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  1. [Moc] Jack The Ripper

    Thank you perterz for your good coments..i hope you like it..
  2. [Moc] Jack The Ripper

    Thankd deraven for your good comments..
  3. [Moc] Jack The Ripper

    At the last crime on an old wagon, the Jack almost caught in the hands of the police. His face had circulated in the morning newspapers.
  4. [Moc] Medieval Castle

    Thanks ghostdog for your coment i hope you enjoy it..!!
  5. Start of MOC sailing ship - HMS Providence

    really many details..
  6. [Moc] Council of Saruman

    thank you uwjedi..i really like that you see my lotr moc creations..
  7. very nice..i really like all this..
  8. [Moc] Council of Saruman

    Thanks again for this comment Robin IV
  9. [Moc] Medieval Castle

    Thank you mery much for this super comment to my moc Robin IV
  10. [MOC] Orc Burrow

  11. [Moc] Medieval Castle

    Thank you BrickFrick..i hope you like it..
  12. [Moc] Council of Saruman

    thank you my friend Mpyromaxos!!!!!
  13. [Moc] Council of Saruman

    Littleworlds your comments every time are in the hard of my creations..i have to agree with your comment for the tower and soon i will post some new photos with the refresh of the black tower..
  14. [Moc] Council of Saruman

    some more photos with a 16x32 base plate in front of the castle..
  15. [Moc] Gaugamela 331 BC

    Nice Greek Moc Mpyromaxos with so many details..