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  1. Hi every one , i want to share with you my moc based in a classic castle with some new optical view from me..
  2. Helms Deep creation

    thanks Niku for your comments..i like that you see this details of my moc,,
  3. [MOC] Out of the Frying-Pan into the Fire...

    This is an awesome many details and a realistic scene..

    its so nice this moc..i can see the movie inside this moc..
  5. Minas Tirith moc

    thank you kyreii ford your comments and that you see all my mocs. you have been to the point of my creations.not to large but so big that have to bee.
  6. Helms Deep creation

    Thanks for your coment Sjoemie.its very important that a technic fan make a good coment and watching a moc like this..
  7. Helms Deep creation

    Thanks ali1994 for your coments..i really dont design it in ldd..i just use a helms deep set and a lot of imagination..just try it and you will see you can make better helms deep from this..thanks again.thats mean you enjoy it..
  8. Helms Deep creation

    Thanks for your coment sander1992..
  9. Helms Deep creation

    Hi CrimsonGuard.. thanks for your the first i start with a set of deep helm and only this from the sets because the officials are very expensive now..after i buy a lot......but a lot of parts and minifigs from the bricklink and ebay.. Then i just imagine how my helms deep want to be for my room..and the result is this i made..
  10. At the first i think that i was watcing a movie..super very nice build...
  11. Helms Deep creation

    Me too thank you for your coment Thank you littleworlds..your coments every time are to the point of my creations..!!
  12. Helms Deep creation

    Hi , i want to share with you my latest creation for the Helms Deep. i know that is a moc that a lot of fans create but i want to share with you my creation for the magic Helms Deep..
  13. Edoras lotr moc

    thank you kalais..!!! hope you like it..
  14. Edoras lotr moc

    Thanks zoth33..i will upload in thos days my moc for the helms deep..
  15. Edoras lotr moc

    Thanks for the coment zoth33 I just want to build the scene in olny (2) 32x32 base plates. So the space was realy small..