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  1. Also consider the small but persistent voice from the convention grounds, particularly GBC builders, for a power supply which can keep going for 12 hours nonstop.
  2. Hard to say without knowing the question. One equation with two unknowns so the solution set is not finite. Expressing y as a function of x, #5 is quadratic in y² so that's relatively straightforward but #4 is a cubic, so that'll get difficult.
  3. I don't think that'd make a good set. It's huge and there's not a lot of functions going on. Automatic leveling might be interesting? As for the real thing, anything human sized would scale down smaller than a stud. I own Janotechnic's crawler. That thing weighs in near 8k pieces without the rocket and it's microfig scale.
  4. Based on the significantly higher set number for the recolor, I'd guess it was added to the lineup rather late. Probably after the 2025 numbers were assigned to sets?
  5. Looks like it has rounded inner edges.
  6. If there are multiple track sections, I presume that turntable is not going to connect to a freely rotating superstructure. Does the drive need to go through the turntable at all?
  7. I just don't see RC pneumatics happening because of the absolute positioning problem. You'd have to go hydraulic to fix that, which I likewise don't see them ever doing.
  8. Extension rings are a thing and you don't need to do it all off one switching drum. I'd say getting all functions into the back hoe arm is a bigger barrier, particularly if you are implementing side shift.
  9. In C+/LA solutions, consider that while the CAT has a 4-function gearbox the new Yamaha gearbox parts allow for an 8-function one.
  10. The earth rotates around the sun, but the north pole is always pointing toward the pole star, which causes seasons. This means that part of the earth-assembly has to counter-rotate relative to the 'year arm'. I expect the second axle is to transfer this counter-rotation, in which case it is probably linked to a fixed 28t gear on the sun side, and a 28t small turntable on the earth side.
  11. Naturally it would depend on who they are licensing with. For example, lego is likely paying for supercar licenses, while the Volvo and Liebherr ones are more likely to be 'closed wallet'.
  12. I like the idea of smaller, city-scale technic sets to help lead kids into the theme.
  13. The yamaha system's control ring has two neutrals between its two active positions. To apply that system to a 2-speeds-and-a-neutral setup you'd need two control rings or a second control ring design with different positions. Both seem unlikely.
  14. Sometimes (particularly in manuals) you see numbering systems which restart on each chapter (so the 21st page in chapter 4 would be numbered 4-21). That may be suitable here, where users will be adding extra pages to their binder in future years.