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  1. pantelis

    [Moc] Medieval Scene

    thanks Robin _iv for your good feedback..yes i think for the castle something i have to do..
  2. pantelis

    Fright Knights

    Wow... I realli like the landscape and the rocks... All the colors you use are super b.. Nice job
  3. pantelis

    [Moc] Medieval Scene

    Thanks sander1992 for your good coments..i hope you like it..
  4. pantelis

    [Moc] Medieval Scene

    Thank you Bricked 1980 for your feedback.. Its very important to me that you see all this details to my moc.. I hope you enjoy as i do when i made this scene..!!
  5. pantelis

    [Moc] Medieval Scene

    Thanks for your feedback..
  6. pantelis

    [Moc] Castle of Black Falcons

    Thanks for your feedback willsbuilds..
  7. pantelis

    [Moc] Medieval Scene

    Thanks willsbuilds for watching!!
  8. pantelis

    [Moc] Medieval Scene

    Thanks DK_ Titan for your comment..
  9. pantelis

    [Moc] Medieval Scene

    thanks Aine for watching and for your feedback.i hope you like the all scene..
  10. pantelis

    [Moc] Medieval Scene

    Hi this a medieval scene that i made for my has some moc creations that a present before some days and some new the red medieval house..
  11. pantelis

    [Moc] Greek Spartans 'Come and Get it'

    Thanks Aine for watching... I will update with new fotos..
  12. pantelis

    [Moc] Greek Spartans 'Come and Get it'

    Thanks Brick2x4 for your feedback.. Thanks sovietxrobot... I will update some fotos. I hope you enjoy it..
  13. pantelis

    [Moc] Black Smith

    Thanks cavile for watching my moc..!!
  14. pantelis

    council of elrond MOC

    Nice job to this moc.. Well done..
  15. pantelis

    [Moc] Black Smith

    Thanks GeoBrick for wathcing.. I hope you like it..