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  1. Makes sense. However they could have broaden a bit the Tower. We never play on the 1st floor with my kids because there is not enough space. But I guess they did so in order not to increase the price too much.
  2. Ozorion

    [ENTRY] Rock Island Refuge (Now Finished)

    Your bridges look great !! So much better than the LEGO's.
  3. All of these MOC Sabre Islands are so much better than the original. I never understood why LEGO did not put some stairs to access the upper floors. Also the original version of the tower is very narrow and it's difficult to play on the 1st floor.
  4. Ozorion

    Quality control of lego

    Thanks for your input. This issue didn't seem to exist in the 90s. At least I've never experienced it. Maybe my sample was too small to be statistically significant though.
  5. Ozorion

    [ENTRY] SIN ISLAND: Keg & Cutlass Inn + Comic book

    Well done both of you. I agree with your nephew and dislike the white & red sails of BSB. I actually also prefer your version over Van Dyke's Island. I much prefer seeing a pirate building made of wood and don't like seeing stones on them. It looks much more recluse and that's how a pirate building should look like IMO.
  6. Ozorion

    [POLL] Best Lego Pirates Ship

    I have seen a MOC of the Eldorado Fortress on YouTube. It was huge. But I don't want to spend 1000$ on a lego building 😬. Also I don't know where I would put it in my house. I don't have a spare room for lego buildings.
  7. Ozorion

    [POLL] Best Lego Pirates Ship

    I vote for 31109. It's smaller but also more detailed. Also I have some difficulties with the big pirate ship. I mean look at the 21322, it's almost bigger than the eldorado Fortress! How can you play with both when a ship is bigger than a Fortress ? that doesn't make sense 😕
  8. Ozorion

    Quality control of lego

    Thanks both, I'm relieved in regards with the future purchase of lego big sets 😀
  9. Ozorion

    Hello all

    Yes, and I have some others as I have a couple of other small island maps but I'm unfortunately unable to remind which ones they were 😭
  10. Hi all I played lego back in the 90s and stored them for quite a while. I recently unpacked them to play with my kids and they are all still in a very good shape. I'm now considering buying some new sets but saw a lot of YouTubers complaining about the quality control of lego. They complained mostly about cracks on the minifigs and on some 1×1 or 1x2 slopes. I'm now afraid buying them and having some defects on some of them after a few weeks / months. I would have never imagined seeing some cracks on lego parts back in the days. Is this quality control issue vastly exaggerated or should I expect a lower quality of the current sets compared to the Lego I played with when I was a kid in the 90s ?
  11. Ozorion

    Starting Young

    Nice. Mr 3 and Ms 5 on my side will start soon for Christmas. I already bought some sets for cars and dinosaurs and lego friends. I can't wait seeing how well they will perform trying building some of them. They might need some assistance though 😁
  12. Ozorion

    Members on the map

    France too !! Close to Mulhouse in Alsace.
  13. Ozorion

    What did you buy today?

    I recently bought the 8426 lego from the "cars" movie for my son. He recently discovered the movie and the legos. I can't wait playing with him. I need to wait until Xmas though 😬
  14. Ozorion

    Hello all

    Hi all, I played lego a really long time ago and during our last vacation, my brother and I opened our old lego sets to play with our sons. We really enjoyed ourselves trying to build our old lego sets. For me it was forbidden island and sabre island from the pirate sets. Since then I play regularly lego with my son and even our daughter joins us from time to time. I'm quite interested seeing all your MOCs. Maybe I will try building one in the future ! Cheers.