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  1. [MOC] Taking a ice-bath

    Haha..this is very nice moc with lovely colors...
  2. [Moc] Battle of the Wizards

    thanks lego train for comment to my moc..i really like this color of plants .. thank you kreimkoek for watching my moc..i its really nice that you see Dol Guldur to this moc..LotR themes are my favorite..
  3. [MOC] Bree

    i really like it so much..great..
  4. [Moc] LotR Behind The Scenes

    thanks lego train for you good coments to my post...
  5. [Moc] LotR Behind The Scenes

    Thank you miniman for your good coments to my moc..
  6. [Moc] LotR Behind The Scenes

    haha...thanks Littleworlds for watching...but really , i saw Gandalf in really foto at the backstage of the movie with a cap talking with peter jackson..but i cant remember if it was red or blue..
  7. Hi..when i was making a moc with a scene for my LotR themes i wonder if some one make a moc "behind the scene".. I didnt find something so i present a moc from the second movie of the LotR with the behind of the scenes Peter Jackson making the movie...
  8. [Moc] Battle of the Wizards

    Thank you my friend blackdeath..hahahaha
  9. Hi , this is my litle moc in a 32x32 base plate with some minifigs from my lovely LotR. Its a battle between the 2 wizards , mouth of sauron and some others minifigs from my LotR themes.. Its a small moc for so many favor minifigs..
  10. [MOC] Barrels Out Of Bond...

    this is a fantastic moc..
  11. [MOC] The Golden Goblet

    Its a fantastic moc with so many beautiful details..
  12. [MOC] Nativity Scene

    This is so nice cristmas scene..
  13. [MOC] Medival Micro Village

    very nice micro moc..
  14. [Layout] Western World at BrickMania Antwerpen 2017

    oh my god...its so much soooo much nice all this...well done to all folks..
  15. this is a fantastic job really