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  1. That's what I suspect. IANAL though.
  2. I'd say the parts list is OK, but the high-detail speedbuild and 3D model are infringing copyright unless they have separate permission. However with TLG, because they publicly release the building instructions as soon as the model is released anyway, speed builds don't really make any information more easily available, and 3d models and 'Pimp My X' instructions are unlikely to harm sales. If CaDa, TLG, or any other company or individual does not release instructions publicly while they are still selling the model, then I think it is not morally OK to share speed builds, 3d models, etc, for the official model. And it's legally shaky regardless of what the company does. As a different example, I suspect TLG would have a decent legal case against anyone who shared the Osprey build instructions, if they decided to pursue it. Reverse engineering from marketing photos however is probably different, because in that case the person making the model has never had the opportunity to closely examine the original model or its BI.
  3. pleegwat

    First MOC - 42110 B-Model: Forklift

    I finished the build today. The only real pain point at this stage were the wires in the main mast, and again a number of tricky module mountings. I'll try to take a photo or two by daylight tomorrow. My only real failure is that I absolutely cannot tell what's going on in the centre here (Image 5952) , though I cobbled together something workable regardless:
  4. pleegwat

    First MOC - 42110 B-Model: Forklift

    I've been working with the teardown photos, currently just completed series 4. I want to commend you for a nicely done series - they are clear and straightforward to follow, although some of the subassemblies can be tricky to join together. Also a reminder to others, that you really have to keep checking that the driveline is working correctly at all stages, as there are quite a number of places where it can seize up - I just spent 10 minutes to track down what turned out to be a connection that had come loose, right next to the steering axle on the to driveline.
  5. I can't speak for anyone else, but a couple of years ago I bought a spool of polyamide cord at a DIY store. It's worked fine for me, though it's not ideal visually since it's white.
  6. pleegwat

    [WIP] Straddle Carrier

    Bracing between the sides at the bottom is probably functionally impossible. Additional bracing at the top (Box over the cover, and diagonal braces) will probably help keep the structure more sturdy. Though I'd say addressing the driveline is more important.
  7. pleegwat

    [WIP] Straddle Carrier

    Looks impressive. I agree on the speed, though analog controls may help on that as well - bringing the vehicle up to speed more slowly will make it look much more natural even if the top speed stays the same. Glancing at your photos, it looks like the wheels on either side are turning by the same amount, and wheels on both sides are always running at the same speed. This is probably a part of your cornering problems - I think you need to include a differential on the drive, and some form of ackerman steering. That won't solve the entire problem (you're almost certainly have gear slack problems as well) but it should help.
  8. pleegwat

    The Infinity-Machine

    You'd have an infinite number of gears contributing friction, but the total friction is actually finite. This is because as it gears down, the amount of friction in each subsequent gear pair is reduced geometrically, and geometric series (with r < 1) converge.
  9. pleegwat

    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    From an AFOL point of view, sure. For the younger audience, I suspect whether it looks cool in the catalog/on the shelf is the more important item, and bad execution does not so much reflect on the model as on the brand as a whole.
  10. pleegwat

    Meshing any two gears on a regular grid

    Not with the normal 24-teeth gear; only with the 24-teeth crown gear and the old differential
  11. pleegwat

    Sliding worm 3-speed automatic gearbox

    Wouldn't that also require a 1.5 stud long worm gear?
  12. The blue 20z is a clutch gear, similar to the red 16z. A clutch barrel links it with the axle it sits on, otherwise it spins freely. The yellow piece on the left is a clutch barrel extender, so the clutch wheel can be further from the barrel.
  13. pleegwat

    42113 Reconstruction Guide

    I'm going to have to look at the wheels on mine as well. The stock design allows for a 12mm maximum wheel radius. I don't have 6 wheels the same size that small, and my current interim solution has the plane hang backward a bit. I've got about 8 tires at 13mm radius, but obviously those don't fit. I'm also probably going to do a lot of picking at colours before I post photos.
  14. pleegwat

    42113 Osprey, Mods and improvements

    If manual, I think you'd still need some locking function to keep the wings in place when handling the model. If that means a worm gear, I'd go for motorized. Otherwise I'd go for moving the superstructure by hand (no gear connection to the turntable at all).