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  1. Hey there, I've been gone for about 2 quarters and have now started to spark interest in lego now. I've always wanted to get a buwizz, but the thing is the buwizz costs 185.72 AUD for just one until... and that's with the current sale! So, being turned off with the price of the buwizz, I looked around for an alternative and found this:,searchweb201602_3,searchweb201603_52 Has anyone had experience/is willing to throw some money for science?
  2. Do you know whether I can run two of these without interference? That's fine for me, since I like to tinker with rc cars I can rewire a proper lipo into the box. I'm looking for info on how well the bluetooth function works tho
  3. MattL600

    Connecting 4 XL motors to 1 SBrick

    NiMH or NiCad batteries in the rechargeable AA form are inefficient and are more expensive since you still have to buy the charger, if you buy a lipo charger you can use it with your other rcs since it charges using a jst plug.
  4. MattL600

    Connecting 4 XL motors to 1 SBrick

    Therefore OP can use 2s LiPo Batteries, which provide a 7.4v output. You might want to use one of these; It uses x60 connectors which are easy to solder pins onto (from a sacrificial connector of couse), has 4000 MaH of energy to use and also is rated at 30c meaning that it can output more power on demand than the usual 20c batteries. Also, don't use NiCad or NiMH batteries, they are inefficient and are not energy dense Good luck!
  5. MattL600

    [TC10] MTS Dino Suction Excavator

    The whole model is amazing but that cab? That cab looks like it was done by a professional Lego designer, probably outdoing several of the creator expert sets! Well done!
  6. Can we have a video of i flying?
  7. MattL600

    Build The Impossible

    Awesome! Were you paid in Lego sets? ;)
  8. MattL600

    Yet another AWD front steering

    Please don't give up on the Sbow I love the idea. Maybe buy third party or order 3D printed custom elements off shapeways.
  9. Rewire the power supply to a hobby grade 3s which is 12.6v which is higher than the buwizz's 11.1v ludicrous mode. Be careful though, I haven't done this and it may burn out your esc (probably not though)
  10. MattL600

    Yet another AWD front steering

    It's quite cool but I highly doubt that is 70 km/h, more like 30 or 40. I know this since I have a brushless short course truck that does 70 and is heaps faster. I used to use an app like that and it is terribly inaccurate, do the test again with a GPS speed recorder then we can find the true speed of the model. Good work nonetheless I think that the steering system is fine as long as you use some epoxy or super glue. Love the foamboard body design though
  11. If It is like a traditional hobby rc Reciever setup in theory we can have more than four battery boxes due to the 2.4ghz setup. The range of 12 meters is quite strange since i've been able to get 150m with my 1/10 scale car. Can someone who has one rewire the power supply to a deans connector? Then we can use a small 3s battery that would be able to be hotswapped.
  12. MattL600

    Mindstorms General Discussion

    Yes please! I feel that the mindstorms community is too spread out for something that has quite a steep learning curve :)
  13. I like it big because then they could just crop it out of the video. The idea of making it semi-transparent sounds pretty good, I might experiment with that later.
  14. Well, I guess I went through a dark age and I suppose this same supercar is the cause of it. It took me about 2 months to get most of the chassis and the car finished but due to the strange and complex bodywork working on this model became a burden and I started to rely on my other hobbies which are Hobby grade RC cars and Video games. But now I finally finished it, I will try and make an entry for the Volvo Lego Ideas contest and I might make a GT3 version of this car which would be faster, have fixed areo, better range and all that good stuff. Anyways, my video probably explains my model better than I can do in this big block of text, I hope you fellas enjoy: And if you are interested, here is my small short course struck drifting, I felt that you guys might like it. I also have a large brushless short course truck, maybe I should make a lego one because I love the design. Thanks, Matthew
  15. Yeah I saw a bunch of them before I got onto Eurobricks. The channels that do re-upload them are trying to promote their websites but I can't remember the channel names since they were so generic. The fake channels would use 'brighter day' or 'happy life' sometimes they had Russian titles, all the videos would get only about 1k views and they would steal from multiple channels. I vividly remember that they stole your black 4x4 racing car and Sariels monster truck, the one that could shift gears. I didn't realize they were stolen at the time until years later when I was watching more videos than videos could be made
  16. The Logo I have on the side of all my videos is my watermark that prevents Russians from reuploading my videos just like what frequently happens with @Sariel and @Zerobricks, this is so that viewers can properly find the source of the videos and shows that the channel hosting it is malicious. I changed my Youtube name to Matt's Hobbies from Matt's Technic because as I said, I was getting a little bored of Lego and I want to be able to indulge in my other interests without making my username misleading and annoying my viewers (the few that I have left). I changed it to Matt's Technic from MattL600 many moons ago so that I could be recognized as a Lego Channel around youtube. What bits should I improve? (in terms of my model) Thanks :)
  17. Thanks for the feedback, constructive stuff like this is why I love eurobricks :) I'm making a GT3 version which will hopefully better. Suggestions for more improvements and how should I do those?
  18. Hey guys, Buwizz is doing a sweepstakes competition where one can win a set of one tracked racer with a buwizz (but lets be honest it's about the buwizz) :)
  19. 1. Because I am lazy and am not good at planning, but I feel that it looks okay 2. I need to buy more shock absorbers :)
  20. Excellent, I really feel that this is as good as it gets in Lego technic of the current age. Unfortunately nowhere near as good as proper RC models but we cannot get any further until lego releases any newer motors; or we make can illegal rc cars >:)
  21. MattL600

    LEGO Spy car with a GoPro

    Yeah I agree with Johnny. In practical use as a 'spy car' it would be an absolute failure due to the shitty range capability of ir sensors, but I guess it does work even if hugely restricted. It's still a good creation considering it's moderately small size.
  22. Ah, that seems like a good since since the buggy motors are quite pricey on their own :)
  23. Is there going to be a re-auction or are you just going to accept the unjust fate of the auction.