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Found 11 results

  1. A_Goodman

    [MOC] Homeric Galley

    Here is my take on a Minifigure Scale Ancient Greek Homeric Galley. A predecessor to the Bireme and the more widely known Trireme, the Homeric Galley was a rowed warship that sailed the Aegean Sea around the 12th century BC. This ship specifically is based off of the Epic Poem The Odyssey and its protagonist, Odysseus' ship. Homeric Galley by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Homeric Galley by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Homeric Galley by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr
  2. A_Goodman


    Introducing a continuing LEGO series spanning the Trojan War of Achilles, Agamemnon, Hector and Paris to the decade long journey of Odysseus through the mythical Aegean Sea. I hope you enjoy my interpretation of Homer's Epic Poems. I also hope you learn a little bit about one of history's first incredible adventures. Homer's Iliad by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr The Warlord Achilles and his Myrmidons. Achilles and his fearsome Myrmidon Soldiers hailed from Phthia in the Northwestern Aegean Sea. It is a disagreement between Achilles and the Mycenaean King Agamemnon that serves as the primary storyline of the Iliad. Acilles and his Myrmidons by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr
  3. Anyone made Simpsons Brick Headz before? Here, I made Homer Simpson!
  4. Homer's Highschool Hotrod is a late 60's musclecar with details from many makes and models from that era. I just wanted to create an attractive hotrod. ^ Remember the fenderbender? Well, Homer asked me to help him fix the dents in his left frontwing, and you know, one thing led to another.... ^ variation on taillighttreatment and engine intakes ^ The Man and his car ^ The Wife and her purse ^ Are you saying that this sucker is nuclear??
  5. Simon_S

    The Trojan War

    The Trojan War Let me tell you a story, my son. We don't know if it really happened or not, but that also doesn't matter... so listen carefully. It began long ago, in the palace of Menelaus, the king of Sparta. He had money, power, but most importantly, he had the most beautiful wife in the world, Helena. He had a bellyfull of his rivals, the Trojans, but he also didn't want to argue with them all the time. So he invited them to a feast to put all the disputes aside. After many days of celebrating they left... though not alone. Helen eloped with Paris, the younger prince of Troy... and so it all started This was the perfect reason to start a war against Troy and finally kill of his opponents. With his brother Agamemnon, who was king of the Greeks, Menelaos built up the largest army the world has ever seen. So they sailed to the coast of their enemies and started a siege. But althought the Greek had way more men, they couldn't overcome the huge walls of Troy. After nine years of failed attemts, they finally remarked what went wrong: They may have the most men, but they didn't have the strongest man. So they sent Odysseus to find Achilles, a demigod. His mother hid him on a farm, because she knew that if he'd go in the Trojan War, he'd die there. With his artful lingua Odysseus could convince him to come with him. Achilles may die in front of Troy's walls, but if he'd go to war, his name would outlast over thousands of years... For Odysseus it wasn't that easy. After he brought Achilles to the war, he thought that they would finally win it. But instead of fighting against Troy, Achilles argued with Agamemnon. Because of this little despute they could have lost the whole war. But Odysseus, disingenuous as he was, had an idea... They built a wooden horse out of some ships and then sailed away, only around the corner, where the Trojans couldn't see them. The next morning, the Greeks were left and the Trojans thought that they finally won the war. The wooden horse should be a gift for Poseidon, so that the sea would be still and that they'd have a fast return. To celebrate their victory, they took the horse in the city, in front of Apollo's temple, who was the patron of the city. Their gate was too small for it, so they even had to break a hole in the wall. After a nice evening and a lot of drinking, they all fell asleep and suddenly something moved in the horse. Odysseus, Achilles and some other Greek soldiers climbed out of the "present to Poseidon". From the inside of the city they could open the gate and through there and the hole in the wall, the Greeks stormed Troy... So in the end the Greeks won the war, but was it truly a victory? All their leaders, except Odysseus, died in the war and many Trojans could flee. One of them was Aeneas, who then built up a new Troy to the west of Greece, but that's another story, which is too long to tell now...
  6. Has anyone tried putting Homer Simpson's arms on a Spongebob minifigure? I recently thought of it because Spongebob has short sleeves in the show and in the MB figures, but not in the LEGO figures, since it was before the time when they started doing that. I'd do it myself, but I only have a Spongebob, no Homer, so I thought I'd ask. I recently discovered that Martin's arms from the upcoming Simpsons CMF Series 2 would work as well, though I opted to get Homer's dress shirt from Bricks & Pieces. Here's an image of Spongebob with the short-sleeved arms, provided by Darkrattyop. -Nomad
  7. Hello everyone. Here we go, last hours to the end of voting for "Eurobricks' Dress my Exo Suit mini challenge". I really enjoyed this challenge and I'm happy to share the LDD file of my entry: The Exo-Homer! If you don't know what was the challenge already, check Dress my Exo Suit! There is last chance to vote in the VOTING THREAD where you can check for all cool entries! For those who are interrested in .LXF file for my Exo-Homer, please follow this link to my MOCpages and you find the link in the description of regarding MOC :) Happy building! Kris
  8. Itchy & Scratchy Land Genius At Work! Marge on a shopping spree! Maggie's Cribs Lisa accompanied by the Blues Brothers Getting some air! Bart at play... AC Just got them all in one trip!
  9. Hello everyone, I've thought about the LEGO Simpsons episode in relation to other LEGO licensed releases to DVD and Blu-Ray, and I wanted to start an open discussion about some of the questions below: 1. How will the LEGO Simpsons episode "Brick Like Me" be released? Would it be with the Season box set, or an independent release for LEGO fans? 2. When can we expect it released? 3. If it was an independent release, what type of exclusive minifigure could we expect with it? Although I have no information about its release, I created this topic to offer up predictions and possibilities for what the future may hold. Please be respectful to all user's comments; everyone's opinion is welcome and if questioned must not be done in a harmful way. In my opinion, I hope it's a separate release since LEGO fans may be less willing to buy an expensive box set for just one episode's worth (unless they like the Simpsons or have already bought it on iTunes for $2.99). If it has an exclusive figure, I wouldn't imagine LEGO making a new Simpsons mold for a figure. They typically create a variation of an existing figure for these DVD/Blu-Ray releases. I predict it would be a variation of Homer or Bart, never made before but changed by color or printing. For example, Bart in his original clothes from the original Simpsons shows when he had a blue shirt and blue shorts. Or maybe Homer in one of thousands of outfits he's worn before. Play well, Maniac4Bricks :)
  10. I am glad to introduce a series of my works devoted to Odyssey's travels. #1. Odyssey and Lotus Eaters. #2. Nobody is a guest in Polyphem's cave. #3. Odyssey and Circe. #3.1 Odyssey and Circe. Pediment: Batrachomyomachia