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  1. [Moc] Elves Castle Vol 2

    WOWW..those comments are very special for me Lord Insanity..thanks for your feedback to my moc..i really hope thah you enjoy all the build..
  2. [Moc] Elves Castle Vol 2

    Thanks Rogue Angel for your feedback to my moc..i will see some of your good comments
  3. Hi to all , before some days i made a small castle for my Elves.. I decide to extend the first Moc creation and present a renewed Moc in a 40X32 base plate with additional buildings and details that i will like to share.. Feedback will be useful to me.
  4. Minas Morgul: Heroic Rendition

    Another epic creation from you. You have use all the parts that can use and give as a great creation..
  5. The Kinslaying At Aqualonde

    Ohhhhh my god...this creation is epic...the all scene the colors the minifigures the ship the buildings are excellent..
  6. [Moc] '' Helms Deep Gate ''

    thanks Littlejohn for your comment..when someone like you make a comment like this that means that iam in a good way mocing..
  7. [Moc] '' Helms Deep Gate ''

    Thank you bombcar for your feedback to my moc.. The doors are from the original instructions of the Helms Deep lego set..
  8. Hi i want to share my new moc creation in a 32X32 base plate. I want to capture the time that Aragorn arrives in the Helms Deep and Gimli learns that he is still alive. This moc is one of my creation for the trilogy LotR and one more creation smaller than my biggest moc of Helms Deep in the last photo.. I use some filter in the photos to give some atmosphere of the film..
  9. [Moc] Elves Castle

    Thank you bungeshea for your comment to my moc..i hope you like it..The inspiration sure was from the LotR themes..
  10. [Moc] Elves Castle

    Ī¤hank you very much LegoModularFan for your good comments.. I will try to do it from your feedback..
  11. [Moc] Elves Castle

    Thank you Cypirate for your good conment to my moc!!
  12. [Moc] Elves Castle

    Thank you very much Littlewords for your good feedback to my moc once again..!! thank you Lyichir for your good comments to my moc..
  13. [Moc] Elves Castle

    Thanks zoth33 for your feedback.. I hope you like it!
  14. [Moc] Elves Castle

    Thanks kotZ for the feedback.. I will see this for the windows..
  15. [MOC] Bree and the Buckleberry Ferry

    Fantastic.... Just fantastic nothing else...!!