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  1. pleegwat

    Luffing crane - a perfect fit to 42078

    Basically, I just replaced the 12/24 and 16/20 gearing (2:5 ratio) with a direct 12/20 gearing (3:5 ratio). This works fine in both manual and automatic operation. I also did a number of adjustments to the wire runs. Top of boom: Rear of boom, note the extra small wheel to get the winch wire to run (mostly) free: For propulsion, I eliminated the two large wheels and replaced them by small ones in the legs, but I'm still doubtful whether this works: Overview shot. I tried to work the stickered parts in as nicely as I could, and think I did pretty well. Some functions work better than others: Boom elevation, in either direction, causes parts of the gearbox to work themselves loose. The winch sometimes runs into a hump and needs to be nudged along; that's probably due to how I tied the rope. Rotation worked pretty well until the two-and-a-half loops worked themselves into a knot; a solution with multiple pulley wheels (like on the other end) may work more reliably. The knot causes problems in some places, mostly all the way at the top where it won't go over the pulley. Propulsion just doesn't. Rotation and open/close work fine. I'll let my thoughts run on a better gearbox solution. Probably non-C-model by adding two extra clutch gears. Or possibly I'll just give up, shove in 6 motors and 2 sbricks, and call it a day.
  2. pleegwat

    Luffing crane - a perfect fit to 42078

    Decided to try this build based on the uploaded LDD, and going pretty well so far. I still need to do the switching section, engine section, and outer body. I did note a couple of things which I'll probably adjust: The 12/24 or 16/20 meshing problem you mention is present in the driveline for the superstructure rotation, and causes noticeable friction. I replaced it with a single 12/20 mesh in my build for now, which runs much better. Unless I made building mistakes, in a number of places multiple pulleys with cross holes which rotate at different speeds or even in different directions are on the same axle. I'm worried this will cause friction problems, though I haven't tested this properly yet since I need to go out and buy some wire. I'm also not sure if this would be fixable within the C model limitation, as I'm not really tracking that. All in all a very impressive design, and my thanks for the freely available LDD.
  3. Doesn't Buwizz have a configurable output voltage?
  4. pleegwat

    NEW LEGO Powered Up motor test

    I don't think a separate receiver makes sense. Though to facilitate one motor powering multiple functions, I could see them adding switches/buttons on the HUB so you don't need to connect a phone/controller for that usecase. JopieK's teardown actually mentions the main chip for the train BB is the same as in boost. So chances are they're going to use that for technic too, but at the same time since it's in boost it must support 4 channels.
  5. pleegwat

    NEW LEGO Powered Up motor test

    I don't want to judge before I've at least seen a technic model with it. They're quite unlikely to use this hub in a technic model since it's studs-only without pinholes. I do think though they're going to need a good set to sell the new system on.
  6. pleegwat

    [ MOC ] [UPD] Rough Terrain Crane

    If it doesn't bend it breaks, which is even scarier.
  7. pleegwat

    Technic Prototype Parts

    You could design stop-less pins with a matching tool to pull them out.
  8. pleegwat

    [WIP] LIEBHERR LTR1100 Crane

    I don't think you can put the new pneumatic cylinders back-to-back the way you can the old ones from the studded era. However with the amount of extra reach the new cylinders get you using the old ones for back-to-back action may not be worth it.
  9. pleegwat

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    If you add a motor down there, you need a battery box as well.
  10. pleegwat

    [TC14] Excalibur (Top Spin)

    For short wires, there are extension cords you can order.
  11. pleegwat

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    That's pretty much what I've been suspecting at least for the Volvo and similar. I doubt a Volvo-branded excavator is going to get TLG significantly more box sales than an unbranded excavator at the same price point, but it's an interesting marketing proposition for Volvo. I'm unsure if it works out the same for the supercars though.
  12. pleegwat

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    Easier would probably be to do away with the current sliding lever and add separate levers for each of the three functions.
  13. pleegwat

    [TC14] Typhoon

    @m00se Interesting. You could use a wheel hub instead but you can't pass an axle through those.
  14. The metal hook isn't that small. It's mostly thinner than the brick-built one in the model (only 1 stud thick). If you include the pulley wheel the metal hook is actually slightly taller. Looking at photo reference on GIS and in the other topic mostly turns up hooks more similar to the metal hook than to the thick, wide brick-built one in the model. And double hooks actually seem to be rare on this type of crane - most have simple hooks, like this:
  15. The BWE has one roller running below the yellow gear ring on the 'back' side, which is 3 studs high normally. I don't think you're leaving that much space, and I don't think you can safely leave it out entirely. Though I myself did mod it into a 1-high roller when I motorized mine.