive trail of the Lotii troops, but the track of a mysterious column departed from Seawatch and headed South: the Carnites had left the settlement in forces, with at least a full company of jaegers and several heavy carriages. They had provided no notice or explanation to their allies, claiming they had started a reconnaissance, and refusing to elaborate more. Due to this weirdness, Tristan's unit was sent to investigate, possibly without being discovered: also for them, the official mission was scouting the Lotii positions. The slow chase went on, day after day. Tristan and his Eranos chasseurs had to follow the slow pace of the carriages: once again, a peculiar choice for a swift recognition mission. Soon, it became evident that the Carnite column was headed to the Labyrinth, an impressive complex of ruins covering several square kilometers of the jungle. In that place, Tristan had fought countless skirmishes against Lotii patrols, but he had only seen a fraction of it: the abandoned city must have once been at least as large as Breshaun or Mesabi Landing, decades or centuries before. This represented a peculiar choice at best, and utter insanity at worst: the Carnite unit, with its heavy carriages, would have spent weeks traversing the rough terrain of the Labyrinth, a maze of ruined buildings, canals, low walls, and piles of rocks. Choosing a different trail, or even bordering the ruins, would have taken half of the time! Whatever the objective of the Carnites could be, therefore, following them seemed a complete waste of time. After leaving some scouts to tail the column, Tristan decided to anticipate it in the ruined city, proceeding further south with his light infantry... and there he was, in the middle of the dead city. Among those ruins, the air seemed heavy, even compared to the humidity of the tropical jungle. Still, and unusually silent. Then, suddenly, the voices started: "Lauf, Konrad, lauf!" "Kra, kra, Konrad!" "Kra, lauf, lauf, kraaaah!" "Krahaha, lauf Konrad!" Tristan grabbed his pistol and took cover against the wall, then he realized. The parrots were imitating a human voice, laughing and squawking... a Carnite voice, inviting a certain Konrad to "lauf", to run. Not very encouraging. That dead city was already eerie enough, even without some colorful chicken repeating ghostly voices! Other birds, amused by the chorus, decided to join. Several birds of the New World, including the parrots of El Oleonda, seemed to have fun imitating sounds they had heard around, mixing and mangling them: songs of other birds, animal calls and, in some cases, even human voices. In the cacophony of calls, laughter-like sounds, and flutters, Tristan believed to recognize a couple of other words: "Trommeln", drums; and "Chiffre", which could mean number, code, or cipher. "Run, Konrad", "drums" and "cipher"... a strange combination for sure. Something weird had happened, probably not far from there. Something weird and probably terrible. At least two men, speaking the language of Carno, were among these ruins... not long time before, considering that the birds had not mingled the words before recognition. Something had given them a good reason to run... the natives, considering the reference to the drums? And what was the Chiffre, for Poseidon's sake? Why was it so important for them? A sudden rustle in the undergrowth stopped Tristan's thoughts and scared the parrots, that started flying in every direction. Right beyond a ruined arch, something was moving in the bushes. The soldiers raised their guns, preparing for the fight... ...until they saw a wild pig! Grunting, the animal disappeared again among the ruins, clearly annoyed by the visitors. ”Uff, just a pig!” Said one of the scouts. “These damned birds are getting on my nerves!” The parrots seemed to like the word: ”Kraaa, porc, porc! Krahaha, lauf Konrad!” ”Kraaaah, chiffre, chiffre!” ”Kraahahah, porc, chiffre, konrad!” Well, thought Tristan, the next visitors of the Labyrinth would have been even more confused than him… ————————— Overall view: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: I thought this build as a generic recognition in the jungle, showing better the ruined city of El Oleonda I introduced a long time ago. Due to its size, it cannot qualify as an entry for the challenge itself, but rather represents a sort of prelude for it. Stay tuned to discover what the mysterious "cipher" is!
  3. Hi-ho everyone, It's my very first time to share any of my projects on the forums. I enjoy building projects based on the many works of Jim Henson, like the Muppets. He was a really big creative influence on me growing up. In many ways, I think Jim's creativity is a really great fit for LEGO. They both tickle the imagination. I hope you'll check out my work. If you like any of my projects, please consider supporting me on LEGO Ideas. Thank you so much!
  4. Hyler Talliwell


    The Faun from the brilliant movie "Pan's Labyrinth" by Guillermo Del Toro. I made this bust for Brickworld Lafayette in a 19 hour time window before the start of the show. This is by far my favorite build I have completed to date. Enjoy!