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  1. I think one mold per colour is hard enough. Especially if your interpretation of 'technic' includes gears.
  2. pleegwat

    Impossible LEGO

    My thoughts exactly. This kind of thing is (barely) disassembleable only because an axle with stop is used.
  3. This was used by Dutch DAF YA-328 military vehicles. They would only use six-wheel drive while off-road; for on-road use the drive to the front wheels would be disconnected.
  4. pleegwat

    42130 - BMW M1000RR K66

    That is what the flex system was in the mid90s. Ten year old me snapped more of them than he left intact.
  5. pleegwat

    Zero's workshop

    Agreed on both counts.
  6. Sounds interesting, but I worry the model would start sliding sidewards instead. Or if only one track is blocked, that one transforms but the other does not leading to a skewed configuration.
  7. pleegwat

    Zero's workshop

    Clutch gears with 12 teeth aren't possible in the normal 1u wide format - not enough meat between the clutch and the teeth. I guess it could be done wider (so the clutch sits besides the teeth instead of underneath them) but TLG doing that seems even less likely than them implementing 24z or larger clutch gears.
  8. Diffs are commonly inside a 5x7 frame, and it is not possible to mount the diff if you have already fitted it with axles protruding from it.
  9. They also do not have gears fall out if you pull out one of the axles.
  10. I wonder if you could put the drive axle beside the differential instead of above it, saving vertical room.
  11. I gave it a try, and it should be noted that while it mates it will not pivot at all. Or am I doing it wrong?
  12. 28z/12z should mesh here, given that 20z/20z meshes on the same axle pair (sum of teeth count is the same)
  13. Which degrees of freedom does this need? Would rotating the planetary hub 90° help?
  14. I think it might be possible to drive all LAs with one drive motor and one gear-switch motor. The four gear modes would be: Vertical LAs same direction Vertical LAs different direction Horizontal LAs same direction Horizontal LAs different direction. I think you could set his up with one rotating catch and four driving rings (one for each LA). The one obstruction here is if the geometry isn't quite that simple, there may be specific configurations where the opposing LAs need to turn in different speeds, or the other pair needs to move as well, to keep the movement believable. An advantage of such a setup is that you could add additional gear modes for the ripper without adding motors.