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  1. pleegwat

    [MOC] 8868B revisited

    Exactly - the original required a more space-consuming lever mechanism. Between that and the steering axle sitting below the racks instead of above I've freed up quite some space, though most of it ends up sitting unused below the compressor unit.
  2. The 8868 B model has always been a favourite of mine because of the fully automated pneumatic loop included in it. Some time last year I realised that the new pneumatic valves introduced with 42080 might allow a more elegant way to implement this same mechanism, and I decided to try for a 'modern-style' build, in studless style. My first concepts were on power functions, but nothing quite worked for me until I decided to switch to PU and put the battery below the cargo rack. Several months of off-and-on working later this is the result It doesn't work quite as well as I'd like to. Particularly the small cylinders I used on the claw have too much internal resistance (or the arm is not heavy enough) leading it to not always be closed correctly. The front valve is not hooked up to the arm directly but has a gearing mechanism, since the axle holes don't line up. You can also see the rear valve, which similarly required some fiddling to line up. The 'dumb' technic hub would have worked better here. Working steering wheel Detail of the compressor Chassis shot. Unfortunately, while the PU program is trivial, it is still a PU program and I can't run it and record video on the same smartphone at the same time. I may record one when I get a guest over to assist.
  3. pleegwat

    [RUMORS] 6x6 Mercedes Zetros

    I think C+ calibration could detect incorrectly assembled hard-coupled motors turning against each other.
  4. I bought this two months ago; definitely a very impressive model.
  5. Pumps can also leak internally, which is not as easily fixed.
  6. I don't think there's enough thickness for that. Especially since you wouldn't want the shim to work itself into an adjacent axle hole.
  7. I know back in the day I did a motorisation with PF motors and if I remember correctly I used four 5:3 geardowns, definittely no worm gears.
  8. Looks nice! I've actually been working on something similar for the B model, though I took some more liberties moving things around.
  9. pleegwat

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    Are they really that much more complicated than the sandwich panels though?
  10. Compose, !, ?. Search for wincompose.
  11. pleegwat

    [RUMORS] 6x6 Mercedes Zetros

    Osprey isn't that long ago is it? The Zetros may well have been in development before they turned around on the Osprey.
  12. pleegwat

    42131 - CAT D11T Bulldozer

    Could the difference indicate mindstorms sensors? Which interesting functions could that add?
  13. pleegwat

    42131 - CAT D11T Bulldozer

    And you don't really have position control on pneumatics. You'd have to go hydraulic, and it just feels unlikely to me for them to ever include that. An electronic pressure sensor to control the compressor is possible.
  14. Back in the 90s, pneumatic hoses came as one length which you had to cut yourself. I know nowadays they come pre-cut; I have no idea when the switch was since it was during my dark ages.
  15. pleegwat

    [TC19] Nurses speed

    Universal joints are not quite perfect: when at an angle and if one half is turning at constant speed, the speed on the other side is not quite constant. Aligning the joints (by the slits) and ensuring they are at approximately the same angle counteracts this effect; misaligning them amplifies it. When misaligned, turn both a quarter turn to invert the effect.