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  1. My Avengers tower moc

    Great design. Is there a way for you to share the design?
  2. Helms Deep creation

    I loved your design. Is there a way to share instructions for it?
  3. MOC: Mini Hogwarts Castle and Grounds

    Is there a instruction for it?
  4. [MOC] Jedi Council

    I progressed a little bit by your flickr pictures. Can you upload section where entrance meets with angular plates? I am having hard time to connect both those sections.
  5. [MOC][LDD] Imperial Palace

    Hello, I had this idea for few year in my mind but I never had courage to start. I would be very glad if you could share the .lxf file. Thank you.
  6. LEGO LotR - general discussion

    You are the best my friend! I hope you continue sharing your great designs with us!!
  7. [MOD] WIP The Battle of Helm's Deep

    Maybe via flickr?
  8. [MOD] WIP The Battle of Helm's Deep

    Unfortunately, it does not work. Maybe we can contact him via that forum.
  9. [MOD] WIP The Battle of Helm's Deep

    Maybe we should contact via flickr?
  10. [MOD] WIP The Battle of Helm's Deep

    Hello my friend. Can you please upload the LDD file? I can give my email too if you want.
  11. LEGO LotR - general discussion

    Me too.
  12. LEGO LotR - general discussion

    Thank you for sharing your designs! Hope to see more when you finish :)
  13. LEGO LotR - general discussion

    Thank you for being helpful. Hope to see other designs tomorrow.
  14. LEGO LotR - general discussion

    Hello my friend. I am a huge fan of your lotr designs. I supported all of them which are expired and was very sad that they were not chosen. I am planning to build your minas tirith and maybe barad-dur but it is too big :/. My question is, can you share your Lothlorien design with me, I would love to build it. Of course I am not going to share it with anyone else. Also I would love to get other designs if you have more :) Thank you, hope to hear from you.
  15. [MOC] Minas Tirith

    This is awesome! I really like it. Do you have chance to share the .lxf file?