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  1. Secret Castle of Rohan

    Thank you sander1992 for your good coments..hope you like it..
  2. Secret Castle of Rohan

    Thanks for your coments vorkosigan.. Thank you drunknon..the reason i named this secret castle of rohan was at the first of the colors and the minifigs.the second is that....must be a secret castle of rohan..haha..yes it has an interiors and i will post pictures..thanks.
  3. Secret Castle of Rohan

    This is my small 32x32 "secret castle of Rohan..
  4. Lord of the rings MOC

    i really like the all scenes and the colors..
  5. Lotr mocing

    really?? thats cool...i hope you can find more castles like this and post here to see....!! a lot of creations here looks like some others..maybe some one make this castle from my older creations. its not bad...thats the reason that internet exist...
  6. Us army in Kabul

    This is my litle moc (32x32) in Us army special force...!! "Normal day in Kabul"
  7. The Balrog of Moria

    realistic creation...very good
  8. Lotr mocing

    Thanks error404..i hope you like it
  9. Lotr mocing

    thank you for the good comment littleworlds..
  10. LotR Counsil of Elrond

    This is my moc about lotr counsil of elrond.its not an original item but a moc creations based on the original set.
  11. Lotr mocing Those are my first post photos here..some mocing based in the lotr